HUGE BUG: probability of aResponses doesn't actually work - always seems to take highest value.

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HUGE BUG: probability of aResponses doesn't actually work - always seems to take highest value.

Howdy y'all,
So I've been taking a look at the code and having a good ol' play, specifically I've been trying to work out how to get the "best" out of the Hades glade (Strange Forest) encounter, which means getting the "Hades Glade Big Loot".
Originally, I achieved this by taking Hiding as a skill, which opens the "Sneak down the path" option to the encounter, but was surprised to see that other options actually lead there.
Simply put, Hades Glade Big Loot is of Treasuretable id 314.
Only one encounter actually leads there, "The Lady" (id 782) - however there's numerous ways to reach said encounter.

Ready your weapon (774)
Sneak down the path (775)
Continue down the path (777)
Throw a rock into the trees ahead (783)
Call out to the woman (784)

All of these contain the CHANCE of leading to encounter 782, and therefore the best loot of 314.
So why, despite having restarting my game numerous times, have I only ever encountered it with Hiding and encounter 775?

Well, check out 775's aResponses compared to one of the others...

783, Throw a Rock into the trees ahead

<column name="aResponses">=781x0.4x0x0x0,[b]=782x0.1[/b]x0x0x0,=785x0.072x0x0x0,=776x0.072x0x0x0, =789x0.072x0x0x0,=788x0.072x0x0x0,=790x0.072x0x0x0,=792x0.072x0x0x0,=791x0.072x0x0x0</column>

775, Sneak down the path.

<column name="aResponses">=781x0.2x0x0x0, =[b]782x0.3[/b]x0x0x0,=785x0.072x0x0x0,=776x0.072x0x0x0,=789x0.072x0x0x0, =788x0.072x0x0x0,=790x0.072x0x0x0,=792x0.072x0x0x0,=791x0.072x0x0x0</column>

Did you spot it? with sneaky Encounter 775 the probability is 0.3 = 30%, which is the highest probable event out of all the others.
With regards to 783 "rockthrow" you'll always hit encounter 781 (The Beast) instead, as it's the highest probablity.

Simply put, the ONLY way to hit that encounter is with hiding, no matter how many times you save scum.

Now, I'll admit I don't know if this is true with every encounter, and it's entirely possible I've fluked it - but I've run through the encounter about 100 times (no exaggeration) and never seen these alternatives, through a combination of savescumming (alt+f4ing out of the game so as not to override) and a genuine restart.

I've ran in circles for a while using hiding in the strange forest one time, and on another game got to the loot on the first run. It looks to me that the RNG doesn't like you. Have you tried to do different thing between the save scumming? Like ending an extra turn, walking through different hexes, etc? There are some games that "save" the position of the RNG and only use when promped, and if you keep loading a save you will always have the same outcome because the same number is being generated.

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through a combination of savescumming (alt+f4ing out of the game so as not to override) and a genuine restart.

So yeah, I've restarted the entire game multiple times, and still not encountered it through a non-hiding attempt.

I'm not entirely sure if I understand this correctly - you're saying that the random chance there is not working, right?

I've just made a test and went there with no skills at all, with save right before the forest. When I entered I chose to throw a rock - nothing. Second rock - nothing. Third rock - the beast appears.

Then turned the game off and on, and reloaded. Upon the entry, I chose the rock option again and found the beast on the first try.

So it seams that the random action there is working. Or did I misunderstood what you were trying to say mate?

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I've done a bit more testing, and the bug seems to be down to the whole 1.0 percentage thing.
Sometimes, multiple options add up to more than 1.0, but the game seems to ignore some options entirely. Therefore while things like the beast might happen randomly, it's very unlikely that encountering the grey lady without hiding (which has less outcomes so she's more likely to show up) will.

Basically, currently the random chances are "working as intended" with the whole up to 1.0 (100%) - but not every encounter is tailored to it.

Well, I don't know mate... I've encountered the Lady several times, almost never using the Hiding skill.

Looking and the encounter 777 ("continue down the path"), which does not need any skills you can see that:

"aResponses">=781x[color=red]0.25[/color]x0x0x0[color=red](<--the Beast)[/color],=782x[color=red]0.25[/color]x0x0x0[color=red](the Lady)[/color],=785x0.072x0x0x0,=776x0.072x0x0x0,=789x0.072x0x0x0,=788x0.072x0x0x0,=790x0.072x0x0x0,=792x0.072x0x0x0,=791x0.072x0x0x0</column>

The chance to meet either the Beast or the Lady is the same, 25% on each. When adding the chance for the remaining options (all of which are just the different version of "On the path" encounter) the total chance is 1.004.

So there should be no problem at all. And, in my experience, there isn't. We might need to wait for Dan to return and clarify that, but as far as I see, everything is as intended - the sneaking version does, in fact, have a slightly higher chance to get you to the Lady than simply rolling in, but the chance is there either way. And the difference is only 5%.

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