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Awesome. Thanks Chiko. Unfortunately my save bugged out so now I have to restart. I was gonna actually finally get around to beating the story instead of messing around T.T

In any case I was missing the laptop battery. I forgot that was a necessary component.

Playing with your mod now and it is awesome! It's like a second life for the game which I've explored almost completely. So I have an idea for you to expand it even more: it would be really cool if you add more cybernetic implants to the clinic. Just Cybereyes from vanilla game is not enough :)

For example, there is an old 16-bit SEGA Genesis game called Shadowrun (and it's modern PC version Shadowrun Returns). In that game you can install a lot of different cyberimplants into your body to get additional skills and perks. As for NEO Scavenger I see it like this:

1) Cyberlegs - player gets Athletic skill. The price is $12 000.
2) Cybernetic Hacking Interface - player gets Hacking skill. The price is $3 000.
3) Metal Hand Claws (wolverine-style) - player gets Melee skill. The price is $10 000.
4) Smartlink (device that connects brain to guns) - player gets Ranged skill. The price is $10 000.
5) Cyberarms - player gets Strong skill. The price is $20 000.
6) Hypodermic Armor Plates - player gets Tough skill. The price is $16 000.

You can change the prices if you think they should be other than those. I've tried to make them according to the value of the skills and based on the price of Cybereyes with all upgrades from original game ($5600 + $300 + $200). And there are no implants to grant skills such as Mechanic, Botany, etc. simply because they require an actual knowledge of things. Though there is a nice idea how player can obtain such skills from Blake81 - http://bluebottlegames.com/node/4123

If you implement all that, it will add more sense and motivation to gather loot, sell it and improve your character via cyberware, making it stronger and better. And also it will add some more cyberpunk elements to the game.

Thanks, Eranim.

I actually have more cybernetic implants in the list of stuff to implement though they were only physical augmentations. I'm currently modding other games but I will come back to modding this one again, eventually.

Pew pew pew!

Yesterday I found a bug that leads to an exploit. I'm playing a character without Hacking skill but with Electric and Mechanic. I've found a recipe to repair cellphone and also found a smartphone which was locked and in bad condition like 11-12%.

So I thought that I can repair it to gain more money for selling it and also open a recipe for smartphone repair using the same tools because those recipes should be similar. But after successful repair my locked smartphone turned into 100% condition unlocked cellphone and all things which were inside smartphone (battery and data) fell to the ground. That data worth $341, and since I had an unlocked iSlab with me I took that data and sold it later.

I haven't tried this on iSlab or laptop yet but when I find one - I'll try. Still I guess this bug can be used to repair-unlock smartphones and cellphones and extract possibly valuable data from them.

P.S.: One more thing, just a suggestion. Scent killers, both brand one and makeshift, are usable items with constant 1,07-1,08 kg weight regardless of the amount of liquid inside. Be it 100% or 2%, the weight remains the same. But when you use it up completely, it becomes an empty container. It would be more realistic if you make them similar to whiskey bottle where you can store certain amount of droplets of scent killer and its weight lowers with every use, if it's possible.

Woah... I thought I fixed the smartphone-to-cellphone one. I had no idea the spawned result would include random items inside, though. That definitely needs fixing.

The scent killer idea sounds like it could be implemented so it works in a similar fashion to the nanorobot medical kit. I could allow the droplets to be used without the spray bottle but with weaker results. I can do this by changing the condition so they stack. So using a makeshift scent killer droplet should count as x1 while using a brand droplet with a spray bottle should count as x6, for instance.

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No, the spawned result was an empty cellphone, but everything that was inside smartphone before repair dropped on the ground because it can't fit in cellphone.

Yeah, such scent killer solution would be great, thanks!

Oh, ok. I can't do anything about that, though. It's actually why allowed software to be placed on the ground because otherwise it would disappear. Technically, repairing deletes the previous item and spawns one in full condition. It happens with everything, like repairing trousers will cause the stuff in the pockets to drop to the ground.

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Found another bug/exploit today. When you found binocular, you can disassemble it into two half binoculars of the same quality. If it's just binocular, recipe works fine, but if this binocular with strap, then it works like this: for example you found binocular with strap and it has 36,9% quality. You remove the strap and get binocular of the same quality, but when you disassemble it - you get two half binoculars with 100% quality.

