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Found a bug.
I can directly turn a patchwork hide tunic into a leather sheet, skipping the rawhide sheet.

Thanks for reporting that one. I'll add it to the list of bugs.

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Hi, I've been playing with your mod and lurking in these forums for a long time, thanks a lot for your continued support for this mod, your commitment is really quite impressive.

However, I came here to beg for features, not sing praises :D There's one thing that I felt was missing since day one, namely automatic weapons. Are they doable? If so, I'd have a couple of suggestions:
*Making a machine pistol a'la Glock 18, or even a straight up Glock 18C, selective fire, able to take regular and extended magazines, 17 and 33 rounds respectively, and shoot full auto. 4-10 rounds without ranged skill, 4-6 with the skill, replacing blast away combat move. Obviously, it would be quite rare and inaccurate at ranges longer than 10. I think there's enough tough enemies to warrant such a weapon (and a battle rifle) and the intricacies of NS would lend themselves quite nicely to a compact weapon such as this.
*Adding a semi auto equivalent, let's say Glock 17 and giving it to DMC Guards, splitting their loadouts between the 1911 and G17.
*Adding and making the two aforementioned weapons use 9x19, which would be slightly weaker than .45 ACP.
*Making mongrel use .357 and 9mm, it's ability to switch between .45 and .357 is quite frankly silly (though quite welcome :D)
*And lastly, making a battle rifle in .308, FN-FAL is the first thing that comes to mind and makes the most sense, at least in my opinion.

Also, is it possible to have a spawner in the mod? I know about cheat items, but I'd like to give my character a leg up in the beggining instead of turning him into a demi-god straight away. Not to mention the burning desire to check out all the items you've added, looking through the changelogs made me realize I've never seen quite a lot of the added stuff.

And last question, in the changelogs I've seen a couple of references to groups that I've never encountered, for example DMC Operatives. How/where can you find them? Or are they DMC guards on steroids and I just didn't notice?

Automatic weapons can only be a thing if they require the other hand to be empty, otherwise the combat move will replace blast away of the ranged weapon in the other hand and allow automatic fire to revolvers or shotguns, for instance. The other issue with them is they will hit all their shots or miss them all, which can be quite a waste if it's going to be less accurate than blast away. I'm trying to avoid automatic weapons for these and other balance issues.

The Mongrel's ability to use different ammo types is indeed silly but an actual thing with certain pipe guns. This is why the gun suffers in range and accuracy but it also means an increase in versatility.

There's a tactical rifle used by DMC operatives, specifically the snipers. It's not a real life weapon, like the rest of the guns and other items in the game.

About a spawner. I have no idea how to do something like that. The mod includes testing cheats ppl have to activate to use but the stuff you can 'spawn' via crafting is limited to a single set of items.

DMC operatives are reinforcements DMC guards can call in a similar fashion to drones. The reinforcement type summoned depends on chance and terrain. For instance, Snipers will only be called if the fight is in plains or similar, Rangers will be called in close quarter hexes like forests and ruins, Enforcers can be called pretty much anywhere and drones will not be available in forested hexes.

It's easy to tell them apart since the guards wear white shirts while the operatives wear all black.

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That's a shame, I think it would still be feasible, even with hit or miss, though in that case maybe just an upgraded blast away? No rest period after, 5 or 6 shots for G18, with marginally higher accuracy. But if it's going to replace regular blast away then yeah, I see your point.

Also, I'm not really concerned about whether they're fictional or not, I'm just giving real life examples so I don't have to go on a tirade just to explain what I mean, though I wouldn't mind a G18C as it's one of my favourites :D

As for the Mongrel, well, like I hinted at, I don't really mind, but I'm pretty sure even a .357 Magnum would just rattle out of a .45 barrel (assuming the barrel would hold) with minimal velocity, a shattered jacket and so on. So it wouldn't really be effective at all. It pretty much needs to be the same or very similar dimensions (9x19-.380-.38-.357 and so on) to be effective.

