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But in NSE you can already make 100% strings from rags. And rags also serve as bandages. So this duct tape is essentially a rag that can also be used as fletching.

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Nice ideas right there. I personally love the Duct Tape Sling and Fletching ones.

Being able to used them as bandages would probably need some tweaks, though. It would be weird to allow players to use them as bandages and then use the same ones in crafting. Maybe they could be "turned" into bandages via right click menu and make them degrade and only usable as bandages.

Also, I would need to make Duct Tape unrecoverable via reverse recipes but I never really understood how to use the strDestroyed in recipes. :P

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Yeah, there does need to be a way to make it strictly one use only, under any conditions. Once removed, either from skin or any other surface, it's just useless.

Assuming you need to rip a piece off the roll by "using" or crafting, that piece can be used as a tool instead of ingredient, and have a 100% degrade on use. Non-recoverable.

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Well, Duct Tape stacks so even though they look like a roll, they are more like uses or pieces. This would require additional recipes, though.

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I see. That was sorta what I had imagined, really. How much does it stack to?

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Up to 20 uses. I think that should be enough. :P

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I think I will have to release a hotfix tonight or tomorrow morning. I've received some feedback in Steam too. Imma list the stuff here:

-Allow Claw Hammers to be used to pry open locked storage sheds and barricaded gun stores. I was also going to allow it to be completely used as a Crowbar but I don't really want to reduce the Crowbar's usefulness that much.
-Allow Patchwork garments to be disassembled without tools so players won't require sewing needles to do so.
-Change the Tool Kit format to "non-nesting bags" to prevent them from being put inside backpacks and the like. You can currently put 2 Tool Kits inside a Canvas Backpack and now that the Kits have more inventory space, it's a bit of an exploit to allow this.

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Well is it really an exploit? Never underestimate the power of good organization skills. How much extra room are we talking, here, and is there any chance of infinite recursion?

it'll be fine, it's not an item you should be trying to carry on your person while your vechicle is left behind anyway.

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Well, here's one comparison:

I will change the invontory room, though. The current one has some clipping issues with the conditions.

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Okay, yeah. Tgat's quite a lot of extra room. 1.5x is about the limit of how far one can push the organization justification.

I'm agreed. Nerf it.

Could i make a request that the Tanin Tea recipe should be changed to prevent abuse.

Prevent infinate risk free moeny from producing and selling behind DMC guard. Can still make some good profit but now need to go out and scavenge woodlands.
But primarly intended as a personal supply of cleaning & healing effects liquid, should give a plenty adequate supply for this.

1 bark + 1 water + fire(tool) + container(tool) = 1 drop tannin tea (stacks to 4) [0.2 time]
5 berries/mushrooms (poison or ediable, stacks to 5) + 4 water + fire(tool) + container(tool) = 4 drop tannin tea (stacks to 4) [1 time]
nb/ work with full stacks for easy of use. Decay means will can to stop on occasion in the field to make the potions, not take a weeks worth of berries make to a completly safe location.
Ideally change name to Herbal tea.

Well, I have something different in mind though I'm not implementing it any time soon. I want to make it so gathering wood uses action points. Right now you can just spam all the wood you can in the screen. :P

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Really love this mod, adds a huge amount of new stuff to do.

I've got a few suggestions about the recent new tools

a) would it be possible to have two attack modes for the new claw hammer, one being for the claw and one for the hammer. meaning one for blunt damage and one for cutting damage

b) having 2 variants for each tool e.g. basic blunt side hammer only (made of wood and such), normal tape instead of duct-tape, basic socket wrench, really flimsy hacksaws that break so easily (my school has these in the wood shop and they suck :P) and other basic cheap/flimsy more common variants for tools. But also this would mean having the current tools lasting a while longer, more useful and being much more rarer making them some of the best long term/endgame items.

c) being able to use duct tape/strong fastener to attach a scrap metal knife or sharpened stick to the end of a rifle/shotgun acting as a bayonet (with a proper counterpart as well e.g. Bayonet, kitchen, tactical/hunting knife) to replace the poor attack of hitting with the but of the weapon would be really useful. You could have it so using a scrap metal knife or so would only be good for 10-15 hits but still be much more lethal than the butt whereas the proper bayonet and such would be a slightly more damaging but long term attachment.

even if you took these changes into consideration, that would be great. Also on a side note do you have a rough time when you will be adding the next major content release because getting into a game with your mod and then having all this cool new shit be released has made me restart many times.

