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well, the recipe I have says 1 laptop battery and 1 small mechanical parts so that should be working for you. If it's not I'd try reinstalling the game and the mod to make sure it's all working the way it's supposed to.

Well i try to uninstall and reinstall the game and the mod, but still can't make the medium esparker, all other recipes work properly, including the small sparker, must be a bug... i guess so

PD: Thanks for the help man

I guess some of the item properties got medded up. You can check it yourself. Find the recipy - see what ingridients and tools are needed, find ingredients and see what itemprops are needed, find those props in the needed items (they should all be present).

More tasks would be nice. You've got a damn fun set of mechanics, but there's not much to do with them.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Oh hey chico I got playing your mod after messing with MMod for ages (Don't judge) and I am curious as to why duct tape being required for the handle of the machete and knives as I can make one myself from paracord

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

I've actually brought this up before. I don't mind the option to make them out of duck tape, but they should be able to be make with medium string or cloth too. For such an underwhelming weapon using a large quantity of such a rare resource is really not an option.

I remember it was a way to add some balance to them since crafting these weapons would be really easy otherwise and they are actually deadly. The machete is the second most deadly bladed weapon in the mod and you can insta kill someone with a thrown scrap knife.

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While this is true, the rate at which the machete degrades and the fact that when you craft one it starts with the condition % of the materials used means using a large amount of a relatively scarce resource feels like a huge waste. I've never felt the investment was worth the return regardless of how deadly the weapons are considering you usually only get to keep the machete around for 1 or 2 fights at most and the knives nearly always vanish when you throw them.

Hmm... its been a while since I created these items so I would need to check their stats. I will see what I can do about it.

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I think that it should keep it's annoying durability but require less of the scarce resource to balance it out and add some realism as making a machete from some 100 year old corrugated stainless steel from a shed which is usually only around 3-6mm in thickness by sharpening it on a rough sandstone rock and cutting it with a hacksaw should not really be brilliant....Sort of reminds me of the issue MMod's spring rifle I was talking to kaaven about only you should be actually able to repair that because it lacks such durability and does fuck all damage x)

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Well, lets see which are the recipes that require Duct Tape:

-Shiv (Duct Taped): 1
-Broad Spear (Duct Taped): 1
-Arrow Crude Broadhead (Duct Taped): 1
-Arrow Crude Piercing (Duct Taped): 1
-Spiked Bat: 2
-Scrap Knives x2 (Tin Can): 2
-Scrap Knives x6 (Scrap Metal): 6
-Scrap Machete: 4
-.308 Makeshift Rifle: 4
-.45 Makeshift Pistol: 2
-12-Gauge Short Scatter Gun: 3
-12-Gauge Long Scatter Gun: 3
-12-Gauge Long Scatter Gun (Repair): 3
-12-Gauge Long Scatter Gun (Repair 2): 3
-Patchwork Foil Poncho: 10

These are all. What I could do could be the following:

1- I think there's a way to make it so Duct Tape degrades completely after being used as ingredient but I'm not sure. If this is true, I could make Duct Tape recognizable as "small flexible wrapping object" which means it could be used in other vanilla recipes but when reversing them to get materials back, duct tape would be unrecoverable. This also means I could just delete the recipes with (Duct Taped) tag from the previous list.

2- Increase the chances to find them in looting locations and also add them in more vanilla treasure tables.

3- Reduce the amount needed in some of the recipes from the previous list.

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I wouldn't mind any of the current recipe requirements if Duct Tape was more common. I think allowing them to be a "small flexible wrapping object" would be awesome if their availability was drastically increased. Honestly I don't see any reason for it to be less common than shoes or clothes. I certainly wouldn't want it to be as common as wrags or mechanical parts, but if I could depend on finding at least 1 roll of duct tape every 8-10 times I go scavenging in a city or suburb I would find it far more agreeable.

Since switching to NSE 5.1, I haven't been able to close multitools, or use them as anything other than a knife.

