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I don't know if you really need to make it too complicated. Just bump alertness really high up and maybe even give a bonus to concealment, that would more or less do the trick till you come up with something better, right? I'd rather use the fancy option than a bunch of tin noise traps, if the option is available after all. XD

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Lol ok. That works too. xD

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A new heat source. It will use electric charges

it must use a lot of many charges. and there's also could be makeshift heat source with lighter's fuel used in.

Upgraded Flashlight

i think they don't scare lights. it's only instinctive fire fear. i've been thinking about UVD sunbeam blinding enemies without eye protection for one turn. but since there is still no possibilities to detect sunlight we can do it with flashlight but also it's seems more realistic only in the night.

A lighter fuel heat source doesn't make much sense since it would use a lot of charges and you can instead use one charge with a lighter to start a fire. It would be the same with a Hotplate, unless you fix a Wall Outlet in a building, which should be more than enough to power a Hotplate.

About the flashlight, I totally forgot about the day and night circles when I came out with this. It certainly would be a bit weird to use that when on daylight. :P

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well, since small campfires are not so much usefull, maybe some burner would be functional sometimes

Hi there.
Little problems down here... I'm trying to adjust this to fit with the OSX version of the game and trust me : it's a mess !
I'm lazy and I didn't read the whole subject pages, so I now will ask this : is anyone knowing how to make this functioning with a macintosh ?

PS : I'm french, sorry for the bad english.

I actually have no idea. I've no experience with the mac version of this game or mac in general. I remember someone answered something similar before in some other thread but I can't remember who.

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the only problem is from the ".php".
Since mac can read ".png"s and ".xml".
It can read ".php"s too, but when the game launch my modified version of yours, it can't read it and just block at 10% laoding.

I have an idea actualy : does someone can upload me he's ".php" from after it has been changed by the mod ? Even the img file if possible.

You can find the php file inside the .rar file from the download link. I have no idea if you can open that file in a mac, though, but everything you need is in there.

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Went crazy with the "getmods.php" thingy and now it blocks at 63% with the last laoding sentence : "Parsing item types.row:216"...
May help someone to help me. ^^

Just to share u what i've just done : copied the mod folder into the game folder, then changed the "getmods.php" to :


Hmm... I'm not sure what you are doing that for but the php file is already edited to load both the override and the mod files into the game. There's no need to edit it, but to replace the game's php with it.

The only instance you would need to edit the provided php file would be if you want to make it work with other mods.

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The fact here is : if I just replace the inital files with yours, the game isn't able to load correctly some basic ".png"s ; and I've checked if the png truly were in the "img" file.

So I'm trying some other stuff now.

The real problem is that I don't understand why it isn't working with the getmods thing, since the files it is loading can all be read by OSX... there's no ".exe" at all in this mod folder and everything seems edible for OSX.

not that it matters much, but recipe 55 in the override you placed in the attackmodes location

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Lolz, thanks for reporting that. It will be in its place in the next update.

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Small report. Look at scraps of paper from newspapers and lists with recipes. They should be the same, but I can place newspaper scraps in some containers and can't place recipe ones.

Yes, it's an issue with how recipes in scraps of paper work. They are not affected by changes in item properties, which is something I reported some days ago. Only Dan can fix that.

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Hey Chiko or anyone really, if I wanna change the bullet stack, do I just need to change "nStackLimit"? What am I missing if not cuz it gets stuck at "Parsing mod data file... row: 16". X)

Yeah, you only need to change the number in there. What other changes you made? That simple edit shouldn't cause any issues.

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Hmm... about the repair recipes for electronic devices. I have two options:

1-Players will need two of the same item plus the tools to spawn a 100% condition one. This is the simplest way to implement electronic device repair. This option will make repairing a bit more harder since you will need two items of the same in or order to repair one of them.
2-Add a new item, spare parts, which will be an assortment of boards, wires and other electric/electronic bits. Players get these from either disassembling or smashing electronic devices, the later will yield less materials, of course. Then to repair an electronic device, the player will need the item, spare parts and the tools. This option will make this feature a bit more easier since you could turn useless devices into spare parts and save them for future repairs.

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I like option 2 :)

Option 2 is better and more realistic. By its very nature, it covers option 1. To fix a computer, you could break down another computer to get the parts.

I would recommend having the ability to break computers down into different components, based on the type of device. Also, it would be nice to be able to build a computer from these components, along with Electrician and the proper tools. That way you might perform maintenance on them in the same way you would a vehicle. Smashing a device would destroy the base and screen, and half the assorted electronic components. And although I list the types of Electronic Components below, they would be one type of thing. They are only enumerated for justification of the number required.

