List of location slots?

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List of location slots?

Is there a compiled list of all the location slots available in the game?

I ask, as I am trying to figure out why you can't store broadhead arrows in a travois, yet you can store them in a plastic sled.

When you have the travois equipped and pick up an arrow in the vehicle screen, the storage space for the travois disappears. This doesn't happen for the plastic sled.

I am also curious about the syntax of the vEquipSlots for the broadhead arrow:


I understand that when this is equipped to location 100 it uses image 1 from the list of images. However, why is =1=1 needed?

The reason for asking about the location slots, as it looks like locations 100 thru 115 are slots where you can be struck by an arrow.

There is no full list of slots. Here is, however, a list of all the body wound slots.

Here you can find a lot about the "itemtypes" data entries.

And finally, what can go into which container is not controlled by slot the item resides in. It is instead set in the "aContentIDs" part of the itemtype.

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Thanks again for the help!

For some reason the plastic sled allows all these containers

while the travois only allows

And I'm confused by these numbers and commmas...

Are these nGroupID's in that list?

It doesn't seem to be, as nGroupId 3 is a cart, and you don't want to store carts in carts.

Some places commmas are 'AND's and other places they are separators. Are these the rules of XML, or something inherent to the game?


I guess I'm asking how this "aContentIDs" field works.

And from now, since we have you invested, it will be $100 per answer :D

Seriously though, each item has a value called "nFormatID", which tells the game to which "containertype" it belongs. The "contentIDs" is the list of all the possible contents, as dictated by the "containertypes".

Also, the only place where comas mean anything is in the treasuretables, everywhere else it serves as a separator.

Some of the rules governing all the data are set by the developer, the way it was easiest for him to work with. But the text have it's own format too (you will see that the brackets or "=" have special functions in the code, for example), but the comas are not a part of that, as far as I know.

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