[MOD] Spanish Translation

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[MOD] Spanish Translation

[MOD] Spanish Translation
The creator of the game has not finished entering english text. So it is difficult to continue. I just translate the initial events and some single words. Images from buttons and abilities are all translate

- Texts in images 100% translate
- Texts of starting events and some single words

mod for version 1.0.4
mod for v.1.0.4


Ey otro español ¿Cuando puedas podrías hacer las traducciones de los mods de Neo scavenger Extended y Migthy(Mini)Mod of the doom?.Al menos consideralo.

In the game kill all the dogsman, in a mod.....¡Run you fool!

it can be translated to another language?
if it is possible I want to how to do that plz let me know about that :)

En la web de ClanDLAN puse un apartado especifico en español de como traducir el juego.

Se necesita la aplicación "BRACKETS" que la podeis descargar de macromedia y editar el archivo XML


On the website of Clan DLAN I put a specific section in Spanish how to translate the game.
the "BRACKETS" application that you can download macromedia and edit the XML file is needed