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I'm not sure about that saving issue. I've had similar things happen to me when trying to save a game, but it's always meant the save was corrupt and I wasn't able to load the game after reopening NeoScav. Being able to load your game at all at that point was super lucky regardless of what else happened.

As for fixing power outlets, I don't remember the full recipe for it but I'm always missing solder when I want to repair one...it takes like 12 units of the stuff or something like that along with mechanical parts, pliers, screwdriver, a soldering iron with charges, a laptop battery, and I can't remember if you need electronic parts too. You can't disassemble it after it's built either to get the battery back which is always the part I value the most. I'm not sure if Chiko has ever done any soldering in RL, but the amount of solder the recipe requires is pretty extreme and always irks me. In my head a full stack of solder is 1 full roll of the stuff, and that usually means there's like 10-20 ft of the stuff there and in general use you'll only ever use a few inches on any single job. Repairing a power outlet should cost more than 1 or 2 units of solder imo.

Thanks for the tip about the laptop battery. I vaguely though maybe a car battery would work, but I would NEVER have figured it out without your help.

Unfortunately, I'm stumped yet again on a crafting recipe that I really REALLY want to figure out before I continue. The first page of the thread lists the supposed ingredients for a Leather Vest, but I have all of them and have tried to craft with no dice.

I'd be super appreciative if there was a recipe list, or that these sorts of semi-obvious crafts would be available in the Known Recipes, because this is causing me some anxiety, haha.

I'm not sure about the leather vest recipe, it's possible it's been changed from what's listed in the OP since that hasn't really been updated in a while.

A lot of the leather recipes require a Quality Sewing Kit and the Tailoring skill, so the normal sewing needles you can make from mechanical parts won't work. You need to find an actual sewing kit, it's a 3x2 yellow container with a 2x2 capacity that can only hold string. The container itself is the Quality Sewing Kit and is needed for repairing the Yukon backpack as well as most, if not all, of the Leather clothing.

Oh my god....THAT'S the quality sewing kit? I just saw that it held good string and thought it was just some string container. Goddamnit I've been throwing those away. Ugh, thanks for that.

Well, I have the legendarily rare sewing kit, and... I still can't craft the leather vest. I have Tailoring, The ten medium string, the strong tying object, the sharp edge, the ten leather patches, everything and I have no clue what to do. I can craft everything from the bandolier to the holsters, but the armor is somehow outside my grasp. I'm thinking that maybe it uses a newer recipe that uses the whole leather sheet? Otherwise I've already screwed with all sorts of attempted recipes using those ten leather patches. Any help would be appreciated haha.

I do want to apologize for suddenly popping into the thread inundating everyone with cries of "Halp!!" every few hours, but this mod has truly given NeoScav much needed padding and has really reignited my passion for picking things up off the ground haha, so thanks for tolerating me.

Also had anyone ever found a HomeTec Welder? I found one from a ransacked Auto Shop, and I assumed it was just a big, heavy, soldering iron that worked off of condition rather than batteries, but it didn't seem to work when I went to repair a power outlet. I ask here, because the welder doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere by anyone.

Oh no worries. It's always good to know this mod is still being used. Let me check the files for the actual recipe:

-Tailoring Skill
-Sharp Edge
-Sewing Needles
-2x Leather Sheet
-10x Medium Thread
-1x Strong Tying Object

I'm gonna update the leather vest recipe in the main page so that doesn't happen again. Someone suggested I should make a wiki for the mod but I have no idea how to do one and I don't really have much free time these days either. :P

Also, the welder is used to make a new vehicle out of a shopping cart and a bicycle and to repair scrap metal vests for now. They will have more uses in later updates.

Pew pew pew!

Thanks for the fast reply, double thanks for clearing up the recipe. Gosh, that's a fair bit of work I'll have to put in either finding and managing to kill a deer or happening upon a dogman and not getting maimed, but it's probably worth it to have some okay armor that won't break within a week or two like the scrap armor.

Triple thanks for all the time you've spent on this mod and keeping up with we who enjoy it! I'm fine without a wiki, as long as the recipes are viewable SOMEWHERE, and the front page of this thread seems as good a place as any. A wiki would be wonderful, but it's probably best if you leave that for us fans, especially since you have life to deal with as well as using what time you can on the mod itself. If we want a wiki hard enough, we'll make one just like everybody else, haha.

Thanks for the support!

Leather is indeed worth all the effort. It's specially useful against cutting damage from melee weapons and low tech ranged weapons so it can sometimes save your life from instascrew attacks like arrows to the head or throwing knives to the chest.