Laptop -
1x LCD screen
5x Electronic Components (Networking, Camera, Speakers, Microphone, Fans)
1x Hard Drive (Stores data, the "soul" of the device)
1x Laptop Base (plus motherboard, keyboard, touchpad, etc)
15x Small Parts (screws, wires and the like)

iSlab -
1x LCD screen
4x Electronic Components (Networking, Speakers, Microphone, Fans)
1x Hard Drive (Stores data, the "soul" of the device)
1x iSlab Base (plus motherboard, digitizer, etc)
10x Small Parts (screws, wires and the like)

Smartphone -
1x Small touchscreen
4x Electronic Components (Networking, Camera, Speakers, Microphone)
1x SD Card (Stores data, the "soul" of the device)
1x Smartphone Base
8x Small Parts (screws, wires and the like)

Cellphone -
3x Electronic Components (Networking, Speakers, Microphone)
1x Phone Base
5x Small Parts (screws, wires and the like)

Memory Stick -
1x SD Card
2x Small Parts

The electronic components and bases would have condition, and could then be repaired by combining two of them (or Base + 1x Electronic Component) with a soldering iron + Electrician + Hacking. LCDs and Touchscreens can only be replaced, not repaired.

The requirement for a base, which includes the defining pieces of each device, and the screens, would prohibit one from building a computing device entirely from scratch, and keep them relatively rare, preserving game balance, and at the same time allowing one to use some unnecessary devices to repair broken ones.

If it's not possible to have HDD and SD Cards retain their data, their existence could be replaced with an Electronic Component, and it just assumed they needed to be reformatted in the repair process. Better back up your data in that case. Maybe an External HDD or other, expensive, high density storage medium, would suffice.

Also , perfect opportunity to introduce the laptop bag.

It's... a bit too complicated. I mean, vehicles already work like that, including the bicycle, but I don't want to overdo this yet, specially since there are a good amount of electronic devices plus the ones I want to add. I could then expand to something like this later.

Pew pew pew!

Yeah, just an idea that goes through my head whenever I play a Hacker, as a total hacker, myself ;)

Still, there are some good nuggets in there (Laptop Bag, External HDD, Electronic Components, etc)

Once I get a keyboard, I might try to make this, myself. At this point, on-screen typing prevents me from attempting much of anything.

I like your Ideas but the Laptop Bag and External HDD would be really usefull, not to mention saving space with a hardrive not having all those USB's or whatever there called taking up all my pockets

Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea

There's little need to repair electronic devices when most of them don't degrade at all. :P
I'll have to change that. They will degrade extremely slow but having them degrade will mean you will find them often in poor condition.

Breaking devices is working like it should and there is just 1 visible recipe. Same with disassembling them instead, which has all recipes hidden under the main one. I will probably do this recipe trick with butchering corpses... why having all those butchering recipes when you can just hide them all under one and make so it works with all of them? This will help reducing the recipe list, which is huge now with all the additions in this mod.

Electronic Scrap sells for little money, unless you are an electrician, because in that case you will be selling Electronic Spare Parts, not scrap. The price doesn't go up much, just sells for 2x of the normal price.

The Soldering Iron is working ok too. The recipes cannot be crafted if there's no powered batteries in them and players will also need solder, which is like the duct tape for electricians. Like the duct tape, solder cannot be recovered after being used.

One thing I would like to do after I'm done with the electrician features, is to make it so mechanics can use the soldering iron to repair some vehicle parts and the scrap metal vest with it. The Bicycle Cart will probably require this tool to be crafted too.

It's a bit big, I think. You can also see Solder and Spare Parts in there too.

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recipe bug
with duct tape and shiv or shard i see t-shirt and hoodie images as possible crafting result

Are you using an old saved game? I just tried and it was not the case for me in a new game.

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there's nTempTreasureID 3 in duct taped shiv recipe. and this id is for Bad Mutha Shirt and Hoodie treasuretable. 0:3 id fixed this issue

Woops. Missed a 0: in there. Another bug fix for the upcoming update.

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I can only get water from marshes. Every other source only has "stop scavenging".

Might be because I updated and didn't start a new game.

Goddammit, ridiculous deaths!

Most bugs happen because of that, actually. I've been doing tests and this doesn't happen in any new game I start.

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I have been puzzling with this for so long so what items possess the property of a strong fastener or a tanning material?

