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Hi, tac vests seem to shoot you full of adrenaline until you die :s

Hi, I`ve been trying out your new updated version of yoir mod. It`s great, burdened back is much more playable now (but still maybe too common to appear), great new items. But in my opinion the new ZZ store is very easy way to get OP in first days. For example, First day I found a bottle of wine, sold it for about 200$ and I was instantly able to buy really good gear and equipment, bandages, everything. Maybe it would be better, if it spawns only some basic survival items: some water, maybe clean rags, makeshift sacks, pliers for lockpickers, some hoodies and jeans, etc...

Thank you for new updates! Great, great mod.

Hey so, there's a bug/oversight where if you have a container or vehicle break while in the junk market and the stuff stored doesn't fit it ceases to exist

i just realized this is technically an issue with the game itself but with this mods changes to the hex ie no campsite + reduced market size i figure it's still worth mentioning

The upcoming update will make it so players cannot stay in marketplace hexes so that will help with this bug.

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I noticed the adrenaline bugs out the DMC guards and I, as in, we're always afflicted with the symptoms related to an adrenaline crash. Even a long time after I take off the vest or after I have used adrenaline, I will still be affected with an adrenaline crash. The DMC Guards tend to have tremors as well. I am not alone in this experience either, my friend had this occur too. We're both using the latest version.

I may be frail, but I rain down like hail.

Yeah me too. I think I might have fixed it for myself tho.

I went into the mod folder Mods\NeoScavExtended\NSEoverride\data and edited the itemtypes.xml
I searched for tactical armor vest. A few lines down it says
<column name="aEquipConditions">11=528,11=NSE:98</column>
just delete this: ,11=NSE:98 so it looks like this
<column name="aEquipConditions">11=528</column>
and it looks like that fixed it...I hope (I am a noob when it comes to modding)

Thank you, it worked by removing the adrenaline effect from the vest entirely, which I certainly don't mind considering the currently bugged state of adrenaline.

I may be frail, but I rain down like hail.

Aight, lads. It has been a while but I'm back. I had to fix mods from other games too. :P
Here's the changelog:

-Added a new item, tent. Tents are basically upgraded tarp shelters being better at everything but they use more room. They have some inventory space.
-Added a new headgear, Ushanka. It's a grey and white Ushanka that offers small head protection against both cold and bruising.
-AA batteries do not stack anymore. Increased the inventory size of the appliances that use them to compensate.
-Memory sticks with random software in the junk market now have a 0 to 2 chances to be sold, instead of having a 50% chance to appear.
-Edited the electronic devices in the Junk Market to be unlocked but empty plus random batteries.
-ZZ's no longer sells electronic devices and the items they sell are identified now.
-Edited the alcohol making recipes to require less water.
-Edited the tanning recipes for rawhide and leather so some of the water can be reused.
-Spray bottles cannot hold mulligan stew or similar 'jelly' items.
-Boiled eggs are created at full condition instead at the current condition of the ingredients.
-Players with the Botany Skill can identify cooked poisoned berries when they craft it.
-Fixed a mistake in random jackets making it so the brown ones with the hood on were being replaced by the tracksuit one.
-Fixed DMC armor vests and makeshift scrap metal vests applying the 'Used adrenaline' condition on the user.

Remember these updates most likely corrupt saves so it's advised to start a new game if you are going to install this update.

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Is it normal to constantly get tremors and headaches?
I’ve been getting them constantly ever since I entered the Detroit city area and it won’t go away. Is there any way to cure this or is it a bug with the mod?

It's only normal if you are still using the previous version of the mod or an old save, yes. It's indeed a bug with the DMC armor vests and metal vests using the wrong conditions.

Pew pew pew!

I cant wrap my head around the junk shop, when I got into it everything is in cardboard boxes i cant access unless i buy the whole box, is it meant to be like this or did I mess something up? Love the mod but this is causing me a bit of frustration

It's meant to be like that, so shops can have more space basically.
I think you can right click and empty conatiners, like cardboard boxes, without having to pay for the whole thing. Of course the trading inventory is gonna be a bit of a mess after that.