Also, there's a way to skip some steps in leather making.

Spoiler: Highlight to view
The ATN Trading Post sells at least one rawhide sheet most of the time so you can skip hunting for hides and turning them into rawhide.

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You don't necessarily need to hunt large prey to make leather or rawhide. You can use a patchwork hide tunic in the recipes instead of a deer hide or dogman skin. It requires a little more work on your part, but hunting dogs and squirrels is a lot safer and can often be done much faster in the early game. Just get 10 chunk of fur or small pelt and 20 small thread to make the tunic and then use it in the recipe for rawhide or leather.

Another way to make creating leather easier is to skip turning it into rawhide altogether and go straight to leather, it saves you the time and materials of creating rawhide. The Leather Sheet recipe will work with a patchwork hide tunic, a deer hide, or a dogman skin as easily as it will a rawhide sheet.

And a great tip I can share for making leather is to be really picky about where you setup camp to do it. There are a lot of hexes that have both forests and water sources on them, if you're super lucky you could even find one with a small forest hut or a mobile home to use as a campsite. If you setup your tanning rack in a site with both a forest and a water source you can cheat the system in NSE by Using the forest and water source to collect sticks, twigs, and water in vast quantities. Going through the event to collect resources costs you energy, but it doesn't consume turns in NSE, so you can keep doing it even after you'd normally fall unconscious because the game won't check for you to pass out till you end your turn or make a move. I suppose it's an exploit, but it's damn useful :)

I was fighting an ATN warrior then he jumps on me ... ok but then he fu**ing bite me , TWICE when I was fallen ...

How do I bite someone ?????


bite attacks are supposed to be done by some creatures only so it's a bug. Question... was it an usual ATN Warrior or a Wendigo Slayer? The later uses hooded coats and have better equipment.

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An ATN Warrior , but it just happened with me just this time , and for sure it was an ATN WARRIOR , with those clothes and things , he was just with a bottle and taclked me and bite me , I was very angry cause he fucking BITE me

Kinky dude, kinky ;) but yea I will try and recreate this

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Hello guys, i must start off by saying, jesus christ this mod is awesome! Love the work you have been doing.

I have a query though, i do not seem to get the "Tools Kit" to work, rather not show up at all in the "Crafting" menu. Is this something that is meant to be or am i just incompetent? Or could it just be that the tools kit is rather redundant seeing that you have all the tools without the "Kit".

Yup. The Toolkit used to be a representation of the tools you would need to craft certain items but after some discussion, it just turned into what it's supposed to be, a container for the actual tools. This meant I would need to make the tools, which are the ones you would find randomly inside them or scattered on their own in NPCs and scavenging locations.

There's a rare instance where you can find a tool kit with all its tools, which are:

-Monkey Wrench
-Utility Knife
-Duct Tape

Pew pew pew!

Yeah, after some fiddling with the different tools i realized just that. My bad.

Hmmm... I guess I'll have to come back into this mod to check the reported issues. It will take a while since I remember I was implementing Jersey Devils into the game so I can't just upload a bugfix.

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Well, I've run into the same game-breaking problem for about the third time now, so I feel like I should mention it here.

After saving, I tried to reload my save, and it brings up the loading screen, but gets stuck on Loading Creatures... I seem be able to interact with the game partially, as I can hit the Menu button at the top left and it brings me to the main menu, but all other interaction, even if it's doing anything, is impossible. Now that I look at it, I seem to have NeoScav 1.14, not 1.13 as the first page says it's for, so maybe it's some ridiculous, obscure bug that's causing my recent ridiculous troubles. Regardless, I'm sad as hell that all that progress will disappear not even because of something like getting cut up in my sleep, but because I probably caused a weird bug by not paying attention.

Edit: And now I'm having trouble finding out how to even get 1.13. Google has failed me.

Oh, I had no idea the game got updated. That's most likely why you are having issues, then. Imma try to see what's causing it.
That kinda change things. I'll just upload a bugfix and hide the spawning of the unfinished new monster. The mod update will take too long.

Also, if the game got updated I doubt it's possible to go back to the 1.13 one. D:

Pew pew pew!

Hmm... I took a look at the things the new update changes but I have no idea what could be causing that save game issue. In fact, the mod worked perfectly well for me without making any changes... I'm still trying to replicate that save game issue.

