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Will I risk breaking my save if I install this update?

Cheers bud, and thanks for the new content!

When a mosquito lands on your testicle, you realize that violence may not always be the best solution.

Yes, I've splitted the mod into submods because the mod is getting hard to navigate. I'm technically butchering the ID order so old saves will indeed break.

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Quick bugfixed version. Here are the changes:

-Fixed forest hexes always causing looting accidents.
-Fixed small string counting as adhesive.
-Fixed the 'small sharp point' ingredient taking items like screwdrivers and other similar items.
-Fixed the 'small rigid, sharp edge with point' ingredient taking knives and other big items.

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New mod update, kids! Here's the changelog:

-Bicycles and their parts can now spawn in the Junk Market. The entire bike having very little chance to spawn while a wheel having the greatest chance.
-Bicycle parts now have prices and increased the prices of Bicycles and Bicycle Carts.
-Hacksaws can be used to carve/butcher corpses now.
-glass/plastic shards cannot be used to carve/butcher corpses unless turned into shivs.
-To look like a Bad Mutha, the player now needs to wear more than just the red hoodie. A condition will eventually appear when the set amount is reached.
-Tracksuit gear, running shoes, Pack Boots, dirty rag mask, fishnet shirts and wearing the hood in hoodies count towards the Bad Mutha look.
-Renamed clearweave cloaks to clearweave overcoat.
-Added a new piece of clothing, clearweave cloak. It's a sleeveless and shorter version of the overcoat.
-Added a new clothing item, Workwear Pants. They are a different version of cargo pants. They make characters a bit easier to spot.
-Added a new clothing item, Workwear Vest. Similar to hunting vests but they make characters a bit easier to spot.
-Added a new clothing item, Workwear Jacket. They are similar to workwear vests but with sleeves and a hood. They make characters a bit easier to spot.
-Added a new clothing item, Hard Helmet. They come in 2 colors and provide decent head armor but they make characters easier to spot.
-Added a new clothing item, Plaid Red Shirt. It's a red and black plaid shirt.
-Added a new clothing item, Plaid Red Cap. It's a hunting cap that provides little cold and damage protection.
-DMC Drones will take longer to leave and might stay a bit longer in the area. If they do leave, a notification will appear and they will actually leave in the next turn.
-Replaced cause of death in DMC Drones and machines in general with ones that make more sense for them.
-DMC Drones now have their own combat moves. Two for movement, One for close quarter attack and a dodge one. This changes their behaviour a bit.
-Added a new NPC, Sprawler. They spawn near the DMC gates. They are either Sprawl rabble or part of an unofficial workforce.
-DMC Guard can now identify sprawlers in combat and will leave them alone. Sprawlers can identify themselves to them too. Incidents still happen.
-Moved some of the spawnpoints for cleaners to better cover the north of Michigan.
-Moved the spawnpoints for Wendigos and ANT slayers to the very northwest of the map as a way to declog the starting area.
-Renamed the hunter looting accident NPC to Butcher Boy instead of Bandit. Alvin's Butchers slaver gang is only mentioned in vanilla so they could use physical presence.
-Edited the loadout of the Butcher Boys. They will now use the new plaid shirt and cap.
-It's now possible to see what Melonheads are carrying and wearing. They will ignore hoodies and coats.
-Reworked some of the loot tables to better rebalance gear in NPCs and loot.
-Fixed a number of issues with drones. They can't call for other drones, they are not afflicted by biological conditions, they won't take cover if suppresed.
-Fixed the rifle reward from radiation bob and the one from the blue frogs missing the ammo clips.
-Fixed a typo in the melonhead treasure tables, preventing them to spawn with the correct gear.
-Fixed human corpses still displaying as humanoid corpses.

IMPORTANT: Like all big updates, this one will corrupt saved games from older versions of the mod.

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how do i merge this with devkit 0.34 and have both mods running?

all the work is in the getmod file, and actually DevKit should have a NSE merge ready for you.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

doesn't seem to work with the latest update of this mod tried my best to paste them together and still doesn't work

ok i fixed it, re-download devkit and use the new NSE getmod file in it.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

still not working as devsauce doesn't appear in traits menu and coin necklace cannot be seen in craft menu with twigs or stones

i don't know what to say, it works on my end.


OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

here is what i see layarion, idk whats going on but i hope you can fix it


it'd be more useful for me to see your getmod content, your game's root folder, the mods folder, and basically i need to confirm the filepath and that you installed it right.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.



edit : do also need to provide the getimages or stuff from inside the mod folders?

no, but i can't tell what's wrong either.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

tried removing all the mods and adding fresh new one (from download) into the folder and now everything is working

thanks again for trying to help me layarion your effort got me to try re-downloading all the files from devkit to expanded

I'm having a bit of an odd problem. After installing the mod I can't make tarp shelters anymore. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of rope or string or sticks I use it just doesn't register.

It's in my recipe list (2 med or large stick, large waterproof sheet, 2 medium thread/strong tying object) but it doesn't autocomplete when I click it. Manually placing the items doesn't work either.

Near as I can tell all my other recipes are working fine.

It's a bug I introduced in one of the last updates. The fix is including in the update I'm about to upload. Also, Imma change the recipe back to the vanilla one so players can just use medium string again.

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Update 6.0 is here, kids. Here's the changelog:

-Added a new deer variant, Buck. This varieant is rare and they spawn alone but they will join deer packs. They use their antlers to attack if cornered.
-Added a new wearable, Deer Skull. Carving or butchering male deer will also yield their skulls, which can be sold or equipped. They use a lot of space.
-Added new NPCs, Ferals. They are humans in the late stage of Wendigo. They mostly wear rags or some of the clothes of their previous faction. They will attack anyone, including other ferals.
-Wendigos and NPCs in the late stage of Wendigo might spawn wearing deer skulls.
-Clothing on Melonheads will now display on their map paperdoll. They also can't wear hoodies or anything with a hood, since they can't wear hats.
-Added a new wearable, Ghillie Suit. It uses the outermost torso layer and it grants the best stealth bonus of any item in the game. It's bulky and heavy, though.
-Moonshine can now be used on wounds as a disinfectant. It's as strong as Whiskey.
-Moonshine is now sold in the ATN Store. Since moonshine is a makeshift alcohol, it will be sold in random plastic or glass bottles.
-Added a new container, charcoal bag. It can hold up to 3 stacks of charcoal, which is now available for purchase in the Junk Market and ATN.
-Reduced the stack for charcoal lumps from 10 to 8. The previous value was a bit too much.
-Moved more content from the main mod into the clothing submod, from the items to properties, ingredients and recipes.
-Edited a number of loadouts for a number of faction NPCs. They are more balanced and organized faction NPCs will always wear shoes of any kind.
-Fixed a mistake preventing sprawlers from using their loadouts. They were using just the base looter loadout instead.
-Fixed a mistake preventing tarp from being usable in any crafting recipe that required them.
-Fixed a number of mistakes in treasure tables happening because of the mod splitting into submods.

IMPORTANT: This update will break saved games. Get it if you want to start a new game.

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Hi Chiko, Thank you for making this awesome mod and still updating it to this day.
My questions are how can I edit the bandolier layer, it seems odd to me that you can't wear the bandolier and then wear something like dogman pelt to cover it.
And also can I edit the shotgun sheath to be wearable on the belt slot or it will require a whole new update.
Thank you.

That's actually a mistake. bandoliers and similar items are supposed to use the armor slot instead of the outermost layer.

You edit that in the items itself, found in the itemtypes list in the main mod folder. You need to choose the layer for them, shirt layer, 'jacket' layer, armor layer and othermost layer. You can't add new layers, only use one of those.

To make the shotgun sheath wearable on the belt slot will require you to make a sprites and probably a new item entirely.

Pew pew pew!

Sorry but I don't know much about coding :(
Could you show me which file I have to edit and which line should I change, just the bandolier?
Is it in NSExtended or NSEoverride or which folder exactly because itemtypes in NSEoverride/Data doesn't have the Bandolier line and other NSE folder don't have Data folder which mean no Itemtypes file.
Sorry for bothering and much appreciated.

It's in one of the itemtypes found in NSExtended, ID 91. nSlotDepth is what changes that. 0 is the shirts slot, 1 the hoodies one, 2 is the one I use for armor and items like the bandolier should be and 3 is the slot I use for coats or pelts.