New update, kids! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new headgear, Thermal Googles. Thermal imaging is effective at spotting others but not as effective at navigating at night as night vision.
-Added a new food item, MREs. These refill the hunger and thirst meters the most.They are carried by DMC guards and some sprawlers.
-Added a new weapon mod, compound bow quiver. It adds an extra arrow slot to the compound bow at the cost of some range and accuracy.
-Edited all ranged attacks so they have a visibility value. Firing bows and airguns will have less chances to give away the user's position, for instance.
-Making a broadhead spear now requires either a sharpened or a hardened spear instead of large branch.
-Added thermal googles to the list of possible carried tools in most NPCs.
-The Merga Wraith no longer has telescopic eyes but has thermal vision.
-DMC drones use both night and thermal imaging to spot targets now.
-DMC guards have chances to have a thermal imaging augmentation.
-ATN slayers have a really small chance to be equipped with either night or thermal vision googles.
-Butcher Boys will have chances to be equipped with a bow w/quiver mod and with either night or thermal vision googles.
-Torches and flares can affect thermal imaging spotting if in close proximity of the user to the point of rendering the search move ineffective.
-Sprawl power taps count as power sources in recipes.
-Renamed makeshift power source to makeshift power tap.
-Modding apps to work in different devices now require the hacking skill and the app maker software.
-Extractiong the drone data from the electronic module will now spawn the data inside a cheap memory stick.
-Turning the drone data into the Mock1ngb1rd app will always be for smartphones but can be switched to work in iSlabs with the app maker.
-Edited the degrade treasure tables of some items when they break.
-Looted patchwork tunics are not longer made of squirrel pelts only.
-Reduced the chances to find abandoned tents in the wilderness.
-Fixed drone data having the wrong format, making it unable to fit in laptops and other devices.
-Fixed a mistake in a recipe that allowed getting activated charcoal from cardboard boxes.
-Fixed the inventory space in tents not acepting any item inside.
-Fixed glasses displaying conditions not relevant to players without myopia.

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OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Hey Chiko, wanted to say I'm in awe to come back to Neo Scav after years and see you're still popping in on and off to add more content to your mod! Really appreciate how you've spiced up our experience with the game

Two words, and I think you'll like 'em: Fanny pack.

Also, maybe. Belt slot inventory can't be bigger than 3x3, though or it will go over/under other stuff. The utility belt already has the max size, which isn't big at all. :p

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Hey, it's me again. My friend and I are enjoying this mod, but I wanted to mention adrenaline is generally buggy. I have not used adrenaline yet but my friend has. The tremors and headaches don't stop for him after he uses the epinephrine syrette, and are essentially permanent for him. He is using the latest version of the mod.

I may be frail, but I rain down like hail.

Thanks for reporting that issue. I took a look at it and it's a mistake I made when I did the wearing off effects. They loop when the effects are supposed to end so players are stuff in a loop of secondary effects. Fix will be included in the next patch.

Pew pew pew!

My friend and I were talking about new move suggestions, trying to figure out what could balance those move suggestions out and whatnot.

I got a few for your consideration, and my friend suggested most of these.
More finishers like Strangulate to Kill. Rare chance that with you being the grappler and holding back your enemy, you can snap their neck. It'd be a chance to successfully snap their neck so it isn't like lethal trap in that it works every time. Speaking of which, that opportunity would probably be rarer than lethal trap. Maybe if possible when you grapple while undetected there's a chance you can just neck snap them then too.

With all augments you're basically a terminator. Not that you don't have to be careful, but it becomes incredibly harder to hurt you and you can usually hurt someone bad with one punch. Perhaps with the strong augments you can pull off more fatal moves like Heart Rip, which would of course instantly kill the victim, but you'd need them to at least be in severe pain and/or have a concussion. Could probably also give their heart, which in true macabre fashion you *could* eat but it'd make you sick because, you ate a heart. It could really put fear into your enemies if you ate one in front of them though.

This isn't a move suggestion, but maybe the ability to join with Bad Mutha's wouldn't be a bad idea to some. There could be side missions that grant money upon completion, not a lot, but enough for your efforts depending on what you're trying to do, maybe like having to bring alcohol back.

Guard, a move that increases armor rating depending on what you have in your attacking hand now. I.E a fire axe would probably defend against damage more than your bare hands.

Flaw idea: Your body can't heal itself automatically. For instance, If a wound is bleeding, it will keep bleeding until you bandage it up.

Using the Medic skill, if you have a broken limb you can TRY to fix it. It will cause more pain, and it won't always work, possibly leading to more injury. It's possible to do it without Medic but it will only be a 5% chance, mainly if you're incredibly desperate.

It'd make sense to try to tackle your enemies AND grab them at the same time, right? Perhaps instead of creatures like Dogmen and Dogs being the only npc's that can do that, humans including the Player could tackle grab too. Of course it'd be a chance of grappling, it won't always grapple upon a successful tackle.

Maybe more use to being Athletic, like when fallen you can hop backwards 2, maybe 3 spaces from your enemy. Won't always be available but could help in avoiding further attacks before you get up.

Whips. Hear me out. A whip would suck as a melee weapon, but they have a range of 4 maybe 5. They aren't good melee weapons unless you're a strong melee-skilled player, but even then they wouldn't do THAT well. Maybe.

Not a move suggestion either, but related to Combat.
Maybe the Merga Wraith should be harder to kill. It could also actually throw projectiles at you, with a range of either 15 or 20. Grasp wouldn't be a death sentence either, it could cut you up good but not stunlock you because once you start getting stunlocked, it's pretty much the end. But giving the Wraith ranged attacks could make it more fair since you couldn't just exploit his weakness willy nilly.

Maybe also being able to join the DMC Guards would be fun too, you have to be Tough with Ranged and Melee. You'd live by a few rules, one of them mainly being: Don't shoot on sight, ensure the other person doesn't have hostile intent. Running towards you for a turn or two counts as hostile. Maybe also special encounters relating to being a DMC Guard. I.E you and your patrol encounter a looter dragging a sled full of human meat.