Well anyways thanks for your awesome Mod :D

Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea

I don't think the Claw Hammer needs an extra attack mode. Besides, the claw is not sharp enough to go from blunt damage to cutting. Using the head to strike instead would always do better damage because of a design thing.

Having weaker variants of the tools sounds like an ok idea but I'm trying to avoid having too many similar items in the mod.

I could implement bayonets but not makeshift ones. I personally wouldn't use them because using guns in melee degrades the gun really fast because you need more attacks to kill someone than shooting, which usually can deal with a target in one or two attacks.

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Ok, yeah i suppose your right about the hammer and i can understand the bayonet, but with the lower tier tools maybe there could still be basic things used, kinda like the rock as a hammer (I have no ideas on what else you could use, but you've been pretty creative so far) but still more high end, really useful items for long term survival.

Other ideas: maybe a simple water catcher would be good. It could be like a tarp, 4 sticks and a bottle/metal pot with a sharp edge as a tool and give 1-4 clean or infected water and take 3-4 move points, similar to the tanning rack
Maybe some kind of black market in the dmc which sells more things such as ammo, occasionally guns and rarely, dmc guard armour, but only found with a random encounter in the dmc sprawl e.g. being approached by a stranger asking for anything valuable and promising "It'll be worth your while".

well anyways, thanks again

Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea

Sure. The rock as a hammer was added as a way to rebalance crafting so low lvl recipes wouldn't really need quality tools only. I'm definitely doing similar things in the future.

The water catcher idea is a good one. I once suggested a Rain Collector that would work only when raining but there's no way to do that right now. Only thing we can do for now is to suggest rain as a resource similar to sunlight and hope Dan implements it. :P

Adding new stores or traders have been suggested before and I do like the idea. It needs to be something balanced, though coz I'm more focused on rebalance now more than adding new things.

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i was thinking about adding a tarp "morning dew" collector but a quick search on google shows that rain and dew water can be just as dangerous as drinking water from a questionable source. so in game terms it could still be infected water due to air contaminents, and the lore of this world is def leaning toawrds a less cared for earth than even today

update: which means there isn't much of a point save for immersion

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Quick hotfix for today:

-Claw Hammers can be used to pry open barricaded gun stores.
-Patchwork hide garments can be disassembled without tools.
-Copper Tubing is now considered a thin object and can fit inside Medkits, Tool Kits, etc.
-Tool Kits cannot be put inside backpacks and the like.
-Tool Kits have a different inventory space to avoid it clipping with the condition list.

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Dammit. I got a report that Claw Hammers can actually be used in looting. I'll remove that a soon as I get home.

Also, what about a "high terrain" bonus for hills? The bonus will not be given immediately, though. Players will need to end a turn on a hill to get the bonus, which will be increased detection level and defense.

So if you are being followed, running towards the hills and waiting for them to come to you there will be an useful strategy to deal with attackers. Also, since the bonus takes a turn to disappear, you could use it to ambush enemies in that same turn. NPCs will also be able to benefit from these bonuses.

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Hotfix time for tonight. Here are the changes:

-Claw Hammers cannot be used as crowbar to loot anymore.
-The Tracking skill now allows characters to get benefits from certain terrain types. Staying on hills for a turn will give detection and defense bonuses for the next turn. Stepping in a forest hex will immediately give hiding and defense bonuses but will disappear as soon as the character moves out of the hex.

There was only one bug reported so I decided to include a small feature with this hotfix. :P

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I want to make it so gathering wood uses action points.

and what about water and electric charges? as for wood there could be also fatigue loss.

and there's another cheat with small campfire crafted using plastic bag, cigarette, flare, scrap of paper, flare, maybe something else. in fact even one handfull of twigs is not enough for normal boiling and especially for cooking. i think all these burning items are more similar to lighter than to campfire.

Sure, water and electric charges should also have a cost of some kind. A fatigue cost is also a good idea.

I know what you mean with the small campfires. Most of the new cooking recipes I've added need a Medium Heat Source so I could do the same with most vanilla recipes needing a heat source, specially water boiling.

Edit: Since I'm looking for ways to rebalance things, I could actually work on this next.