Tanning - Bark solution or tallow. Fastener - all good ropes.

do you know what's a tanning source?

Yup, string rope, rawhide straps or military shoulder strap.

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New report. I can make a small backpack out of duffel bag with repair recipe.

Thanks for reporting that one. It will be fixed in the next update.

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Question... what could monkey wrenches be used for in this game? It's like the only tool that is only good as a weapon or crude hammer in recipes.

Pew pew pew!

You could make an encounter to strip copper plumbing with it. Definitely signals your presence, but sells for a lot. Uses up enough fatigue to kill a horse.

Hmm... plumbing.

Pew pew pew!

Plumbing is... interesting. Could be what is missing for the complete base.

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Yeah. Maybe I could add the ability for mechanics to repair plumbing and get water. The water could be as bad as the water from a marsh, maybe?

Also, I have no idea about cars but maybe the wrench could be used to get those big batteries from vehicles so players can use them to store power. The batteries could also be used to craft stuff. I have no idea yet but that's ok for now. :P

Pew pew pew!

well i think, that it could be used like vehicle tool. not so easy as pliers but still possible. aslo there could be crude mace crafted with it. or makeshift bolas or slungshot weapons. but they seem to be crafted with stones too.

I guess it's time for the 4.0 version of the mod. It includes:

-Added a new tool, Soldering Iron. It needs power to work and all recipes that need it will also ask for Solder, which can be found mostly in Tool Kits. Used mostly to craft or repair mechanical and electronic devices.
-Most electronic devices can now be disassembled to get electronic spare parts. Electricians will need these to craft or repair devices and appliances.
-Electronic devices can also be smashed into pieces to get electronic scrap but the amount is minimal.
-Electricians can now repair most handheld electronic devices. Mobile phones and computers now degrade and can be found in poor condition so maintenance is now required. Repairing will also lock devices like computers so they need to be unlocked again.
-Baseball Bats now count as heavy blunt objects and can be used in recipes that need crude hammering.
-Added a new campsite appliance, Power Outlet. These can be found in some buildings in urban hexes. Can be repaired to make Power Taps similar to the ones found in the Sprawl.
-Added a new campsite appliance, Lights. Some Urban buildings will spawn broken or working lighting in them. Urban hexes no longer come with "built-in" lights so now players need to repair and turn them on manually now.
-Added a new campsite appliance, Kitchen Stove. This has small chances to spawn inside abandoned apartments. It can be used as a campfire to cook and the like but doesn't light up the place, meaning they won't make you more visible to others.
-Added a new campsite, abandoned apartment. Similar to burnt-out ones but these can spawn appliances inside.
-Urban hexes now spawn a bit more campsites. Campsite treasure table have also been edited for slightly different choices.
-Bicycle Carts now have a different recipe. They also need a Soldering Iron and Solder.
-Cryo Lightning has a different recipe. They also need a Soldering Iron, Solder, Spare Parts, etc.
-All Carving and Butchering recipes are hidden under 2 recipes. This will help to reduce the huge lists in long games.
-Fixed a bug that made it possible to use a Duffel Bag to repair a Small Backpack.
-Fixed a bug with the duct taped shiv.

I think that's all the changes. I decided not to add the hotplate coz I noticed it's been already implemented. :P

Pew pew pew!

i hope the new appliances don't use skills and only the new solder,

also i wanted to ask you that jt2 posted a mod about skill training and i wanted to ask you what do you think about it
because i can't remember but someone talked about a skill training mechanic before in one of these pages.

PD: good job with the mod it was awesome and you still filling it up with awesomeness :D

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(based on real events)

The 3 new appliances need the electrician skill to be repaired.

And yeah, I talked about skill training in the old thread of this mod. I mentioned implementing something like that but nobody seemed interested at the time. :P

I still like the idea of skill learning but I think what I had in mind was different from the mod you mention.

Pew pew pew!

and tell me what you had on your mind about how you would do it

melonhead's look inofensive but while you sleep they will try to hit you with a monkey wrench
(based on real events)

It was a bit more complicated. Skill learning would require players to learn thru experience. Crafting basic things related to the skills, doing certain actions, etc. Kinda like earning the vanilla legendary skills but with multiple lvls of the skill. each lvl unlock would give players bonuses or allow them to craft the more advanced things related to those skills and stuff like that.

Pew pew pew!

looks like in PZ. and the main goal i think is to make it more like natural progress of character then like planned step by step transformation into superhuman

How about adding some security features to campsites so it will reduce the chances of someone to steal any loot deposited and allow to some kind of storage feature?