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Yeah, as lorebot mentioned, this mod is highly incompatible with other mods. The only way to make it work with other mods, is for someone to merge the mods with this one via modding, which would take a lot of time and it would need to be updated every time one of the mods get updated.

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Not trying to be a bother, but i'm just using the vanilla version of the game and pasting Extended NEO scav in the folder and I un zipped it and it won't let me use the tailoring skill even though I have no other mods but this. In the base version of the game you could craft lock picks by crafting 8 small parts and the lock pick skill, and I can not do this now. Is there any reason why It may be doing this. This is what I meant when I said counter acting it. There is no mods involved. Sorry for being a bother and thanks for the comment back. Any info will be wonderful. Thanks! I just now bought the game from the website, while earlier I had a pirated (illegal) copy a friend gave me. I tested it just now to see if it made a difference but it did not.

In NSE you need a heavy object of some kind to turn small mechanical parts into lockpicks or sewing needles. I haven't played the vanilla game in a long time so I don't recall if you needed a tool to create lockpicks or if you just need the skill. Heavy objects include rocks and hammers, I'm pretty sure a monkey wrench will work too.

So in NSE you need 8x small mechanical parts, the lockpicking skill, and a rock (or some other heavy object) to make lockpicks and 6x small mechanical parts, the tailoring skill, and a rock (or some other heavy object) to make sewing needles.

Oh, that. Now you need something heavy to shape the small parts into lockpicks or needles plus the skills. Even a stone should suffice but you can use hammers, wrenches and the like.

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Thanks so much!

I have a few bugs to report. You aren't able to craft water from water sources, nor can you craft sticks and such from forests...

Hope you can fix it thanks!

in NSE you need to Use those objects in the inventory screen to activate an encounter that lets you collect the items you're looking for. Right click on the forest or water source and click on Use to get started. It doesn't consume moves, but it will make you tired very quickly.


I've been really busy with work lately but there has been some progress.

The new set of moves for the Jersey Devil are proving to be more complicated than I imagined. I have to make a lot of edits to it so it doesn't do stuff that is not supposed to, like tripping over terrain, using land moves and the like.

Allows flying creatures to move towards targets from 4 to 8 spaces. This will make flying NPCs the fastest creatures in the game.

This move will make the Jersey Devils harder to hit and move it from 2 to 4 moves away. The creature will also use this move before changing direction.

Fly Away:
This move will displace the creature from 4 to 8 spaces away from the target. This move will also make the creature harder to hit the more it uses it.

This attack move will be split into 4 moves. The first and second ones will move the creature closer to the target and make it hard to hit but they can be interrupted if the target manages to land a hit, which will force the creature to fly away until it gets far enough for another charge. The 3rd move will be the one that will cause deadly amounts of cutting damage and after the attack is done, the creature will be forced fly away. The 4rd move will be a variation of the 3rd move, but a finisher move. It will replace the 3rd one if the target is wounded enough and will decapitate it, if successful.

Fly Off:
If the creature was sleeping or was forced to go prone, it will use this move to get its flying status back. The creature will only be allowed to use Circle as the next move and then Fly Away until it gets far enough to charge at the target.

When on land, it will only be allowed to use prone moves to drag itself around and a weak bite attack. The creature will always be vulnerable.

Fly Away Counter:
The Swoop and Fly Off moves will be attached to a condition to that will force the creature to Fly Away a number of times when these moves are used.

I will also make it so DMC drones use the flying movements too. They will be slightly different, though. Drones will not need to use the Circle move when changing direction, since they use directional rotors and hover instead.

In addition, I will edit the following vanilla moves:

I will raise the chance for it to move 1 space away from the target a bit more.

This one will work differently. Instead of increasing the chance for the target to miss, it will add armor value to some parts of the body in order to decrease or absorb incoming damage. It will be a weaker version of the Block with shield move but it won't be able to protect against ranged attacks unless they are done at melee range. Also, it will be available only with certain weapons equipped.

Roll Dodge:
This one will also work differently. It will always be available but only when standing. It will add a high chance for the target to miss plus move you away from the target from 2 to 3 spaces away. It will render you prone and vulnerable for the next turn so you will need to stand up afterwards. I will probably need to make a separated version for NPCs so they don't use it at random or so they use it in a manner that makes sense.

