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I think so, but as I said I'm not 100% sure since I still don't fully understand the making mods business, I'm just merging a lot of them together. Also, found at least another thing that I remember when you override the recipe number 55 for "broad spear" you are also trying a recipe NSE:135 "makeshift light source" with completely different set of tools and ingredients so I removed it, check it also.

Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I would have never noticed. xD

Pew pew pew!

How do I get pure alcohol? is it better to treat wounds than just whiskey?

I have no idea what I'm missing to repair the yukon backpack and the duffelbag -_- got the tanned leather patches, got tons of fasteners, strings, medium strings, sharp/blunt tools, both the needles and the sewing kit and of course the skill tailoring.

I can make all kinds of leather stuff, belts, gun holsters etc... but I cannot find a way to unlock the repair recipes :O:O:O:O

Seems there are 3 recipes, 2 equal but with different ids :/ from moonshine and then from whiskey.
you need:
-Medium flame
-Distilling equipment
-Medic skill
-2 Water
-12 Moonshine or 12 Whiskey

and with a quick view I think the effects and the same, disinfect and increase pain a little

Alright, people. After eons of inactivity, the mod has been updated. These are mostly bugfixes, though. Here's the changelog:

-Increased the effectiveness of Painkillers and Morphine in dealing with pain.
-Temporarily removed Jersey Devils from the mod. They were not supposed to spawn but they did even though they had no spawn points.
-Fixed a wrong "alsoTry" recipe in the broad spear recipe.
-Fixed the Sawed Off Cathcart North Shotgun counting as an Air Gun in a recipe.
-Fixed Ball Bearing having the "Rifle Butt" melee attack.
-Fixed Ball Bearings having the same IDs as Sewing Kits, preventing the latter to spawn.

Thanks for reporting these issues! Some of them were pretty important.

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I'm currently modding another game but I might come back to Neo Scavenger one of these days. This was one of the last things I was working on:


Pew pew pew!

what's the name of the game you're modding? also is there out there a comprehensive guide to your recipes? or a cheat to add them?

I can't for the life of me repair my backpacks or duffelbags

Misc recipe leather sheet reads it needs the tanning rack and tanning material as its purpose is to convert raw hide from dogmen or deer into drying leather than then you than, but it glitches and puts into the recipe/crafting are the materials to cut the pelt into raw hide patches instead of "processing it" in a better way. This happens even if you have everything needed to tan the pelt.

Please consider adding the solder coil to more loot places, as of now it seems it only spawns inside toolboxes but not always, it seems quite easy to find nowadays and I even have some handy here at home. Used ingame for almost all end-game related repairs and constructions I have almost everything but solder coil. Cheers!

Like the new tracksuit art, very cheeki breeki Gopnik

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Hi CHiko,

Again, thanks for your great work. I like playing the game with your mod a lot. Still playing. I just download your new 54b mod and run the game. I got the error below:

Error: Unable to retirve image: ItmSWLaptopGPS.png row 278

Please help... I reinstall the game again and the mod, but the error stays.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Chiko, sorry for wrong reporting. I delete the old game sirectory and resintall both game and mod, then there is no error. I must have done something wong somewhere.

It is a good mod. What games are you working on now? Need something fresh... thanks

Are the guys at Zom Zom's supposed to be confiscating my Dogman Fur Coat and never giving it back? So far I always go for giving them Dogman Footage, but then my Fur Coat is never in my confiscated items box.

Im loving this mod, but I can not figure out how to get shotgun or rifle parts. Anyone know how?
Also wish Chiko updated this mod more frequently, it has lots of potential, but oh well

Dog be gone is better than shotgun

the gun parts are just the guns of the same type themselves... any two shotguns are regarded as two shotgun parts to to be repaired into a new 100% shotgun...

Also, anyone else is super goddamn annoyed by the cleaners? I remembered reading they wouldnt take stuff that was inside a campsite, but the next day a cleaner swept all my items away. I was camping in the sprawl, at hatters office, and i had to chase the cleaner for half an hour irl (constantly closing game without saving when he dissappeared). Needless to say, very annoying, I wish Chiko made it so they wouldnt steal from campsites. Or maybe make it so if a campsite has a tarp cloak, they wont steal from it since they recognize whoever owns the campsite as one of them. Heck, maybe you can wear the cloak to trigger dialogues with fellow cleaners

Dog be gone is better than shotgun

if to save loots, better to rent a car park. It is not safe anywhere, there is a chance to be taken. If you put the stuffs in the campsite when the slot on the map doens't show the loot icon, it is safe but not 100%. nowhere is safe!

