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Aight, lads. Scheduled update for today. Here's the changelog:

-Replaced Cleaners with Shadow People. Shadow people are similar to Cleaners but their main objective is not to clean hexes from loot but to be spooky.
-Added a new move, Awaken. A shadow move that can only be used on sleeping targets. It will move the shadow to 0 range and wake the target, making them unable to move for two turns.
-Added a new condition, Dread. Shadow people and the Merga Wraith will cause this condition on nearby characters. It prevents charging and will lower morale in some NPCs.
-Added a new container, Milk Jug. They have space in them but to store liquid in them, players must use crafting and put the jug + 1 gallon of liquid to craft a filled jug.
-Edited the mass water purification recipe to work with 16 units of water now.
-Added a new piece of clothing, Grey-colored Hoodie. It's the same one that looters would use in the early versions of the game. Looter specific item.
-Added a new piece of clothing, Blackjeans. Just a black-colored version of the bluejeans. It's not faction specific so anyone can spawn with a pair of these.
-Added a new piece of clothing, Black-colored Cowboy Hat. An alternate version of the cowboy hat used by Bad Muthas and Butcher Boys.
-Added a new piece of clothing, Orange-colored sleeveless padded vest. It's a torso garment that uses the hoodie/jacket slot.
-Made it so the Tarp Cloak is a Looter specific item now that cleaners are not a thing anymore.
-Added missing repair recipes for the camo jacket and the camo pants.
-Edited the mulligan stew recipe so it only require one meat and one veggie instead of two of each and four extra ingredients instead of two.
-Edited the extra cooking ingredient in crafting so it also includes meats and veggies.
-Edited the 'Caffeine High' condition to make it so the player actions are less tiring until it turns into the 'Caffeine Crash' condition.
-Water purification tablets can be identified using the medical skill now.
-Edited the scrap metal vest so it doesn't degrade as fast as it did before.
-Edited the ATN trading post. It has been split into two options. A small hut where they sell overpriced goods in bulk, mostly food. ANd they now sell the usual goods outside the hut.
-Edited ATN warriors and Sprawlers natual ability to resist cold. They were dying a lot and piling up in specific hexes.
-DMC Guards and Operatives now have synthetic lungs installed in them for better combat performance.
-Fixed the recipe to craft the Corn Mutt mixed drink.
-Fixed Kitchen Stoves not having the 'rigid' item property, making them useables in recipes are not supposed to be used for.
-Fixed the 'medium flexible tying object' ingredient allowing foil or items made of foil.
-Fixed feral dogs being able to use the 'Throw Down' grappling moves.
-Fixed characters being able to grapple ethereal creatures such as the Merga Wraith. Ethereal creatures cannot be fallen either.
-Fixed headgear emcumbrance not working. Wearing a bike helmet, a welding mask or a similar headgear with googles or similar will obstuct vision.
-Removed the Wolverine Coffee mixed drink since Muddy Amber is exactly the same thing.

IMPORTANT: Remember to only update if you are starting a new since new updates usually corrupt saved games from previous versions.

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Unsure if this is a bug but medium thread gets converted into sinew when you reverse the crafting recipe. It is a bit weird to craft medium thread using small string and then end up with sinew from clothing fiber. Not sure if this is intended feature or not but I figure I would let you know.

This would only happen if the medium thread was made with sinew. There's no way for even found medium string to revert to that since it's still using the vanilla tables. automatic recipes will sometimes pick up any item that fit the conditions so it might have used sinew at some point without you noticing.

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Ah you are right. I am an idiot. Thank you anyways for this. By the way, cant seem to find it in the code, but does this mod also add the laser rifle?

only in the testing tools for now. I'll eventually add it so it spawns normally. Same with the laser pistol and the active camo coat.