Thanks for you answers, guess I'm off trying to hunt down a DMC Sniper.

Hello, first of all thank you for this amazing mod and your amazing Pace at making Updates, may God Bless you.
Is there a way to know which link is the most recent update?
Is it the one here or the one on Nexus?
I think i have Version 6.8 Is that the right one lol?
Anyway thank you God Bless.


The link in here and in the discord will always be the most up to date ones. The nexus one is atually years outdated.

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Hello, first of all thank you for this amazing mod and your amazing Pace at making Updates, may God Bless you.
Is there a way to know which link is the most recent update?
Is it the one here or the one on Nexus?
I think i have Version 6.8 Is that the right one lol?
Anyway thank you God Bless.


If you look at the very first post in this thread, he has a link for the newest version you can download on Dropbox. Newest version is 6.9.8 I think.
This is the link I get when I click on it.

Hey, are the Rifle Frame parts a thing from your mod?

If so, I can't find a way to assemble it, how do I do it?


they are sometimes sold in the store at ZZ's. Broken rifle parts are also dropped when a rifle breaks. You can't assemble rifles, yet. The parts are used for weapons repair for now.

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Not sure if this is a regular bug or if I just bungled my merge but Nuts and Bolts do not fit in any container at all for me.

This mod is not compatible with pretty much anything and using it in a merge is a mistake unless you are using a merge mod specific to this and other mods. If you are using one of those then it sounds like it's outdated.

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The only Mods I have merged in are shouldered, and Devkit. I suspect Shouldered is at fault all things considered. Devkit had an existing merge file but it was out of date so I rebuilt it. It still lacks the items from NSE but functionality between the two is just fine.

You should check that Nuts and Bolts item you mentioned, then. It's not from my mod so it's definetely a compatibility issue.

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It's not? Ok then that's really strange I have other mods in the folder but I am only pulling those three with the getmods.php. Yeah definitely need to take a look at that after work

It's been a while since I've looked at mighty mod of doom but I could swear I've seen that item in that mod's thread.

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Agreed but I haven't used that in maybe 4 years end of the day your mod is imperically better. I think it's more likely from Depths of Gygas I know I have it downloaded and I vaguely remember nuts and bolts being part of one of the repair recipes it adds

Managed to track it down it was indeed Depths of Gygas which was also running. I suspect the lack of any attempt to properly merge it on my part led to the conflict

Hi! im new here. i have been trying to download the file but im unable to unpack it i follow all the videos step by step but im stuck at "extract the files" part. it show the extracting process but it stuck half way not able to complete the whole process. Please advise

I think I might have a bug. I'm only getting 2 moves per turn at nighttime while on camp with a working light fixture. I've got no penalties and "moves left" says 2/5 as opposed to 2/2, so I know I'm supposed to have 5 moves.

I have to turn the camp's light off, and then equip a flashlight or something to keep my 5 moves. Fresh save. No other mods.

hi its been few days did anyone manage to get download the file mod? i tried many times and it said i cant open the file as an archive. someone please help

you're gonna have to post more details than that.

first off.. what program is returning that "can't open the file as an archive" error?

maybe you're using some weird unzipping program to open the file? most unzipping programs like 7zip and winrar should be able to open the file just fine. personally, i used 7zip, and it worked just fine.

hi Tokmol yes i'm using exactly 7zip and i follow each steps from the video by Chiko until i press the extract file here and a window pop up said can not open file 'C:\Users\WIN10\Desktop\NSE698.rar' as archive.
i tried other program WINRAR as well and it cant extract the file too.

omg..!!! i just figure it out !!! its the 7zip program issue. i have reinstall it again and now i can extract it hahahahaa...im such a dumb. took me whole week to figure that out... oh man sorry for the last post.. i manage to extract the files now and i gonna enjoy this game as much as i can . man cant believe it took me whole week to just get this mod.. ..