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Update tiem! This is the changelog, kids:

-Added a new forest animal, Red Foxes. They are rare and similar to dogs, stat-wise. They avoid fighting but might defend themselves if cornered.
-Added fox pelt as new harvestable resource. Butchering a fox corpse with the trapping skill will give the pelt instead of patches. Characters can also wear them.
-increased the price of squirrel hides so hunting squirrels can be profitable.
-Edited the look of Golden Retrievers since they kinda looked like foxes.
-Added new NPCs, Skinwalkers. They wear pelts and will rarely be in their human form. They are rare and pose as animals, making them hard to identify unless they engage in combat.
-Some Wendigos can now lead to traps in combat, just like humans with the trapping skill.
-Added a new weapon, Anishinaabe Knife. They work like any cutting tool, and can be used as both melee and throwing weapon.
-All spears used by ATN warriors and slayers come with a strap so if they have both hands with items, the extra spears are put in their shoulder slots.
-ATN Warriors have a chance to spawn with a knife sheath + a knife. ATN Slayers always spawn with these and they have a chance to spawn with the chest knife sheaths with more knives.
-Increased the stacking number of throwing knives from two to three.
-Edited the name of the 'butchering tool' to 'sharp edge with safe grip' for accuracy.
-Carving corpses for meat require the 'sharp edge with safe grip' tool while butchering with trapping will use 'sharp edge' as they do in vanilla since a trapper would safely use those.
-Pill bottles can now be broken into plastic shards.
-Renamed wash to wort in alcohol crafting for term accuracy.
-Renamed pure alcohol to medical alcohol for accuracy.
-Drinking Moonshine now has a chance to cause issues related to poor alcohol brewing, namely the presence of methanol and/or isopropyl.
-Drinking medical alcohol will always cause the effects of isopropyl poisoning in addition to fast inebriation.
-Methanol poisoning will cause headaches, dizziness and blindness while isopropyl poisoning will cause stomach pains and dizziness.
-Fixed shoulder slings, bandoliers and knife sheaths still using the outermost torso layer.
-Fixed crowbars with strap not counting as blunt objects in crafting.

Pew pew pew!

Hey Chiko glad you are still updating the mod, since you have been adding new combat moves, I thought I could pitch in some suggestions:
Gun moves: Those who are skilled in weapons could get the capacity to shoot them in close quarters more effectively, think John Wick only less fleshy, like a barrage of shots to the chest have a much higher chance to take the threat down, this could be balanced by the high count of rounds spent on the target (3 or more).
Headshots: Those both skilled with weapons and eagle eye, could attempt an headshot on a target, it would have variable rate of success depending on factors such as, distance, light, whether you are hidden or not and the weapon you are holding and should not exceed 60% or 70% chance of pulling it off since its still a difficult shot.
Stealth kills: I lost count of the times I had people very close to me in game while still hidden and my attacks either doing little damage or missing entirely, If you have the hidden skill you could get various moves depending on other skills you have, like having both hidden and melee you could get move like a throat stab with knives and spears that would kill a target quietly, there would be various factors that would contribute to this action failing or succeding, like light level, the weapon used (stabbing someone in the throat would be easier with a spear or a proper knife instead of a shiv) and the enemy having the strong, thought or melee trait being able to resist it. If you also have the strong trait, you could be able to crush someone windpipe or break their neck, altough it would be much more difficult to pull off, also If you have an axe or a machete you could be able to decapitate someone from the shadows (I know this sounds silly but since I could happen to you in an encounter why not adding it in the game?).
I know some of this sounds game breaking but keep in mind they would require many traits combinations to pull off and they could still fail, so I think that some of them could be added in some way or another, of course I'm no programmer so I don't know if its technically feasible but I just trew some ideas.
Thanks again for making this awesome mod.

A lot of these can't be implemented because a number of game mechanics are still hardcoded. For instance, there's no way to directly affect chance to hit of a target or even the ability to target specific limbs. I tried to implement stuff like this in the past. The only thing that could be implemented would be finisher moves, since I've implemented them but most of them are for NPCs against the player.

Also, I'm not sure about the damage of stealth attacks but they can't miss. The dev made it so they always hit as long as you are hidden from sight.

Pew pew pew!

I think I got a few instances of missing shots from stealth, maybe I'm mistaken, still, I like to use a bow and arrow and I never managed to one shot anyone from stealth, I actually did it with a sling on 2 bad muthas which is kinda weird since an arrow should be more lethal than a sling.
I like the idea of finishing moves for the player, maybe they could be applied for the stealth attack?