New creature idea: Chupacabra, They're harder to fight than Dogmen. They have a unique tackle move that REALLY hurts, as in it will send you back a few spaces. Like how the Jersey Devils were gonna be programmed, if in severe pain they might kill you with a head rip, but you can do something similar to them back if adding more fatalities. Where you can find Dogmen, there's a low chance of finding a Chupacabra.

Cybernetic Limbs, possibly added Dismemberment. You can hit even harder than before with cybernetic arms, BUT they gotta be charged to have a good effect. However, you can get an augment for that that lets you produce electrical charges from your body. HOWEVER, to avoid it acting like a power tap, you must craft using the augment, and it takes some time/'move points' to use it. Might also increase your metabolism slightly.

Sorry for the big list, it was just a brainstorm of ideas and they kept coming.

I may be frail, but I rain down like hail.

Adding a chance to snap someone's neck in that move would be kinda weird since pretty much anyone can use the move. NPCs can use the move too and the player dying to that out of the blue would be as unfair as only allowing the player to have this chance. Same with having the chance with just grappling undetected... that means really tired players or players with the heavy sleeper flaw to be able to be instantly killed in their sleep.

The moves added by the legendary skills are way too OP, IMO... the skills already add big bonuses so maybe I could decrease the lethality of their moves and attach finisher moves to these instead, at least in the case of the unstoppable one.

Bad muthas are kinda like sprawlers but for Zom Zom's. The ability to get missions from Zom Zom is in the list of stuff to eventually implement. ZZ's sells a variety of alcohol, including moonshine so I don't think they would be interested in that. They'll probably be interested in DMC guard equipment for their own guards. DMC guards now drop dogtags, which Zom zom's could pay bounties for each.

Moves tied to weapons can be a bit weird... for instance, that guard move would be tied to the axe but you can pretty much use it with the weapon being held in the other hand, like a shiv, and get the amount of pretection meant to be obtained from the axe. Not only that but even if you set the move to only work at melee range they would still be able to work against firearm damage. This is why I'm only allowing moves like this with the shield, which add a move just like the one you are describing but called 'Block' instead.

A flaw that affects healing speed can be implemented but I'd need to know the numbers that would work with it. There's a lot of values in the game that I have no idea how they really work. :p

An use of the medic skill like that is not possible. The skill itself cannot be used as if it was a physical object over the broken limb. I'm not sure if there's a way for something to just fix a broken limb.

I thought about making the tackle and grab variant of the move just replace the original one but I want Dogmen and such to be more unique plus everyone being able to do that would kinda annoying. :p

A move like that for those with the Athletic is a good idea. I remember I added or edited a move that works different for those with Athletic but I don't remember. I'll have to take a look.

Whips are an interesting suggestion. I'll keep those in mind.

The Merga Wraith being harder to kill is tied to the legendary skills. As I mentioned, I want to make those skills less OP, and that will affect the combat with this creature. Not sure about a ranged attack for it, though. It will probably just spam that attack and never switch to the melee one.

Joining the DMC guard would be impossible for someone that isn't even an immigrant but joining the sprawler labor force will definetely be possible. The work will probably be simplier to what you describe because there's no way to track stuff like never shooting on sight or similar rules.

I've never heard of the Chupacabra being spotted in Michigan but I'll the idea to the list. There's a number of creatures I want to implement already but we cannot add that many. I think all these new spawnpoints are starting to affect spawn rate and making vanilla bugs like spawning king elias happen more often.

Dismemberment cannot be implemented. I do have more augs in mind but they will be more related to skills and flaws already in the game, at least for now.

Thanks for the feedback here. Not many hang around the forums these days. Most ppl join the discord instead. :p

Pew pew pew!

Cool! I'm glad to give feedback and suggestions.
Speaking of which, my friend suggested this, relating to the Great Black Swamp.

The Great Black Swamp is a pretty bad place to go to. Until you get a gas mask, that is. Then it becomes a nice loot haven as long as you have enough filters. Besides risk of defoliant exposure, there are high rewards. So why not add some creatures specific to the black swamp? My friend was thinking Swamp Ghouls. Survivors that became incredibly messed up in the swamp, and they're able to use guns. When they do have guns they have armor piercing rounds, making them a threat to both you and even guards. Heck, it'd give the guards a good reason to be in the Swamp near the sprawl.

Note: Regarding that npc spawning bug, that'd explain why a second Merga Wraith appeared in my friends run. We find it kinda funny now.

I may be frail, but I rain down like hail.

Maybe as looting accidents because the swamp is in the 'low level' area of the map. The south is supposed to have the weakest enemies since you start there.

Pew pew pew!

