Cryo Storage Locker

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Cryo Storage Locker

I couldn't think of a good title, but anyway I made a treasure table that allows most of the mods for NEO Scavenger that work on v1.1 to work together (more or less), so I just started a new game. Holy shit. I started with a goddamned laser rifle. And a hot brick, and various melee weapons, and some fur boots, and a whole lot of crafting equipment, so by the time I left I already had way more than normal, and I had made lockpicks from small parts there so it would be easier to get some clothes. I then started scavenging, first time I found a handcranked generator, now I've got a laser rifle with infinite ammo. Things coudn't get much better could it? I then froze to death.

I think using too many mods together might be "slightly" OP...

I had completely overlooked this thread till today, but this actually made me laugh. XD Thanks. :)

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