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hey Сhiko, is it possible to put cigarettes in head slot. cause it's really hard to smoke through mask but not without hands. and i don't wanna strangers to steal my staff while i'm smoking. and even in game sometimes smoke kills)))
and maybe decrease inventory space for leftovers?

It would be too weird because there are different layers in the head slot. So if I choose the first layer, you would be able to put the cigarette in that slot even when wearing the welding mask or clown mask and if I choose the second layer, you would be able to smoke while wearing rags over the face, or the headrags or balaclava, etc.

All of these issues are just part of the micromanagement that comes with the Smoker trait. The smoker trait is there to give you some extra work or things to worry about so I don't really think I should make things easier for it. Otherwise the trait would be just a cheap way to get easy points.

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Firstly, have you ever tried to smoke with your hands full? Doesn't work too well.

Second, the best thing for inventory space would be to allow leftovers in bottles...

Chiko, have you done this yet? Honestly, it is the only sensible place to put them, and actually how a lot of people deal with cigarette butts in real life. Especially beer bottles!

Makes sense. I will upload a hotfix. You also helped me found a bug. I forgot to add string to the list of things allowed in bottles... both of these changes are easy to implement so I should upload that hotfix in a moment.

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have you ever tried to smoke with your hands full?

i did. that's ridiculous. like roulette, sometimes russian. but so as the original game is. otherwise i'm for hands free smoking

...and another hotfix for today, lads:

-Fixed a bug that was preventing String from being put inside bottles.
-Cigarette Leftovers can now be put inside bottles too.

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First of all I want to thank you for this mod. It really adds immersion and more realism for this already realisti and immersive game. For me, your mod became essential for the game.
I just found a bug in 3.6c when you craft small string from rags. You get four knives from this recipe too. Is it intended? I think it's not lol.
I didn't post it in 3.6c because I though you'd realize that bug, but we're in 3.6d and I think you didn't detect it.

Here's a screen of what I found

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Again, keep on the good work buddy, and thank you!!!

Woops. I usually use that recipe to test new stuff and I sometimes forget to revert it back to normal. Thanks for reporting that! Imma fix that immediately since it's pretty much an exploit.

Edit: Done. The current version of the mod should be working without that issue.

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That one made me laugh. Magic rags! Presto, Changeo!

I, too, cannot imagine playing this game without NSE. I tried MmMod, but despite the much improved atmospheric loot you can get, I found myself craving a cigarette and pining for NSE quickly.

Ha, that screenshot put a smile on my face, Philip Kindred sure is a crafty man, isn't he?

ya, thats because he doesn't remember hsi Real name. his inituals are really MG :)

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For some reason I cant get this working with the "Big Bad Cheater" mod. Here is my getmods file, any help would be awesome. When I use the getmods file below the tailoring skill disappears so I can only assume that NSE isn't loading properly.


You need to do more than editing the getmods file to make this mod compatible with others. You also need to merge the override files of both mods.

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That's because there is no way to merge two lines of code, and both mods edit the skill selection. A proper BBC+NSE merge file must be created for the skill selection.

What are you using BBC for? There may be an easier way.

Free time, at last. Time to continue work on the next update. What I got ready so far:

Instead of adding a recipe for each shirt item in the game and mod, I've added a recipe for each type of them. One for light shirts (Brown T-shirt) and one for heavy shirts (Grey Shirt) so it's not 100% repair recipes in this case. Jeans and Cargo Pants can be just repaired as expected and I will also add a way to turn Cargo Pants into shorts as suggested.

Now. Backpacks are really important so I need to raise the requirements to repair them a bit:

-The children's backpack will be rapairable with needles, thread and rags, just like with clothes.
-The duffel bag will will need "quality sewing needles" which will be the sewing kit only. Apart from that, it will need the usual rags and thread but maybe in more quantities.
-The canvas backpack will also need the quality ones and probably more specific materials like rawhide, leather and strong fasteners.

I'm also thinking about making it so leathercrafts also need sewing kit only too. Once this is done, I will upload the patch with these new additions and changes.

Also, I have no idea if it's possible but I'll see if I can make it so more demanding "crafts" will degrade the tools more and vice versa. If this can be done, then I could use this to rebalance other tools like the Tool Kit, which degrades 10% with each use, even if you use it for simple things like using the screwdriver that comes with it.

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About leathercraft needing sewing kit: As the items are of makeshift quality and leather is tough, which means bigger needles, maybe the makeshift needles would be enough, leaving the necessarily more delicate and precision needles for manufactured items.

