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Overhaul's changelog

Potential changes

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So far i think i will do the 3 bag idea with no skill required option, i think that's a good setup. Considering making Packrat cost 2 points instead of 3, but right now it's just a thought in the back of my head. I definitely think i will implement some version making players suffer for being overburdened.

  • make two versions of overhaul, one stay strickly with vanilla and very useful/balanced items, and the other changes things. might not be worth calling it the same mod then, not sure yet. I'd like to try making every single feature optional first with my No AddOn idea.
  • redundant, but make Overburdened increase how much it exhaust a player only when they move. currently the game does this, but it seems too weak. this will increase the difficulty though...modular idea might be more appropriate with this.
  • (1)make a larger bonfire that last more than 3 hours or whatever the large file last.
  • (1)Need to double check that all my override code is correct
  • (1)Might reduce the cost of PackRat to 2 because it literally does only 1 thing.
  • (2)Considering making the Bag repair system require no skill but you would have to destroy 2 bags just to repair the third one. Then allow the Knitwit skill to reduce this requirement down to just destroying 1 bag, and people with knitwit still get to make their bags wear out slower.
  • (2)Considering making it so that players who were recently overburdened in the last Move or two (that's a movement point, not a spacebar press which is a game hour) have their 5/5 movement reduced to 4/4 thus make the player take weight more seriously.
  • (3)merge

Version history

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2.36 11/23/2021
Just bug fixes with the reinforced compound bow. Turns out I left an old piece of my work in the code that broke the reinforced compound bow when you tried to equip it. I removed that old piece of code and it seems to be working as intended now. I don't know if you'll need a new save to fix this issue.

Technical details that might be boring.

  • Changed the comment on the reinforced bow from "made ranged users spend it %40 less" to "Degrades %40 slower than normal compound bow"
  • Removed: "0=3,21=3,20=6,21=6," from the reinforced compounds "aAttackModes".

2.34 4/25/2018

  • This patch is mainly for mod authors/creators.
  • removed extra '24031' after closing tag. thanks to MarcoMartins for mentioning it.

2.33 4/25/2018

  • This patch is mainly for for mod authors/creators.
  • Did a once over on the code and cleaned up it's appearance.
  • Just corrected some of the capitalization on the known recipes list.
  • Changed my Itemtype NGroup ID numbers from 200 to 99 for aesthetics, and one less digit to punch in.
  • Changed the style of my index system up-top.

2.31a 3/12/2017

  • Just touched up the comments at the top.

2.31 2/10/2017

  • The camo tent no longer requires the hiding the skill

2.30c 12/2/2016

  • Try as i did, it turns out the movement bonus on rough terrain never worked the way i wanted it to. Instead it would activate even when it shouldn't. I tried a couple of different ways to make this work, but the game doesn't process things the same way that it's feature sets would imply. Simply put, i couldn't get this to work without some side effect ruining the quality and seriousness of my work. unless someone else can get this working, I've had enough trying to get it to work myself and have tried everything i can think of.

2.30b 11/11/2016

  • Fixed another naming inconsistency.

2.30a 11/10/2016

  • Fixed something that apparently causes issues for Linux users with how image naming works. Only knew of the one example
  • Added an image mebdev donated. He corrected the capitalization on the skill selection screen for Knitwit

2.30 10/30/2016

  • made a slightly better image for the arrow workbench. it's still pretty bad though
  • Renamed the subcategory on my mod specific recipes from "mod" to "overhaul"
  • overhauled some background work on crafting the hunting arrows. As the player you'll notice that you can now only find arrow workbenches at forest shacks. It appears as loot and theirs a 50% chance you'll find one. You won't be able to move it, because i don't want you to. as someone merging the mod with another mod, you should be pleased that it no longer takes up space on a table that must equal "1" which means - merging this mod just got so much less complicated.
  • Bows, bags, and vehicles no longer repair to 100%, unless you cannibalize another one for parts. Reinforcing them still makes them last longer though.
  • added ability to tear one compound bow apart and use it's parts to repair another compound bow back to new
  • Accidentally still had the shoulder mod applied to the compound bow. Fixed
  • Changed crafting balance of knitwit.
  • Touched up to behind the scenes stuff with comments. still needs work but it's slightly better.
  • Fixed some mistakes i made with shoulder straps
  • Removed broadhead arrow that i added to the ATN store. With craft-able arrows it was just unnecessary.
  • Removed extra van space i added at the parkade, to make it more vanilla.
  • Just spent like 8 hours of my life ironing out unintended side effects of how i enable the tracking skill enhancement. whew...so glad i found a way to make it work...hate that i can't say this furthers my knowledge of computers because this isn't real modding. wish this was some sort of scripting language.

