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There's only one issue with the upcoming bugfix... I can't make the makeshift light source show its weight for some reason. I have no idea why it's hiding it. Apart from that, the patch is ready.

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Hey Chiko I have a question:Is this version compatible with the mod, 'Mighty mod of doom'?I really need an answer,because i want to play both mods together.I already know how to merge the getmods.php.

ha not without pouring a few hours of work into merging the override files.

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I already know how to merge,but i only want to know,if extended neoscav is compatible with mighty mod of doom


Every Time when i install the mod it says 'Parsing item types row:265' in the loading screen and it loads infinity

it's only compatible if you merge the .xml's

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And how is it possible

download notepad++, get a few hours of coffee prepared, and get cracking.

this will give you an idea of how to do it, but i've been told i made the vid a little hard to follow so it might not be the perfect example.


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Yeah, if mods need merging then they are not compatible. Editing the getmods.php is not merging, it's just telling the game which files you want it run.

Merging requires a lot of time, specially if not familiar with the xml files. Both these mods change a really big chunk of the vanilla content plus they add a lot of new stuff so it might take a while to merge them.

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also, NSE and MMoD go in opposite directions in some places i think, which means you gotta decide which one you like more. essentially it's not a good idea because you won't be playing it as the author intended

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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I really don't get why you guys beat around the bushes so much :D

The correct answer is:
No, the two mods are not compatible at all. One would literally had to make a completely new mod, using some parts of each, in order to get the elements of the two together.

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Yeah, what Kaaven said. xD

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I've found a way!I downloaded the merged modpack from tierre

Does it work? I think it's not updated.

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I still think you need to add the bladed war club. The scrap knife recipe already makes three knives, it's perfect for the triple bladed war club.

I thought you were dead. xD

That kinda sounds like an overkill weapon, lol.

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Chiko no se si es un bug o que soy estupido, pero queria hacer una build de Ranged y creando todo mi equipamiento practicamente de CUEROS y demas, osea con pistolera de cuero, carcaj de flechas, ropa de cuero, la banda de cuchillos arrojadizos, etc. Entonses el problema es que no se como hacer cuero, he cazado y conseguido los tres tipos de pieles del juego (perro, ardilla, ciervo) pero esas son pieles crudas y no hechas cuero, entonses me hice el tanning rack (no conozco la traduccion xd) pero no entiendo como usarlo, osea no me deja poner ninguna piel adentro, ni combinarla con piel para hacer cuero, combinarla con pieles y el kit de coser, ni nada. Mis habilidades son: ranged, hiding, tracking, mechanic, electronic, tayloring, y botany. Te agradeceria si me dejases la receta, o me dijeras si es un bug o algo estoy haciendo mal, porque he intentado todo antes de preguntar en el foro, y tengo todas las recetas que me gustaria hacerme pidiendome el maldito leather patch.

Un saludo chiko, GRAN MOD !!!

La primera receta que necesitas es: 1x Cuchillo o similar, 1x Tanning Rack, 4x Agua y 1x Piel grande de ciervo o dogman o un abrigo de pieles. Eso te va a dar Rawhide, que es cuero basico. Se demora unos dias antes de que puedas usarla en crafting.

Despues la puedes transformar en cuero con la receta: 1x Cuchillo o similar, 1x Tanning Rack, 4x Cenizas, 4x Agua, el Rawhide Sheet que te salio en la primera receta y 1x Tanning Material, que puede ser Bark Solution, Tallow o una unidad grade de Lighter Fluid. Se demora como una semana antes de que se pueda usar.

Hay 2 versiones de Rawhide y Leather, Patch (pequeña) y Sheet (grande). Algunas recetas necesitan patches, las que se pueden obtener combinando un cuchillo o similar con una pieza grande o sheet del material.

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Gracias Chiko vere si me funciona :D

Yo Chiko! Been using this mod a lot lately; trying out various different skills builds, and I've stumbled upon a few bugs:

-Repairing a Smartphone ALWAYS turns it into a normal (and useless) cellphone.
-Repairing Black Cargo Pants ALWAYS turns them into Khaki Cargo Pants.
-Bicycle Cart cannot be crafted, at least not by following the recipe in the OP.
-Something's wrong with the Butcher/Carve Corpse recipes; if I add the ingredients manually it works OK, but if I click on the recipe it doesn't work.
-The Makeshift Power Source doesn't generate any power, no matter how long I wait. Or is it just meant to be an oversized battery?

On another note, what's the Welder used for? Is it just a much heavier Soldering Iron?

Sup. Sorry about the delay, I've been lurking other forums plus life stuff. Lets see:

-Hmm... I thought I fixed the smartphone to cellphone bug in the latest version. Seems I missed something.
-The Cargo pants thing is not a bug, color does not affect gameplay so I choose not to clutter the recipe list for a recolor recipe.
-I haven't messed with the Bicycle Cart recipe in ages and it seems to be working for other ppl. I will check the files anyways to see if something is wrong with that.
-The butcher/carve quick recipe might be suffering from the same bug I had in other recipes. This means I will need to add a recipe for each corpse type.
-The makeshift power source is more like a battery for Welders. Will have more uses in later updates.
-The welder is used to make the Bicycle Cart and to repair certain items, like scrap metal vests.