It would mean more recipes, but maybe crafting surplus equipment (backpacks mostly) into its repair materials to avoid leaving stuff behind because you have no more room for it.

About tools degrading differently, the way I see is creating multiple switch IDs for it with different properties and use degrading. For example, a tool kit in "multitool" mode would have the same crafting properties as the multitool and degrade 1% (or 0.1%?) per use, while in the "metalcrafting" mode it could only be used to craft metal armor / knives / machete and degrade the usual 10%.

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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

Makes sense. Leather is time consuming enough right now. Also, leather tanning will work differently, eventually. I have a ton of rebalance notes but I will get on that in due time. :P

"Decrafting" surplus equipment into materials sounds like a good idea. I mean, vehicles work like that already but I don't think it should be possible for backpacks.

The tool degrading "system" I have in mind is simpler. Just increase the required number of it in strTools in the recipe table. If that doesn't work, I could add all the different tools that should be in the tool kit as different ingredients and attach vProperties with them in it. Then make it so the recipes ask for these separated and non-physically existent tools instead of the tool kit and since they will all be "inside" the tool kit, degrade with use accordingly... both options should work in theory. :P

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Never tried increasing the strTools value, it may work. The second option, however, will not, because recipes that require any combination of sharp edge, pliers and screwdriver can be done with just the multitool and still degrade just 1%.

Another idea would be to make the tool kit actually contain tools. Set the format and content IDs so that tools can only be contained in the toolkit, similar to apps and memory sticks, so that when all tools are exausted the kit will be worthless and better discarded. This enables switching out tools for better condition ones found in extra tool kits, and could even enable stackable tools that could funcion as charges instead of degrading.

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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

Thanks for letting me know. If the simpler option doesn't work, I will either shelve the idea or add all these tools into the mod and make the tool kit a simple container for them...But I will most like shelve the idea instead. :P

Edit: I see you beat me to the last idea. xD

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What about the ability to get strong straps from backpacks. I know you can make rope from string, but taking two from a good condition backpack just makes sense, if you have extra.

Also, having a full suite of tools, and a nifty new container does sound very tempting.

Hmm... maybe. I will probably make it so repairing the better backpacks require the same type of straps, though. It wouldn't make sense to be able to repair one of them with a rope and then getting a strap of better quality when disassembling it.

Same here about the tools. What tools should I add, though? What I can imagine right now:

-Philips head screwdriver
-Utility cutter

The multitool should be made a more rare item, since it has a Philips head screwdriver, Pliers, Sharp Edge and Sharp Point tools all in one. Also, there's a "flathead screwdriver" tool tag in the game files but no recipe makes use of it, I think. Maybe I could add it into the game?

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just don't make it too rare, actually maybe you should just let it be. iono

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Needles, too... but you're already making those.

Duct Tape is crucial. You could use that for so many things. Basically anything that requires string or fasteners, general repairs, even as makeshift bandages.

The hammer could be a very decent weapon to bash some skulls with.

As for the screwdriver, you could make it one of the fancy types with an interchangeable bit, just in case flatheads are ever needed.

And in the default setup, more cutting tools than just the one.

And a flashlight.

Basically this would make the toolkit like having a multitool that gives you more overall uses, contains some very useful toys, a few makeshift weapons, and a sweet container to carry it all in. And if you have a random chance to find these items separately, more is the better. Having the contents of the toolbox, itself, be random would be awesome, too. That way you might find one with parts, foil, flashlights, batteries, recipes, and more electrician or mechanic related stuff.

Ooh... I just thought of a laptop bag. Same concept, but for Hacker stuff.

You made the Medkit over-the-shoulder container, once. Same concept, but just big enough for a laptop and one extra compartment (row) for a charger and mouse. We don't need those items, but the extra space sells the idea. It would not be a huge container, but the shoulder strap makes it awesome

Based on some sprites I just made for the tools, this ahould be the inventory space of a Tool Kit:
That's the basic tool set for a brand new Tool Kit.

The multitool, flashlight and the rest of the tools that are not there are made by other brands but I will indeed add chances to find them inside random tool kits. The kit as a container will also allow small objects inside apart from tools. Anything else won't fit in there.

A shoulder carried laptop bag is actually a good idea too. Imma add it to the list of stuff to eventually implement.