I think I found a bug, I can't craft handwraps and head wraps.

Yeah, the latest update caused a weird bug with those 2 recipes. The next update will include the fix for it.

Pew pew pew!

New update for today, kids. Here, the changelog:

-The clinic now sells glasses with suitable vision strength correction to players with the myopia flaw.
-Inhalers in the clinic are only available to players with the asthma flaw.
-Raised the chances for asthma inhalers and glasses to spawn in the Junk Market.
-Most of the ammo sold in the Junk Market will be inside ammo boxes now. Some looting locations will also have ammo inside boxes.
-Rawhide quivers are now sold in the ATN store. They are not always available, though.
-Flour is sold mostly in bags in the ATN now. Each day the ATN store will have at least a bag of it with different amounts.
-All liquids in stores are sold inside bottles instead of just lying on the ground.
-The smoker flaw will also give the player the lit cigarette and roll-up cigarette recipes.
-The different revolver and pistol barrels are now separated gun mods that can be swapped via crafting.
-Adjusted the spawn chance of firearms so they are more balanced and also to make handguns with barrel mods less rare.
-Fixed flour having the wrong property, allowing it to be used in the wrong recipes. Now it can be used to make the better mulligan stew options.
-Fixed sheet of scrap metal having a wrong property, allowing it to be used as shotgun parts.
-Fixed disassembling looted crowbars with straps. They now give a string rope instead of a medium string.
-Fixed outdated Skill status effects that were giving the wrong recipe IDs at game start.
-Fixed the cigarette lit recipe not automatically working with rolled-up cigarettes.
-Fixed an issue preventing 2 recipes from working, headrags and handrags.
-Fixed quality shoes counting as gas mask filters in crafting.
-The vanilla LAR-10 laser rifle is now available as a testing tools submod firearm. It's slightly different in stats but still powerful.
-Added a new handgun for the testing tools submod, LAR-4. It's a pistol version of the laser rifle. It replaces one of the advanced heavy pistols.

Pew pew pew!

Hey Chiko, I think I found a bug, if I select the tailoring skill and click continue the game freezes.

Aww crap, I see the issue. The main mod can't load recipes from a submod unless I change the load order. I'll remove the recipe for now and upload a fixed version since a game freeze is not a minor bug.

Pew pew pew!

I just uploaded a fixed version of the mod. Choosing the Tailoring Skill shouldn't cause the game to freeze now.

Pew pew pew!

Just dropped dead from an asthma attack despite never having picked the flaw.
Never had an asthma attack before the fatal one either.
Also never entered the swamps. I have the newest version of the mod.
Happened as I was blacking out from exhaustion.

Survival Time: 24 days, 17.41 hours.

Final Moments:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
** End Turn **
Player drank some beer.
Player is under mild effects of alcohol.
Player drank some beer.
Player drank some beer.
** End Turn **
Player is warmed by a campfire, but also easier to spot.
Player is in a campsite with an average sleeping bag.
Benefits of being in a burned-out apartment
Player is in a campsite with an average sleeping bag.
Benefits of being in an abandoned IT office
It is now Night
Player is unable to see well in these conditions, making activity difficult.
** End Turn **
Player is crashing after a caffeine high.
Player is unconscious.
Player fell to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Player is exposed to easy attack for a moment.
Player is shivering.
Player has died from a fatal asthma attack.
Player is blacking out from exhaustion.
** End Turn **

