[WIP] RZU Weapons Mod [v0.3a]

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I'll consider having a look at making it work with BBC once I come back to this project. The Witcher 3 and other things have derailed all focus I had on this. But I do plan on coming back to it sooner or later.

RZU Weapons Mod ALPHA

So... I seem to be stuck at the crashed truck in the woods. There's just no option to leave.

[Mod] Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom [v 0.94] + this mod = more errors.

Did you really have to add different .45 rounds? You could have just made the uzi fire normal .45 rounds from the base game.

I beleive i found a bug.
Any time i get the event with the crashed cargo truck in the woods, I am unable to exit the event screen, Causing me to have to restart my game.

Any chance this mod is still active and being worked on by the author?

I was wondering if there was anyway to get this mod to work with the new 1.13 version of Neo Scavenger AND the EXE Patchwork mod.

Hey I just wanted to know if this mod is still compatible with the newest version of Neo Scavenger Extended? Thanks

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

i hope your still working on this mod. ( this was the first mod i ever installed on NEO ) (i miss it so much)

*Bust out a window*
* starts running*
( butt naked from a wolfman)

Can I get a confirmation please if this mod is still being worked on or not? I've been using it for quite some time and love it but there's still a few things that are missing/not working, like the AK back sprite not showing up while not in the inventory so it's just a big red X and other things alike. So if I could be told if this is still being worked on or not that would be great.

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Been a long time, damn.

damn its been a long time plus when will this be updated to be compatible with 1.15