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Man, you nicked the idea from my head - I was about to make the same basic thing for my mod, when I saw this post :D

Good luck my tools are actually yellow at least ;)

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Lulz yeah. Also, I was actually going to make them yellow and black, including the Tool Kit but I just couldn't fit the colors with a nice design pattern stuff and just ended up making the tools the same color of the Tool Kit instead. xD

I kinda feel bad for including tools that are also in your mod, though. D:

Pew pew pew!

I think it's OK to cover some of the same items, if they are necessary (and tools definitively are), as long as we don't go doubling one-another on every step. Like, in the next update, I will add rags wearable on feet and hands - it might be doubling your wraps, but every time I am starting a new game, I just cannot not ask myself why I haven't added that yet, since that is such an obvious thing to do :D

What brand name are you using? Cause in the end, if someone merges the mods, we might as well have stuff that is at the very least from different companies :D

Also, I re-read your recent posts, and it seems that you also added a flat screwdriver - unless it is exclusively needed for something in your mod, it is not used in the vanilla game at all...

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Well, the old Tool Kit is from Shop-Mart but maybe it's best to create a brand new... brand for these ones. :P
I thought about making them from Pearson, like the multitool, but that brand seems to be all about trekking/wilderness survival gear so no.

Also, I haven't added a flat head screwdriver yet but I had it in mind at some point. I even added it in the pic and all but I dunno yet. I will probably add it if I ever need to do some rebalance with some of the crafting... as a way to add some kind of difficulty. I'm aware my mod actually makes the game more easy in the end so I definitely need to rebalance most of it, eventually.

Pew pew pew!

That's awesome. I assume that the container will use the toolkit already included in the mod?

Yeah. It will be the same good old Tool Kit but with some small tweaks here and there. None of this will be included in the next patch, though. Probably in the one after the upcoming one.

Otherwise I will have to do more than just adding those items but also change some mechanic recipes.

Pew pew pew!

Version 3.7 is available for download at the main page. It includes:

-Added the rest of the tailoring recipes into the mod. Now it's possible to repair clothes and bags for those with the Tailoring Skill.
-Added a simple recipe to cut cargo pants into cargo shorts.
-Fixed a bug that was preventing tailors to know some recipes.
-Changed the brand name for Tool Kits from Shop-Mart to HomeTec.

Even though I tried to add as few tailoring recipes as I could, they are still a lot... they were so many I had to split the list into 2 because the game was unable to load all of it in one list. :P

The Tool Kit new brand was made because of the upcoming tools. Also, I'm thinking about removing the recipes from the main page since now is possible to make it so skills add knowledge of them. The main page is becoming huge again... even with the spoiler tags. D:

Pew pew pew!

is there a recipe for repairing the hunting wesT? can't find it in the crafting list
also will there be repairing recipes for the dogman coat and headdress?

Woops. Forgot about the hunting vest and also the rawhide coat. Will add those 2 in the next update.

Also, I don't think so about the dogman gear. They are a one piece garment and being able to repair them would be weird. Not like the patchwork hide garments, those are already made of separated patches so it makes sense to be able to "repair" those.

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Chiko, I don't know if you're still cleaing up your code, but in NSE's override file there's the compound bow with strap (itemtype 281) with no visible changes in regard to the vanilla file.

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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

lol i said this to him 2 weeks ago, he said it's intentional.

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I usually do this so the game can load override images but itemtype 281 is not the case. I probably was going to make changes to it but I forgot to do so. Thanks for finding that one. It will be removed in the next update.

Pew pew pew!

I just implemented all the tools and recipe changes into my version of the mod. Only thing left to do is to make it so it's possible to find them outside the tool kits too.

Some notes about the tools:
-The hammer can be used in combat and it does slightly more damage than the monkey wrench, which makes it the most deadly blunt weapon so far.
-Both the Hammer and Wrench are deadly but tiring to use in combat as a way to rebalance them. (It's possible to insta-cripple/kill with these)
-The utility cutter can be used in combat and is slightly better than a shiv. A scrap knife does more damage than it.
-The screwdriver can also be used in combat but is comparable to a shard, but doing both cutting and blunt damage.

Some notes about the recipes:
-The hacksaw is used mostly for makeshift guns, scrap metal weapons and armor and is THE tool to turn a Perforator shotgun into a sawed off one.
-Hammers are mostly needed to shape scrap metal machetes and armor.
-Some recipes are allowed to use a "makeshift" version of the hammer called "heavy blunt object" in recipes. Apart from a hammer, these can also be stones, crowbars and wrenches. Making basic lockpicks and needles will need this "tool" type.
-Duct Tape is usually needed in the crafting of makeshift weapons and to repair makeshift guns.
-Pliers can also cut wires and are now needed to make the makeshift still and makeshift guns.
-Screwdrivers are mostly needed to assemble vehicles and repair non-makeshift guns.

