Booth Countdown Commencing...

Hey folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Friday's build seems to be holding up alright. There are still some issues that need fixing, but overall, it seems to be an improvement over previous builds. I'm going to give it a bit more shakedown time to see if any other bugs fall out before promoting to default build status.

My booth information started flowing in fast this morning, and I've got a lot of stuff to start prepping. Print materials need designing, forms need signing, checks need cutting, travel needs booking, booth needs's going to be a busy several days.

Today was primarily reading the docs, and drafting a trip itinerary. Trip planning is always a bit stressful. But planning a trip with remote construction and tight timetables is even more so :)

Fortunately, it seems like my scavenger's campsite diorama idea may actually work. I don't think it breaks any convention hall rules yet. The organizers actually seem kind of receptive to the theme. And the materials might actually work out pretty cheap. Still solidifying details here, but I'm "sanguine," as they say.

Since a lot of this prep work is time-sensitive, I'll likely be focusing on that until the deadlines are met. Then, as time allows, I'll be back on bug fixing and mod enhancements.

Good night, all, and see you tomorrow!