Call to (Wiki) Arms - (renamed from: Question for moderator or Dan)

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Call to (Wiki) Arms - (renamed from: Question for moderator or Dan)

Could a moderator (or Dan if you have time) please view the following forum topic? It seems to have been overlooked. Thanks.

As far as I know us mods don't have the power to deal with stickies in this forum, which is why we couldn't help you there. You may have to wait a bit for Dan to do the rounds of the non-technical parts of the forum, and then to actually get down to looking into this, he's still an one man team. ;) It'd be actually more helpful to bump that actual thread (after giving it some days) instead of opening a new one though. Either way, I'll PM him to bring this to his attention. :)

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We actually can mark/unmark stickies - I already unmarked the wiki thread, since the link is in the command panel above anyway.

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Whoa! The wiki sure has changed since I last visited! I think the last time I was there it looked more like a wikia advertising site than a NEO Scavenger site, which probably confused some visitors. I like the new background/theme!

I also saw a Google Alert for a wiki page on Meredith Papers this morning, so it looks like it's getting pretty comprehensive.

Thanks linibot, for PMing me. I've been frequenting the forums less these past few weeks, so I've missed some developments. What was the old wiki sticky you referred to? Was it that Nickboom one that originally linked to it? I'm having a hard time remembering, but if it was, you're right that it was probably redundant now that we have a "Wiki" nav option at the top.

I also un-stickied the video tutorial, as I agree it's getting to be out-of-date. (Especially compared to the large number of Let's Plays on YouTube these days.)

As for creating new threads for the wiki, is the aim to get more awareness, contributors, or something else? A sticky thread could help, but it could also be something I mention in the devlog. Let me know what I can do to help!

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Kaaven and I have been working hard to get the wiki in order, thanks for noticing! :)

And yes, Wikia does take their liberties with regard to ads and branding. I've managed to overcome the majority of it with an ad-blocker and personalized CSS. Much less annoying and doesn't slow the browser. ;)

As for a new thread, or such, I think Kaaven would agree that it would be helpful to both of us to have more contributors (preferably registered at the wiki) who would be willing to be in communication during the updating process. Much of his free time is taken up by modding and handling things here related to that. And I'm struggling to not burn out, considering the amount of work left to do there. Two words: random encounters. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Don't get me (or Kaaven) started on the crafting templates... -.-

Previously, Kaaven ran a thread in this section to try and get a few people to help him out with the wiki, but so far I seem to be the only one who answered the call. So, any method that would bring in an additional few people (or so) is fine with me/us. People who are skilled with wiki-style markup and/or are able to decipher the neogame file would be excellent team members, while anyone who can read/type and has free time and the desire to help are also desirable.

If you feel like dropping a mention in the daily blog, maybe just pointing people to a thread (this one?), that would be super. Thank you much for your time. :)

I just posted a "Call to (Wiki) Arms" on my various channels, pointing to both this thread and the wiki. Hopefully, that'll entice a few others to help you guys out!

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Hello Kaaven and Entharion. I am very interested in helping you regarding the wiki. The only skill I have in that department is writing and I will help anyway I can, just point me in the right direction. I'm new to this.

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Basically, go to the wikia page and check the articles - if there's any data missing, incomplete or outdated - change that :D

Entharion is working right now, to add all the random encounters (here) - we decided on a kind of short, one-two line description of each, with possible choices hidden under spoilers. If you can, contribute there, cause there is a lot of them.

If you don't know any random encounters, or don't want to jump in the middle of the work, I would suggest going into items instead - basically all are added (here), but some descriptions might be missing/outdated.

EDIT: Also, make sure to make yourself an account - anonymous edits are good if someone wants to fix a single spelling error or something like that, but for more "involved" help, it is best if everyone knows who is who :D

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I can definitely do that. Sounds fun :)

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EDIT: I've changed my mind. Hope you guys find the help you're looking for.

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I've already commented on dan's reddit post "Call to (wiki) arms"
I've got decent experience handling the neogame.xml file and take a fair bit of my spare time learning more. mostly self taught.
I usually edit the neogame for playtesting and modifying/adding things, therefore most of my experience is within the bounds of Item IDs, treasuretables, itemtype tables, and conditions.

At the moment I have a pretty loose grip on encounters and how they function logically (aResponses and the like) but i would like to help yous out in any way I can so feel free to give me a shout if you're up for it.

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I sent you a message a few days ago. Haven't heard back from you. Please reply when you can. Thanks. :)