All seems to be working fine so far but only testing will tell.

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Stop making such awesome updates or I will never be able to play a proper game again! I'll just have to keep waiting for that next awesome thing coming down the pipeline.

No, I'm just kidding. This is exciting news.

How about rawhide/leather shelter/tent?

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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

Hmm... maybe something similar to the makeshift sack, in which you can use different types of sheets to make them. I will probably make it possible for players to craft sheets out of rags, whci can be used to make these, makeshift sacks, makeshift shirts, makeshift bedroll, etc.

Pew pew pew!

When I downloaded Neo Scavenger Extended a few months ago, there were a good number of bugs and issues with crafting that I had to go in and fix to get much of it running. Now that most of that is patched in the newer version, I can say that this is the greatest mod for Neo Scavenger ever. Of course, it was already the greatest mod for Neo Scavenger ever, but now it's even greater.

Thanks. There's still a lot to fix regarding to rebalance, which is the hardest thing for me for some reason. xD

Pew pew pew!

it's because you don't have alot of people to bounce ideas off of as your modding. so it becomes fairly one-sided but it's hard to get feedback as your modding because of time and the wanting to get the mod done and all that.

wanna be firends on steam? i could use someone to bounce ideas off of on instant chat

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Sure. I'm always in Steam these days, even at work. xD
I think my ID is either ChikoEduardo or TehChiko.

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Version 3.8 is now available for download. It includes:

-The Tool Kit is now a container for the new tools that now replace its functions. It's now similar to the Medkit, which means it can only hold certain items. Reduced their spawn chance a bit.
-Added Claw Hammer, Utility Cutter, Screwdriver, Pliers, Hacksaw and Duct Tape into the Mod. These are now needed as replacement for the old Tool Kit. These can be found inside Tool Kits or scattered around the wastes.
-Edited the Monkey Wrench. It now has a brand and a different color.
-When closed, the Multitool will be small enough to not be placeable inside containers with holes like in a Shopping Cart Basket.
-Zom Zom's can take Tool Kits and most of its tools as payment.
-Edited the "Random Weapon" treasure table. Enemies have more chances to spawn with rare weapons like, claw hammers, machetes, baseball bats, etc.
-Added a recipe to repair Hunting Vests.
-Rawhide Longcoats can be disassembled now. They will yield less materials than the ones used to make them unless you crafted them.

I haven't tested this update much so bug reports and feedback are pretty much appreciated. :3

Pew pew pew!

Does the claw hammer double as a crowbar for scavenging?

Also, since we now have access to duct tape, how does a flashlight helmet sound? Take a flashlight, a tactical helmet, add tape and done!

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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

Claw Hammer working as crowbar does makes sense. I'll add the crowbar tag in a next update.

I also like the flashlight helmet idea. Imma add it to the list. :3

Pew pew pew!

Having duct tape is going to open up a whole new dimension of crafting options. Everything from repair to crafting to medical will be able to find some logical usage for this stuff.

One thing you could do to make this easier is make sure the tags for how it can be used are in place.

First of all, what is duct tape? It's a roll of cloth with rubber/plastic on one side, and saturater with strong adhesive. It could be broken down with the use of a strong solvent into cloth and plastic. Then, you could break down the cloth into Small String. Some kinds of duct tape even use foil as a backing, with hopefully obvious implications.

Now, what categories can unmodified Duct Tape fill?

Small Thread - Rip a thin section off laterally.
Medium Thread - Twisted up, it can easily fit this role.
Small or Medium Flexible, Non-Food Object - Obvious
Small or Medium Non-Rigidsheet - Duct Tape Sling, anyone?
Small Springy Sheet - For fletching arrows.

If you added foil tape, a few rolls of it could give you a certain something for the end game.

I still say that it could be used in place of unsterilized bandages, too.

And of course, just about anything, plus Duct Tape, equals that thing in better condition.

Just some stuff to ponder about the world's most versatile stuff ever invented.

So, basically, since there is no way to make crafting add some condition to an item, all it does is it doubles as a rag/paper scrap...

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And String, which in NSE allows a healthy stack of the stuff to be made into a strong fastener.

And bandages, which I have seen done with other things.

Basically by being string and (non-absorbent) cloth, that allows it to fit all fastening needs.