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Maybe this sounds stupid, but could there be boats that allowed you to travel across the lake? There could be rafts made of logs and string all the way up to sailboats and motorboats. There could be special lake areas and enemies, like islands and pirate boats. Just an idea.

Currently there is nothing out there, so the idea is moot.

Besides, it's not really possible. There is no way to turn an impassable hex into a passable one, and one impassable hex is the same as any other, which would give the boat the ability to sail over the walls of DMC as well as the water.

Well, right now there wouldn't be much point, as there's nothing over there.

However, perhaps in the future, where modders could create a whole new area to explore (as a sort of expansion) the boats could be used as a mean to reach them.

In other words, this can be useful, but not yet.