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I tried with all 3 and it works with all of them. Hmm... I checked old files and I haven't made any changes so I'm not sure what could be causing the issue.

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Sorry for late replying. my internet isn't stable lately.

My mistake, I use a patch instead of a sheet...

Have you abandoned this mod? Or do you plan to?

Maybe i should just use the current version i have of the mod and not upgrade, since i don't seem to have encountered any bugs with my current. No?

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I did some months ago but I have a bit of free time these days so I'm slowly working on the next update.

Also, which version of the mod are you using? Usually, older versions have bugs fixed in the newer versions plus new features.

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I am actually not sure which version i have, but it has 782 images in the \Backup Extended\NeoScavExtended\img directory vs. 796 in \NeoScavExtended51\NeoScavExtended\img.

102 images in \Backup Extended\NSEoverride\img vs. 106 in \NeoScavExtended51\NSEoverride\img.

Timestamps for the folders in the old version when it comes to "Last Edited" and "Creation Date" is 2016-03-01 or 2016-03-03, if that helps.

Timestamps for \Backup Extended\NSEoverride\getimages.php is "Last Edited" = 2015-04-16 | "Creation Date" = 2016-03-01.

[\Backup Extended\* = Old, unknown number version.]
[\NeoScavExtended51\* = 5.1 (Duh. Lol.)]

PS. It is 01:13 here in Sweden atm, I am too tired to deal with this right now, so i will set my mind on using the current unknown number version that i have ("Backup Extended" was a custom folder create by me btw, in case you wondered), at least until (if) i encounter any bugs. I'll check back tomorrow though.

Thanks for the help :) It is a nice mod!

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I don't see why you shouldn't use the latest 5.1 release. There are no major bugs in it, as far as I know.

SUGGESTION: Box Bike (Bike with box, Something like that? No clue what the name should be.)
Cardboard box + 5 ductape + 5 small parts + All-terrain bike = Box Bike
Has a 6x6 storage capacity, While still remaining light and versatile, unlike the cart bike.

We had a discussion about the bike a while ago regarding this. A vehicle like that would be kinda OP. It used to be just the bike before but a lot of ppl wanted it to have inventory space. It was decided it would be either a traveling/combat vehicle or a hauling cart but not both.

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I just encountered a really weird bug... Loners can only be spawned as looting accidents but I found one in the wilderness, which should be impossible since they have no spawn points anywhere in the map. This is either a bug or maybe NPCs can trigger looting accidents somehow.

I'm not gonna do something about it, though. It kinda spice things in the game to find heavily armed psychos that will try to kill anything on sight.

Edit: This guy was definitely triggered by someone else. He's already wounded and has no ammo, and they are supposed to spawn with lots.

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For some reason I find this seriously cool. :) The fact that they can be triggered by NPCs just makes the world feel so brilliantly alive. I wouldn't touch it either.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

It can end games prematurely if you are not familiar with them, though. They are like mini bosses. xD
He almost killed me. Good news is now have I have leather armor and a sawed off shotty so it's going to be easier to test the mod in the next minutes.

If everything is ok, I guess I will upload the next patch, which is pretty much bugfixes and some recipe/stats adjustments.

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I get that, but... seriously cool anyway! Plus, while NSE doesn't make the game easier per se, all the extra loot and crafting means you can usually get to a decent point faster than vanilla when you know what you're doing. A bit of tough-luck RNG, especially one this rare is nice counter balance imo.

Now I'm annoyed cause I have a craving to play NSE again but Kaaven also has a new update up and there's only that many hours in a day. Great problem to have. :D So nice that you're around more again Chiko, you were missed.:)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Hi, I don't think it needs any change. Sometimes, a loner could retreat from an encounter and become freelancer anyway. Happens to me once but the loner stalks around somehow. It is not a serious issue... being killed is common in this game...

In my humble opinion, .38 revolver attackmodes could use something like -0.1 blunt damage, or maybe -0.05 blunt and cut. As it is (and I think it's the same in vanilla), .38 and .45 do the exact same damage, even though .38 Special, which I'm pretty sure the in-game cartridge is supposed to represent, is a lot weaker than .45 ACP. Realistically the difference should be way larger, but there isn't really room to go any lower, so...

As a gunsmith I can say that against an unarmored target .38 special and .45ACP have about the same effect on a human or anything with comparable musculature. Larger animals that have more dense muscles or just more of them, like horses or bears, will see less effect from a .38 than a .45 but it's generally still fatal if the shot is placed well even if it isn't immediately lethal.

