Can we remove Dunder Mifflin?

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Can we remove Dunder Mifflin?

Paper is a resource in NEO Scavenger, albeit a common one. Taking the Electrician/Mechanic traits allows you to have unlimited paper via examining the systems and collecting the recipe over and over. My problems with this...

1. There is no narrative reason. There is no message stating "Using your knowledge of electronical/mechanical systems you have got access to the facility's paper supply." When you figure it out it seems like it was just a sloppily designed part of the game.

2. It takes a really long time. I hate parts of a game in which the optimal thing to do is the least fun thing to do. I would be less bothered by this whole paper thing if it just gave you them in stacks of 30 but when I find string in the adjacent suburb, get timber from the adjacent forest and then have to start 'printing paper' to complete my arrows it feels pretty stupid.

I don't know. It's a REALLY minor point but it seems to me to be an obvious flaw. Am I alone in this one?

Also. Another more or less unrelated point. Am I alone in hating the bronze talisman that summons the merga wraith when you take it off. The appeal of the atmosphere of the early game is the game's realism. You have this feeling that your going into a dangerous world with nothing but the (little) clothes on your back.... and a bronze talisman... that arbitrarily punishes your for removing it. \:

I think both are problems. :P

I dont mind the bronze talisman being a problem with realism, but just as a silly reason to kill new players

The paper thing is a known exploit, not a design decision. It was actually a pet peeve of mine too for a while, until I just learned to ignore it and never use it. ;) From what I understand it doesn't have a quick and easy fix and it just never got highly prioritized enough, the dev considers it a minor exploit that hardly affects the balance of the game. You really don't need to do it at all, finding paper sources is really easy in the world. Plus this is a game where roaming and exploring is very much encouraged by the mechanics, so most players don't usually spend very long at Cryo. In fact, another way to look at it is that the fact it's so repetitive and so little fun is more or less a hint that doing it is a sub-optimal desicion and that better ways to achieve the same results are out there. ;)

As for the bronze talisman, it is a vital part of the game's story. NEO Scavenger's description is "post-apocalyptic world with supernatural elements". The bronze talisman is your first encounter with NEO's supernatural elements and a very strong early hint at the mystery hiding behind all the realistic survival mechanics. So the idea is: you take it out once, the game teaches you (harshly as it tends to do with all things XD) what sort of elements you're out against, you never do it again. Unless you really really know what you're doing of course, much later on, in which case, good luck. ;)

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Yeah, I should probably should start just ignoring it. It is a pretty small exploit, with as you mentioned, you can just find a newspaper or a road map to Detroit in the adjacent square and render the advantage from starting paper irrelevant.

It seems like it would be such an easy fix to just stop the paper and just put it in the recipe list though \:

I've really enjoy how NEO Scavenger, like a horror movie, starts with realism and ramps into the supernatural and I think that it would be even more of a steep ramp if you started without the talisman but I have never got far enough in the story to see the item make its way into the story so I suppose it probably pays off.