Last Minute PAX Prep, and Semi-OOO

Well, tomorrow I head off to NH to stay with my folks. And from there, we're meeting Jody (bro-in-law) who's helping with the booth, loading up the minivan, and heading to PAX in Boston. I'm starting to get a little nervous. I'm not too worried about the game, as it's been live for months now with few major issues. I'm just worried I might forget something :)

The good news is that most of the big stuff is either already provided by Indie MegaBooth, or already shipped to my parents' house. I honestly expect the biggest concern is whether we'll be able to fit 4 people and booth stuff into the same van. It might mean renting a one-way U-Haul to ferry stuff down to Boston.

Apart from that, it's more the small stuff I worry about. That, and I hope the booth layout works as planned. Several (all, really) of the components were ordered over the internet. The only booth things that I've seen in person are me, Jody, and my laptop. Will the TV fit the stand? Will the banner hang correctly? Will the tree and lean-to fit with enough room for two PCs and chairs? Will the mini tables even work? Will I blow the outlet's wattage limit? Do they even track that closely?

I suppose even the worst-case is amenable. We could cut one PC from the booth and probably be fine. I'm almost certain there's enough room for that, and between the stuff we have, one of them is guaranteed to work.

I was also a little worried about the weather there, and how that might impact commuting from hotel to PAX. I had to book a slightly distant hotel up by MIT. I tried to get it on the T's Red Line, though, so I think it should be a straight shot there. The real question is how long does it take in morning traffic?

I'm sure once we're down there we'll sort things out. Just gotta remember to have fun and make the most of it :)

As you may imagine, I'll be mostly out of the office for the next weekish while traveling and PAXing. I may get a chance to post while there, but I don't want to promise anything. I definitely plan to check email, though, in case anything comes up. So feel free to email me if there are any major issues!

I hope everyone has a good week! And hopefully some NEO Scavenger fans out there can make it to the booth!


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Good luck Dan! And remember - we demand pictures :D

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Yes, good luck! Pictures also would be awesome =D

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Good luck and have fun! Don't forget to take a second to breath and enjoy it all now and again. ;)

Also, I third the motion for pictures! :D

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Thanks guys! I'm optimistic that photos will be covered. For one thing, my parents are super shutterbugs, so I doubt they'll forget to snap pics during setup.

And I'm hoping to do a giveaway at the booth involving photos, which should hopefully encourage folks to take and tweet selfies while at the booth. If all goes well, there will be a Twitter hashtag trending on Friday called #CampNEOScavenger with lots of photos.

Well, "trending" may be too strong a word. Locally trending? Existing? In any case, watch #CampNEOScavenger to find out!

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glhf, as they say.