Regarding stickied Wiki threads

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Regarding stickied Wiki threads

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to un-sticky the old Wiki thread and start a new one for version 1.0+. The one that's there now is interesting for a bit of nostalgia, but it's far too old to be of use to newcomers, and may even put people off from the wiki a bit, as it might give the impression that the wiki is in a state of abandonment (which it is not, lol).

I'm also a little concerned about the wiki video sticky thread, as it is showing age as well. The game has changed a lot since then. Perhaps it could be un-stickied and simply referenced in a newer wiki thread?

Kaaven and I are doing our best to get the Wiki itself updated to the latest version info, but we could use some more contributors, as it's a huge task. So creating a fresh thread might be helpful to generate new interest in the project.

I'm willing to start a new thread to be stickied. In fact, I'll probably do that right after I post this message. If a moderator (or Dan, if time allows) could see to this within a day or so, I would really appreciate it.

After the un-sticky/new sticky is done, I may have an idea or two for the "How To Play" wiki page here as well. ;)