I don't know if there's a way in the game to illustrate penetrating power, but that's really where the .45 would be an improvement over the .38. It's the main reason that militaries all over the world use 9mm and .45 over smaller rounds. Larger rounds have more mass and thus more inertia and will penetrate dense material like armor or barriers more effectively, but against a Bad Mutha wearing a hoodie and jeans they'd perform equally well up to about 25 meters or so. Beyond 25m the .45 would start to out perform the .38 because it's greater mass would make the bullet more stable over longer distances which means increased accuracy and more shots hitting the target.

Oh gwads... now I remember why recipes with duct tape were separated from the normal ones. Duct Tape doesn't degrade when used in them and they can still be recovered.

It's recoverable if the player doesn't use the final product, though. if it was used to make a shiv, for instance, and you use it at least once, then the duct tape cannot be recovered. Is that ok or should I just not allow duct tape to be used as small flexible wrapping object?

Edit: I have to go to work in a moment so I will upload the new patch anyways. :P

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It's update time, lads! The mod version is 5.2 now. It's mostly bugfixes but here's the changelog:

-The mod is now fully compatible with version 1.14 of the game.
-Gathering resources like branches, water, etc. will make you easier to detect for 3 turns every time you do it.
-Raised the chances to find glasses in looting locations.
-Raised the chances to find duct tape in looting locations.
-Duct Tape can now be used as "small flexible wrapping object" in the recipes asking for these.
-Recipes for Spiked Bat, Scrap Knives and Machete now need "small flexible wrapping object" instead of Duct Tape.
-Decreased the spawn chance for wilderness hunter looting accidents.
-Changed the amount of solder needed for all electronic repair recipes. Most need less solder.
-Renamed the required ingredient "quality sewing needles" to "quality sewing kit" to avoid confusion.
-Renamed the "Military Shoulder Strap" to "Quality Strap" since there will be other ways to obtain them.
-Fixed a bug allowing Feral Dogs to use the "Threaten" move in combat.
-Fixed the bug allowing ATN Slayers to use the "Bite" combat move.
-Fixed a mistake in the Makeshift Scent Killer condition, which was causing the opposite of what was supposed to do.
-Fixed the "Boiled Egg 1-3" broken recipe and separated them into 3 recipes.
-Fixed a bug with the recipe to make a Medium Sparker. They also need electronic spare parts instead of mechanical parts.
-Removed a number of obsolete recipes from the mod.
-Removed the fix for communal barrel fires since there's an official one now.

Make sure to start a new game before playing the game with this new update. Have fun, lads!

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Awesome! Gonna try this out right after lunch :)

EDIT/ADD: No problems so far.

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BUG REPORT (Sorry man):Rags can be disassembled into twenty duct tape

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Dammit, I forgot to revert the test recipe. xD
I always use that one to test new feature and I sometimes forget to bring it back, lol.
I'll reupload a quickfix in a moment.

Edit: Done. My internet died for a while but the link is updated with the fixed version.

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I got that bug too, but i lol'd too much to really think about reporting it >.<

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Hi Chiko,
I just wnder if I could keep my current game (using 5.1) and just upgrade the mod to 5.2A? I did and it seems to work ok but I never know what may not working?

By the way, how come I never see the combat moves from your mode? Is it possible I did something wrong?

Cellphone could be repaired now. I try repairing smartphone, but the result is a cellphone with all the apps from the smartphone. IS this a bug? Or smartphone can't be repaired now? Or it can be repaired but turn into a cellphone?

FInally, hoping for more repairable items soon...

If you upgraded and the save didn't corrupt, then it worked. You probably didn't have all the recipes I removed from the mod.

About the combat moves. What skills are you using? Most of the new combat moves are available to certain skills.

The cellphone/smartphone thing sounds like a bug. I'll take a look at it.

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melee and strong skill.

Guess starting a new game may be needed but I will play a while till dying...

THe smartphone repair yields softwares in the smartphone and a 100% cellphone. It is a way to get softwares early without going to the junk market. Sometimes a hacking software too. too bad it is a bug, I was planning to get apps early in game...

Thanks, it is a great mod!

That's weird. Those 2 skills have most of the new moves. There are some that can be done by anyone and there's at least one that can be used by anyone that doesn't have combat skills.

The repair thingy have 2 bugs that can be fixed with one change. It needs a new treasure table. The one it's using is a vanilla one that has a chance to spawn software and/or a battery.

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One reason may be due to the fact I range attach mostly, always avoiding close combat...

Since items that needed duct tape before now could use other things like, dirty rags and patch, it seems duct tape is not so important now. SHould its value decrease? 20 duct tapes is 80 now...

On the board spear: I have not really experiement the two versions: duct tape one and the small or midium thread one. I wonder which one is more durable? Or it is related to the sharp object used as the spear head? any idea?