Update: found binocular with 57% quality and tried to attach strap to it, then remove it and disassemble. Doesn't work that way. So I guess the bug concerns only lootable binoculars which already spawn with straps.

And another thing: made makeshift light source, it cannot be put in hands or backpack and has no weight, so I guess it was originally intended as immovable source of light for camps. BUT it can be put in shop cart and carried around, so it looks like a bug.

The binocular bug is a known vanilla bug. I tried to see what was causing it but I couldn't fix it. I'll take another look to see if I missed something, but seeing it only happening with lootable strapped binoculars, it seems it can't be simply fixed with modding.

The makeshift light source weights 5.165 in the files but it doesn't display it because the game is indeed treating it as an unmovable camp item. I did allowed it to be moved via vehicles because it made sense back then but since its weight is not being taken into account I could either remove the ability to load it in a vehicle or make it so the game treats it as a carryable item so it displays weight. The first option doesn't necessarily means you can't transport the light source, though. You can always disassemble it so you can carry it in parts, which makes sense.

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I guess making makeshift light source carryable item is logical since car battery is carryable.

Hey Chiko I noticed a couple of posts back you mentioned that you were nodding other games. Out of curiosity, what other games?

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable


Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

Two games, currently. A roguelike called Iter Vehemens ad Necem or IVAN for short and a 2D multiplayer game called Barotrauma.

Speaking of which, I reused some of the sprites from this mod in Barotrauma. :P

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Hi there.
Question - is this mod will work on 1.2.7 version, last one? Have it on Android. Sorry if there already such question.

Hi there, Just wanted to say great Mod, I was already having a lot of fun with NeoScav and this just really just adds so much.

There's only one thing I haven't been able to make work and was wondering if it's just me being a dunce. My character doesn't have lockpicking or hacking but I have a breach round loaded in one of the makeshift scatterguns. I don't get any option to use this when interacting with metal lockers, does it need to be an actual shotgun im using rather than a makeshift?

I'm at work right now so I can't check the files but:

1-Is the metal locker the one with an electronic lock or a mechanical one? Only the later can be opened with the breaching shell since it has a lockpad aoutside instead of an internal one.

2-If it's a mechanical one, try having the round in the inventory instead of in the weapon. Maybe the game doesn't find the shell if it's in the weapon.

Pew pew pew!

Ah it's a electronic lock, I must have just been unlucky and only come across them so far, thanks for the reply though its much appreciated!

I feel like I should share my impressions about the mod.

Interesting recipes and lots of useful gear. Couldn't figure about that welder, though.
Although I really enjoy the game and additions that mod makes to the vanilla, I have a couple of complaints.
First, the beer, IMHO, breaks the balance since it makes water obsolete, with current stats and drop rates.
Also, I think that it makes no sense that beer could've preserved for such a long time after fallout.
Second, was it intended that guns can only be obtained from dead NPCs? Cause after playing for like 18 hours, I was able to find only a makeshift 12-gauge shotgun in a storage shack, two 1911 from NPCs and two makeshift .308 rifles from NPCs. Don't know, maybe I'm just extremely unlucky. Buttload of .38 ammo but no gun for it.
Fell in love with an axe, throwing knife and machete, though.
The most terrible thing is the string condition. When you craft something using a full stack, and there is a 100% one on top of it, expect that 6% condition one on the bottom to ruin your day. Spend a week finding a 90+ scrap metal sheet to craft a machete, end up with 6% integrity.
Not throwing tomatoes here, but that's just my point.
I feel like wendigos should be more dangerous for player, too. They look scary.
Also, why untouched lockers disappear over time? It's a rare thing, why not let player return with all needed resources after a while? Strange.

Again, I want to thank developers and modders for their great job. I haven't had such an amusement in game for a long time.

Hello, Navajero.

-The welder is used in only a couple of recipes for now and it needs a working power outlet.

-I've never got feedback about beer so this is good to know. I can make beer less common. Also, what fallout? There was no nuclear detonation in Michigan, as far as I know. Only the collapse occurred and a lot of paranormal activity reports started to spike everywhere.

-About guns. It's probably bad luck. Guns can be obtained from NPCs, looting or bought from the Junk Market. Non makeshift weapons are a rarer but still there.

