Unimag, A-store and quartermaster master, and skill books

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Unimag, A-store and quartermaster master, and skill books

So... What's about new stores at DMC?
Befind the walls we can find ONLY C-store with lighters and food...
But, what about new stores?
We cannot sell, only by for 5x price (items have mark, for use items you must take item from store to crafting menu and tear apart mark, item transforms into themselfes with lowered price).
So... Time to begin.

-Flash sticks and software.
-Laptops and other devices.
-Batteries for any tipes of devices (NV don't included).
-Sparklers, flashlights.
-Sleds, lockpicks.
-Other shit like dirty rags and something.

-Weapons, ammo for them.
-Armor, helmets, gloves, NV glasses and batteries for them, BOOTS, balaclavas.
-Scopes, magnifying devices.
-Modern bow and arrows for em.

-Many types of clothes, from gown to dogman fur.
-LOTS of crowbars, torches.
-Backpacks, duffel bag.
-Travois, shopping cart.
-First aid packs with 10 clean rags, bottle of whiskey, antibiotics, painkillers and sleeping pils, all of this for VERY high price.
-Food, cured and cooked meat.
-Sleeping bags, makeshift sacks.
-Thanin tea.
-Skill books.

Skill books...

So, this item very rare, you can find this book during scavenging or buy at quartermasters. You must read them some times with power of crafting and this is getting VERY MANY turns (as example, 50 turn points) to read em all.