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Big news people, it seems that my agenda is finally becoming less hellish. Now, if I finally learn how to write stuff on a mac I can rework the mod.
I would like for suggestions, should I rework (again) the first skill, [Awakened], or do something else? Any info about the skills, are they usable, are they op, anything? Any info is appreciated.


The Science&Sorcery Mod deal with nanobots. travel to the astral realm.

In my opinion, you should focus on more content, the base skill is fine if you ask me. It'd be nice if Mana was produced without need for a tome, but other than that I think everything's fine so far. Besides, I don't think a balanced way of making mana without the book is possible in the engine.

I'm sorry to say, but there might be an issue with the Dropbox download, gives me the message "404 The file you’re looking for has been moved or deleted."
But it does seem like a pretty interesting mod, and id like to use it.

Games is good, Yesh.

Same is happening with me, glad to know i'm not the only one.

I know right! It's an AWESOME looking game for someone who has just got on the bbg website after a day or two, PWEEZ FIX IT! :(

Fixed the link. Sadly, I don't even have time to play games properly anymore, so I can't see myself updating the mod anytime soon :(

The Science&Sorcery Mod deal with nanobots. travel to the astral realm.

Thanks for your work on this mod! :)

How do you think this mod would work merged with EXE Patchwork m(onster)od v.0.98.3(RC6) ? I was going to try to use them both at the same time. I'm not sure if it would cause a temporal anomaly or a big box of chocolate cookies hot out of the oven..


I'm a newbie (sorry) when it comes to questions like that, so I guess you can try and see what you get... Good luck? :D

The Science&Sorcery Mod deal with nanobots. travel to the astral realm.

So tell me... It's been quite a while since this mod was updated... Does that mean it's dead?

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It's not "dead" dead. It should still work. However, it isn't being updated, though this doesn't mean it won't ever be updated again. Also, does it say all of these comments are from March 9th 2015 for anyone else? It said that one of the comments was new, and it directed me to this page.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

So I found out that this mod is incomparable with Layarion's BBC tweaks. Just so you know in-case you guys wanna make a compatibility patch.


This needs to be revived so bad.

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how do i get the Awakened skill

The link is dead. Otherwise I might try to create an updated version. Is the guy who made this still around, or anyone with a copy of the folder?

The link is not working can anyone send me the working link


Does anyone have the files or a working link?

Is this compatible with devkit >:D

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