Booth Prep Continues

Still plugging away at the booth/convention preparations.

I sent off my layouts to the banner printer today, and got some proofs back. They're looking good, so I've given them the "ok" to proceed, and sent payment for that.

I also placed an order for a 40" LED TV and tripod stand. Those should be delivered in the next week or so. I still have a massive shopping list yet to cover, but these were the biggest items on it. I'm still figuring out smaller table options, how the play stations will be arranged, and other stuff. Plus floor coverings, decorations, and other supplies.

I also cut together some footage for a promotional video reel some indies are doing. 1 minute isn't much for showing NEO Scavenger, which isn't terribly exciting in the first place. Most of the fun in NEO Scavenger comes from slowly savoring each turn, and reading. Still, I figured showing map exploration, a sample encounter progressing, and crafting would give a pretty good overview without needing much explanation. Let's hope so!

Finally, I did some cleaning up of dead links on both the Steam and Blue Bottle Games store pages, and started compiling some press kit info for the convention.

Next week, more of the same! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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Hmm, I dunno if this would work, but what about dramatic reading of a scene or two during your footage? Imagery and sound could help a little with immersion. Perhaps a diary-entry-like reading? If you're limited to one minute, that would cover a diary entry/internal monologue of the player's first day or two in the game.

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That's an interesting idea, but they're actually looking for video-only. It's going to be cut together during a montage with separate audio played over it.

Thanks, though!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Hey Dan!

Not to be impatient or anything, but when will 1.01 be released (fully, not test)?


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Hi Purplepanda1337,

I'm not sure. Originally, I was going to release it right away. But I have a suspicion that there's a major invisible bug in that build, so I might upload a new patch to replace it, and then release that instead.

Depending on how things go, it'll either be later this week (unlikely) or in two weeks (likely). I'm out of town for most of next week, which is why there's a gap in that estimate :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games