A clown head and a dirty smell.

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A clown head and a dirty smell.

I thought i'd write down my thoughts on a random area i stumbled into and laughed as i ran out.

[entry of carnival] Player: Maybe i can find a cheese burger under a dead raider. {enters carnival}
[Inside of carnival] player: Well no cheese burgers but, i found this cool clown head! Maybe i can scare off the raiders! Now, where to. {Looks around} oh... that building looks less destroyed than the rest. {enters building}
[inside building] player: God it smells in here! {searches around a bit} Hmm, a crowbar and that odd... uh, oh Christ, I know that smell. {Shambling moans} {Runs for rafters} Well that was close but, where to now. Ah screw it! {Jumps off} {horrible yet fine landing} Ah god damn it! {distant moans} Well no time to dwell time to run! {Hobbles out using a crowbar as a Walking stick}

Whelp that's about it. i died to a feral dog about three tiles away. Best i could do. Sorry if it's crap i don't normally do this kind of thing. ^_^

Last bow wielder alive that i didn't shoot, shot himself in the knee and bled to death.