Edit: I did a bit of lurking and found out the save game corruption thing is a vanilla game issue with the newest version of the game. I cannot fix something like that so we have to wait for Dan to find out the cause.

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I noticed a bug in the Crafting System for the "Knife Sheath". I wanted to upgrade it and it never showed up.


As a bonus, when i craft the original "Knife Sheath" it wont use any "Leather Patch" when i do.

Hmm... Maybe the recipe is different from the one posted in the main page. I'll check the files when I get back home.

Edit: It seems to work fine for me. I've been working on a bugfix and I just crafted both with no issues.

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HELP i instaled the mod but it keeps in 30% "parsing item types.row:266"

please help i realy love Neo Scavenger but your mod makes it even more awesome ;D

P.D: sorry for my english i'm argentinian

Sounds like something's not right. I would suggest deleting and reinstalling the game and the mod to make sure everything is correct.

I already do it like 6 times, but it keep saying the same.

Even i tried not copy some archives, but then it not finds some image, usually the ligther.

I benn looking an all says it's a problem with the 266 image or some 266 archive

That's weird... are you installing other mods too or just this one? Also, you have to copy all the files inside the zip, otherwise it will never work.

Also, my main language is spanish, in case you prefer using that language instead. :P

Pew pew pew!

Solamente he intentado instalar este Mod. Copio el contenido de la carpeta NSEOverride en la ubicación del juego y muevo la carpeta NeoScavExtended a la carpeta. (pero no la override) Tengo entendido que la carpeta NeoScavExtended solo hay que pasarla a la ubiacion del juego y nada mas, mientra que la otra hay que copiar su contenido pero no la carpeta. Aunque algo que me tiene confundido es cual de los getimages debo copiar, puesto que hay uno en NSEOverride y uno en NeoScavExtended

Ya veo el problema. No se copia nada por separado. Se copia todo lo que esta en el .rar.

Cuando abres el archivo .rar, ves 2 carpetas (NSEoverride y NeoScavExtended) y el archivo getmods.php. Copias esos 3 archivos y los pegas en la ubicacion del juego. En ese momento te va a salir un popup preguntando si quieres reemplazar el archivo getmods.php y le pones que si. Con eso el juego deberia funcionar sin ningun problema.

Pew pew pew!


La verdad pensé que aunque no tenia sentido, talves era porque mi copia del juego es pirata.

La verdad que sigo el juego desde el 2012 y me parece realmente bueno, y ya me lo hubiera comprado, si no fuera porque tengo 15 años y mis padres desconfían de las compras con tarjeta por Internet, pero hace poco espese a comprar con boleta por G2A, y te digo esto, porque la verdad me hace sentir medio culpable tener mi juego de PC favorito pirata y pedirle ayuda a la comunidad que lo compro y lo ayudo a crecer, pero en cuanto consiga un poco de dinero intentare comprarlo original.

Un saludo chiko ;D

P.D: La verdad que me gustaría probar empezar a modear si me recomiendas alguna pagina, programa, o YouTuber, te lo agradeceria.

Jjajaja no te preocupes. Yo igual tenia una version pirata antes, para ver que tal era y como me gusto, lo termine comprando en Steam.

Para modear el juego te recomiendo el notepad++ para modificar archivos. Para hacer o editar imagenes cualquier programa basta. Yo uso uno muy antiguo, el paint shop pro 7, pero sirve.

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There is an error with the recipe for Noise Traps. It seems to require a small-medium furry corpse(?!).

That's definitely a bug. Imma fix it and add it to the upcoming update.

Edit: Are you using other mods? I just checked and there's no such bug in the mod.

Pew pew pew!

How to do leather ?

Could you please provide some more detail on what exactly you're asking for?

You may also want to try using the search function on the forums, instructions for making leather and leather items have been detailed in this thread many times over at this point.

How to craft leather ?


forget it , noob question ;-;

Check the main page, under Misc items. The recipe to make leather is there.

Pew pew pew!

I dunno if this is a bug but I've been running into huge packs of Dogmen near the ATN-at least once I've killed two, then had a third appear as soon as I left combat. While great news for my bank account, it does get a little tiresome, especially since I took Insomniac AND Smoker to have room for my usual build+Tailor.


Also, updating the OP with current information on crafting would be to the point; I had to read the entire thread to find out how to craft leather, f'rex.

Other than that I'm quite happy with the mod as stands-my only complaints are not being able to find a Soldering Iron, and not being able to find Glasses. Though the dearth of power is annoying, it's been at least a month in-game and I have yet to so much as run into a Looter with some power in a AA battery. At this rate even if I find the Soldering Iron I won't be able to do anything with it!