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Coming back to this mod after a long time i've run in to a problem trying to install it. I know the "file structure" for mods was changed while i was gone, but i'm having a hard time understanding the difference between the two folders in the mod's zip file NSEoverride and NeoScavExtended. Every mod installation guide i can find says to simply extract the mod folder(s) into the game directory but doing that doesn't seem to work since apparently the game gets stuck failing to load an image file at 28% during launch. Am i missing something extremely obvious? or has something changed since with how the mod is installed?

Extracting the mod files into the game directory should work if you have no other mods installed and you allow it to overwrite existing files. If it's not working you should probably uninstall the game and delete everything in the game's installation directory and then reinstall it and the mod to make certain all the correct files are where they're supposed to be. It's possible that old files from a previous version of the game or mod have survived the update process and are being loaded when they're not supposed to be, deleting everything and then reinstalling is the fastest way to fix that.

Hey Chiko! Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your hard work. Are you planning on adding more content or is the mod more-or-less complete?

How come this mod changes the default Broad Spear attack to Throw? Is there some way for me to change this on my end?

There is an up arrow and down arrow on the weapon window in the bottom right. Just click through your options as if you were switching weapons normally.

I know how to switch attack modes. Was just wondering about why/how the default mode was changed.

The scrap metal vest repair formula seems to be broken. With a hacksaw, hammer, pliers, an unfolded multitool, 2 fully charged soldering irons, 40 coils of solder, 40 pieces of mechanical parts, a scrap vest(at 42.8%) and 4 pieces of scrap metal of various conditions (ranging from 17% to 100%), and both the mechanic and electrician skills, I still couldn't get the repair formula to show.

Additionally, it seems like the repairing electronic devices doesn't work either. I've tried everything I could think of for those as well, but it doesn't seem to be available either.

I'm currently in the same predicament. I remember something about the OP description was no longer correct on the formula to repair the vest. I remember it having to require the giant welding kit you sometimes find in garages? I'm just throwing random things around in the crafting box to hopefully get a result.

Hola, sabes si con el
[Merge][WIP] EXE Patchwork m(onster)od v.0.98.3(RC6) (Neo Scavenger Extended + Mighty mod of Doom + BBC + others)
instalado puedo actualizar tu mod a la última versión? O me dará problemas? O ya está actualizado en el Merge?

Since duct tape is added and flip flop often fall out, how about adding flip flop w/duct tape making it doesn't fall off?

Hey, how do you repair the door system?


This is how i picture every single Blue Frogs' face in my head

You need Electrician, a powered soldering iron, electronic components x 10, solder x 8, mechanical parts x 10, pliers, a screwdriver, and the door system.

Is the mod still alive? the download link is broken.

Fixed the link issue. Dropbox had some public/private link stuff and I'll have to update all the download links of my mods. D:

Also, sorry about the inactivity. I'm kinda hooked on other games right now but I will eventually come back.

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I don't remember if it was with this mod, but is there a recipe for adding pockets to the rawhide coat?

That might be the Overhaul mod you're thinking of.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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I don't quite remember the recipe but it might include the rawhide coat + a knife or similar + sewing needles + 3 or more rawhide patches and a number of small or medium string.

The recipe also adds a hood that can be switched just like the hoodie. ATN Slayers wear hooded rawhide coats and since they are constantly fighting Feral Wendigos and other creatures, it's likely to find them on their corpses.

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Thanks, I was sure it was the extended mod, also, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but do you happen to know the recipe for repairing the yukon backpack? in over a year of playing this awesome mod I haven't been able to find it.

I haven't played this mod yet, so can't help you there. Also, it's possible this mod has the pocket but I wouldn't know. I do know my mod has it though.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

I could be wrong but the recipe might be:

The tailoring skill, sewing kit, a knife or similar, the yukon backpack, rawhide or leather patches, a number of small or medium thread and I think 2 shoulder straps or similar.

I have the game in another hard drive so I can't check the files. D:

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Hey Chiko, have you considered writing a wiki for the game?

Seems like it could use it at this point.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

It kinda sounds like too much work for me. :P
I have more free time than before but I'm modding other games plus I've never done a wiki before.

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Making the Saw decrease the Fatigue loss for gathering Branches and Small Twigs would be nice. Maybe separate it into the Multitool.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

I am new to messing with game files and modding, but I have everything in place and my neo scav loads to 23% and then it isnt able to load the gamevars file, any help?

Ryan Phelan

Are you using other mods, by any chance? This mod is not compatible with anything since it changes lots of vanilla stuff.

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Hey Chiko, is power outlet (repair) available in in-game looting? because i can't really find it and I need it to create the bycicle cart

You mean the recipe or an already repaired outlet?

The later cannot be found, only the broken ones you need to repair. Also, I haven't played the game and the mod in a while but I think the power taps from the DMC count as repaired power outlets.

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nope, i meant the recipe, i guess it is found by chance and i am simply unlucky