Also, I have no idea if it's just RNG working against me, but I haven't seen a single auto repair shop in almost 4 hours of time played so far.

Also also, I've been able to use bite attacks in combat, which I thought weren't supposed to be available to the player.

I check and I can use multitools as intended. Are you using other mods?

Auto repair shops is one of a group of rare buildings but they shouldn't be that rare. I haven't messed with their spawning code in ages too.

The bite attack issue has been reported before. It sounds like I missed something in 5.1 that needs to get fixed.

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trying to boil an egg seems to compleatly lock away all action and when you presss next turn all turns from now on will end instantly, until you quit or die. im not really sure if its actually boiling eggs, but everytime i do it seems to happend, but i didnt test much...

Thanks for reporting this one. It seems it has something to do with trying to make the recipe kinda dynamic. I'll have to separate the recipe into 3 separated ones.

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Hi Chiko, just register here but a long tie player. I recently play the game your with your mod. It is great and it is also new great experiement too. Thanks a lot for your good work.

I would like to ask a few questions:
1. What are Pure Alcohol and Moonshine used for? I just make some Pure Alcohol, it is worth 400 (16units in one production). My player is not hurt now so I could not test if it treats wound better?

2. Boiling egg issue... I found that I could boil or fire eggs with sauce pan or pressure cooker, but it can't be done with tin can (actually the game freezes somehow). IS this a bug?

3. Could fire axe be repaired? I tried with a large branch and another axe, medium branch, solder and solering iron...

4. Dogs are a big problem, they don't stop appearing... good for food but tiresome for the player...

1-Pure Alcohol is for medical purposes. It's the most effective disinfectant for wounds. It can also be drunk but it's not recommended. It's also a wanted trading item so making it can be very profitable. Moonshine is another trading item unless you have the alcoholic flaw, which will require players to constantly be at least with mild inebriation. Being drunk also helps players having trouble falling asleep so there's that too.

2-The recipes to boil eggs seems to be bugged and will probably need to get separated into 3 recipes.

3-Fire Axes cannot be repaired in the current version. I'll probably add recipe to repair some melee weapons, eventually.

4-Feral Dogs only appear near the starting location in the map. It's a vanilla design to force players to "move forward" in the game. The starting location is also near a gang so it's a very dangerous place for new players as the time passes.

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Thanks a lot.

1. I was trying to see if I could use pure alochol for cleaning the gas mask's spent filter. I remember reading a recipe from the forum once but I could not find it again. Yet it could be from another mod. Still I wonder if this could be done?

2. There are other items I would like to know if they could be fixed now?
gas mask

3. My player sometimes spots the blue tarp coat stranger stalking around but it is impossible to hunt him down. He always disappears in combat. But again, he is never aggressive. Just wondering if he is after the items left in the camp?

4. While scavenging in the open field with tracking, it is very easy to attract a hunter. This happens very frequent for my player. Is this random chance?

Love playing with your mod. Best!

1-It's from another mod though I could implement a recipe to clean filters in the next update.

2-None of those can be currently fixed. I will eventually add recipe to fix some of them but there will be some that will be too much for makeshift repairs.

3-Cleaners, as I like to call them, are after items but items in camps are invisible to them. If they are lurking a certain hex, it's probably there are items with a monetary worth on the ground.

4-It's random but maybe the chance of them appearing is a bit too high. They are really dangerous so I'll probably decrease the chance a bit.

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Thanks a lot, looking forward to the new version hopefully with more repairable items.

It is interesting to see the "bite" option, but I think people do bite in a real combat situation if survival is essential.

How do I get leather patches?

Hi, you got to have a leather sheet thn cut it with sharp item...
leather sheet comes from tanning...

I need leather patches not sheets

Cut a leather sheet with a sharp object, like a knife.

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And what is the car battery for? Is it possible to find a car that needs it?

You can use it to store power, or if you find three you can use them to make a makeshift welder.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

You can also craft makeshift light sources with car batteries.

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OK , HOW ?