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You know this finishing moves thing is really neat it would be great if you could implement it for the player character too something relative to the weapon or the position, like a throat slash on a weakened and grappled target if armed with a knife or a rabbit punch on a downed opponent.

I have a few player finisher move ideas around. I will implement them eventually. Maybe in the update after the upcoming one.

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can you make another version of this that doesn't need rar extractors, mine wont let me unarchive this coding to put it into the game.

nvr mind, i got it, but can you tell me how to make lock picks? i keep trying but it wont make them

look up a few posts, we just went through this with someone else :)

just saw looking it up on google, couldn't find it directly surfing this site, but yeah, sry for not deleting, im getting right to it

I still can't get BBC and NeoScav Extended to work well together. They load okay, but I simply cannot find a single soldering iron anywhere! Is there a guaranteed place to find one?

There are no guaranteed drops of soldering irons that I'm aware of. They tend to show up fairly regularly in the Junk Market and aren't that expensive to purchase. I rarely find them while scavenging and when I do they're usually found as a part of a toolbox.

lorebot is right. They shouldn't be that rare, though. It might be a compatibility issue.

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can you work with dnajur to make a NSExtended with BBC mod, i'm trying really hard to fix the info in the game files but i can only get to 24%, its telling me row 491 in images is doing something wrong, but since i am doing so many codes at the same time i cannot find the right get-images file and even if i did, i would not know if i did something wrong with the overwrite and the new, or if i should only put in one of them since i am a noob at coding. please help.

Maybe if I had more free time. I've been really busy with real life stuff lately and I haven't been able to even continue working on my mod. Compatibility mods require too much time/work and they need to get updated every time the game or one of the mods involved gets updated, which is why most mod merges end up discontinued.

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Forget it, i have learned how to mod and have changed things up so now when i am frustrated, i can change some things to be in my favor> Woo Hoo!!!!!

well, if you ever get the chance it would be very much appreciated, i hope everything goes smoothly with your other business:) and just a thought, if things clear up, this would be a good oppurtunity since even DCfedor is working on other things and he already had made an update and well, it usually is a long time until the next one.Thanks for responding so quickly tho:)

one question though, what the heck is the tannin source made from ?!? I tried using twigs and bark but it didn't work. please help.

twigs and bark are a tannin source, if you're talking about the liquid you need for tanning leather you make that from a 10 twigs and bark, 2 units of water, a fireproof container, and a medium heat source.

that makes the tannin tea though, if i am not mistaken, and then how do i use the tanning rack, i couldn't find what to make leather out of in either here or the game map of instructions on how to craft things, do i use a medium chunk of fur a tanning rack and tannin tea? please leave a full answer of how to do it because i am totally lost, thank you.

Nah, Tannin Tea is:
Botany Skill
1 unit of water
5 twigs and sticks
a fireproof container
and a medium heat source

Tannin Solution is:
2 units of water
10 twigs and sticks
a fireproof container
and a medium heat source

The Tanning Rack is used to make both Rawhide and Leather Sheets.
a Rawhide Sheet requires:
a Tanning Rack
a sharp edge
4 units of water
and a Large Pelt, Dogman Pelt, or Patchwork Tunic

Making a Leather Sheet requires:
a Tanning Rack
a sharp edge
1 unit of tanning material (tannin solution or lighter fluid, I think Tallow works too but I'm not sure atm)
4 handfuls of ashes
4 units of water
and a Large Pelt, Dogman Pelt, Patchwork Tunic, or a Rawhide Sheet

Making Rawhide and Leather works a bit differently than other crafts, the output isn't immediately usable in other recipes. Instead you'll get a Rawhide or Leather Sheet that's 'in process' and will slowly degrade from 100% to 0% over time. Once it reaches 0% it transforms into the usable item and you can start crafting with it. Rawhide takes a day or two, Leather takes about a week. You can't remove a curing piece of Rawhide or Leather from the camp the tanning rack is in, so it requires you to stick around for the finished product or be sure it'll be there when you get back to it. This makes Rawhide a quick and easy material to make essential gear with (a waterskin, a coat, a bag, straps) while making Leather a more advanced and useful material for making advanced equipment (gloves, boots, holsters, etc...). You can also use Leather to repair backpacks and other items allowing you to hold on to a useful piece of gear indefinitely as long as you can take care of it. All of the Rawhide and Leather crafts require the Tailoring skill, so if you don't have that skill going to the effort of making Rawhide or Leather sheets is only worth the sale price of the finished goods since you won't be able to use them yourself.

another thing, could you make bicycle repair able, like maybe instead of bicycle parts, maybe a soldering iron, 10-15 solder, 20-40 mechanical parts, pliers and a screw driver?