I have one with duct tape and glass shard as spear head. It degrades about 3% in a combat with a dog, can't remmeber how many stabs...

THanks first.

Yeah, it makes sense to reduce its price a bit. There are still recipes that require duct tape only and they might be more in the near future, though.

Making a broad spear with damaged items will create it with the condition of the most damaged ingredient used to create it, which could be the medium thread. Duct Tape has no durability so it counts as a 100% durability ingredient. Duct Tape cannot be recovered once the broad spear has degraded, though.

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Got it. SO duct tape still has its value because of its unique usage.

I haven't found any other bugs so far. I will keep testing things today since I have a bit more free time but I will probably upload a new bugfix tomorrow. These are the things that will be included:

-Deltec Pistols will no longer be ignored for quick recipe crafting so the recipe to attach a silencer works with quick crafting.
-Pill Organizers will be ignored in crafting. They are not used for anything so the less things the game has to load in the crafting screen, the less lag it creates in later games.
-Fix the bug causing locked smartphones to count as cellphones in crafting.

If there are any other objects that are not used in crafting and they appear in the crafting screen, please let me know so I can add them to the ignore list.

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I've noticed the recipe for mulligan stew won't work sometimes. This is probably a similar issue with the egg recipes, since there are 3 types of mulligan stew but their recipes are all hidden under one. Players can still make the other types manually or maybe I could separate the recipes into at least 3 different ones, plain, simple and fine.

Pew pew pew!

Should I rework how water works? Right now, it's possible to exploit the stacking system to "identify" which water is contaminated and which is clean. What if I separate unidentified water differently, like:

-River Water: Low chances to be infected.
-Lake Water: Average chances to be infected and low chances to be contaminated.
-Marsh Water: High chances to be infected and low chances to be contaminated.
-Black Swamp Water: Always toxic.
-Looted Water: Random. Average chances to be infected, contaminated or toxic.

They would all be labeled just water, of course but they would only stack with their own kind now and identifying/Boiling them would spawn a different water, depending on the chances applied in their treasure tables.

Boiling water won't identify it and will only sterilize infected water. Water contaminated with chemical toxins or impurities can be boiled but they will still be contaminated.

Purifying water with the makeshift still won't identify it either and will sterilize both infected and contaminated water. Toxic water cannot be purified.

It's just an idea. It will take time to implement something like this so I will shelve the idea for now.

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If that's possible I think it'd be a great addition to the game, but I'm pretty sure I remember someone talking in a thread with Dan about that and them coming to the conclusion that it's not possible without extensive work.

Your ideas would make the water tester and purification tablets far more valuable than they are currently. Would making Tea with water still remove both contamination and infection? What about trying to make tea with unidentified toxic water since the recipe won't allow you to use toxic water? Would water sold in shops always be identified or would there be a chance of it being infected or contaminated? If you're removing the labels from water how will we be able to keep track of what water's been treated or identified between the crafting screen and the inventory screen since the items are all moved around when switching between them?

It's actually a kinda complicated thing to implement yeah. I gave the whole thing a second thought and it still won't be able to prevent the issue that happens with the stacking thing.

The only thing that could be done would be to make water unable to be stacked, like before, but that will create a lot of survival and crafting related problems.

What I could implement for now would be hidden recipes if using infected/contaminated/toxic water.

Pew pew pew!

Hmm... I've been thinking about the possible hidden recipes and there might be something that could increase the importance of the water tester.

So boiling only purifies infected water. What should happen if we boil more than 1 unit of water and one of them is contaminated or toxic? It will turn the rest of it into contaminated/toxic water. This means careless players could end up mass contaminating their water supply by mixing it when mass boiling.

Also, what about the purification tablets? Should they work against contaminated water too or just infected water? It's the future after all so maybe these could be more advanced.

Working on contaminated/toxic food will take a while but it should make things a bit more challenging for players.

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About contaminated water, I think they should be ok to be used to tann leather and rawhide sheet as the finished items are not food. The same is for tanning solution. But tallow will be contaminated tallow if the water is contminated. I usually got my water from a river. The worst is infected water. But swamp's water is really dangerous.

Yep, Just food and water will be affected by it, as mentioned in my previous posts.

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Hi Chiko,

I finally rushed to get the bicycle cart done... it is a lot of work and time consuming. However, I am disappointed to find that the weight loading ability of bicycle cart is lower than the weight loading ability of a box cart. I could put about 60kg in the box cart and no overburder condition happens. With bicycle cart, 55kg has overburden already. (Of course, my character has the full cloths and crowbar, a bow and a backpack, so I have not been able to check what exactly the weight allowance is).