Can i know if the bullets stackable? all bullets that i found are not stacking up. i havent found any guns yet so not sure they can stack up in the gun slot

no, they don't stack with this mod.

to counteract that, there's ammo clips and ammo cases available that are designed to hold a lot of bullets that'll help you save space once you find them.

i'm suffering from covid lockdown syndrome having stay at home with nothing to do except neo scavenger whole day haha
thank you so much !! Tokmol!

is it possible to repair the bicycle cart... took me 3 whole day real life to search it ... and it almost breaking down...

It is but I don't remember the recipe. It should use the same tools you use to make one, though. The rest of the recipe should be different.

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When I try to play the game with this mod it gets stuck at Loading images... row: 358. When I play without the mod the game loads just fine. I am using no other mods. I am playing the game on linux through steam.

It might be a linux thing. I use windows so I have no idea, tbh. How are you installing the mod? like, step by step.

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I extract NSE698.rar. I put NeoScavExtended into my Mods folder and replace my getmods.php with the mod's getmods.php. I installed the mod on my laptop with windows and it worked fine, so it's probably a linux thing, though I have no idea what the problem is as older versions of NSE worked just fine on linux.

i have a problem with the "woodpecker" makeshift air gun, i try to load it with nails, but it does not let me. i'm missing something ? do i need somthing else to load it? or is it a bug? i just have NSE install.

are you trying to load the nails directly into the gun or into the nailgun magazine?

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New update! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new tool, Whetstone. It's used, along with a rag and water, to repair metal blades. There's 7 repair recipes with it.
-Skinwalkers are a bit more resistant to pain and harder to hit.
-A pilgrim will inspire two cultists to go out instead of one now.
-Edited the chances of blue frogs going out when a pilgrim arrives. It's now 55% for a preacher and 45% for cultists.
-Edited the loadout of blue frogs. They generally carry less junk. Only preachers will spawn with bags and other containers.
-Edited the loadout of pilgrims. They carry no weapons but might carry a tool that can be used as weapon. They carry less junk.
-Added a move for Pilgrims to let Blue Frogs know they want to join the church, making them stand down and stop the encounter.
-Added a couple of moves for Blue Frogs that will help them ID each other immediately to avoid hostilities.
-Added a move for Dogmen that will help them ID each other immediately to avoid hostilities.
-Greenwood bows now degrade at half the speed and only when equipped/used instead of always/used.
-All glasses now use a different format so now they are thin enough to fit in medkits and similar containers.
-Edited the conditions in footwear so they abuse effect stacking less, since overstacking is supected to be the cause of some bugs.
-Running shoes give a slight bonus to general fatigue usage, meaning characters get less tired by actions that drain fatigue.
-Edited forest animals, cryptids and DMC Guards/Operatives so they are more resistant to hypothermia.
-Edited some forest animals and cryptids so they don't die of thirst or even hunger in some cases.
-Removed the camp concealment bonus effect from twigs and bark. The excessive stacking would cause bugs with conditions.
-Fixed a mistake that was breaking the 'small string and sole from footwear' recipe.
-Fixed a mistake in 'long air gun, no strap' ingredient, preventing long airguns from working in crafting.
-Fixed a mistake in o2 tanks as ingredients, preventing them from being used to craft makeshift nailguns.
-Fixed a missing property in nailers, preventing them from being used as hammers to drive nails and to craft makeshift nailguns.
-Added a repair recipe for makeshift nailguns. Requires the same tools and skills to make one, plus the nailgun and any part needed to make a nailgun.
-Fixed a typo in a treasure table that would cause issues with the marketplaces not selling anything for a day.
-Drinking from the Polycarbonate Canteen from the Test Tools now gives a condition that allows resting.

IMPORTANT: Remember big updates corrupt saves so only update if you are gonna start a new game.

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are mods usable on the android version of the game?


