The Encounter

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The Encounter

The fresh air flowing through the forest is what immersed Alex the most. He pockets his hands into his black hooded jumper, as he wanders through the forest, dismissing the clunking noise his gear generates. He's carrying a lot, perhaps too much. He has a large bag, brown in color, strapped firmly around his shoulders, and resting by it, is the famous Mosin-Nagant M38, strapped onto a firm sling. The gun itself has its chamber pulled back, empty, and the model is degraded and dull, chipping and dented in most areas.

His thoughts are brought towards his companion, Kyle, who was busy drinking a bottle of water. They had both met days before, whilst exploring an abandoned tower. They had quickly agreed to not fight over loot, seeing as trying to kill someone just gets you in the same position, it seems. Kyle was wearing a T-shirt, brown in color, with nothing else really there. He has a black duffle bag strapped over his chest, the bag seeming to be very light and empty. He was also wearing a pair of shorts, with the trouser legs intentionally ripped off, and his shoes were grey trainers, dirty and muddy, up to his ankles.

So what did Alex think of him? Cocky cunt, really. They had known each other for a few days, and he already has a negative opinion as a whole.

"You want t' share some with me?", Alex croaks, breaking the silence.

"Fuck off", Kyle briefly replies, after swallowing a mouth full of cold water. He would screw the lid back onto the now empty bottle, tossing it into Alex's path.

Alex just glares at him, his face painted with disappointment. Perhaps it's always a bad idea having a companion.

"Now c'mon... let's hope there's some fucking mutt we can eat", he says with a tempered tone, picking up his pace. Alex would scowl, following behind the other male closely.

"So, where we off too?"

"Heard there was some place called uh... Z-... Z something", Kyle replies to Alex, looking around the wooded area cautiously. Alex merely walks on casually, occasionally taking a look around at the scenery.

"C'mon, you have to remember the name", Alex says with a chortle, now taking the lead. Kyle briskly walks in front, casting back a glare.

"Fuck you, man. I'm only here for your damn comfort" Kyle booms, walking in a very fast pace. He's very tempered by the remark.

Alex merely stares, stopping in his tracks.

"Are you fuckin' with me, Kyle?"

Kyle stops, turning back towards Alex. He would hold his hands out to his sides, fists closed. "I, am the damn leader here, you fuckin' cu-"


A gunshot is heard from behind Kyle, sounding like a heavy caliber it seems. It's close. Very close, and it sounds scary.

Kyle's face turns from anger to shock, as the round breaks straight through his back, cutting through out of the front of his chest. Kyle is launched forward, landing with a thud in front of Alex's feet, blood seeping out onto the grassy, muddy floor below.

Alex quickly dives, literally, behind a small pile of leafs, in hops for camouflage. He spots a small log around ten meters away, looking like the perfect cover. The fall leaves should serve as good cover...

Though he has to shake off the shooter.

Alex panics, Kyle's wound was really bad, and Alex stared at him as he fell, looking at, in detail, the wound.

The wound...

It was a big hole, really, big enough to suck Alex's sanity in. It had presented him with a clear view of the split lungs Kyle was given, blood spurting out of what was most of his respiratory system.

He thinks back, almost spewing over the thought. That was a hard sight to take in.

He goes back to reality, as another shot rings out, striking through the bark next to Alex. He quickly picks himself up, bringing around the rifle from his back. He would take out three rounds, before pushing them into the gun, locking the receiver. As he pokes his head around, he spots the culprit, a tall male with a sort of rifle, pointing right at his position with a scope...

Wait, shit.

It was the round that gets him to focus again, the round that scraped along his shoulder, lacerating the skin, but the skin only. He would cry out, grunting in pain, as he closes his eyes, waiting for the inevitable. Alex waited a few moments, before looking at his shoulder, freaking out. He had no medical knowledge, and was very squirmish around blood and gore. It's the adrenaline that kept him going, and not letting him drop to the ground squealing.

He would grit his teeth, going through with the pain, as he quickly peeks back around, aiming the rifle this time, and firing a shot towards the target.

The round completely misses the man, hitting near the top of a tree. Alex slides back around, re-chambering the rifle. He would be quick to think of a very good idea: talking.

"H-hey, don't shoot!", he shouts towards the shooter, clutching his eyes shut in hope.


He feels the sights lining up again.

"I-I don't wanna fight man!"

They could be doing anything in this time that he wastes.

Alex decides against the plan now, noticing the lack of effect. He looks back towards the log, staring for a moment... could he?

He does. Alex quickly rushes forward, diving onto his stomach, quickly knocking all of the oxygen out of him. He gasps, ignoring the overhead shot, as he scrambles towards the logs, his eyes clenched shut the whole time. He makes it, taking in multiple deep breaths, as he quickly looks for a place to set up.

Perfect. He finds a small gap under the log, where he could easily poke his rifle through whilst prone. And the leaves make for good cover.

He quickly assumes the position, peering down his sights. He locates the gunman, scanning the area with his scope. Alex doesn't hesitate to pull back on the trigger, but he regrets it as soon as he sees the aftermath.

The gunner's head flinches, some kind of pink mist and bits flail from it. He falls to his feet, hiding behind the leaves.

Alex stares in shock, muttering multiple, panicked 'no's', as he picks himself up, rushing over to the body.

The gunner's head was fucked, his frontal lobe appearing to be gone, completely. The bullet plows through, bouncing around his brain, as he comes out his right ear, back in the direction the bullet pretty much came from.

Alex pukes, all over the man, really. His eyes wide in panic, he starts sputtering tears, falling into a fetal position on the ground, as he sobs constantly, screaming out his regret.


I got bored so I wrote this. I'm not a good writer, but let me know what you guys think!

I might do a uh, 'sequel', too.