So how do I contact Chiko? I just found a bug caused by the newest update. I was killing a DMC guard when it summoned a drone and it shredded by left leg. Yet when I checked my conditions screen (i had medic), the pain resistance bar was full (i even had fragile flaw). Then the drone escaped and the guard got a lucky shot and broke my arm. It said i had lost some blood, but the pain resistance bar was still full. I took care of my broken bone and my leg, only to have my other arm broken by another guard and, again, my character felt no pain at all

Dog be gone is better than shotgun


I had such problem already. At some point in game, pain system did stop working for me. I had 2 severe wounds and 3 moderate and had no pain at all.

I thought I messed something when I edited the painkillers parameters..

I cannot seem to get the mod to work. Whenever I try to start the game I get the text:
Error: Unable to retrieve image:ItmSquirrelGloveStored.png row 291

The Lord of a few chickens.

If you are getting that error after installing the mod, you must have done something very wrong, since that specific file is already used by vanilla game and should be on the "..\NeoScavGameFolder\img\ItmSquirrelGloveStored.png" and referenced on "..\NeoScavGameFolder\getimages.php" as &strImageURL1060=ItmSquirrelGloveStored.png

Uninstall and reinstall then try to install using standard instructions.

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Hi! Two questions:
1. Exactly how much alcohol is needed to remove the "Needs to drink" debuff? I can get my character up to medium inhebriation (Usually by chugging 2 beers with 3 beer units in each), and it still remains.

2. Where are ball bearings found?

Anyone know what the NeoCross Bike Pump is for?

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If I could find the recipe spreadsheet I compiled I'd know for sure. However, my memory advises that the bike pump is an ingredient for the makeshift air gun.

EDIT: Aha found it!

Spoiler: Highlight to view
12-gauge shotgun parts x1 - any non-makeshift 12-gauge shotgun?
copper tubing x1
duct tape x4
bicycle pump x1 - NeoCross bike pump
fire extinguisher x1

Mechanic skill
Ranged skill
monkey wrench

When one's bedroom door hands one the doorknob, it's a very strange thing indeed.

Can somebody pleace Help me get a mod I have been trying On and off to get mods working for Neo for over a year and it just won't work. >talking about NSExtended as a exemple.

is this on Windows? and the easiest mod to practice with is probably DevKit but they're all the same.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

if you don't mind screen-sharing on Discord, i can help you.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

just create and account, log into here https://discord.gg/GQJPdw9 and ask Layarion to help a brother out

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

I love that I cant play neo scavenger now because I am an Idiot

you need modding help or something?

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Just wondering what the current recipe for the dogman fur headdress is, I got the dogman fur coat, small string, a multi-tool, and the tailoring skill but can't craft it

Hello! been loving the mod! However, I can NOT get the bicycle cart built.
I've restarted the game, tried different variants of the recipe, but just can't seem to get it built.

Here's a screencap of whats uh, NOT happening.


I'm having issues with the surgeries. I can either get the full eye suite, or I can get the skin and muscle suites. If I get skin and muscle the eye surgeries disappear and vice versa.

I had the same issue, I think that's because there isn't enough space in the augmentation menu to add other stuff since you already have all the skills.

Hi Chiko!

I wanted to start a fresh game with your latest mod, but now Im confused.. Do you saw another dude complains about pain system not working for him in #1566?

I had similar bug long before last update, back when we had a discussion about morphine properties (#1500). At the start everything works fine and every dog bite caused some pain, but 60 days in to the game I had no pain even with several severe wounds..

My personal feeling is that some event or string causes base pain value to rise. Like you are supposed to have 100 points of pain, lets say dog bite causes -15 points of pain, or gunshot causes -40 points of pain. At the start it works like this, but then your your pain pool start to increase well over supposed value and you have 200 then 300 points of pain, and you basically turn into Robocop at some point.. No need for painkillers, no shock, no problemo at all. Sorry if this explanation is messy and hard to understand.

I hope you will look in to this.

Hey Chiko,

I've been a long-time fan who has enjoyed your mod, and just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and time you've put into updating it over the years, and adding so much new content to Neo Scav. I hope to start working on my own mod tomorrow, and hopefully all the systems I'm thinking about add some new depth to the game. It's gonna be really fun learning all the different ins and outs of everything that I haven't tried poking around with yet. Anyway, thanks for being a great mod author.

Hey Chiko,
Thanks for the amazing mod! I might have missed something along the way, but how can I make rawhide sheet? there no large pelt drops from Dogman, and didn't catch a deer by now :)

I just got killed on my very first night, inside the cryo building, by your "feral wendigo", despite having gotten lucky enough to get full clothing, shoes, a spear, and a crowbar. It repeatedly tackled me and there was nothing I could do. Why would you put these in the start area?

Hello there! Has anybody got the recipe for the black combat coat? I'd be a grateful Neo-Scavenger!