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New update! Here's the changelog:

-Added a hidden version of the standard Ranged Attack move. It replaces the standard one and the Take Aim move. This one doesn't affect faction relations.
-Added a hidden version of the standard Melee Attack move. It replaces the standard one as long as you remain hidden and it doesn't affect faction relations.
-Edited the random campsite generator in some hexes so at least one 'empty space on the gound' and at least a buildig are guaranteed.
-There's now a list of campsites in ruins instead of just one 'empty space on the gound' in all of them.
-Removed the camp concealment bonus from the Ghillie suit since a bug is tied to items that affect campsites and putting them in containers.
-Added a recipe to turn a Ghillie suit into a camp camo netting. This item now gives the camp concealment bonus. The recipe can be reversed to get the suit back.
-Added the ability to lift the welding mask up and put it back down.
-Wearing clothing or equipment that covers the face makes the user immune to faction relation changes in combat.
-Non-strapped weapons, non-makeshift guns, and the nailer no longer degrade while equipped.
-Magazines now degrade but really slowly. It's mostly to affect selling prices since condition doesn't affect anything else.
-Chainsaws degrade less when used to attack but will degrade each turn they are left running.
-Circular saws degrade a bit faster whe used to attack now.
-Reduced the value of both Albuterol and Bloodlust inhalers. DMC clinic Albuterol price remains the same.
-Added the missed recipes to repair fire axes and hatches.
-Removed Trapdoors and Door Systems. They could be moved around any campsite, even forests or other wilderness campsites.
-Power outlets and lights are now ground items instead of campsite ones so they don't use campsite space.
-Repairing the electrical panel in the cryo facility will give you both a power tap and lights. The repair recipe is different.
-Added wooden planks. These can be found pretty much everywhere and can also be scavenged. Main ingredient of the upcoming carpentry recipes.
-Either a hammer or a nailer can be used for most carpentry recipes. Any blunt objects will not work.
-The nailer requires a magazine to work as a tool. It's not necessary to have it loaded with nails as the nails are required as ingredients.
-Added wooden dressers. They have a decent amount of storage space. Can only be found in some campsites.
-Added wooden crates. They have more storage space than cardboard boxes. Can be found and crafted.
-Added sawdust as a byproduct of carpentry and broken wooden items. These can be used as kindling and Mulligan stew extra ingredient.
-Fixed Deltec SBS4 12-gauge shotgun without stock not giving their parts when broken.
-Fixed DMC guards and sprawlers getting stuck next to the parkade and junk market hexes.
-Fixed a typo affecting markets and preventing the spawning of makeshift nailguns.

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Found a minor inconvenience, black cargo pants and the Shemagh aren't able to be repaired with the tailoring skill recipe of standard Khaki and balaclavas.

Also dear god its been a age since I used this mod and love how it's progressed with integrating alot of cosmetics like teeth necklaces and the mechanics focused air rifle weapons. Is there a collective recipe list somewhere as I can't remember half of them after the four years ?

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

most of the black clothing will require another of the same item instead of just rags, which also applies to the black cargo pants. Shemagh don't have repair recipes yet but it will probably work in a similar fashion and require another Shemagh.

About the list of recipes. There's one in the discord of this mod but it's really outdated.

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New update, lads! Here's the changelog for this version:

