Booth Paperwork, Banner Layouts, Equipment Sourcing

The parade of booth preparation continues!

Today was finishing off some paperwork to make the booth official. I had to sign for things like required furniture, power requirements, carpeting, signage, A/V rentals, etc. For the most part, I'm going to try and source as much of that myself as possible. As long as I can carry it in myself w/o motorized machines, I'm free to do so. And the prices for much of the equipment are lower than renting.

For carpet, I was originally looking into getting a custom color for the natural setting of the booth's theme. However, I noticed some other booths use those rubber, modular floor mats. And it looks like I can get some neutral tones, or maybe even patterns. Cheaper, and more customizable!

I also started seeking banner printing quotes, and I think I have a vendor I'm ready to use. I've got the templates downloaded, and drafted designs for the background and standing banners. I'm going to sleep on those, but I have a feeling they're the finals and will be submitted tomorrow.

Then, I need to start recording footage of the game and uploading assets for a PR blast. This is going to be tricky, as the PR blast is 1080p, and the game is only 1600x900. I don't think stretching looks very good, so I'll need to see what I can do. Since it's for trailer usage, it might be sufficient to do 1600x900 and up-scale it in the video editing software. It'll be a little blurry, but will look better than the in-game stretch+filter.

And, of course, I need to abuse my credit card and actually purchase the A/V and furniture, supplies, etc. Going to be a painful week :)