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Yup, though you can use other tools apart from a stone like a wrench or any blunt object big enough to be used as a hammer.

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So what exactly is the recipe for the electronic door lock?

Cannibal Family Picnic

Im trying to craft the Dogman Headress, and I'm thinking that, with what I have, it SHOULD work. I am trying to craft it with a Dogman Fur Coat, 9 small string, 1 sewing needle (I also have the sewing kit in there, but I doubt I need it), and a utility knife. Is there something I am missing, or is the recipe broken?

Yo, just saying thanks for making this mod, it's great and I think it adds a whole new depth of gameplay to NeoScavenger in that you're encouraged to base build since you'll be tanning hides and such. Anyways, I'm trying to make the rawhide quiver but it's just not working for me, I have the 6 rawhide and the strong tying object plus a knife, the thread, and the sewing tools, is it actually something made with leather and I'm just not aware? Thanks again and I hope I can be carrying more arrows with me soon.

How I get a small pelt?


English ins't my first language, so sorry for it

Butcher the corpse of feral dogs or cut a large pelt from a dogman or a deer with a sharp edge to get small pelt patches.

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Hello, I need some help. I can't craft rawhide patches using the recipe listed. I assume small hides count as small pelts.

I've tried many variations to try and get it to craft but I've had no luck so any help would be appreciated.

I have this same problem,but i use another mods


English ins't my first language, so sorry for it

I was able to get some rawhide patches by buying a rawhide sheet from the Enclave but I can't craft leather patches still. I don't have any other mods installed. Can someone help me please :D

You need to get a leather sheet and cut it into patches. Leather sheet is obtained via tanning leather on a rack.

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I need to update the main page. I made some changes a while ago and couldn't update coz my internet was being really slow or something but it wouldn't let me edit a thing.

Tanning can only be done to large pelts from either dogman or deer. The recipe is pretty much the same but instead of using small patches, you use a large pelt and it should give you a rawhide sheet in the process of tanning, which cannot be used until it finishes. The same goes for leather, you need a rawhide sheet instead of individual patches and you will get a leather sheet. To get rawhide/leather patches, you need to use a sharp edge with a sheet and it will give you 10 patches, I think.

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Small update, lads:

-The mod should be compatible with version 1.13 of the game.
-Fixed the bug preventing the crafting of dogman headdress.
-Hackers can now put smartphone/iSlab apps in laptops and "mod" them via laptop encounter to work either in a smartphone or an iSlab.

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I don't remember having to login to dropbox to get your mod from them in the past. Did they change something or is the link you posted incorrect? It sends me to the dropbox login screen, I created an account but now it wants me to run an installer and I'm not sure I trust it...

Must be something new. I downloaded the mod like three days ago and no login was required. Now, it wants a log in...

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I'm pretty sure the link is wrong. Even after logging in it just sends me to the account home page and then tells me the /public location doesn't exist. Looks like Chiko posted the link from his own account home page instead of a link that other people can use to get to the file.

I can't figure out if it is possible to repair the power outlet in the cryo base to tap power from. I have a whole set of tool and repaired the HVAC and lighting. Is it even possible and if so how?

Woops! I changed the link, I think it should be working properly.

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Thanks Chiko! now I just need to remember how to install it... :D

Just do it!!! (c)

P.S. Yes I know this is a useless post, but it just slipped through.

Is it possible to repair the yukon backpack and duffel bag? If so I need the recipes for them.

Anyone else get a freeze at 23%? Pretty sure I moved all the folders correctly.

sometimes it hangs for awhile, assuming it's not user error

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Yeah I've basically triple checked the getmods and getimages. They're all good. The startup log doesn't show up on the left though. Is that normal? I don't know. I'll try just waiting, but it's probably a freeze.

Just tried and waited. It's a freeze. Stopped at 24% this time though.

I really don't understand how you're supposed to survive the beginning without the trapping skill. Your mod makes loot even more scarce and i pretty much freeze to death in 4/5 turns. Also impossible to make lockpicks.

The mod actually makes the game a lot more easier in a lot of ways. Anyways, the trapping skill is only a must when you first start playing the game. Once you play the game enough, you will learn to survive without it. Spoilers ahead:

The easiest way to survive cold is given by the game itself. It triggers an encounter that will give you an sleeping bag. Putting the sleeping bag in a campsite before ending a turn will prevent you from freezing to death. Once you keep playing the game, you will learn other ways to survive cold without the trapping skill. I see skills as a difficulty setting, the more you have, the easier the game is. Once survival becomes too easy, you will start to ignore skills or maybe take disadvantages. There was someone who only took disadvantages and could still survive the early game.

Also, lockpicks and sewing tools need a blunt object to shape them into shape, like a rock, for instance.

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Yeah thanks for the tips and kudos for spending so much time modding this game, Extended adds a lot of cool stuff.
I will try to get better at surviving but man, it is tough. Got OHK by blue frog cultist with a glass bottle after i just looted a bicycle :'(. Anyway keep up the awesome work!

i hear MMoD makes the game harder...the game isn't hard though. most deaths are from ignorance

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Hi Chiko,

Can't seem to be able to repair sawed-off shotgun. I got 2 of them + mechanic skill + ranged skill + screwdriver + pliers + mechanical parts + lighter fluid, but doesn't work. Am i missing something? Also i noticed there are 2 recipes for the sawed-off shotgun, one w/ mechanic skill, one w/o (have MMoD installed might be from there). Maybe i forgot to use the mechanic skill when i sawed one of them?

Edit: BTW, it worked w/ the .308 hunting rifle and the same recipe.

