[Mod/Resource] Sage's Pages (v 1.1)

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[Mod/Resource] Sage's Pages (v 1.1)

Sage's Pages v 1.1
Compatible with the version 1.13 of the game.

Version 1.1


This mini mod aim is to add books and papers of different sort to the game. Those items will come as both the near-useless clutter, adding more "texture" to the scavenging, as well as some rarer trading goods and possibly even useful treasures.

In the vanilla NEO Scavenger, the only books and documents come in the form of quest-related items and story fluff. With this mod I aim to add some less significant "papers" as well. The plan is for them to work in a way similar to the data files obtainable during hacking, in the base game - most will be near-worthless (but all are craftable for different amounts of paper scraps and/or can be used as fire fuel), some will have a decent trading value and a very few might be a real treasures indeed.



Books and Magazines:
- badly damaged book
- crumbling old book
- children's storybook
- old ornate tome
- teen magazine
- electronics handbook for amateurs
- romance novel
- psychological sci-fi novel
- comprehensive, illustrated guide to mushrooms

Documents and papers:
- pages covered in illegible handwriting
- stack of old documents
- some old bills
- set of old blueprints
- schematics drawing
- faded handwritten letter

- child's drawing
- cheerful child's drawing
- sad child's drawing
- terrifying child's drawing

- "NEO Cannibal" concert poster
- "Draft Tank" concert poster
- "Hypno Core" rave poster


Books stack up to 2 and papers up to 10 per stack.

Guide to mushrooms can be used (in Crafting) in order to accurately identify mushrooms, even without the Botany skill. Simply "craft" the guide and the unknown shrooms together.


Sage's Pages is meant as a modular addition to the game, mainly as a resource for other modders to incorporate in their work and/or build upon. It is fully playable as a stand-alone mod as well, but it does modify some important treasure tables, so it might not work with other mods, without some mod-merging.

If you're a modder, and wish to use the Sage's Pages in your mod, you are free to do so, as long as you'll give a proper credit and link back to this page :D

Info for modders:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Itemtypes modified:

ID 84 - mushrooms (edible)
ID 86 - mushrooms (poisonous)

Treasure Tables modified:

ID 40 - an abandoned house
ID 41 - an abandoned mobile home
ID 42 - a crumbling apartment building
ID 43 - an abandoned office tower
ID 44 - a destroyed office building
ID 46 - a shack in the forest
ID 51 - abandoned apartment building scavenged items

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Expanded the mod with few new books, one of them actually worth something. And since the stacking bug is now fixed in the game, books and papers stack again.

Still not much here, but at least it's something :D

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Letting you know that there is a glitch produced when combining your Sage's Pages mod with Banjo's fishing mod where books stack with fishing gear.

If you know a simple fix I would be glad to implement it.

anyway, I hope this information is helpful.

Have a great day.

Don't blame the modder, the fault lies upon the game itself (override files, etc). Mods aren't really coded with compatibility in mind.

The Science&Sorcery Mod deal with nanobots. travel to the astral realm.

The stacking bug is actually caused by an issue in the way that game loads mod. The bad news is, I cannot do anything about it. The good news is, Dan should have a fix for it in the next patch :D

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is there an actual use for the electronics handbook or is it just for selling?
I was hoping it would work like the electronics skill in the crafting menu but i guess not :(

No, not really. The book is for selling or to be burned as a fire-fuel.

It would be simply too easy to be able to find skills at random, when scavenging ;)

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Update bump!
Eleven new papers, including poster for everyone's favorite brutal death metal band - NEO Cannibal ;) and a little Halloween-themed addition, creepy childern's drawings...

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New update!
Adds a new, rare book called "comprehensive, illustrated guide to mushrooms". When used in crafting and combined with some mushrooms, it allows to identify those as edible or poisonous, even for those without Botany ability. It's not automatic, like the real skill, as it takes time and effort, but is still better than risking it ;)

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Could you make it work for berries too? Most ppl know that blue are always safe, yellow are always poison, but if you don't have Botany using the red berries is always a gamble. If you're gonna give an option to identify mushrooms why not do red berries too?

For that matter, would it be possible to make books for the other skills? 'Trapper's Instructional Handbook, 5th ed' 'Mechanics for Dummies' etc... with recipes that allow you to make all the things those skills allow you to do, but at a greater Moves cost. They wouldn't allow you access to the skills for events and combat, and I know the amount of work required to build all those recipes would be extensive, but it would be a really fun addition to the game.

I am fully against making item-replacements for skills. That would totally destabilize the game, if you could get skills at random, even if those were their on-map uses only.

The mushroom guide is just harmless enough, anything more "useful" would be too useful ;) More books that I have planned will be something along the line of a Cook-Book, which grants you all the food quick recipes in the game. The low-impact stuff.

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I guess I see your point, but if you make the books degrade after a few uses it wouldn't be game breaking. Especially considering that most of what you can make with skills is available for purchase from either the ATN or the DMC. Getting lucky and finding a beat up old boy scout manual that'd help you build a squirrel snare and a fire and skin a couple animals before it falls apart completely...maybe 20% per use so 5 uses max if you find one in good condition? And add .5 move cost to everything you do with it to pay for having to reference the manual while you're working with it. I don't feel like putting those restrictions on it along with having it be as rare as say a laptop or a shopping cart would really unbalance things because there's no way to guarantee you'd have it when you need it and it wouldn't be giving you any help outside of crafting stuff.

Thanks for the update, it gives me new ideas about this thing, somehow the game seems got better.


this looks so awesome, not sure what value you would get from having all the food recipes though? you can already make them, and if i'm not mistaken they aren't many except for tiny variations?

OverHaul Mod
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Improve your mods.

For once, it would be cool to have ;) It would also be somewhat handy for the newer players, who may not know all the recipes yet, and don't exactly have all the materials to throw into the crafting window to learn them that way.

Plus, this mod is meant as a modder-resource, so someone (including me) may add a new recipe and set it not to show up in the random recipe papers. This way the only way for people to learn it would be to either experiment or get a cook book.

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