New update, kids! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new makeshift weapon, Desperado. It's basically a sawoff rifle. Greatly reduced range and some damage but it's easy to mantain.
-Reworked the Tailoring skill recipes. Most clothing items can now be repaired and repairing them won't give you a generic version of the item anymore.
-Edited a considerable amount of item properties, ingredients and recipes. This is only for easier future changes so the only thing affected are saved games.
-Moved a number of items from the main mod folder into the clothing submod files. Another change for easier editing that only affect old saves.
-Leather handgun holsters have increased inventory size so bigger revolvers can fit in them.
-Bluejeans degrade into short shorts, rags and string now.
-Edited the rags ingredient so short shorts do not count as them anymore.
-Added a recipe to repair shopping cart frame, basket and caster wheels.
-Edited the mass water purification recipe so it only requires the still and fire. It's basically distilling water.
-Added fox pelts to the list of random coats so some NPCs and Marketplaces have chances to have them.
-Added a stronger stunned condition that last 2 turns. This will be used mostly in grappling moves like the takedown and throw down.
-DMC Guards no longer use smartphones. It will be implied they use a comms augmentation.
-Stores now sell NVGs or TVGs turned off and they might not always spawn with power cells.
-If a character spawns with NVGs or TVGs on, then they will always contain a power cell with charges inside to avoid a game bug.
-Human corpses give a bit less meat when carved. The amount is also slightly randomized.
-Reduced the chances to find bycicle pumps in all treasure tables.
-Fixed the electrical stove not counting as flame source for some recipes.
-Fixed ATN Slayers and Butcher Boys not actually having a chance to spawn with NVGs or TVGs.
-Fixed a mistake that would let you assemble a 100% condition regular pistol even if the frame is damaged.
-Fixed a treasure table with a wrong value making fire extinguishers spawn too often and preventing fire axes to be an option in the list.
-Fixed shopping carts and cart baskets not taking tools that are big enough to not fall thru the cage holes.
-Fixed the reverse recipe to attaching a strap to a long scatter gun deleting the gun instead.
-Fixed a number of weapons not being able to be put over the other shoulder slot like they used to.
-Fixed the adrenaline effects not wearing off and loop indefinitely instead.
-Fixed Deltec tactical rifle stock counting as a shotgun in some recipes.
-Fixed a mistake that would cause halves of bread to keep spawning another piece when consumed, becoming an infinite source of food.

Pew pew pew!

Thanks for the new update Chiko!!

after reading the last part about bread i immediately thought about two new items : sandwiches' or burgers

that would really neat for a new food item

That would be a neat food item to add.
Also, the fact this mod still gets updates to this day warms my heart.

I may be frail, but I rain down like hail.

I noticed a bug, when I perform a takedown on an enemy (Any enemy), they get up when they should be having the stronger stunned effect. Also I sometimes get duplicate hospital gowns and talismans. My friend is not experiencing the bugs that I am. I do have the latest version, and I did try doing a clean install and verification of game files but it made no difference. I'm going to try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it, THEN installing the mod again, but I wanted to mention that bug in case I'm not alone in experiencing this.

Edit: Still not working, sadly.

I may be frail, but I rain down like hail.

Hmmm... weird. Those sound like bugs you would get when loading a save from from a previous version, since updated usually corrupt saves.

a fresh install of both the game and mod should indeed fix that too.

Pew pew pew!

Also having some issues here. A fresh reinstall didn't fix them.
I can reliably start with two Hospital Gowns and Talismans if I die with a Philip and then start a new game.
Less reliably, If I die a second time and try with a third Philip I'll either get three Gowns and three Talismans or the problem has somehow fixed itself and I only get one each.

On top of that the Ashinaabe Tribes market stops working.
Only one time it worked normal when I got there,
but eventually it always breaks into just an empty field where I can't even sell things.

The first issue that was reported was the ATN market not appearing. I've got that fixed in the version I'm working for release. Maybe the fact I'm not getting the extra gowns and talismans is because of that. Some ppl in the discord also reported the second issue.

I'll release a test version in the discord so the regulars can check if fixing the first issue stops the second one.

Pew pew pew!

I'll try that, but funny thing was I did a new save the moment i installed the updated version. I'll let you know if that fixed it.

Edit: It did not fix it. Also--My friend has also experienced this bug just recently, he also did a takedown and they got up when they still had the 'stunned' effect applied, as if they weren't stunned.

I may be frail, but I rain down like hail.

The stronger stunned effect was happening but it was being ignored by most moves. It'll be fixed in the next update.

The issue with the duplicated items is not happening to me. Someone in the discord did mentioned he got it too but the issue stopped when he deleted the mod and placed the newest version.

Pew pew pew!

Using the latest version of this mod and found a bug. I've picked up the iSlab. It's locked and I have no Hacking skill to unlock it but I can see that it has a battery (without any charges) and some soft. When I put my mouse in the upper right corner over the cloud I can see the time and date info. So the iSlab has an app showing time and date even if I can't use the iSlab (it's locked, turned off and has no power charges in the battery). When I sold the iSlab that time and date info was gone.

Hmm... I'll give this a look but I can't fix this issue. It's game bug and those can only be fixed by the devs.

Pew pew pew!