-The string condition thing can be overcome in two ways. You can make 100% condition rope out of them regardless of their condition or you can disassemble rags, which will always net 100% condition string.

-Unlike string, scrap metal condition cannot be ignored since scrap metal is not as common. If you find it in poor condition, it's best to turn them into makeshift throwing knives or use them to repair your makeshift scrap metal armor, if you have one and the tools.

-Feral Wendigos are only slightly weaker than Dogmen. Maybe I could add an unique combat move for them or something that makes them a bit more dangerous.

-If a locker disappears, then it means an NPC took it. It's the only explanation, since lockers don't degrade like some other items. You can keep them safe if you put them in camps. There are still NPCs that might find them but it will be safer than just leaving them in the open.

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I was poking around on some other mod threads but I'm not really sure what other mods are compatable with this one. Any ideas?

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

Hey Chiko I just ran into a bug, in the ATN Enclave there doesn't seem to be any rawhide sheets but instead the are 10 or so stacks of rawhide patches

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

Hmm... that's a weird bug. Are you using other mods? This one is not compatible with anything.

Pew pew pew!

Ya know, I've always wondered...what's the point of the Bindle? It has less capacity than a makeshift sack, requires more materials than the makeshift sack, and can only be carried as a backpack or in your hands. Is there any benefit to using a Bindle over a Makeshift Sack?

Yeah, Makeshift Sacks have an overall weight penalty attached to them when carried, a Bindle weights a bit more than a sack but it doesn't have that penalty when carried, which means less encumbrance since it's easier to carry.

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Chiko, do you plan on adding MRE field rations to the mod?
I think that this would fit very nicely with the mod, making DMC guards carrying them and also to make them buyacle from Junk market or store. Maybe adding them as a scavengeable item to the gun shops too.

I remember them being suggested a while ago and I think I said no but maybe I should implement them. I don't think the C-Store should sell them since they should be strictly for DMC Guards, though. The Junk Market and looters could have small chances to have them since it's possible a DMC Guard would trade his rations for cigarettes, for instance.

Pew pew pew!

sounds like you played This War of Mine :P

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

That game is awesome. There are lots of good ideas in that game.

Stalker: Call of Pripyat with the Misery mod also has lots of good ideas I could implement in this mod. I've been playing that lately and is pure awesomeness. A little bit difficult, though.

Pew pew pew!

Could you make an item like the drone as a vehicle in the game? I would think that there could be a cool mission built around getting an item like this. If instead of just escaping the DMC and not being able t get in afterwards even if you do not get caught seems dumb, instead of getting caught and coming back as exile choices, only getting caught should be an exile option. Now how this would go is that you use hiding to blend in to the crown, then ues the mechanical doll to distract it, then you use trapping to find hanging power lines and narrow spaces it cannot travel through, next you use eagle eye to see an entrance to get to au upper level and athletic to get there, you use hacking to hack an electronic device past the level of opening it and disable tracking devices, then you can use it using your hacking skill to gain control of the Drone Dbase, you find the number of that drone and reprogram its autonomous setting and disconnect it from the Kernel of the DMC headquarters computer systems, then you open the window and get into the drone. This will open up new areas of the DMC map, maybe you can add some new stores that sell high tech equipment of every normal item and other new items. The LAR rifle can be bought this way perhaps and it could be better than the Gauss Rifle, there could also add better armor, like a sealing armor suit that can go into the swamps, the helmet will have a full face mask with a respirator that doesn't need cartridges and a torso armor that covers arms too and gloves with metal armor in them that makes crippling the hands impossible, there could also be pants armor that protects your legs and armor boots, as long as you have the torso, everything else will work even if you don't have the complete set because it is solar powered to allow its sensors to detect your movement, because the gloves are jointed and the legs are too, and the mask needs to have charges to work,
you could also add a vehicle shop were you can buy accessories for the vehicle that make it go faster and use more sustainable energy, they can sell extremely large batteries from sizes of 16 by 16 size being the smallest to 40 by 40 size, another addition can be a GPS system that shows a detailed version of the map AND the icons or if there is loot and if there is a place to search. another addition could be a solar panel, which will keep the drone charged 80 charges in full sun condition, 40 charges for partly cloudy and 0 charges when night or fully cloudy, you could also add a heating system, the drone should have a gauss rifle attachment or LAR rifle attachment that is automated when you sleep, it can fly or land, when you fly, you cannot search for loot or be attacked, but you can attack others if you decide to. I know I gave you a lot of ideas, I hope you like some of it the suggestions.