It's worth noting that my default tactic in modded games is to make a beeline for Zom Zom's to get the starting gear, then to the ATN to hide out until I have the 6k to replace my faulty meat eyes.

Being able to tan the Dogman Pelt into a Dogman Fur Coat (with options to sew pockets!) would be nice, especially if it slows down its degradation.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

I haven't messed with the spawn rates for Dogmen but since the ATN is north, it's not that weird for packs of them to spawn around those parts. I think most dogmen spawn points are in the middle of the map and norther and the ATN is not that far from them.

Also, the mod has become too big for the OP. I've updated the things ppl point out in there and the recipe to make leather is actually updated in the OP already. Someone suggested a wiki for the mod but I don't have much free time these days.

You have better chances to find a Soldering Iron in the Junk Market in the Sprawl but I also increased the chances to find one in Auto Shop looting locations.
If you have AA batteries, you could just go to an illegal power tap in the Sprawl and charge them there. You can also buy powered ones in the C-Store at really low prices too... they are one of the easiest goods to obtain in the game. Glasses seem to be still too uncommon so I will raise the chances to find them for the upcoming update.

Pelts currently take a lot of time to degrade so tanning them would be too much, unless I increase their degrade rate and make them rot in a couple of days or something like that since I'm not sure how long would it take for untreated animal pelts to rot in real life.

Pew pew pew!

untreated pelts can last indefinitely if stored properly. As long as they're kept dry and clean they'll store for weeks or months without issue, if you want to store them longer than that you'll need to oil them to prevent them from drying out and becoming brittle and crumbling.

Yeah but implementing something like that would lead to the same thing I mentioned before, which is to increase the degrade rate of the non treated one to a more realistic rate and maybe making the player easier to detect via smell.

To treat a pelt you would probably need the same tools and materials than the ones you need to turn a Rawhide Sheet into a Leather one but this one will turn an untreated pelt (Deer and Dogman) into a treated one, which is the same but less smelly and with slower degrading rate.

This would also mean doing the same to small patches of fur... which will be kinda tedious coz I would need to make untreated and treated versions of them too, plus the patchwork wearable pieces.

Pew pew pew!

I agree and I wasn't trying to argue for the implementation of some new mechanic for treated vs untreated hides/pelts. You said you didn't know and I wanted to inform you :)

I think the system is fine how it is atm. It's close enough to real world mechanics while still being relatively fun and not overly tedious.

Yeah, that reminds me the tanning system was going to be a lot more realistic the first time I had the idea but after some discussion about it, it was decided to not totally go thru that path to keep things fun. :P

I will add more uses for fur, eventually. Someone suggested a new type of armor. Something almost medieval, like a reinforced leather armor lined with fur. I added it to the list but maybe it would be kinda too weird for Neo Scavenger. Maybe for a medieval total conversion. :P

Pew pew pew!

well, in a world where firearms aren't the norm I don't see any reason people wouldn't go back to wearing hardened leather or metal armor. Use what works right?

Personally I'm interested in being able to craft backpacks. The makeshift bag is useful, but I always feel like I should be able to make something better when I've got the Tailor perk and a ton of materials. Often times I don't find any of the good bags for weeks into the game and I end up forced to use makeshift bags for everything and that just feels wrong. I'd love to see some sort of frog or holster for spears too, I've recently been testing out a more throwing centric combat style and throwing spears actually works really well but I tend to run out of them quickly and have a hard time finding them after the fight is over. If there was a container I could wear on my shoulder that could hold 2 or 3 spears it'd be really awesome, it wouldn't need to hold anything else. :)

The Multitool doesn't count as a Screwdriver or Pliers for the purposes of repairing Door Systems or Power Outlets. Idk if that's an oversight.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Is the Multitool open or closed? Only the blade works when it's closed.

Pew pew pew!

It was closed, whoops!

Also: can the Bike Frame and Bike Parts be repaired with a tool kit, welder and scrap metal? If not, why not? I found one with 0.1 durability left, and I'm a touch annoyed. ^^;

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Bug Report: I can't craft the medium battery esparker

PD: I have a long time playing your mod you're great man, is my favorite mod

Are you using the correct ingredients? It requires a laptop battery, not a tablet one. I've often forgotten that and been confused as to why I couldn't make one...

I guess it's the right recipe, I use the laptop battery and small mechanical parts
Im missing someting?