New update, kids! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new melee weapon, gas-powered chainsaw. It's the deadliest melee weapon, if powered. Can also be used as tool to get a large branch.
-Added a new melee weapon, circular power-saw. It's similar to the chainsaw but weaker in a number of aspects. It's powered by electricity instead.
-Added a damaged door system to Exam Room 17 in the cryo facility.
-Edited ZZ's and The Junk Market so they work like the ATN Enclave and prevent players from staying on the NPC safe hexes.
-Edited the recipe to make a makeshift gauss rifle. It now also requires a soldering iron, solder, electronic parts, duct tape and less mechanical parts.
-Rebalanced a number of loot tables so loot and NPC equipment is more balanced.
-Added unwanted MRE rations. These might drop when consuming a MRE along with foil scraps. Cn be consumed but might cause vomiting.
-Removed MREs from the DMC Guard and Sprawler loadouts because they would keep throwing them away. They will carry MRE unwanted rations instead.
-Gas masks can be switched on and off now. This also fixes the mask only protecting the eyes when loaded with working filters.
-Sprawlers might spawn wearing working gas masks now.
-Edited some liquids to rebalance weight a bit.
-Lighter fluid now stacks to 60 instead of 80 and has slightly different stats.
-Renamed the big droplet of Lighter Fluid to Gasoline and gave it different stats.
-The Lighter Fluid to Gas recipe now requires 240 Lighter Fluid droplets.
-Vomiting might help you prevent gastroenteritis from developing after getting infected.
-Rotten food now has chances to cause gastroenteritis and vomiting.
-Food that is 'forced down' might just cause vomiting.
-Cracklings, berries and cooked berries have small chances to cause diarrhea.
-The grappling moves struggle and struggle back can now be done even if the target cannot be seen.
-Fixed the stun from grappling being ignored by most combat moves.
-Fixed a bug causing utility belts to not spawn as loot in some scavenging locations.
-Fixed a bug that would bug out the ATN trading post and not spawn its treasure table.

Pew pew pew!

New update! Here's the changelog, lads:

-Added a new medicine, Detoxine. They are activated charcoal pills that help with stomach issues, weak poisoning and drug intoxications.
-Added a new condition, Constipation. It causes abdominal pains, removes and prevents diarrhea. It lasts for a day.
-Added a new wearable, face mask. It's a medical mask that offers better protection against airborne issues such as Blue Rot.
-A number of NPCs will wear medical masks. Some have better chances than others to use them. Some, like Martha's army soldiers won't have chances at all.
-Edited clean rags so they offer better protection against airborne issues.
-Added a new wearable, Aviator Sunglasses. They slightly lower spotting ability but slightly increase intimidation.
-Added chances for some NPCs to spawn with glasses. This also includes eyesight correction glasses.
-DMC guards will not give away their basic clothing and dogtags when taking their gear. These can only be obtained by killing them.
-Clearweave coats degrade into the smaller variants until they reach the cowl.
-Compound bows now have a name and a brand name, Huntsman 'C-Bow' compound bow.
-Compound bow quivers now known as Huntsman 'Quickfire' compound bow quiver.
-Non-makeshift scent killers are now from the Huntsman brand instead of Pearson.
-Added a new resource, o2 Tank. It's used in crafting only for now. Should also sell for a decent amount.
-Added a new resource, nails. Nails share some uses with assorted small parts but some recipes will require these specifically.
-Added a new tool, Nailer. A tool that will serve the same role as the hammer. It can be used as a weapon but both range and damage is minimal.
-Added a new makeshift weapon, Woodpecker. It's a nailer turned into a weapon. Double the range, damage and fear it causes but it's slightly noisier.
-Reduced the prices of some liquids, mostly alcohol.
-Reduced the chances to find gasoline in general.
-Edited the exit spawns for ZZ's and The Junk Market so you end up in better hexes.
-Edited the treasure tables for tool boxes and first aid kits so the contents are more balanced.
-Fixed a mistake with the recipe to turn lighter fluid into gasoline.
-Fixed a mistake in a Junk Market treasure table causing it to spawn a clown mask instead of night vision googles.

IMPORTANT: Remember these updates usually corrupt saved games so only update when you are ready to start a new game.

Pew pew pew!

Aaaaand it's update tiem, kids. Here's the changelog:

-Added a new wearable, tactical chest rig. It uses the torso armor slot. It's basically just extra pockets. Wearing it also
-Added a new weapon, tactical knife. It's the best knife in the mod. Apart from being the deadliest, it also degrades at a slower rate than the rest.
-Added a firefighter clothing set. The set consists of a helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots. They offer better armor and insulation than normal clothing.
-Added SCBA gear. This is a SCBA chest rig and mask that work in conjunction for breathing. The chest rig requires an o2 tank to be activated.
-Added a new looting location, abandoned fire truck. These naturally have a chance to spawn firefighter and SCBA gear, plus some other misc stuff.
-Added a recipe to fold cardboard boxes. This stops them from degrading on their own and allows the boxes to stack for better storage.
-Renamed some Deltec gear from the mod to something close to the brand's theme in vanilla.
-A number of tactical clothing has a name and is now from the JB brand.
-DMC guards now have a chance to spawn with a tactical chest rig instead of a vest and a knife instead of a baton or pistol.
-Reworked a number of melee attacks for the punch and most non-weapon attacks. The first attack will always be weak but damage and dodging will increase as you attack.
-The melee boost effect of the affected weapons lasts 2 turns after attacking with them. The effect stacks and each additional boost won't reset the time counter.
-Attacking with a tactical baton or knife will add a defense bonus each time that last 2 turns.
-Rebalanced some of the clothing so they are not as weak or OP.
-Randomized the cardboard boxes carried by NPCs and found in looting.
-Fixed an oversight that would affect ranged weapons and their ability to give away your position.
-Fixed a mistake that would prevent the shield bash from pushing the target back.
-Fixed great swamp tiles spawning tons of looting locations.

As always, only update if you are going to start a new game. :p

Pew pew pew!

New update for today! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new wearable, black hooded coat. It's a short coat with an option to wear its hood. DMC operative clothing.
-Added a new rifle, 308SSR. It's a powerful .308 scout rifle that can be equipped with a scope and a strap.
-Edited the Radio DMC Drone battle move to be unable to be used in forested hexes.
-Added new battle moves, Radio DMC Operative. DMC guards only. Radio to request SkyCorps operative deployment via drone transport for a few hours.
-Added a new NPC, DMC Ranger. SkyCorps operative. Lightly armored. Suppressed heavy pistols. Usually called in forests, hills and urban environments.
-Added a new NPC, DMC Enforcer. SkyCorps operative. Heavily armored. Guaranteed SBS4 shotgun. Can be called anywhere.
-Added a new NPC, DMC Sniper. SkyCorps operative. Lightly armored. Guaranteed scout rifle. Usually called when in plains and other spacious areas.
-Edited the loadout of DMC guards to be lightly armored and equipped with a heavy pistol and a baton.
-Added a cooldown for the Call Out move so NPCs stop spamming it.
-Desperate Retreat and Blind Retreat now require the user to be in severe pain to be available.
-Reduced the chance to step onto something fragile by half. This affects both the Player and NPCs.
-Being behind cover now has 30% chances to increase armor value each turn. Of course this affects both the player and NPCs.
-Increased the penetration value in all AP ammunition by 1 so AP rounds have better chances to damaged armored targets.
-Feral dogs no longer have the armor value attached to a condition they need to survive hypothermia.
-Fixed DMC guards dropping their knives now.
-Fixed some DMC guards with chest rigs dying from hypothermia.
-Fixed the tactical chest rig having no durability.
-Fixed some hidden recipes hiding behind the wrong main recipes.
-Fixed gauss gun barrels counting as sharpened spears.
-Fixed edited sprites of the balaclava and RTG that have been in the files for years but remained unused.
-Fixed all coats so their sprites cover the sides of the firefighter jacket.

Make sure to only update the mod if you are gonna start a new game!

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New update! I had to release a new update earlier because of a bug that needed fixing quick. Here's the changelog:

-Edited the encounter of selling human meat in the Junk Market since the market works differently. Players won't have access to the market until a day has passed.
-The Junk Market will buy DMC equipment but they will warn the player about it. This will also ban players from the market until a day has passed.
-Selling DMC equipment in the Junk Market again will trigger an ambush lead by SkyCorps operatives.
-Edited the damage stacks in some attacks. The damage can range from a weak initial hit to powerful follow up attacks.
-Increased the damage done by the grappling moves 'struggle' and 'knee strikes' since they were doing way too little.
-Edited DMC guards so they wear white shirts to make them easier to distinguish from SkyCorps operatives.
-Wearing black clothes and tactical gear lower different amounts of user visibility.
-NPCs that have lost their eyes to the Yezinka are both scary to others and scared of anything.
-The Blue Frog water trial has been edited so your thirsts is quenched a bit or you are left with the vomiting condition, depending on the outcome.
-Increased the visibility value used by the 'Reveal Self' combat move it it works against your total concealment value.
-Increased the inventory size in sewing kits so they can fit either small or medium string.
-Lowered the chances to find tool kits since they were still a bit too common.
-Reduced the protection given by the DMC Armor Vest and the Subdermal Plating aug.
-Reduced the degrade rate of fire axes when used.
-Edited the eating encounters in the Red Gnome diner. Hitting space after paying won't charge players again. It will instead auto-select the 'just leave' option.
-Hopefully fixed DMC snipers and enforcers from spawning on their own.
-Fixed DMC operatives using baseball bats instead of fists as unharmed attacks.
-Fixed DMC units unable to set a leader and not taking orders from anyone, causing them to treat eachother as if they were random NPCs.
-Fixed ATN warriors and slayers unable to set a leader either, forcing them to be mostly solitary creatures.
-Fixed Squirrels also being affected by the inability to set a leader, since they used to be part of the deer faction. They are their own faction now.
-Fixed the Merga Wraith and mechanical creatures being able to die from blood loss.

