Can the skills at character creation be restricted to make the player have to learn survival skills within the game?

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Can the skills at character creation be restricted to make the player have to learn survival skills within the game?

I'd like to make a 'campaign mode' mod, where the player comes out of Cryo totally unprepared for this post-apocalyptic world, and has to struggle to learn survival skills in this new world he has woken up to.

The player comes out of the Cryo chamber only knowing 'old world' skills, like mechanic/electrician/lockpicking/hacking and
encounters an Anishinabe Warrior that had been tracking the Dogman that the player initially encounters. This Warrior has tracked, hunted and wounded this Dogman over the past few days. This provides a context as to why there is a weak Dogman at the Cryo facility. The player will not have any skills to kill the Dogman, and will instead have to drive it off. When the player exits the Cryo facility he encounters the Anishinabe Warrior, and the Warrior inquires about the beads that the player is wearing. If the player is friendly to the Anishinabe then the Warrior would invite the player to visit the tribe where he can get food, water and shelter, and training to learn the skills necessary for survival. The Warrior then departs to continue the pursuit of the Dogman.

It would then be up to the player to survive his trip north to the tribe, where the player can start to grow his character by gaining the skills that will allow him to survive in the new world.

The ATN tribe can provide basic training in melee/ranged/tracking/botany/medic that allows the player to make the recipes associated with these skills. The player will have to use these skills and develop proficiency over time. After enough usage and practice (or additional training sessions) the player will acquire the skill, and the in-game benefits of having that skill.

To acquire the Tough skill the player would gain toughness as he take bruises, wounds and exposure to cold. Eventually he would toughen up. The Strong skill would be a hard skill to acquire in the context of a survival world, and perhaps the player would need to buy Steroid shots from the DMC medical clinic in order to gain this skill.

So, I have a lot of work to do....

To start with, how do I limit the available skills at character creation?

I don't have an answer for how to do this, but your idea sounds awesome.

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I have absolutely nothing useful to contribute, but... (a) this sounds indeed like ALOT of work! and (b) holy smokes this is a brilliant idea! :D

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Yeah, I am just learning how to mod, and I think I need to make a tool to understand the relationships in the xml database first before I even start trying to implement any of this.

This campaign mode wouldn't be suited for people just starting the game and is targeted at people who know how to survive the NEO world without any survival skills. Its not that hard to survive the trip north to the ATN tribe once you know how to do it, and its a fun trip.

I would love to implement incremental improvement in skill level as you practice and use the skill, but the game doesn't currently allow any partial skill modifiers. So until something like this is added to a future build I'll have to gate the skill with a stack count of having practiced the skill.

This game has so much potential for adding aspects of traditional adventure games and stories!! I view the 1.0 release game as a raw survival simulator and it does a good job of that. However it currently stops at that, and the story line can be fairly short before the game ends. I'd love to see more Adventure type stories, faction conflicts, world improvement, etc. A lot of the current story content is just additional way to kill the player, and I find that I avoid these while playing, as they are too risky to explore in a permadeath world.

For example, the existence of DMC next to the rest of the NEO wasteland is somewhat of a contradiction. DMC has the resources to easily conquer and tame this wasteland. So, I wonder why they haven't? What stopping them? They still have technology, and electricity, and water, and all of the conveniences of the modern world. That doesn't quite fit into the concept of raw survival. Another thought I have is why the player doesn't just stay in DMC once he gains access? Stay, find a job, and live and proper rather than suffering trials out in the wild.

I haven't seen a whole lot of discussion about potential story development here, but it would be an interesting topic.