I believe the bicycle is already repairable, but requires the welding machine and the mechanic skill to do. Building a welding machine is a pretty difficult task so it's not something you'll be able to 'just do' and will require a good deal of planning and looting before you have all the necessary materials.

thx for showing me the leather making stuff, i've changed the workings of the skill points to get them all, so no need to worry, i'm fine making some leather at the DMC in a forest nearby and having a bike for quick access to the last chance canteen for a quick bite and than off again to the project to peotect it, plus i've got the elusive trait and everything.

Just be careful at the Last Chance....there's a good chance of getting food poisoning eating there. It probably wouldn't kill you, but it can make life hell for a few days...or permanently if you keep eating there.

not anymore, i am not eating there, i meant the red gnome, have over $4000 and can take out a DMC guard like nobody's business, i even downed three patrols with two SkyCorps UAV's. I can handle poisoning though anyway, i have one full med-kit with 40 antibiotics and 20 pain-pills and not the tuff that the guards drop, that stuff gets annoying, i got the good stuff. Anyway, i just want to know the recipe for making a bicycle and also, i don't know what the tallow stuff is, but if you could tell me that would be great:) Thanks!

Tallow is rendered fat, it's used to make candles, soap, and stuff irl. In the game it doesn't have many uses, but it's made essentially the same way:
a sharp edge
2 chunks of fat
1 unit of water
a fireproof container
a medium heat source

technically it's food and doesn't degrade in the game so you can keep it around as an emergency supply if you want, but the game treats it like a liquid so you need to keep it in an bottle or can. I'm pretty sure it's effect on your hunger is negligible, and since the only way to get it is from other things that would work far better as food I don't really make it that often in the game.

And the repair for a bike recipe, what's that?

if it exists I'd have to go digging in the game files for that. I've never had a bike long enough to try repairing it. I don't usually find it advantageous to zoom around the map so I usually stick with a sled or shopping cart for the extra inventory space.

ok, well if it is any help to you...

Spoiler: Highlight to view
just go into the game data file and go into gamevars.xml and change the skill points to whatever you want if you feel hacky and are getting annoyed with the endless hours of failing at this game

Then you can have the luxury of being able to worry about things like trying to fix that awesome bike you got. Thanks for digging up the other stuff also.

I'm well aware of how to do the digging if I want to, but it is time consuming and can be a bit confusing with all the item references referring to lists in other files so I tend to avoid it unless I absolutely need to.

ok, i'm doing some looking as well, i'm sorry if i am getting annoying.

I'm just curious if this happens to anyone else:

Every once in a while the games crashes when I try to load the save. Pretty much it gets stuck at "loading player data" and loops sound. Only thing I noticed as weird is finding a recipe for boiled eggs (could have been a potato recipe) that wouldn't go into inventory (not even hands or backpacks), I think it might have something to do with this as I immediately reloaded and had that happen (for the first time). This last time when I encountered the recipe paper I think I had it inside the stack of recipes inside my inventory.

The only mod I'm using is NeoScavExtended51 (5.1 w/ 1.13)

I tried keeping the save by reinstalling, verifying the install, and reinstalling the mod. To be honest I don't know how flash works (I really should) and it might not be an issue with the game or mod. I do have the current version ( and will go ahead and reinstall to see if that works.

Just kind of curious if anyone else has encounter this kind of issue.

EDIT: Reinstalled flash (, no change.