Remember to only update if you are going to start a new game!

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New update! Here's the changelog:

-Changed the skill and flaw icons to be a lot smaller for upcoming new ones. Replaced some combat move icons as well.
-Added the ability to learn the melee and ranged skills by fighting. Each combat action related with each skill adds a point towards learning them.
-Added new combat moves for those with the ranged skill, Take Aim and Ranged Attack (II). Take Aim replaces Ranged Attack with a much more accurate one for a turn.
-Added a new combat move for those with the athletic skill, Roll Back Up. It's a roll dodge that also removes the fallen condition and a grappling hold.
-Added condition to small mechanical parts and edited a number of recipes so their condition doesn't affect the final product.
-Edited that max and min combat ranges in some hexes so characters don't start right next to one another and to make the max range more viable to snipers.
-Reduced the chances and/or the quantity of some of the lootable items, like whiskey and duct tape, which were a bit too common and plentiful.
-Reduced the armor value given by the 'behind cover' condition since the value was a bit too high.
-The Lethal Trap combat move cannot be used while grappling now.
-Edited SBS4 shotgun and their parts so they count as DMC equipment. These can still be found outside.
-It's now impossible to trigger the junk market ambush in the same day the first warning was given.
-Edited ATN jackets table so they don't spawn with the hood up options.
-Edited the cold protection of all clothing items and other sources like, sleeping bags.
-Fixed leather boots missing soles as ingredients to craft them.
-Fixed tools in tool kits spawning at 100% condition all the time.
-Fixed forest animals like deer dying from cold even when not in winter.
-Fixed a mistake with opened flour bags, making them having less inventory space.
-Fixed inability to attach a strap to a scoped hunting rifle or a scope to a strapped one.
-Fixed throwable knives loading the wrong images when stuck in wounds.
-Fixed wearing dirty rags over the face making characters heavy sleepers.
-Fixed 'secluded shack in the woods' hexes not giving the dense terrain bonus for characters with the tracking skill.
-Fixed Enfield Horrors being able to leap away while grappling.
-Fixed the escape battle move used by Cleaners using the wrong icon.
-Fixed DMC operatives not despawning. They will start to retreat instead and then use the escape move.
-Fixed Bad Muthas missing the override prefix in their natural attack mode, making them use baseball bat attacks instead of punching.

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As much as I hate to interrupt the current wall of updates,
I recently made cooked berries only to discover that you can't put them in waterskins.
Alas, my attempts to store my moonshine with my liquid berries has been stopped.

How do I earn experience for melee?

Landing hits in melee. Exp gains are not supposed to be displayed so that happening with ranged is because I forgot to hide the message after doing testing.

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ok I understand thanks for clearing that up!

New update, kids! Here's the changelog:

-The Strange Forest has a bit more static forest hexes around it.
-Replaced some shoreline hexes with sand/beach hexes. They are barren hexes containing only initial beach trash.
-Added a new campsite, a beach version of the 'any old spot on the ground' campsite. It's even worse than the original one.
-Added a new campsite, a black swamp version of the 'any old spot on the ground' campsite. It's the worse campsite spot in the game.
-Added a new campsite, abandoned campsite. It offers a small inventory space and offers some weak protection against the elements. Found in beach and forest hexes.
-Added 2 more scavenge sites in Black Swamp hexes, 'half-sunken car' and barren field.
-Scavenge Brutishly is now available when looting vehicles.
-Added a new group, Crawlers. These are individuals that profit from looting the black swamp or exiles from civilization. Usually solitary and sickly.
-Added looting accidents that will summon crawlers in some scavenge sites in the black swamp.
-Color coded moves given by augs to be orange.
-Color coded moves given by legendary skills to be purple.
-Successfully grappling at the same time with a target will cancel the grapple.
-The basic muscle aug will replace the 'Throw Away' grappling move with a stronger version of it.
-The basic skin aug will replace the headbutt move with a stronger version of it.
-Increased the prices for the 2 eye upgrades. They were way too cheap.
-The basic augs for eyes, strength and toughness now offer stats and are no longer invisible.
-Rebalanced feeble, strong and the augs related to these flaws and skills.
-Made the fallen condition give a small concealment and dodge bonus.
-Removed the block move from having a shield. A bonus to armor is applied by just holding a shield on either hand.
-Added a new move for characters with the hiding skill, Lure In. It's simply the opposite of Lure Away.
-Added a new move, Get Down. Makes characters go prone at will.
-Blast Away will also force the target to go prone.
-Ranged attacks get a 20% accuracy bonus if the user is in prone position but the min range is 2 instead of 1.
-There's no cover in plains hexes anymore.
-Moved characters from the same faction to the same content package to avoid a bug that prevents them from forming groups.
-Fixed Detoxine price issues which would cause it to sell for nothing when identified.
-Fixed Adrenaline causing infinite sweating.
-Fixed noise trap deploying message spam.
-Fixed ZZ's still selling smartphones with software and media inside.
-Fixed the ranged experience gained message appearing. It's supposed to be hidden.
-Fixed the sawed-off holster not allowing anything inside.
-Fixed the recipe to attach a strap to a tactical shotgun.

