Tactical Glove vs Patchwork Hide Glove

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Tactical Glove vs Patchwork Hide Glove

Does anybody know the difference between the Tactical Glove and the Patchwork Hide Glove? From a stats perspective? I searched the forums but did not find an answer.

The wiki says the Patchwork Hide Glove gives you a "Wearing a hide glove" positive condition, which I did see in my gameplay. However, when I changed to the Tactical Glove, the positive condition went away. The wiki says the Tactical Glove gives you a "Wearing a tough glove" positive condition, but that was not the case. The positive condition from the Tactical Glove does not appear.

So, is the Patchwork Hide Glove better?


I remember receiving the "wearing a tough glove" condition, but not anymore. Maybe a patch made it be not visible in the conditions list anymore. Anyway, they are functionally the same, except the tactical gloves degrade slower.


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The data for the glove seems to still indicate a visible "wearing a tough glove" condition. And when I test locally, it seems to work as designed.

However, if it's not appearing for you, there may be something else afoot. Possibly a bug which is causing certain conditions to be hidden or not applied. Usually, when this is the case, there was some earlier bug which is causing side-effects.

Just out of curiosity, was this v1.0 or v1.01 you were using? And is it all the time, or only in certain games?

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I actually addressed this already, on Steam forum and in the bugs topic here, but basically there seems to be a confusion, because unlike any other piece of clothing, including the tactical glove, the hide glove's "Wearing..." condition is actually visible to players.

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It was in both v1.0 and 1.01. However, I also checked the data, and comparing the values of the tough and hide gloves conditions they are identical.
So I pin-pointed the issue (in my case) to mods. I use NSE along with my own modpack, and in the override xml the display value for the tough glove is set to 0.
So now the question is, is OP using mods too, or is his issue from a vanilla bug?

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