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Skill Selection resources

So because someone might at some point have a use for it, and to save myself time in the future i extracted all existing letters from the traits and skills .png's so that you can cherry pick each letter and make a new skill with the same font, size and all that. then i greated templates of the backdrops to those skills incase you also want an identicale backgroun to the other skills. i say templates because they have the number of points indicated on them up to 6 for red and blue

so if you wanted to mod in a new trait, and call it Inept and make it give 3 points: you copy and paste a 3 point trait background box to a new image. then you copy and paste each individual letter. all the letters have had their backgrounds removed save for the shadow so you don't have to do anything else.

oh and it's saved as a .PDN file for but i think ill throw in .png version for those who don't have


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