That should do it, actually. Apart from that, there's no need for mechanical parts and it needs 5 small units of lighter fluid. There are 2 recipes to repair a sawoff, one that needs 2 of them and another that requires a sawoff and a non-sawoff shotgun.

All looks ok in the files, but I'll test it in game to see if it's working.

Edit: It is working as intended. Maybe it's compatibility issue with the other mod.

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Ok thanks. Will try to farm some looters to get new shotgun, repair it then saw it :)


Hey Chiko, firstly, love the mod, really brightened my experience. But I've had a few complications. For some reason I only get a large pelt from dogmen, dears just give me several small hides, even with the trapping skill. Also, the recipe for tanning is wrong, you need 4 ash and 4 water, not 2 of each. I've also run into trouble trying to craft a rawhide quiver! It simply doesn't come up - but the rawhide waterskin shows its available for crafting and the difference between them was little so I'm confused, what am I doing wrong? Is there a mod guide anywhere that outlines all the recipes accurately?

Deer not giving a large pelt is a bug. I will fix that in the next patch.
I'll change the recipe in the main page, thanks for pointing that out.
For the quiver, are you using rawhide sheets or rawhide patches?

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Yeah exactly the same happening here. 4 ash and 4 water for leather sheet and deer gives only patches (w/ trapping). Rawhide quiver doesn't show up, neither dogman headdress. If you have the patience, you can change the recipes in the neogame file. I was able to craft everything that way.

Both the Rawhide Quiver and the Dogman Headdress are working for me. The recipe in for the Rawhide Quiver in the main page is outdated, though, you need a Rawhide Sheet instead of 6 Rawhide Patches.

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Yes working for me too. Thanks

Maybe It's item 117 which refers to a large rawhide sheet? That seems like a lot of hide for a quiver

column name="strTools">1x0:14+1x73
column name="strConsumed">1x117+4x0:18+1x37

Edit: removing item 117 from the recipe worked for me.

Yup, Ingredient 117 refers to a Large Sheet.

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Thanks for the great mod.

Two questions/comments:
1) Soldering irons are annoyingly rare. It seems like they exist in 1 in 5 or 6 of all toolkits, which aren't common items themselves. Since a soldering iron is basic equipment to use the Electrician skill, shouldn't they be more common? It makes turning the lights on in the Cryo lab from something you could do almost immediately with Electrician + Eagle Eyes + some scavenging, to something that you basically can't do, which is odd.
2) You say the scrap metal vest is repairable, but it doesn't appear to have a Repair entry in the xml files and combining the necessary ingredients (scrap metal, scrap metal vest, soldering iron, solder, pliers, hacksaw, and mechanic) doesn't seem to give the option to create the vest.

Soldering irons are common items on sale at the junk market. Solder on the other hand, is difficult to find. Not sure about the scrap metal vest, if you already checked the recipe in the XML file, maybe recreate the recipe yourself. Or craft a new one, that would actually make more sense. How would you repair a damaged scrap metal vest anyway?

Actually, the soldering iron IS really rare. I recently had a nice run, 15 days or so, camping near the Market and concentrating of looting for technical items (a tech-concentrated build). Found more than 10 toolboxes in scavenging, bought most other tools to have them at 100%. Had 30+ soldier stashed. And not a single bloody soldiering iron. None. So there might be something here.

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Maybe you're right, but it seemed common at the junk market in my run. Like i said, solder on the other hand...
I don't know if i'm imagining things, but from my experience with the game so far, i tend to find more of a particular item when i manage to scavenge one. After the first one, more seem to appear in loot.

From the ingredients listed on the first page, it looks like you repair a damaged scrap metal vest by cutting a chunk of scrap metal into smaller pieces with a hacksaw and then soldering them onto your old vest.

As far as rebuilding the vest goes, it takes 4 pieces of scrap metal to make the thing in the first place. That much scrap metal takes a fair amount of time to find and you're unlikely to get 4 pieces in 80%+ condition, which means a new vest is in bad condition to start. Hence my desire to repair it to upgrade the condition.

I guess I could make them a bit more common. Will add it to the stuff to fix for the next patch.

Also Recipe 155 and Tresure Table 147 are the repair entries in the files. I will check the recipes ingame to check if there's something wrong.

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I wish there could be more ways to affect weapon hitting chance. That way I could add more gun customizations like adding a stock to a pistol or revolver, like in the metro games.

Edit: Actually, adding a stock to a handgun could increase their range instead. Hmm...

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I've been thinking about what to add next. What about a new mixed drink? Beer plus Corn-a-Cola = New mixed drink
I will raise the price for the corn-a-cola too. I never noticed how cheap it is.

Also, someone mentioned the lack of chips in the C-Store in the suggestions section of this forum. Imma add chips and beer in there for the next patch.

Another idea, though it could take a lot of time, would be to add more choices in encounters depending on the things you are carrying to get better or different ways to deal with situations. Someone suggested this like a long time ago and it's in the "things to eventually implement" txt file.

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ya i've been loosely debating the idea of modding the encounters myself but indeed it would be alot of work...and i dunno that i'm a decent writer. so haven't seriously thought about

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Yeah, I agree. The few encounters I wrote for the mod here took a lot of time. :P

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How about new creatures? Kinda tired of fighting dogman/dogs/bad muthas. Maybe mutated animals? Not sure what sort of animals live in Michigan though. Maybe some mutant bear? or flying creature?

They need to be cryptids from Michigan, though. I haven't done much research but I think there might be more cryptids I could add.

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