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New update, lads! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new interactable enclave, Lakeview Arbor. It's a coastal settlement situated norwest in the map. It has its own trading post. Will have more amenities in later updates.
-Added a new hex, abandoned port. These are coastal ruins hexes in specific parts of the map. They have a set of scavenge locations, one of them unique to this hex.
-Added a number of scavenging locations related to fishing. Fishing spots in rivers, lakes, marshes, beaches and docks in abandoned ports.
-Added a new skill, Fishing. It costs 2 point and greatly increases the chances to find loot when scavenging fishing spots.
-Added a couple of tools for fishing, Fishing Rod and Fishing Lures. Both require the Fishing Skill to be used properly.
-Maggots can now be used as bait by skilled fishermen. They increase the chance to get fish to 100% but are completely consumed when used.
-Added a new food item, Fish. Fish is obtained by fishing-only for now. It rots faster than meat. Can be cooked, cured and used to make stew.
-The ATN trading post now offers mushrooms in bulk instead of potatoes since potatoes are now sold by Lakeview.
-The ATN trading post no longer offers carrots in bulk since that's a Lakeview Arbor thing now.
-The ATN trading post now sells planks inside the trading tent. Having a cart of some kind recommended.
-Edited hills with water and made it so rivers have a 100% chance to spawn in those instead of 50%. Now a lake in them has a 50% chance to spawn instead.
-Edited plains with water and made it so lakes have a 100% chance to spawn in those instead of 50%. Now a river in them has a 50% chance to spawn instead.
-Edited the name and description of a number of items so some of them are from a different brand and others now have one.
-Added a new variant for the balaclava. Both variants are sometimes used by Butcher Boys and Bandits.
-Added a new color variant for a piece of clothing, Blue Dress Shirt. These are only used by DMC guards but it's not yet designated as a forbidden item in the Junk Market.
-Psychos have chances to spawn with a hockey mask now.
-Characters can now drink from hydration packs by carrying it in lower hand slot. Using the pack like this depletes it faster.
-Reworked the inebriation conditions. They no longer stack so instead, it goes from Inebriated 1 to 5, the last one being alcohol poisoning.
-Alvin's Butchers are their own faction now. They also have an unique battle move to prevent them from being unable to tell friend from foe.
-Made an alternate loadout for Butcher Boys. These are less equipped, only wielding melee weapons.
-Added 3 dangerous looting accidents. One involving bandits and the other two involving butcher boys.
-Butcher Boys have a finisher move that enlaves the player, if they are beaten down and unable to continue fighting in combat.
-The Wendigo finisher move now has different prerequisites so Wendigos are more likely to finish off the player using the move.
-The Threaten move now requires a weapon equipped in a hand slot and has been renamed Threaten with Weapon. Can also be used without having spotted the target yet.
-Added a Threaten with Smudge Stick move. It works on animals and ethereal creatures, lowering morale and making the later easier to spot.
-The Threaten with a Torch and Flare moves work more efficiently now and will prevent creatures fearful of fire from charging at you.
-The Strangler's Hood now uses the very first face slot instead of the mask/googles one. It also works as a face covering.
-The Silence the Rasping Thing attack mode is a battle move instead now so it does special damage.
-The Silence the Rasping Thing now suffocates the target as if using the strangling move. It gives a stamina boost and stops asthma attacks when killing someone with this move.
-The ethereal Grasp attack is now a battle move instead of an attack mode. It now causes pain and cold with each hit.
-Characters affected by dread cannot use the Threaten or Taunt moves.
-Edited the leave icon in scavenge to always appear first in the list of actions.
-Fixed working lights in urban hexes not affecting characters in a hex.
-Fixed metal pots counting as milk jugs in crafting recipes.
-Fixed scavenged bindles degrading or deconstructing into rags and string.

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This mod is great. Thank you for all this. Though I have a question. Its been a while since I have played so.. Is there a way to open those wooden crates so I can organize what is placed inside? Since I cant hold it or place in in the vehicle slot to alter its contents, I am unsure what else to do with it.

There is no way yet. I could allow them to be put in the hand slots or vehicle slot so players can access them but I would need to add an encumbrance penalty to players can't just take them without a vehicle. If I do that, then NPCs would get stuck by the encumbrance and die. This is why they are working like that for now.

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Ah I was afraid of that. Sounds like a hard coding limitation. Thank you.