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Updated scheduled for today, lads. Here's the changelog:

-Added firearm round casings. Firing guns will have a chance to drop these to the ground.
-Added a new headgear, Cyclops sunglasses. It's basically sunglasses in a different style.
-Added a new headgear, Shemagh. It can be used in different styles using the right click menu.
-Added a new headgear, Cowboy Hat. It's a rawhide cowboy hat not tied to any faction.
-Added a new headgear, DMC Beret. It's a DMC operative equipment so selling it in the Junk Market is not a good idea.
-Added a new piece of equipment, Riot Shield. It's a rare find, also carried by some NPCs. It offers a decent amount of protection.
-All shields can now be equipped in the shoulder slot since they usually use a lot of room.
-Equipping big and or heavy items in both hands will prevent the use of melee or ranged attacks. This includes two-handed weapons.
-Added a new combat move, Empty Hands. It works in a similar fashion to Ditch Vehicle. It allows NPCs to get rid of the 'cannot attack' condition.
-Edited the white shirts to be dress shirts instead. It's only a sprite change so stats remain the same.
-Rebalanced armor a bit since they are still negating a lot of damage.
-DMC Rangers now wear DMC berets and the hood from their longcoat is down.
-DMC Guards no longer wear balaclavas. All DMC operatives still do.
-Deer and Squirrels will never starve to death or die of thirst anymore.
-Feral humans affected by the Wendigo curse have a chance to turn into a Wendigo every 24 hours.
-Wendigos have a small chance to turn into a final stage Wendigo every 24 hours. These do not spawn on their own.
-Crawlers are their own faction now and they might not always be solitary NPCs so they might form groups now.
-DMC Guards and Sprawlers won't just despawn once their shift is over. They will first head back to the Sprawl, near the DMC gates and then despawn.
-The 'Get Down' battle move cannot be done from ranges 0 to 2 anymore.
-Edited the sprite of the scrap metal vest so it doesn't look weird when wearing hoodies or other second layer clothing under it.
-Fixed a mistake in DMC guards and operatives that would make them start damaged instead of with the basic skin augmentation.
-Fixed the hidden 'cannot run' condition still showing up but with no text.
-Fixed the x2 muscle augmentation sprite having the wrong size.

Remember to only update if you are going to start a new game!

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Please tell me you're putting more cybernetic augmentations into the game. I saw an unused pair of cybernetic lungs in one of your old files. If our characters can survive long enough, I think they earn the right to become absolute units.

Eventually yeah. Lung Augs are indeed a planned one. I'm just adding stuff that is first in the list but I'll get to more augs eventually.

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I spend half an hour trying to log in to this website using my phone. Anyways I have a question, how can I craft a makeshift Outcast rifle?. I read in the old locked thread that it needs "2 rifles" at first I was confused becase I thought it meant 2 rifle parts. So I got everything I need including the mechanic skill (I even got two rifle parts) but it didn't allow me to craft it. So my question is this, do I seriously need 2 already made rifles in order to make ONE rifle that is even WORST?. Seemes like a waste if that's the case


New update for today, lads! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new melee weapon, Hatchet. It's weaker than the Fire Axe but it only requires one hand to swing.
-Added a new melee weapon, Shovel. A two-handed tool not meant to be used as a weapon but works as a decent one.
-Added a new gun mod, Holosight. It's a JB brand sight for most small and long firearms. Increases attack range which also increases accuracy.
-Rifle Scopes now increase range by 20 instead of 15 in most cases.
-Edited gauss weapons so they have a penetration of 5 instead of 4. This includes both the handheld makeshift one and the drone one.
-Edited the makeshift gauss rifle so it has greater range in general.
-Edited an unused battle move and gave it to DMC guards and operatives so they disengage from eachother when no enemy is present.
-Supernatural creatures will only despawn or transform when out of sight.
-ATN Enclavers now have a shift of 24 hours and will head back to the ATN Enclave once it's over.
-Bad Muthas now have a shift of 40 hours and will head back to Zom Zom's once it's over.
-Blue Frogs don't spawn on their own anymore. Their method of spawning is different now.
-Added a new NPC, Pilgrim. Pilgrims will head towards Saginaw and inspire Blue Frogs to send one of their people out into the wilderness.
-Blue Frog cultists will just wander aimlessly when inspired to go out, forming groups with others, similar to how they behave in vanilla game.
-Blue Frog preachers will head towards other factions to spread their word. They will pick up any cultists they find on their way to their destination.
-If the Blue Frog cult is dying out or destroyed, Pilgrims will just stay at Saginaw for a turn or two and then roam aimlessly.
-Fixed DMC guards and operatives missing the cold/armor protection from their first layer of clothing.
-Fixed non-prescription painkillers not stacking the condition to cause overdose.
-Fixed most grapple moves not counting as hostile moves.
-Fixed the white shirt showing pixels behind jackets.

Pew pew pew!