Player is blacking out from exhaustion.
Player is shivering.
Player is unconscious.
Player suffers from near-sightedness.
Player is wearing a megacity visitor pass.
Player was introduced to Hatter.
Player is using an optical magnification device.
Player is skilled in obscuring the trail they leave behind and tracking others.
Player is athletic, and can move with less fatigue.
Player is skilled in medical procedures, which increases rate of recovery from wounds.
Player is carrying a moderate load, and their movement rate is slower. Player also fatigues faster.
Player is strong, and can carry more than most.
Player is tough, can take more of a beating than most, and recovers faster.
Player is skilled in ranged combat. Player can engage at longer range than most, and ranged weapons degrade slower.
Player is crashing after a caffeine high.
Player allied with Hatter.
Player has trouble staying asleep, and sleep is less restful.
Player's hunger is sated.
Player's thirst is slaked.
Player is unable to see well in these conditions, making activity difficult.
Player is skilled at hiding, and can conceal themself better than most.
Player already visited Zom Zom's.
Player is wearing the protective talisman.
Player fell to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Player has a normal circulation of blood.
Player is not experiencing any pain.
Player's immune system is healthy.
Player is skilled in trapping and snares.
Player is skilled in diagnosing and repairing electronics.
Player is skilled in diagnosing and repairing machines.
Player already visited the Red Gnome diner.
Player already visited Haggerty Health.
Player was tested for augmentation and prosthetic eligibility.
Player already visited the DMC.
Player saw the wraith footage at Hatter's.
Player already visited the Allegan Fairgrounds.
Player already interacted with The Stoat.
Player is skilled in lockpicking.
Player is skilled at hacking.
Player discovered the bank account info at the cryo facility.
Player is carrying a device that DMC patrols can track.
Player is beginning the transformation into a wendigo.
Player cannot run in combat.
Player knows that the creature coming down the hall was a dogman.
Player already had DMC guard conversation 1.
Player already had DMC guard conversation 2.
Player answered Michelle's question of where he's been.
Player already visited the ATN.
Player completed the intro task for Hatter.
Player is inoculated against The Blue Rot.
Player snuck into Saginaw via the secret entrance.
Player looted King Eli's safe.
Player agreed to help Liza.
Liza is Queen of the Blue Frogs now.
Player is wearing a wrist strap from Gyges Cryo Facility.
Player has been inside Saginaw.
Player knows there's something important about Saginaw.
Player picked the lock in the north wing at Saginaw.
Player is wearing a crude air filter.
Player knows about the NEO Wiki.
Player gained a legendary reputation for being elusive.
Player saw the glow in the east.
Player has acted significantly more good than evil.
Player asked Michelle a question about spirit, and cannot ask again.
Player has died from a fatal asthma attack.
Player is a human NPC.
Player is a heavy sleeper and it is quite difficult to be woken up by noise.
Player is using glasses with suitable vision strength correction.
Player is wearing protective enough footwear.
Player is a smoker and will need cigarettes.
Player is craving for a smoke, and is feeling anxious.
Player is under mild effects of alcohol.
Player is an alcoholic and will need a drink constantly.
Player is skilled at sewing, knitting, stitching and weaving.
Player's muscles have been upgraded with a synthetic weave, increasing carrying capacity and melee damage.
Player had muscle enhancement.
Player had muscle enhancement.
Player had skin enhancement.
Player has an item with an attack mode equipped.
Player is a biological creature.

24 days? Were you using an old saved game by any chance? New updates usually change enough stuff to break saved games using outdated versions.

Pew pew pew!

No. Started fresh on the same day as my original post which is also when I updated the mod.
Just had a lot of free time that day.

Hmm... that's weird. I'll check anything that deals with the condition. maybe I missed an if somewhere.

Pew pew pew!

It's update time, bois! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new market, ZZ's. It's similar to the Junk Market in the sprawl but this one is next to Zom Zom's. It sells mostly tools, meat of any source and random garbage.
-ZZ's will sometimes be 'closed' for a day and the hex would work like an empty hex until the next day. The cause for this is unknown.
-Only the ATN store sells charcoal now and only 1 bag as a way to reduce clutter.
-Reduced the amount of moonshine the ATN store sells. ZZ's trading post will sell more of it.
-Since ZZ's also has a chance to sell cigarettes, the ATN store now sells rolled up cigarettes instead.
-Nerfed the stats in ghillie suits. They hide a bit less and they also reduce action points by 1 since they are bulky.
-Degraded non-makeshift handguns will now drop their barrel mods, in addition to small mechanical parts.
-Handguns can now be disassembled into frame and barrel parts. This allows damaged frames to be repaired or barrels to be swapped.
-Degraded wooden shotguns and rifles will drop stockless frame parts. The frames can be used for repairs or for sawed off or makeshift versions of the guns.
-Degraded glass bottles and labeled tin cans will also drop pieces of paper.
-Locked hardware will not appear in the crafting screen anymore. This prevents players from using an exploit that allowed them to access the software by disassembling/breaking the devices.
-Software cannot be placed on the ground anymore. The only way to interact with them is to hold the devices in your hands. You can also have devices on the ground so emptying a device will drop the software into another.
-If software drops on the ground and there's no container that can hold them, they are lost forever. This also takes the container they are currently in into consideration.
-Sprawlers now have a shift of 8 hours so they will go back home after that set amount of hours.
-The merga wraith is not an organic creature anymore. This means it won't suffer from a number of biological conditions such as bleeding, concussions, etc.
-Strained back has a reduced encumbrance penalty but it now causes pain too.
-Removed the price of small string so it stops attracting looters to hexes.
-Edited the stocked campfire recipe so it can be used on both small and medium campfires.
-Edited most of the names of the attackmodes so they better fit the attack actions in the messages tab.
-Fixed a mistake allowing DMC drones to feel fear.
-Fixed a bug affecting the death of DMC drones and skinwalkers.
-Fixed 'threaten with torch' move not appearing at all.
-Fixed Sprawlers having the baseball swing as their default attack instead of their fists.
-Edited the cheat boots to make the wearer harder to track.