A vehicle like that is too OP for a survival game. Also, some of these ideas cannot be implemented with the current externalization files too.

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I'm about to make a bunch of acorn flour.

If I can find a scale to weigh my gains with, would you like the data to add acorns and acorn flour to your mod with?

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Acorn flour? Hmm... maybe. I'll google about it and read about that.

Pew pew pew!

Im trying to add extra talent points but I cant find nSkillPoints in the neogame.xml in the NeoScavExtended folder. How do I change the amount of talent points I get with the mod installed?


NSE shouldn't change the amount of skill points you have, so it should still be connected through the base game gamevars file.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

This is correct, I didn't messed with that file, I just added new skills/flaws.

Pew pew pew!

I used winrar to extract and replace files from the base game to NEOscav files. I open neogame.xml and try finding the skills section but I am having trouble finding it. Is it skill points file in the modded neogame.xml file or somewhere else?


nvm i found it


I need help:
i tried merging your mod (NEO Scavenger Extended) with DNAJUR's BBC mod, The two work fine together, But i can't get the skills from Extended to work together with the one's from the BBC mod, and vise versa.

Spends 2 weeks on 1 save, gets beaten to death by a bunch of Melonheads

Yeah, it's a compatibility issue. The only way to fix this is to edit the files of either or both mods to work with each other. Also, it's probably there are other bugs you haven't yet found because this mod is not compatible with pretty much anything since it overrides a lot of the vanilla game files with modded ones.

Pew pew pew!

I am using this mod along with shoulder mod. I am getting the not enough room error on basic recipes, I can't make headrags, I can't make string rope... It sucks. Any solution? My game version is 1.13 and the mod is the latest version also, v5.2a-6-v5-2a.

This mod is not compatible with anything unless someone makes a compatibility patch. The only solution would be to make both mods compatible with each other.

Pew pew pew!

I see. I'll have to make a clean installation then, and choose just one. I'll ditch shoulder mod and keep this one. Hopefully no more broken recipes then. :)

where do i download mod?


Alright, guys. It's been a while. I just updated the mod. Here's the changelog:

-Added a new item, Bicycle pump. It can be used as one of the tools needed to repair Bicycle Wheels or as a crafting ingredient for a makeshift weapon.
-Added a new item, Fire Extinguisher. It can be used as a melee weapon or crafting ingredient for a makeshift weapon.
-Added a new item, Ball Bearing. It's a makeshift ammunition. Can be thrown by hand but it's best used as ammo for makeshift weapons.
-Added a new weapon, Air Gun. It's a makeshift weapon that fires ball bearings. It's comparable to a long range sling but it also deals slightly more damage.
-The makeshift Gauss Rifle now has a name, just like the mod's makeshift guns.
-Martha's Army Soldiers have a slightly different loadout and they have a chance to spawn with a makeshift air gun.
-NPCs now have chances to spawn with a randomly selected vehicle.
-Tannin Tea and Berry Root Tea will not be identified and will be described as "brownish liquid" when found unless the player has the Botany Skill.
-Berry Root Tea can be used to disinfect wounds but quenches a bit less thirst now.
-Added recipes to mass produce Tannin Tea and Berry Root Tea.
-Reduced the fatigue penalty from gathering water by half.
-Increased the inventory space for all pill bottles and pill organizers.
-Increased the bicycle cart's encumbrance reduction bonus from 150 to 200.
-Increased the chances to either find a bicycle or a disassembled one.
-Reduced the chances to find beer in ruins and abandoned looting locations.
-Reduced the degradation speed for makeshift shirts.
-Alcoholic Flaw now grants two extra points instead of one since it's harder to deal with than smoker or other flaws.
-Increased the bonus given by working door systems from 25% to 50% reduction of camp visibility.
-Fixed a bug that allowed strapped weapons, monoculars, binoculars and medkits to get strapped again.
-Fixed a bug with the repair recipe for the Duffel Bag, which was spawning with items inside.
-Fixed a bug in the random drink treasuretable trying to spawn an non-existent drink instead of bottled water.
-Fixed a bug that allowed a camp light source to be placed in vehicles.