Ok, stop everything Chiko, this idea is the stuff that dreams are made out of, literally i had this idea in a dream, so there i was out in the woods near the sprawl spying on some DMC guards minding their own business and getting ready to attack them and KO them, so i go in unnoticed, until i trip and they see me when i get up, they flee, ( i killed the Merga Wraith by exposing weakness after getting the unstoppable from having the video of me beating up and killing a Dogman with my bear hands and got the elusive trait afterwards) but not before calling for back up and it was a lot, but i got one to surrender its stuff and there it was, a tactical spear, a super [email protected]$# black and fancy polished brown wood and fiberglass broad tip spear, so then there came the reinforcements, a bunch of Drones! There i was surrounded by a bunch of mean looking high tech scraps of metal flying... away from me!?! Yeah, even they were intimidated, the people who were controlling them back at the DMC HQ were afraid of going back on street patrol duty by totaling that billion dollar twelve thousand pound, high tech flying scrap of metal, so it started making a B-line for cover out of my line of fire so it could get a sniping shot distance, but not before i shot my nice new shiny tactical spear, it was special, it had a paracord inside made of fiberglass and titanium cord that was diamond coated to make it indestructible, so it was a spring action weapon with a retrievable broad tip spear blade and it got caught in the Drones circular propeller ( I was imagining the Drone in the DMC savings bank encounter or Tower 48 encounter if you mess up and the SkyCorps patrol comes around to hunt you down and bring you to HQ to be exiled from the DMC for good) so I down it with one shot and the rest drop like flies or escape just to be killed, I had a full set of points, the guards came to my spot and i had a bike so i got them all, it was a great dream:) Anyway, i want to make the sprites because this will be a great weapon for killing Drones and will be extra specially made. You will also have to add some stuff besides the weapon. This weapon can be only got from a fleeing DMC guard that you successfully get to surrender, also it can be found in a special hex that is an encounter hex, you will find an old Military base that was made for making the SkyCorps Drones, except they packed up real quick so there are no Drones left, they all went to the DMC because they were precious cargo and a priority when the government started cutting off the roads and stuff when the crash happened and the wasteland started appearing, so you go into the anti air unit where they make some high tech weapons to down the Drones/ UAV's( this is the for the early stages of the Drones/UAV's when they were "Finnicky" at best) and it is a dark area so you need some sort of device to make it visible or have the NV and or telescopic upgrade with the eye augmentation or you will get blown up by an active RPG that you hit on its head in the dark with something hard enough to make it react or something bad like that, when you go through you look around with eagle eye to see a key card, you then can go to a locked door to find that it is broken, if you have electronic pieces, a screw driver, pliers and some electric charges, you can fix and open the door to find a store room full of these spears, or pieces, the pieces come in a very wide variety, you have the special 'willow-karate japanese linseed oil' in a special bottle to make the shaft, which you can only find in the store room, or with botany to find hardwood like oak, or spruce or redwood,, then you have the broad-tip spear head, which comes in two parts the spear head, the spring in a coil in a part that connects to the shaft, you also have the fiberglass sheet (optional) that covers the shaft to make the shaft stay 100% until the spear head degrades to 0% and you hold on to the shaft for a while, it will degrade only then, the head is put in with small mechanical parts, the Broad-tip spear head and the coil/connector, the shaft is made with the "Willow-Karate Linseed oil and hardwood shaft, which if made by scavenging a forest with botany, then using a heated sharp object, which is made by a sharp object put over a medium campfire, this will be strong enough to cut the hardwood properly and treat it slightly, this is also another step, you must treat the wood by placing it on the ground in a camping spot by a campfire under a tarp of in an office building with decent to good shelter so it stays dry to be treated well, and apply the linseed oil every turn in the crafting menu then you have the high-quality shaft, then you take the soldering iron and the carbon-fiber,(last time i said fiberglass, scratch that it should be a carbon-fiber sheet that can be makeshift if not found in the store room, it takes a medium campfire, glass shards, tailoring, and sewing needles, it degrades the same and looks the same, but it doesn't have the tactical carbon-fiber). You take the shaft and the carbon-fiber sheet, the shaft, the soldering iron, sewing needles and tailoring. then you take the tactical spear shaft and the broad head spear head with titanium coil and connector and soldering iron and solder and mechanical parts and and mechanic skill and boom you have the tactical spring action spear! that is if you don't find it in the store room. also if you look too long, after five times, the door closes and locks and you will die, it is a titanium special bar locking door, the only way out is using a soldering iron to open the door. Also please talk to the officers mod guy, his items were in my dream too, it was great!... please? Thanks!:)

Was the crafting recipe for lockpicks changed? I've tried using any number of small parts and the lockpick skill, But it won't let me craft.