-Added a new headgear, Motorcycle Helmet. It's similar to a hard hat in armor, it covers the face, makes you less easier to detect but decreases sight.
-Added a new craftable weapon, Nail Board. A weaker version of the Nail Bat in every aspect but still a decent melee weapon.
-Added a new craftable weapon, Wooden Shield. As with the other shields, it has a bashing attack and provides armor depending on the hand holding it.
-Added a new craftable vehicle, Wooden Cart. It provides decent inventory space but some encumbrance penalty since it has no wheels.
-Added two vehicle upgrades for the Wooden Cart. Either 2 bike wheels or 2 caster wheels for easier transportation of goods.
-Reduced the encumbrance penalty given by a shopping cart without handles/wheels since it should be easier to pull than a sled without straps.
-King Elias or Queen Liza will carry the Blue Rot vaccine drum and samples in a shopping cart instead of a sled.
-Edited the inventory space in some of the vehicles now that there's a new one as a way to rebalance them.
-Edited inventory space in all campsites. They generally have more room now.
-Handfuls of Nails degrade now. The condition in them means you will not always get them back from broken or disassembled wooden items.
-Crafted spiked bats will always be created at 100% condition now.
-Reduced the amount of fuel required to swing a powered chainsaw from 3 to 2 units.
-Ketchup packages can now be used as extra cooking ingredients for mulligan stew now.
-Getting the eye surgery or augmentation while wearing glasses will now remove the effects from the glasses.
-Edited the format for the makeshift light source so it can be transported in vehicles.
-Automotive batteries can store more power now.
-Fixed a typo in a crafting ingredient preventing the fire extinguisher from working in crafting.
-Fixed an issue with Clearbone Valley basement campsite having no room for the box with cure/blue rot vials.

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How do you make a tent? I've never seen one in game.

Which one, the lean-to or the actual tent you have to find or buy?

Pew pew pew!

Oh I use the blue tarp lean-to all the time I guess I never got lucky on store inventory.

New update, kids! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new piece of equipment, 'HP' Chest rig. It stops thirst as long as it's activated.
-Added a new piece of equipment, hydration pack. They work as 'fuel' for 'HP' Chest rigs.
-Martha's Army soldiers have a small chance to spawn with loaded 'HP' chest rigs. These are also rarely sold in the Junk Market.
-Added a new headgear, Hockey Mask. It offers very little armor but hides the user's identity in combat.
-Made it so Bad Muthas have rare chances to spawn with hockey masks. Crawlers have bigger chances to spawn with them.
-Bad Muthas now head to a waypoint outside of Zom Zom's first before heading back home as a way to prevent them from getting stuck around ZZ's and die.
-Added a move that will prevent deer from regarding themselves as hostile with one another.
-Added a move to deer so they can immediately run away from an encounter if their target is unconcious. This is to avoid groups of them from getting stuck.
-Feral dogs and some forest animals have a chance to mysteriously disappear out of thin air when out of sight, sometimes leaving a handful of ash behind.
-There's a number of headgear that can be equipped together but are not compatible or are too cumbersome to wear, giving the blind condition.
-Tactical holsters can also take magazines in them, in addition to loose rounds.
-Campsite storage and cumbersome vehicles cannot be stolen by NPCs if the player is in the same hex.
-Added a number of tableware items, these are Spoon, Fork, Butter Knife and Steak Knife. They can be used in combat but only the Steak Knife deals real damage.
-A lot of items now have condition as a way to affect selling prices and crafting in some cases.
-Component condition now affects the crafting of nail boards and wooden shields.
-Scrap metal weapons are now crafted at 100% condition but will also require a whetstone, rag and water. Scrap shield is also crafted at full condition.
-Added a new crafting material, Sinew. It's harvested from carved and butchered corpses or medium pieces of meat. It works like string but it degrades much slower.
-All but one item in powder form now degrade when carried in either hand slot.
-Emergency bandages cannot be removed from a wound once they have been placed. They will only be removable once they degrade into dirty rags.
-Edited the Alcoholic flaw so it isn't as deadly. The 'Needs to Drink' condition now has 40% of chances to cause vomiting instead of an 80% chance.
-Mulligan Stew, Fries, Bread and Potato Bread now give an 8 turns condition that boosts healing and slow downs hunger.
-Added makeshift bindles to treasure tables so they can be found around the world or carried by NPCs.
-Duffel bags can be left always open now. They will be held in the other shoulder when wearing it like that, for some weird reason.
-Pilgrims have a chance to spawn with bindles so they might carry some of their stuff in them.
-Made some adjustments to the 'get down' move so NPCs are less likely to get stuck between going prone and getting up.
-Added a fix for a case sensitivity issue that would prevent linux users from playing the game with the mod.
-Fixed a couple of missing icons for the 'Struggle' and 'Knee Strikes' combat moves.
-Fixed a mistake in a repair recipe making it impossible to repair kitchen stoves.
-Fixed a mistake allowing dressers to be considered cardboard boxes and be folded.