IMPORTANT: Remember new updates usually corrupt saved games set in outdated versions. Have that in mind before updating.

Pew pew pew!

Hey Chiko, since your last update I've started playing the game using more firearms and I noticed a few things:
1) Some of the new modded firearms, like the bull revolver don't fit into holsters anymore making carrying them troublesome.
2)Since ammo seems to have become more available, I crafted a leather bandolier to better carry it, this worked for firearms that use magazines, like the 1911 and the 308 rifle, but it seemed like a waste for revolvers and shotguns since they lack a magazine and the the ammo doesn't stack, so I went through the hassle of crafting a bandolier only for it to hold 5 more bullets.
This could be fixed by adding something like a speedloader or a moonclip for the revolver, basically a magazine to load revolvers faster but, in this case, used to store ammo in it so that it can then stored more easily, still, I can't think of anything like this for shootguns.
I've seen some real life bandoliers storing 6 bullets per pouch but that doesn't seem it could be coded in the game, maybe there is a way to make ammo stackable?
As usual thanks for making this mod.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about holsters and the new modded handguns so the bull revolver never fitted in them at all, lol. I can increase the inventory size in bandoliers but maybe they should only allow rounds in them and no clips and mags so pistol and rifle rounds don't get an inventory advantage over the rest. I wish there was a way to make items stack when inside different containers. :(

Pew pew pew!

I don't think that making the bandolier holding only rounds is a good idea, its an item that require considerable effort to craft and would only give negligible advantage in the end, would it be possible to give them the same space as ammo cases?

New update for today, lads! Here's the changelog:

-Increased the inventory space of cardboard boxes and added alternate designs.
-The Junk Market and ZZ's now store goods in cardboard boxes as a way to reduce clutter in the trading area.
-The vials in the Clearbone Valley basement are now inside a cardboard box with a biohazard sign.
-Zom Zom's now takes ATN copper beads and Blue Frog sashes as payment to enter.
-DMC Guards won't use the surrender move anymore.
-Turning a power outlet into a power tap now requires an automotive battery instead of a laptop battery.
-Curing meat ignores the condition of the raw meat so the cured meat will always be crafted at full condition.
-Adjusted the prices of most liquids. Most of them generally cost less.
-Rebalanced the spoil rate of most food items. They generally take a bit longer to rot.
-Reduced the amount of recipes found in the world and disassembling makeshift arrows will drop normal paper scraps.
-Removed some recipes from the list of the ones that can be found in scraps of paper.
-Crafting lockpicks and sewing needles now require pliers instead of a blunt object.
-Closed multitools can be used completely now. The tool does degrade faster if used closed, after all.
-Adjusted the degrade rate of a number of tools. The scrap metal knife degrades faster now.
-Reduced the amount of alcohol found as loot and added moonshine to the list of lootable drinks.
-Plastic sleds can be folded now so they can be put in storage or be put inside other vehicles.
-Items in crashed drone sites are inside their boxes now, if there's room for them.
-Made Cleaners even more blind than before but also harder to spot.
-Increased the chances for NPCs to ditch their vehicles in combat.
-Clearweave coats and the tarp cloak now only protect against wet weather and offer insulation. They no longer give warmth.
-Fixed the vanilla and modded water purifying recipes. Purifying water with at least 1 chemically contaminated droplet in the mix will result in all the water contaminated.
-Fixed a mistake in SBS4 shotgun frame parts causing them not to appear in the game.
-Fixed an oversight preventing normal shirts to appear in Bad Mutha loadout tables.
-Fixed repaired electric stove not appearing in the crafting screen.