Well hello there, lads. It's been a while. After a long time modding other games, I finally dragged myself into updating this mod. Here's the changelog:

-Edited the prices of a lot of items. Stuff now cost more assembled than as separated items. Poison mushrooms and berries can be sold for more.
-Increased the chances to find glasses and inhalers.
-Increased the chances to find home appliances in specific campsites.
-Added a new wearable, Tracksuit. They consist of a pair of trousers and a hoodie. Bad Muthas and Looters will have chances to wear these.
-The makeshift pistol can now fire both revolver and pistol ammo now.
-Added a new gun, Zipgun. It's a one-shot short range makeshift gun that can fire any handgun bullet. Only players with the ranged skill can craft and spot them in enemy hands.
-Added a recipe to repair a Half of a Pair of Binoculars. The recipe needs another Half of a Pair of Binoculars, among other ingredients.
-Added a ranged attack move for UVDs that deal minimal damage. Any kind of armor value will probably protect against it.
-Fixed flares and torches being useable to cook and boil water.
-Added a recipe to get a unit of activated charcoal from mask filters.
-Added a recipe to repair mask filters requiring 2 units of activated charcoal.
-Added an alternate water purification recipe to filter water using activated charcoal.
-Edited the mass water purification recipe with the makeshift still to require charcoal filtering.
-Added a new campsite item, Trapdoor. They have chances to spawn in Cabin campsites only. They offer a decent concealment bonus and inventory space.
-Twigs and Bark in campsites will offer less camp concealment now as a way to make them less OP.
-The town hex next to the Cryo Facility has been replaced by a Cabin in the woods hex.

Pew pew pew!

Alright, lads. Time for a new update. Here's the changelog:

-Edited the modURL paths so the mod is included in a "Mods" folder by default now.
-Edited the unidentified name for the one-shot zipgun coz they would display "punch" even when the player hold them.
-Fixed one-shot zipguns not being able to be put in pockets and in some containers.
-Added charcoal lumps and a recipe to make them. They count as medium fire fuel.
-Edited the recipe to make a medium campfire to require an extra medium fire fuel.
-Medium campfires will now drop a random amount of ash and a chance to drop a charcoal lump.
-Added a recipe to make activated charcoal using a makeshift still.
-Sugar can be consumed on its own now.
-Added a new noise trap, scattered broken shards. Much more easy to make but they degrade faster and don't raise camp alertness as much.
-Renamed the makeshift noise trap to food can chimes. They also don't display texts when deployed since you can see the alertness bar.
-The strangler's hood cannot be used in crafting and it doesn't degrade anymore.
-Bicycle pumps can now be placed inside Tool Kits.
-Edited the inventory space in most batteries. They can generally hold more power.
-UVDs degrading from throwing will immediately turn into scratched UVDs, and these will then break into pieces.
-Edited all Mulligan Stew recipes to be more flexible. This also include the poisoned mulligan recipes.
-Fixed scratched UVDs not having the throwing UVD attack.
-Fixed cigarette leftovers counting as small flexible wrapping objects in recipes.
-Fixed baseball bats counting as heavy blunt objects so they can no longer be used as hammers in recipes.
-Removed some redundant pieces of code in item properties that could have been achieved without them in ingredients.

Pew pew pew!

I appreciate the massive improvements your mod has made to the game, for a niche title to be continually improved over the last 5 years is incredible. Thanks for all your hard work.

Hey there, just made this account to report some problems I encountered.
The recipe to repair duffel bags can be used to "repair" a laptop bag INTO a duffel bag.
Plus, when I was fortunate enough to assemble a shopping cart and I wanted to transport some tools I found out that both my monkey wrench and my hacksaw couldn't be put into it, but the pliers could.

For some reason when i drag the mod into the folder it does not allow me to play the mod is there any possible solutions you might suggest

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made this just for you.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Thank You that helped a lot for some reason after my latest update on my computer my computer fucked up my neo scav save and had to redownload the game off of steam fresh and go from there.

Cannibal Family Picnic

Does anyone have the recipe to repair the stove?

Cannibal Family Picnic

Or does anyone know how to make activated charcoal could not find the recipe yet

Cannibal Family Picnic

How hard is it really to combine this mod with mini Mighty mod of doom?

it's not that it can't be done, it's more about:

1) you basically need to know alittle about making a mod/how they work in the xml files.
2) the people who have that knowledge just don't have the interest or the time
3) the ones who have started doing it never finished/kept up with it. reasons could be many.

the monster merge is out dated, and even before it was outdated, it introduced bugs that didn't exist before because each mod will need bits and pieces from the other put into each other if you want the merge to feel more polished. something that martin did figure out later. as an example, NSE backpacks won't hold some items that missing an MSE tag added to it's items. So MMOD items need NSE tags added to them for them to work in NSE bags.

With mod load order being a thing, this has the potential to become a problem if handled poorly by the person merging the mods.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

I posted a bug to the nexusmods page but I'm putting it here as well for visibility:
When attaching a sling to an empty makeshift long shotgun, a random amount of ammo appears in its inventory

Edit: I have confirmed this recipe chooses a random amount of ammunition to put in the gun