I find this unfair. A bicycle cart should load more weights than a box cart and move easily too. I have not attacked with a bicycle cart so I won't know if there are special combat moves with bicycle cart.

Would you consider increasing the weight ability of a bicycle cart?


Makes sense. I based its stats on the box cart and forgot to change that bit so they basically have the same encumbrance limit but the bicycle weights more. I'll push its limit by 50, which is 1/3 more than the box cart.

Also, bicycles loose their combat moves when turned into carts so it's either a traveling/combat vehicle with no inventory or a faster shopping cart-like option.

Pew pew pew!

Make sense. can't have both attac and storage space together, balanced. Maybe a bit more greedy, more space? double baskets, but again, weight is an issue.

I was wondering I could take the welder, welding mask, and battery along as tool to fix my armor from time to time. But they will be too much weight to carry. Putting them in a temperory base will promise lossing them somehow though. to be or not to be... just a bit frustrated with all the work to gather all these tools.

Please keep up the good work. IT is a great mod! Looking forward to the new repairable items too.

ah, I made a makeshife lamp with car battery. It is weightless. Is this a bug? On the other hand, should the weight be less than the car battery?

The lamp however can't be used as a torch in scavenging, could this be changed?

Or you intend the lamp to be a light source like a floow light only?

Just wondering if the lamp could have more function.

Weightless? Oh man, how did I missed that... It's supposed to weight a bit more than a car battery.

Also, it was supposed to be more like a building light instead of a light source that can be carried around like a flashlight because of how much it should weight.

Pew pew pew!

Hi Chiko,

I owe you an appologize. The lamp has weight but no text though. SO I don't know how much it weight and the burden bar hasn't changed much so I thought it is weightless.

THe lamp is working like a building light as you designed! But I hope it could work like a torch... it is portable anyway... why not?

Oh, I know why that's happening. It's because the lamp is being treated like a building appliance in its code. I will change that so it works like normal items.

Pew pew pew!

Maybe I need to restart my game after the new version as it is getting weird sometimes. SO Chiko, you are right!

The welder mask, it could be used as a helmet while protecting the eyes.

For the welder, it is expensive and heavy. It is impossible to carry it with or without a better bicycle cart. Yet the welder so far is used in two receipts:
1. Bicycle cart
2. Repairing the scarp metal armor

Just wondering if it should be a lighter version of the welder. And/or the welder have more useful receipts. It is a pretty to destroy or sell it after making the bibycle cart. For example, repairing the shield? Welding a crowbar with a knife to be a stronger metal spear? Or a crowbar and a machete into a long glaive? These weapons will be all metal and should be mre durable.
Due to its weight, I think destroying is always the option. Leaving it behind in the middle of nowhere is 100% to be lost due to its high value.

(Also I found that after welding the bicycle cart, no energy is being used.)

One more thought on bicycle cart, due to its many negative factors such as leaving more tracks, more invisible to others, could not see others too, more tiring to move around... I wonder it should give more benefits such as loading limit. In real life, pushing a shopping cart may be more tiring than using a bicycle cart too. Of course, the bicycle cart is a makeshife version, and hence more clumsy I guess.

Enjoying the mod alot! THanks!

Lastly, I have played the game for a long time. It seems the night goggle's battery is super rare. I never find it in scavenging (Junk market only rarely sometimes).

The welding mask does actually protect the eyes already. :P

The welder will eventually have more crafting recipes. Repairing metal items with it is definitely something it should be able to do.

Also, I usually leave welders inside campsites, that way it's harder for NPCs to find them.

The 2 steps to craft the bicycle cart should use up 1.5 each so that's weird. I just checked the files and everything seems to be in order.

Someone suggested an increase to its encumbrance capacity so it will go from 150 to 200 in the next update.

About the NVG's batteries. Maybe I should add a chance to find them in gun shops. They are also found on some NPCs. I'll probably add a new Loner encounter that spawns one with them.

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Hello Chiko, I have a problem making the drone into smaller pieces, it seems like all of the proper ways of taking it apart do not work, and i have opened the multitool to do it, and i have the electrician and mechanic skill too, so there is definately something i messed up in the coding when i changed stuff, i want to send the part that i may have messed up but im not sure it will be the right part or if it can be helped at all, if you think it'll help ill attach a link to my setup of the code. Hope you can help:)

Version 4.8 of the mod changed the recipe to disassemble drones. You also need A monkey wrench now.

Check the link to the changelog in the main page for more info.

Pew pew pew!

Sorry about the inactivity, lads. I've been into other games plus work and some financial issues. I've been working on some fixes today. No new content, though. I will continue testing tomorrow morning. If everything seems to work ok, I should be able to upload the copy with the bugfixes and adjustments.

Pew pew pew!