Remember new updates will corrupt saved games!

Pew pew pew!

Time for that new update, bois. Here's the changelog:

-Footwear has an efffect on tracks now. Better and heavier footwear leave easier to spot tracks.
-Made it so a number of items that are not used in crafting no longer appear in the crafting screen.
-Made it so gun repair repices require a rag too, for cleaning purposes with the lighter fluid.
-Made some slight edit to the prices on some items.
-Reduced the chances for skinwalkers to spawn.
-Skinwalkers now wear an unique necklace instead of copper beads, a row of teeth on a string.
-DMC Guards now get guaranteed body augmentations.
-DMC guards now wear dogtags. Zom zom's can take these for Arena admittance.
-Added adrenaline shots into the game. They give you an energy boost and help with asthma, cardiac arrest, and nasal allergy but the user will crash soon after. Overuse will cause OD.
-Analgesics can now cause OD if used too many in a short span of time.
-The wearing off effects of drugs are no longer being displayed since they work with ODing.
-Edited the sprite used by the medical bandages.
-Reduced the fatigue penalty in the inebriation effects since they stack.
-Now looting with the Botany Skill might either yield bear root or berry root.
-Added a recipe to make moonshine with flour.
-Made bicycles a bit less common.
-Shopping cart frame and bicycle frame don't degrade anymore.
-Tactical Batons can now be looted or found in the hand of other NPCs.
-Placing the Ghillie Suit in a campsite allows it to be used as camo netting, adding a Concealment Boost.
-Strapped weapons and tools can now be used in the other shoulder slot now.
-Skinwalkers have a unique threaten move as an alternative to the human one.
-Removed some human moves from the list of moves skinwalkers can do. Their non-human shape would make them hard to just do all the things a human would.
-Adjusted the sprite for the tactical vest since they go under coats now.
-Placed a 'fix' that should hopefully stop King Elias or Queen Liza to spawn on their own.
-Fixed SBS4 shotgun and its parts not having the proper property tags, preventing them from working in crafting.
-Fixed shirts still being replaced by jackets and hoodies in looting spots.
-Fixed scoped/strapped version of the non-makeshift rifle counting as makeshift rifles in some recipes.
-Edited the Test Tools overcloak to be an Active Camouflage instead. It's just a graphical change. The item works exactly the same.
-Fixed the Test Tools canteen recipe to make edible blobs.

Remember every update will corrupt saved games!

Pew pew pew!

I just bought a bottle of 13 prescription antibiotics for 4.25$ from ZZ's
because the pills inside weren't identified (somehow).
Being a medic myself i Just made a profit of 646,75$.
Also putting electronic devices like laptops with apps into boxes is creating issues at ZZ's.
If I empty the box out because I want something else from the same box I immediately
buy the laptop for full price and sell it for less because it isn't turned on.
The devices at the Junk Market don't have apps so they're fine.

Yeah, that will be fixed in the next version. The easiest way is for the store to sell identified items. Or I could make it so it doesn't sell unidentified items that sell for more when identified.

The other issue is with devices having software inside. Now I understand why the vanilla Junk Market sell empty devices and software in memory sticks since those don't need to be turned on to reveal the software inside.

Pew pew pew!

just curious how do i enable the cheat stuff for this mod like food and armor?
step-by-step would be nice please?

Access the getmods.php and edit the first line:




Save the file.

Pew pew pew!

Many thanks for your assistance
Keep up the work on the mod!

Hey Chiko just curious is it possible to have the cheat tools running along with another mod?

example like : Devkit and testing tools from this mod combined?

Can someone tell me how to craft ball bearings? I have ranged and mechanics skills, yet the recipe is not on my list.
I checked the mod files, and decyphered almost all stuff I need:

+1 ranged/mechanics +1 campfire +1 metalPan (or pressurePan) +1 heavyBluntObject +1 scrapFoil

What I need is the main ingredient, I mean what the hell is considered a "tiny malleable metal source" by the game, why can't I use small mechanical parts? They're small and they're metallic.

small mechanical parts should work, unless they use a different recipe. I made this a long time ago.

Pew pew pew!