Pew pew pew!

I love your mode! I just downloaded the new 2018 12 Jan Version! but it dosent work! any help?
it just start vanilla game and if I replace all the files it still dosent work!

I just tried and it works.
You only need to replace the game's getmods.php file with the one in the mod's folder. So it's just pasting the folder called NeoScavExtended with all its contents and the mod's getmods into the game's folder.

Pew pew pew!

Hey Chiko I had some questions about the new update. First, what materials/skills do I need to craft the new air rifle?

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

You need both the Mechanic and Ranged skills, Pliers, Screwdriver, Monkey Wrench, 1x 12-gauge shotgun parts, 1x Fire Extinguisher, 1x Bicycle Pump, 1x Copper Tubing and 4x Duct Tape.

Pew pew pew!

New update, lads! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new Health Clinic Augmentation, Synthetic Muscle. It removes the Feeble flaw, adds the Strong skill and allows further muscle augmentations. It also makes the user immune to the Strained Back condition.
-Added a new Health Clinic Augmentation, Muscle Microfiber. It increases both the carrying capacity and melee damage of the user.
-Added a new Health Clinic Augmentation, Synthetic Skin. It removes the Fragile flaw, adds the Tough skill and allows further skin augmentations. It also adds immunity to Foot Injury/Blisters and Insect Stings.
-Added a new Health Clinic Augmentation, Dermal Lattice. It increases pain tolerance, environmental resistance and wound recovery speed.
-Added a new Health Clinic Augmentation, Subdermal Plating. It increases pain tolerance and adds armor value to the whole body.
-Edited the Artificial Eye Replacement Augmentation to also make the user immune to the Irritated Eyes condition.
-Added a repair recipe for Air Guns. It requires all the tools to make one, an Air Gun, any of the parts to make an Air Gun (which can be another Air Gun) and lots of Duct Tape.
-Beer slightly reduces hunger when drunk instead of increasing hunger like strong alcohol.
-Edited the vanilla "Stuck in an opening" looting accident to cause the Strained Back condition.
-Reduced the chances to find bicycle pumps a bit more. They were too common.
-Removed cybernetic skills showing up in the crafting screen even though they cannot be used for crafting.
-Fixed a bug causing crafted makeshift slings to spawn with ammo inside.

Pew pew pew!

Hi Chiko!

I have a couple of questions and suggestions if you dont mind!

1) So it looks like you made painkillers 2 times less effective compared to Vanilla, Im right?
2) If I want to use vanilla values I should just delete these four entries about painkillers in override folder, conditions.xml file, Im right?
3) What exactly m_fPainLeft parameter does, changes current pain level in percents or removes units of pain, like 0.15 will reduce current pain level by 15% or remove some 0.15 units from current pain level?

Now on morphine.. First, in 5.2a version initial effect from morphine injection produces 0.15 value for m_fPainLeft and when it wears off it produces 0.35 value , is it me or you misplaced these values.

Also as a medic I think your morphine version is really weak, pricewise and realismwise. Morphine is supposed to kill pain even in very severe conditions like amputations or massive internal damages. It basically supposed to switch pain off. So my guess is making initial injection 0.95 value and 2 hours duration and wear off stage about 0.4 value and 2 hours duration. I suppose this would make sense in every way. Also overdose of morphine will cause cardial failure and repeated use of morphine will turn you into addict in no time. Also heavy opiates seriously increase tolerance to cold, you can walk in -20 celcium like its actually -5. Something like this is happens when you drink coffee in your mod, but it looks like overkill but this perfectly fits into morphine high picture. If its possible to simulate at least some of these effetcs thats gonna be cool!

One more question, can your mod possibly produce bug which breaks pain subsystem, like painometer on the left and conditions list do not have any pain even if character have several very serious wounds with severe pain or problem is in vanilla game?

And last thing.. 5.3 version of mod seems to produce to much sleds and bycicle pumps , I found a LOT of these things just in 24 hours, maybe I was just lucky, Im not sure..

I made similar post on STEAM forum, dont bother to answer there if you are going to answer here!

Good luck and thx for the mod!