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EVEN MORE Problems

So, I've been working on making NeoScav Extended, Gariba'sExtras, and ATN Mod to work together, but when it reaches 81%, it stops. It says "Parsing item types row: 239", I know what this means, due to Ruzu and his explanation of adding "0:" to make it refer to vanilla game properties, but what does it mean by "row"? I checked, it's in the 0 folder, and there is no ID 239, no value of 239 whatsoever. If someone could explain it, or look at the code later, I'll add a screenshot, it would be very much appreciated. X)

By "row" it means, literary, the row/line of text in the xml file. So when it is trying this particluar mod, it encounters an error in the line 239 (I'm not sure if it is line 239 of mod in general or in itemtypes part only, though, so check the both ways) and stops.

Keep in mind that those indications can be... unreliable, and often find a stopping error caused somewhere else, but checking what the line given is about can give you a rough idea, at least, where the problem lies.

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I've checked it, there is no itemtype id 239 in the 0 folder, and actual row 239 of itemtypes is something in the brown t-shirt table, which wasn't changed at all. Help please? X(

Yes, the error is in 0/Override folder, it was written there. X)

Not the item ID 239 - the row 239 of the itemtypes. If not, try just the row 239 of the entire mod.

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Would that include "table type", "table name", and all that stuff? X)


Could you maybe upload the mod-merge somewhere, so I can take a look.

But honestly, some mods might simply be incompatible with each other. As I said, maybe something else, in different mod, is calling for that line, and it simply not exist because some other mod removes it. Or something :D

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Where can I do that? X)

It said NeoScav Extended and Gariba's had a merge, used it, added ATN mod, said would require tweaking to make it work with Extended, but it might conflict with Gariba's. X)

Edit: I think it might conflict with Gariba's, I mean.

I finally got everything working, but when I press "Continue" or "New Game" after Skill Selection it shows the UI and a black screen and the game is stuck. What does this mean? X(

That there is still an error somewhere :D

In my experience, that is often a sign of a loop of some sorts rather than a misspell or something - like when you create two treasure tables, each ordered to spawn another, endlessly trying to perform impossible command.

EDIT: To upload things to the internet, you need to make yourself an account on one of the file hosting sites, like MegaUpload or Mediafire or something similar, upload your file there and then provide the download link for it here.

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This should be it, I think. This is my NEO Folder, if you have spare time Kaaven, could you help me out? X)


You need to give a link to the particular file, and not the whole folder (for me it shows as empty, BTW). To do this in Mediafire, when you're looking at the list of the files, use the arrow to the right of a file, and in the menu that will show up, the "Share" option. It will give you a link to paste here.

If you're trying to post the whole mod, either now for consultation and later for people to play, it is the best practice to put it into an archive, zip or rar, so that people don't have to download each individual file.

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Thanks for being patient with me Kaaven! Here it is, if someone could help me as I can't seem to find a duplicated piece of script. X)


Since deleting this message will delete Kaaven's reply and make a weird gap in the thread, I'll just edit out the relevant link. Thanks for sorting this out, guys! -dcfedor

OK mate I have it and will give it a look later.

One important thing though - you need to delete that archive (I have deleted the post with the link). You uploaded the whole game, which means anyone could now download and play it without paying. Basically, what you did is a piracy :D

Next time, when sharing mods, you only need to upload the mod folders and your "getmods.php" files - that is all that people need to have to use your mod.

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Oh my god, I'm sorry, I deleted it from the archive just now. Sorry and thank you for informing me about that. And thanks for helping me out so much, being even willing to check my mod folders for me, I appreciate it man, thanks a lot. X)

Hey Kaaven, I hope I'm not being rude, but have you made any progress figuring out what's wrong with my NEO Scavenger? X), Sorry if I'm being impatient.

Sorry mate, didn't really have time to look into this. I also don't seem to have those files anymore, for some reason.

But what you can do basically, is to retrace your steps, by removing one mod from the mix and seeing if that works, if not, remove the other one and check again.

Basically, what you want to do is to narrow down the place where the error is.

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i can give oyu advice thats sure to work, but only if you follow it.

  • even though your not coding, its too similier to coding to treat it differently. that means it's time to take precautions and more importantly get repitive. get fresh, unaltered backups of all 3 mods. do not alter these backups or throw them away until the job is completely done and tested.
  • do NOT attempt to merge yet, instead turn off all mods and try them individually to make sure they all work. this goes back to the redundant thing and it's important to remember that. after every tiny change you make, run the game. when running the game to test if you broke something always start new, and get to the first scene of cryo to make sure it's working. a black screen in the cryo lab is a sure sign you messed up
  • getmods: i've encountered this black screen most often because my overrides in the getmods were not deadlast in the getmods list. not following this won't "always" give you the black screen which is why it's not mentioned in noob documentation.
  • after you make sure all mods work individually it's time to turn them all on at once. don't think about them not being merged, that's not the point with this step. if done right and if the getmods list is ordered correctly the game should run in the cryo lab without a hitch. the mods wont work but the point is the game runs, this will allow you to discover if you broke somthing when you start merging
  • if one mod has multiple overrides, you should merge those first before merging mods from other authors. it makes long term managment easier. as before, after Every change run the game to the cryo lab. if you move just one block of code, test it.
  • now that all of the above is done it's time to start the real merging. only merge overrides, leave the other folders alone because theyll still work just fine with minimal work. start moving "blocks" over code from one override to another. i do not mean large chunks, i mean one item at a time. after Every item run the game to confirm you didn't break something. this repetitive stuff will SAVE time when s*** hits the fan. because not only will you have a good guess what broke it, youll know what didn't break it.
  • as you move item by item over delete it from the old override so that you don't loose track.
  • merge the smaller override to the bigger one
  • when the smaller one is empty test the game, and if it still works delete the old override and the merge is done. i plan on releasing a video tutorial on all of the above in a day or 3. if i'm not burned out by then

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