You need a rock/hammer like object to bend the metal for the lockpicks (first thing I discovered using logic in neo scav extended)

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

u need 8 small mechanical parts, lock-picking skill and a blunt object to hammer it into shape for this mod, just use a rock, you can get one in the forest by using the forest icon in the ground space menu screen

Can't craft crowbar w/strap

;-; help


Hey Chiko, here's hoping that sometime over the summer you get a chance to work on mod and life stuff works out for ya, as I'd really love an update, been playing with extended the past few weeks now. I even got a couple of my friends to try out your mod and they're really into it what with the way it changes things. Until then, keep up the good work, don't die.

Sorry about the inactivity, lads. :P

Stellaris and other games are stealing all my free time these days but I will come back to this, eventually.

Also, thanks to those who still answer gameplay questions in here and to the ppl using this mod!

Pew pew pew!

It's cool man, just keep doing what you enjoy and don't feel too obligated to update so regularly as I love the mod so far

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Really loving this mod. The only big problems I'm running into is finding initial loot so I don't freeze to death, and being able to loot with any efficiency. Having changed my usual build so I can experience tailoring, electrician, and hacking, and having to get rid of Strong because it costs so darn much, looting is very unforgiving in the early game.

I also haven't been able to find very many of the newer lootable locations, such as gun stores and pharmacies. I've only looted them maybe twice now, in at least ten (albeit short) runs.

yeah, the new loot locations are pretty rare in the early game (aside from the garden and treetops cause those are everywhere). You usually won't find them till you've cleared a bit of the map and let the locations spawn in over time.

I've never had trouble with freezing to death, the event where you find a sleeping bag in a car still triggers normally when you start getting hypothermia the first time. If you can manage to be in a good spot when that happens you'll be able to setup a camp at the location and get warm and hopefully find some clothes do you don't need to depend on the sleeping bag to keep you alive. You'll usually get the normal sleeping bag from the event, but it can give out the more valuable smaller bag too so sometimes you get really lucky with it and aren't forced to carry the bag in your hands till you find a vehicle to store it in.

Also of note is that you can turn sleeping bags into makeshift bags if you find extras and need the containers, no skills or other materials required as far as I remember.

If you're not already using Lockpicking in your build I would highly recommend you swap some things around to get it. The lockpicks now allow you to get better loot chances at a lot of the city buildings and are required for some of the new encounters. Finding the 8 mechanical parts you need to make them can feel like an eternity, but once you get your first lockpick set you'll never want to be without them again and they'll become a priority for you. The locked safe encounters are usually extremely lucrative and you'll need lockpicks or hacking software to get them open for the goodies inside :)

Yup, the early game can be harsh in new games without skills that help looting but there's one looting location that always has good chances, forest shacks. They sometimes yield good loot too, the best being hunting gear like guns, hunting jackets among other clothing and scent killers.

Pew pew pew!

I've messed with my build more and have been on a pretty long run so far, however I'd like to mentions something strange that happened.

At some point a fair few days into my current run, saving suddenly didn't work as usual. I would click Save and it would say "Saving..." but then nothing would happen. It didn't boot me back to the main menu like it usually did. So I shut down the game, reopened it, and continued from whatever save it had. It turns out, it did indeed save my game, but for some reason I was surrounded by geography I certainly didn't remember being there, and most of the map being blackened out as if I hadn't explored it. The exception being the area around Zom-Zom's. I trek back to where the Cryo Center should be, find it's still there, but my camp is gone. The only campsite now is the grassland field, and I can apparently scavenge the Cryo Center. I do so, but even after that, the campsite doesn't reappear. All my stuff and repaired appliances were just kaput, and I had to find a new camp. It was all very strange, and I have almost no idea what might have caused it or what.

Also little question, what's the recipe to fix power outlets and other appliances? I feel like I should have all the resources and skills needed, throwing in every possible tool and resource into the crafting box to see if I can, but nothing so far.