Website keeps asking for CAPTCHA

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Website keeps asking for CAPTCHA

I have my own account, but I can't post a link or edit a post without dealing with the CAPTCHA. is there anyway I can prove once and for all that im not a bot and get this thing off my back?

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Nope. Sites like this are constantly under attack from the spam-bots, so the spam filter is somewhat too touchy...

You will have to wait for Dan to return from his out-of-office time, and then contact him, if the problem persists.

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Sorry for the overzealous spam detection. Usually, the filter's pretty good at determining what's real spam or not. But sometimes, it can get fooled. I've also had some users who were on IPs or email hosts that Mollom labeled as spam hosts (i.e. blacklists that are always challenged by CAPTCHA due to previous offenses), so they can also get hit harder. Though, these usually auto-correct over time.

If the issue persists, send me a PM and we'll see if there's anything that can be done.

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