2.02d 10/26/2016

  • Fixed duffel bag not strapping on to any shoulders. Should now strap on to the players left shoulder as the vanilla duffel bag should.

2.02c 5/9/2016

  • Added more comments to the code for other people's sake who might want to open it's guts and have a look.
  • Corrected duplication in getmods.php
  • Made a standalone of Overhaul, with no other mods. For people who want to merge overhaul into something without all the stuff.
  • removed some stuff from the override that wasn't being used. this means easier merging.
  • NSE and MMoD merge coming soon (maybe a week, or two. I have a video project to complete.)

2.02b 5/7/2016

  • I don't even remember, it was something very minor though

2.02a 5/7/2016

  • For awhile I had it so you could have a duffel bag on both shoulders. I decided today I don't like what that does to the balance of the game.
  • Reverted the override folder from several .xml's back to one big .xml, it's simpler on me that way.

2.01d 10/1/2015

  • accidentally gave reinforced vehicles more storage space than they should have, fixed...something i just forgot to remove
  • I somehow accidently removed the negative effects from the great black swamp, fixed but i dunno how long that was there
  • changed ash weight back to it's original because I realize that was silly for me to change. they still stack to 2 though just so they take up less space anyway.

2.01c 9/27/2015

  • by default shoulder mod doesn't include the compound bow and duffel bag, however some people like it and i decided that if you don't like it then no problem, because it's really easy to just not put it on the other shoulder then. so no harm to anyone and yet more for those who do like it.
  • decided to rename the bags to "repaired" instead of reinforced because there is no longer a durability buff.
  • repaired bags and vehicles can use another bag or vehicle to restore it to 100% again after the first repair


  • removed the durability increase from knitwit, to encourage players to continue to scavenge after they have repaired their bags.
  • thanks to the monster mod i noticed that i needed to have the duffel bag stop containing new stuff when reinforced, as well as the compound bow.


  • added some ingredients and components to the camo tent that i only recently realized was missing
  • added some of the reinforcing recipes to the "known recipes" list so that if you forget the general idea of whats needed you won't have to load the webpage up to find out.
  • fixed another error i made but didn't notice for who knows how long
  • removed ATN arrows from known recipes list
  • fixed something in the code i noticed...frankly i'm surprised it didn't cause any errors...wonder how long it's been there
  • increased hunting arrows back to stacks of 6 because it really annoys me that the game will unfairly eat arrows
  • made the camouflage tent provide shelter benefits
  • removed custom arrows from the choices of attacks when compound bow is equipped
  • reduced chance of hunting arrows at the ATN arrows from %30 chance to %20
  • reduced hospital pills from 10 to 5, so you can keep your stacks to 1 grid space
  • removed the requirement of the mechanic skill for hunting arrows and bumped the small mechanical parts required from 1 to 2, because it sucks not being able to craft these babies
  • Bottle Labels Mod added
  • just touched up the description to knitwit in-game
  • fixed logic bug with reinforced compound bow


  • compound bow now takes 10 mechanical parts + ranged skill to reinforce
  • added an item that allows you to safely bruise yourself just enough to make the "rest + heal" button show up for anyone trying to make time pass by for whatever reason. it will also reduce the players vision so that if your using this at the DMC guards don't keep interrupting the process (like if your waiting for the store to restock). It'll work by reducing vision only when the item is equipped in your hand, and the bruising part will work by "using" the item. will make it craftable out of something easy to find, probably twigs.
  • removed all custom arrows from my mod, now that i have played the bow for real i realize their redundant and not really all that useful. instead, i made the hunting arrows at the ATN store less rare. also reduced stack size of hunting arrows back to their default 5.