Pew pew pew!

Quickpatch, lads! The previous updated added a pretty annoying bug with the emergency bandages that needed immediate fixing.

Pew pew pew!

Thanks for keeping this game interesting.

New update, lads! Here's changelog:

-Added a new cybernetic augmentation, Synthetic Lungs. It cures Asthma, makes you immune to Pneumonia and coughing. It also slows down tiredness.
-Water from the Black Swamp or contaminated by other means are now clearly dirty. Cooking already ignores poisoned water so this will tell the player why.
-Decreased the degrade rate of all food items by half or less in some cases. This also includes corpses.
-Rotting corpses and spoiled meat will spawn maggots and will do so again once they completely degrade.
-Maggots can be consumed raw, used as cooking ingredients or placed on infected wounds to slowly heal them.
-Added a new craftable food, Maggot Soup. Apart fromt the cooking tools, it requires 5 handfuls of maggots and either two units of water or beer.
-Split mulligan stew into 4 types of stews: meat, mushroom, veggie and mulligan. They all give bonuses depending on the ingredients or be turned into poison instead.
-Added food type conditions; Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats. Each of these slow down hunger and tiredness for 8 turns. Most food items have 1 or more of these conditions in them.
-Added an Hydration condition to water and some other liquids. Proper hydration will slow down thirst and tiredness for 8 turns.
-Edited ZZ's so it sells more human meat than animal meat in general.
-Reduced the food and drinks found by scavenging natural hexes, in NPCs and in markets. Urban areas are unaffected.
-Edited the recipe to make Tallow. It doesn't require water but it requires a clean rag to work as a strainer. The recipe will also create a unit of cracklins.
-Tallow now stacks to up to 3 units. Weight and price has been split accordingly.
-All pills can stack in the same space, regardless of type and color.
-Increased the weight of dressers from 10 kg to around 30 kg. They were a bit too light.
-Added new clothing, camo jacket and cargo pants. Similar in stats with other clothing but they make the user harder to spot than tactical gear.
-Edited the loadout for Martha's Army soldiers. Their clothing is less random and they wear matching footwear. They are the only ones with chances to wear camo clothing.
-Sprawler mechanics will sometimes spawn with running shoes instead of pack boots.
-Khaki cargo pants, khaki cargo shorts, hunter vest, plaid red shirt and plaid red cap are now from the Pearson brand.
-Reduced the amount of stuff sold at ZZ's. It also sells human meat only and no random looter loadout anymore.
-Reverted flares so they don't have condition again since it would affect lit flares.
-Added conditions to some vanilla pills I missed in the previous update.
-Fixed the DMC clinic 10 bandage pack selling for $100, which would allow players to sell them at markets for $150. The pack now costs $200 bucks.
-Fixed metal locker option 'Do nothing' sometimes forgeting to respawn the lockers after using them.
-Fixed ragwear using the clean rags weight as base instead of the dirty rags one.
-Fixed a typo in the repair recipe for kitchen stoves, making them repairable by using any electronic device instead of the stove itself.
-Fixed ATN warriors attacking eachother due to them being unable to tell friend from foe sometimes.
-Fixed an old vanilla issue that would allow players to ID water. This bug would also allow them to ID poisoned food.
-Fixed the 'scrap metal sheet' ingredient being a bit too vague, allowing other items to be used instead.
-Fixed the scraps of paper, rawhide patches and leather patches recipes not spawning the output at 100% condition.
-Fixed the cryo facility light fixture being unable to be turned off.

Pew pew pew!

Would synthetic lungs be effective against black swamp infection?
Or for balance's sake all is still normal with the swamp being toxic and requiring gas mask of functioning order to patrol the beautiful place?

Appreciate the latest update, definitely legendary additions outta this world!