Bug. Some players also report being able to use the bite attack.

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I think that you should be able to make some items using the scrap metal sheet to help raise your camps shelter, concealment, and alertness.

So um, I just got chomped on by an ATN warrior. What the hell like don't they hate cannibalism? Anyway, Heres a screenshot https://gyazo.com/4776aa93882141cef60b82fc89a975a1

Yeah , they bite me .


Anyone know what the app making software is for?

Cannibal Family Picnic

It only has 1 use so far. It's used to make an app that can call a DMC drone into combat. More information about it on pages 20 and 21.

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Lots of bug reports. I have little free time these days but I will look into them and see if I can at least release a fix for them sometime soon.

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Lets see. Imma post a list of the things that should be fixed/added in the next patch:

-Add bandoliers and holsters in the loot tables. (ignored for now)
-Raise the chances to find glasses in looting locations. (done)
-Decrease the spawn chance for wilderness hunter looting accident. (done)
-Fix a bug allowing feral dogs to use the threaten move in combat. (done)
-Fix the "Boiled Egg 1-3" broken recipe and separate them into 3 recipes. (fixed)
-Fix the bug allowing human NPCs to use the "bite" combat move. (fixed)
-Fix a bug causing Makeshift Scent Killers to actually make you easier to detect via scent. (fixed)
-Find and fix a reported bug with the recipe to make a medium sparker. (fixed)
-Find and fix a reported bug with the upgrade recipe for a knife sheath. (No Bug)
-Find and fix a reported bug with the recipe to make noise traps, which are reported to be asking for small furry corpses. (No Bug)

Anything missing from that list?

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Is there a typo in condition 143 "Used Makeshift Scent Killer"? It has <column name="aModifiers">1</column>, while the normal scent killer has <column name="aModifiers">-2</column>. Unless I'm just not getting something, the makeshift one actually increases your scent.

That's weird... I just checked and I see -1 in it.

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I downloaded 5.1 only a few days ago, so the file I have should be up to date with the latest public release.

You are right, I just downloaded the version in the link and checked. Maybe I found and fixed that bug in my version of the mod at some point before I abandoned modding this game a while ago.

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Hm, why does the .38 revolver have a different sprite in Extended NeoScav than in vanilla? Never actually noticed that before...

Also, this is more of a probing question since I haven't actually made anything significant yet, but would you be interested in incorporating any content created by others into NSE?

That's like one of the first things that was added in this mod. I didn't really like the vanilla version so I did that one and then I started to mod in the other stuff.

And maybe, if it's something like vital or a must for a mod of this kind. I usually try to avoid adding content from other mods, though.

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Ah, I see.

The main thing I have in mind at the moment is making the military rifle I talked about several months ago, for personal use. You had it on your to-do list a few pages back, though, and I figured I'd ask if you were interested in any outside help with new items in general.

Well, items are actually easy to implement. The only real work a military rifle would require for me would be making the different versions of it, its recipes and ingredient tags with the different attachments, and the treasure table additions, all pretty much copy and paste work but kinda tedious.

There are other stuff in the to-do list first, though. Spare time is also short. :P

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I found the bug allowing the bite attack. Only the newly added ATN Slayers were missing the "human" tag, which was allowing them to use the bite attack. There was a report of players being able to use the attack but the player has the human tag so that's not possible.

Moving onto the other bugs in the list...

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Sent you a pm/email, Chiko.

I think I'll make a small change in the recipes to make sparkers. They should need electronic spare parts (wires) instead of small mechanical parts, IMO.

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Hi I am trying to craft the Rawhide Quiver but I am confused.

My player got a "Shop mart tread easy sewing kit" and the basic sewing needle along with a glass shard, 4x Medium Thread, a Strong Tying Object and a Rawhide Sheet.

He brought the kit from ATN camp... is there more to the sewing tools?

That should work. I actually just tried and it works with both the basic and the kit versions of the sewing tools.

What kind of strong tying object are you using? Rope, rawhide strap or military strap?

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