  • reinforced compound bow gets restored to 100%, again a a one time only deal.
  • sling doesn't degrade now, because lets be honest it's not an issue with the sling. When the right parts are used Noise Traps don't degrade anymore either
  • soup can is now consumed when fixing spent air filters, for challenge when away from the DMC
  • changed subcategory of sterilized water by pill from "food" to "drink"


  • added hunting arrow recipe to the known recipes list
  • conservatively compressed, and organized the "known recipes" list


  • increased stack size of the commercial hunting arrows to 6 just to make them more enticing than their crude counterparts.
  • my version of craftable hunting arrows. must have mechanic and ranged skill, 1 small mechanical part, 1 arrow of any kind, and a workbench found occasionally at abandoned workshops. these workshops can be found as "campsites" (those things you see when you press R) at secluded forest shacks and abandoned high rise buildings. i can't draw so i just slapped the simplest graphic i could think of on.
  • reduced spawn rate of ATN arrow components to 40%, increased amount to 5-12, reduced max stack to 4 to encourage the real deal.
  • fixed shaft and arrowhead not going into player inventory for atn arrow
  • knitknit and vehicle bonus to mechanic have been rebalanced. "reinforcing" a bag or vehicle now restores it to 100% and increases durability significantly. at the cost of some string or small mechanical parts, but the vehicle or bag can only be reinforced once and once it's worn out completely you have to get a new one.


  • made the knitwit skill better, bags decay 100% slower. Vehicles when used with the mechanic skill are also 100%, however i removed the makeshift sack and travos for balancing reasons. eventually will replace the entire system with a much more balanced repair and tailor system.
  • once again repurposed ATN arrows, for all practical reasoning they are now the commercial arrows. except unlike the commercials your much more likely to find these in the store. 40% chance a day that they will show up in the store, in stack of 5-10. must be assembled with the ranged skill, flint arrow head, and the atn arrow shaft. only stack to 5
  • removed the water jug, i felt it was stretching it too much
  • reverted vehicle storage space for balancing reasons
  • removed just a few overhaul recipes from the known recipe list
  • removed BBC recipes from the Known Recipes list
  • gave BBC some polish under the hood
  • polished my recipes in overhaul slightly
  • removed the extra traits i put in
  • changed ash stacks from 6 to 2
  • removed some recipes from the scraps of paper related to the overhaul mod
  • Tracking nerfed from .50 reduction of movement points on rough terrain to .25 to be true to the vanilla game difficulty
  • player no longer knows how to make an air filter at the start of the game, instead he must find the recipe on a scrap of paper before it shows up on the quick recipe list


  • removed NSE and MMoD from my mod, to reduce workload, upkeep and increase motivation
  • restructured the override .xml into the new file system
  • BBC: m_fMoveCost changed from 1 to -1 to fix logic error (being immortal now gives almost unlimited movement points each turn)
  • BBC: added the new "bscrap" property to all of Big Bad Cheaters recipes (you won't see them clutter the game world anymore on those pieces of paper)


  • fixed issue with nsePack not loading, also forgot to fine tune shouldered mod to Mighty specific items.


  • removed the modular edition, i really tried to make it work but it gets out of hand so so very fast.
  • brewing tea in the sauce pan no longer consumes only 1 tannin source but 3 to keep to games intent.
  • made the water jug hold a massive amount of liquid to expedite tea selling, the catch is i won't allow anyone to use this for other purposes...so it degrades in 33 hours. which, if you're serious about selling tea is plenty of time to make some big bucks. with this container you won't be constrained by store space
  • drinking tea: ever drink your tea and forget to keep track of how long before it wears off? well now you can view a message in your conditions screen to see exactly where it's at in yellow text. it'll say "tea 1st hour" and so on. on the last hour just before it wears off you'll see "tea wearing off". if you want me to add this to pill effects let me know
  • fried tofu at the apartments now cost more but gives more as well. i kept the price to nutrition ratio the same
  • added BBC v5.5, and i updated it to 5.5.1 i just changed some code that was introduced with the changes to Neo Scavenger after the mod was last updated.


