Mouse Fixed, and Business Cards

I think I managed to fix the trackpad mouse issues mentioned yesterday.

After trying a few iterations of a custom event queue, it appeared that the issue was a deeper one. Namely, the button receives the mouse event before the game loop has a chance to process anything. Rather than rearchitecting the game loop, I decided to try adding a native mouse event handler directly to the button. And fortunately, it seems to work! I tried the various take and drag mouse modes, as well as the context menu, and the trackpad seems to have parity with a regular mouse.

This approach is somewhat redundant for button clicks on a regular mouse, as both the native and flixel event handlers will see it. But it still works, and it doesn't require a rewrite of a core game system. I'm happy to leave that sleeping dog alone :)

Kaaven notified me of a minor loot bug he found in the code today, so I fixed that as well. Looks like one of the clues Ginny gives was hooked up to the wrong item, so players have missed a little bit of lore. That should also make it into the next patch.

I started looking into the bug that causes Macs to exit fullscreen when changing game states, but had less luck with this one. It seems to be caused just after the game switches to a new state, and only on Macs. Oddly, Windows seems unaffected. I'm unsure what kind of code could cause that platform-specific behavior, so this is tricky.

Worse, there's no way for me to debug directly on a Mac. The editor/compiler is a Windows one, so I have to compile it, copy to a Mac, and test it there each time I change something.

I did try one new approach, though. I made a new bare-bones game project using flixel, to see if I could narrow things down. So far, however, I couldn't cause the bug to happen. And I didn't have a lot of time left today to pursue that further because... cards are due soon. Since I'm going to be manning a booth in less than a month, I think it'll be smart to have business cards ready. And since I'm away for 4 days next week, I best be starting on those now.

The good news is that I have some layout ideas already. Probably NEO Scavenger encounter art and logo on one side (glossy, bleed to edges), and a white back side with the company logo, website URL, my name, and my email (white is good for writing on). I may even be able to make the backside matte white with a glossy logo, which could look slick.

I've heard the magic number given at a con is 300-400, and some say just do 500 so you have leftovers between conventions. So I think that'll be my goal.

That's about all for today. Have a good night, everyone!


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Make sure you (or rather, someone helping you, because you might not have much time for that) takes some photos of the con proceedings. It would be great to see it all "live" after reading about plans and layouts, and I wouldn't rely on other con goers and/or journalists for that kind of thing.

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Sounds like some of the testing I'm having to do at the moment :(

Tinker, compile, copy over, test, look at the results, repeat until satisfactory.

Yeah, would be cool to see it all unfold!

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That's true! My shutterbug parents will be helping with setup, so I'm certain they'll snap several pics then. But I should also make sure to get some shots of the proceedings.

I could probably also do some sort of contest. If I had a sign up such as "take an interesting photo of the booth and tweet @dcfedor with it to be entered into a contest for free copies of NEO Scavenger," I might get some cool shots!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Really good idea with the contest, actually! Con goers love stuff like this, and even more so when motivated (e.g. by steam gift keys for the game, so it's both not financially draining for you and useful even for people who already own it).