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A book!

who else thinks the dev should right a book. The writing in this is just beutiful and it actually gives emotion. If the dev wrote a book I'd buy it in a split second!

first of all *write
and second, why is this in the games suggestion block
and third, could be a good idea, but i dont think he has the time to do that, but i would buy his book to

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

first of all *Too
second I would buy it also
and third, I don't have a third

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i didnt know were to put it so i just thought "oh suggestions, that works!"

I've moved it to the correct topic - the Off-topic :D

And on the personal note - while I agree that Dan's writing is pretty good, I would argue that the talent that this game high-lighted the most is the game design, and he should concentrate on this :D

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