Possible bug/issue AddItemGround Command

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Possible bug/issue AddItemGround Command

The command AddItemGround= seems to no longer function properly when used to spawn items during a battlemove, it use to work without a fail, so this is something recent. Say for example you shoot a gun, you can find the casing and sometimes the lead from a spent round, with the AddItemGround command, you could do this by making a treasure table and linking it to the command to trigger from a condition caused by the battlemove and in my mod, it was the basis for casing and spent lead recovery. Now there are periods where only 3 out of 9 times it works, or in my personal tests 120 out of 120 worked for a first set, then tested in another battle only 18 out of 30 worked, so it is irregular and seems to stem from using the battle move repeatedly. I am looking into completely new battlemoves now if this cant be solved, but if there can be any help, it would be appreciated.

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After a little test, it seems that the vAttackerConditions is only applied when the attack actually hits the target. So if you miss the attack, the attached condition is not applied and if it was supposed to create an item, it does not.

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i've already submitted this as a "bug" on the tech forum

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