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good idea for quick fix. but there still be plastic bag that could be burned to ashes))

Well, plastic bags don't leave ashes when burn but fixing that is going to be more trouble than it's worth. I would need to change their property tags, make a new ingredient, a hidden recipe, and a new type of small fire that will leave no ashes behind.

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better not to use small campfire with food and water at all. it's better eating msg staff from last chance)

Hmm... I'm having some issues. I made it so gathering resources from forest via use option triggers a "looting" encounter instead, in which you get to choose if you want to look for branches and twigs or a large branch. It works exactly like looting with accidents and all but the problem is I can't seem to make it so the loot is always at 100% condition. It always spawns weathered.

I tried adding "1" in bNested and in bSuppress in the treasure tables but that doesn't seem to be working either.

Edit: Making it not a looting encounter seems to fix that problem but it prevents looting accidents from happening. I guess one cannot have it all. :P

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if i got right this issues only will cause low condition of crafted from wood items?

Yeah, stuff like spears, arrows, bows, etc.

The other problem I came across with it being a looting encounter is that it would keep spawning wood in the hex indefinitely.

So for now, it will be just a normal encounters that will tire you a bit each time you gather resources. The forest one is ready, now I will do the same with lake, river and marsh resources.

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actually i like this issue with lowered condition. 100% guaranteed it's definitely not NS feature. wooden weapons are overpowered in game, especially if looking through the stuff they made of. there could be vanilla gathering of weathered wood from the ground just for campfire and also usual forest hex scavenging for more solid branches with hacksaw and axe for more successful loot. after all it's always possible to add upgrade (repair) recipes with duct tape and strong fasteners.

I couldn't use the option to gather weathered wood. It was bugged and would spawn wood every turn for some reason. The use of hacksaw or axe to better gather wood is a good idea.

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Fatigue or tiredness as a cost to gather resources is working pretty well. Gathering water is pretty much the same as before but gathering wood has multiple options. You will now have an option to gather twigs and medium branches or get a large branch from a tree. The later will tire you more unless you have certain tools. If you have an Axe or a Hacksaw, you can get a large branch for considerably less effort.

Edit: I will probably add a way to gather pebbles and stones from these terrain resources too. I guess it's not OP to gather these at the cost of tiredness.

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Strange... I cant craft needles and sack. Confirm button is broken. Spacebar worked.

That's weird... I just tried myself and it worked normally.

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False alarm. Adobe flash bug.

I've been thinking and I will make hidden recipes for arrows and the broad spear that will require duct tape instead of string.

Arrows spawned with these recipes will always spawn at 100% condition regardless of the condition of the other materials.
It will not be the case with the duct taped broad spear, though. Duct Tape will simply replace string. It has no condition so it's still better than damaged string.

The bad thing about Duct Tape is that it will not be reusable. If you reverse the crafting, you will get the other materials but not the Duct Tape used.

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now that we have tailoring
would it be possible to make a recipe for improving the leather west so it has some pockets? similiar to the hunting west? maybe not as big as the west but still some pocket space

how did you mispell the same word 3 times in a row?

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well i'm not a naitive english speaker ... so that's my excuse ... well in german you write vest as weste so that's how i mispelled it ...

Nah, that would be too much. Some items do need to have some weaknesses or restrictions.

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Version 3.9 is now available for download. It includes:

-Gathering resources from Forests and Water Sources now use an encounter system. This new system adds a fatigue or tiredness cost to gathering resources.
-Gathering Twigs and Medium Branches now yield random amounts of them.
-Gathering a Large Branch is really tiring, unless you have an axe or a hacksaw.
-Gathering Water is pretty much the same, apart from the fatigue cost.
-It's now possible to gather Pebbles and Stones from Terrain Resources. The amount you get is random.
-All cooking and boiling recipes now require a medium heat source only. Making tea and coffee can still be done in small or medium heat sources.
-Edited the chances NPCs have to spawn with certain Skills. They also have chances to spawn with Myopia and Heavy Sleeper Flaws.
-Edited the Loadout for Blue Frogs. They now have more chances to spawn with guns than the other wilderness factions.
-Duct Tape can now be officially used to make shivs, arrows and broad spears. Making shivs and arrows with it will spawn them at 100% condition.
-Reduced the max number of Duct Tape inside random Tool Kits from 12 to 10.
-Fixed some issues with Duct Tape that allowed it to be used in some vanilla recipes and be recoverable.
-Fixed a bug that allowed Spiked Bats to be used a Rough Splints.
-Scraps of Foil and Paper are now considered brittle, which means they cannot be used to tie stuff like for instance, a shard to a large branch to make a broad spear.
-Pants, Hoodies and Hunting Vest do not count as "small or medium flexible non-food object" anymore. Shirts still do, though.
-Potato Chip Bags cannot be used as backpacks anymore. That was just weird.
-Fixed a bug causing Potato Chip Bags to be turned into Wearable Plastic Bags.
-Made some mod recipes hidden. Recipes like attaching a strap to a makeshift rifle, which is similar to the normal one. Just hit the attach strap to a rifle recipe and if you have a makeshift rifle instead, it should still work for that one.