  • extra mods are now optional, you can decide which you do and don't want. currently there aren't enough mods in this pack to make sense, but i'm adding the others back in and more and it'll make a lot of sense then.
  • misplaced a comma in the NSE version of the pack with the Soft Birch Bag. no bugs were reported with the bag but it's fixed now anyway.


  • possible bug fix with shouldered mod, causing humanoids and creatures to be perma-hidden or uncounterable. doesn't make sense but that's what the people report.


  • added NSE spears to the shoulder mod


  • added shoulder mod, mighty version has shotgun properly added


  • minor spelling fixes with the pill mods i made
  • if my mod was the cause of the identified water bug, i may have fixed it. hard to tell because it doesn't consistently happen
  • fixed james parkade not triggering when player walked on the tile.


  • NSE 4.3 update
  • metal sauce pan now holds NSE items in it's storage. just a detail that slipped my mind until I noticed the soup can while updating to 4.3


  • fixed tracking not giving movement bonus on some rough terrain types in the NSE pack


  • mades ashes heavier
  • removed a lot of extra mods, over the next few weeks as reports come in that the pack is stable i will add some mods back in that aren't a hassle to add and that appear to be balanced and bug free. but so far this is a relieved headache. please leave a comment on what mods you think "must" be added.


OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

i would be great if you could download each mod just by itself

makes me ask, which parts of the mod did you want?

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Small feedback - would be nice if the camo tent did not require trapping skill, just hiding, same as the camo coat. I've been trying builds lately without trapping skill (scope + sunlight = fire!) and it seems to me that hiding skill should be enough to figure out how to cover a tarp with twigs.

if i remember my thoughts back then, it was that i didn't want one skill to be too powerful. right now i'm wondering if it should be removed all-together because i made it before i knew there was a super ability you could earn in-game that helps with hiding by a lot.

do you think i should remove the tent all-together?

guessing by your feedback the answer is to keep it, and i never used trapping much so my opinion on it is a bit lop-sided. i don't like trapping. anyway so my question to you is, if i granted this request, would it throw the balance of the skills out the window?

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

I think the tent is balanced because it takes up a lot of space. Its main benefit is that it boosts the concealment of a campsite even when you are NOT there, reducing the risk of looters stealing your stuff.

ill keep the tent, still thinking about switching it to hiding. maybe i'll make an alternate version of the mod. to me it just seems that i would be making it harder for players not to pick up hiding or easier to ignore trapping.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Maybe change it to hiding + tracking, instead? Or just tracking (instead of trapping)?

i'm just not seeing a very strong argument to support the change.

if you can really lay it out and give a strong case as to why i should i'll do it. but otherwise you can do it for you yourself by opening the "overhaul" or AKA the new folder and go down to recipe 7 and in "strTools" remove 1x0:16


it was a little less about the lore of throwing sticks on a tarp and a little more about following the theme the skills had. in that some of them make a really nice combo

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Thanks, I changed it in my local copy. My argument is this: Trapping skill does imply some knowledge of how to conceal small traps, but it is not a skill that focuses on hiding yourself / your camp, particularly from human looters (which is what camp concealment provides). Tracking skill includes both finding tracks of others and being more effective in hiding your own tracks. Therefore, it makes more sense for a camouflage tent recipe to rely on tracking skill instead of trapping skill. And hiding, of course.

well for 1 point i think it would make tracking too OP

but maybe i'll just remove the second skill requirement all together.

question: do you think i should follow the games version of a .xml and break it down from one .xml into several .xml files?

the main difference is you gotta open more tabs on notepad++, but it is a little easier to find specific kinds of code. however if you like scrolling more than you like opening tabs, the one .xml file is the way to go.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

The concealment bonus is pretty small. I don't think it really makes a big difference either way. Ditto for one xml or multiple xmls. Whatever is easier for you.

hey, do you want to download this mod http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/5265 and tell me if you think the comments are solid from a new user or left this mod alone for a year perspective?

i don't want their to be too many, and i tried following that "putting MYMOD:" in front of everything for readability.

i really want to work out an iron clad commenting system and record keeping system. i like most of it, but i'm not entirely sure how i want to comment on treasure tables. i like having the comment explaining what's in the table without having to go to other files and see what they are, but it adds a lot to the horizontal scroller.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.