As I mentioned before, I'm starting to work on rebalance and bugfixing but I will still add stuff from time to time.

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gather Pebbles and Stones from Terrain Resources

with tiredness cost it's better greatly decrease spawn rate in hexes otherwise it'll be useless.
and another one useless feature for smoker flow is smoking when there's no "needs a cigarette" condition cause it may apears in next turn.

Sure. I can reduce the amount of rocks scattered around for this to make more sense.

That's a bug with smoking I thought I fixed some updates ago. Seems I'll need to do some more testing with that.

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I tried to repair big backpack with taloring skill. I made a big backpack out of metal pressure cooker...
Also I can collect water and stones only in marsh. (both mountain sourses doesn't work)
I use old save - maybe that is a problem.

The repair thing is actually a bug but the resource gathering one might be cause because you are using an old save. Old saves are known to cause lots of different bugs when used in updated versions.

Pew pew pew!

Quick hotfix for today:

-Fixed a bug that caused dogmen corpse to count as non furry in a carving corpse for meat recipe.
-Fixed a bug causing pressure cookers to be used to "repair" canvas backpacks.
-Fixed a bug with the river resource calling the wrong encounter.
-Fixed the description in all terrain resources changed in the previous update. It's no longer possible to use these in crafting to spawn the resources anymore so the descriptions were inaccurate.

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Hmm... I kinda want to add more stuff to do with the electronic skill. What about these ideas:

Soldering Iron: This and the screwdriver will be main tools for those with the electronic skill. It needs electric charges to work so I'm thinking about giving it 1x2 inventory room, like the flashlight, and make it take batteries.

Item Disassembly: Ability to use tools to turn electronic devices into crafting materials. This will also allow players to repair stuff like flashlights, wrist watches, water testers, NV Goggles, etc.

Hotplate: A new heat source. It will use electric charges to work and it will be a required ingredient to make a Makeshift Still. It can be disassembled and assembled so it can be repaired.

Upgraded Flashlight: Ability to upgrade a flashlight with a "Floodlight" mode. It will be an Attack Mode or Combat Move with a similar effect to Flares used to scare animals and melonheads in combat.

Campsite Upgrades: The cryo facility has an Electric Panel and a HVAC Vent, which can be repaired to improve the Cryo Campsite. I could do similar stuff for Campsites in City Hexes. Since there's light already in them, I could make it so there's a random chance for appliances to spawn inside campsites. Lights, Heaters, Stoves, Wall Outlets and the like could be repaired to work again but like in the Cryo Facility, Players will be unable to move these objects outside of the Hex they spawned.

...aaaaaaaaand that's all I got for the electronic skill. :P

Pew pew pew!

I'm fond of the concept of Campsite upgrades. It also makes sense for your mod, since making a decent base is kinda necessary to take advantage of some of the crafting options. So I've come to think of ExtendNeoscav as more of a base building game than the vanilla is, which means that anything that can improve your base is a fitting addition. It could also make sense if you added something with hacking+electrician that rigged some doors to shut close, making your camp safer (not that your stuff is likely to get stolen, but still, it'd be a neat trick).

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Hmm... sure it makes sense. Automatic doors would probably be in office buildings or in in those "Abandoned IT Office" campsites. I also thought about being able to barricade buildings but I'm not sure how to implement that to actually make sense when you get attacked. There's some condition-based stuff I have in mind but it's too early to come up with something that could work yet.

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