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Just extract the ZIP to your NS install folder and that's it. Nothing else needs to be done AFAIK.

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Minor bug or working as intended?

Cannot butcher OR skin corpses with a Shiv (glass + string) WITHOUT Trapping ability. Must deconstruct Shiv to skin corpse with glass or have some other tool.

Even when adding the ingredients to the crafting table, it doesn't show up in the Recipe menu (just in case you have to put in the ingredients for it to show up - same as the Sharpened Spear W/Strap recipe)

That and for some reason, strings are REGAINING their durability sometimes when being turned into Medium then back into Small....or is it just me?

Screenshot available on request.

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Tried to reproduce this bug: failed. No idea, what can cause this.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Can you share a screenshot? Because the recipe isn't even working when I use "Butcher Corpse" or "Carve Corpse."

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Just in case someone would need that: NSE + GEM + OverhaulMod + Banjo small additions. Everything stocked on NSE base and tested. All bugs ineherited from original mods. This package can be bundled by anyone, but downloading this will save you a couple of hours.

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/awr5ae498qumjx0/NSE%2BGEM%2BNSOh%20%28packed%29.rar?dl=0
To install simply unpack into your game folder.

P.S. Removed power applet from GEM, cu you have a nice alternative from NSE.
P.P.S. If i'm violating any rules or breaking copyrights, please remove that reply ASAP. (No permissions asked from authors, cuz it was meant to be for private use only, initialy...)

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

If you had Shouldered in that mod, you would've been my hero of the week. :D

GJ tho. Hopefully they update and debug within the week.

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Yep, shouldered included (All banjo mods included basicaly: Shouldered, BottleLable and Fishing). Gonna work on MMM tho, but this-one will be really tough since NSE and MMM have different views on a same aspects.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

I raise a beer to you!

Do we have to download the mods and patch them in with their IMG folders or just download-and-go?

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Download-Unzip-Play. That's pretty much it. The only thing is: This build is more complicated than all mods included in it, so customization may be really hard even for advanced users (customization = integration of a new mod)

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Ah so this is your own Frankenstein ya built here then? :P

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

Yep, 've mentioned this build earlier, when i was flaming on Chiko for not uploading fix.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

I found the changelog:

-The mod is now fully compatible with version 1.11 of Neo Scavenger.
-Added a new combat move for cleaners, Escape. It allows them to banish from the area if far enough from the target.
-Added a new recipe to make 2 scrap metal knives using a Tin Can instead of scrap metal and less Duct Tape.
-The recipe to make 4 scrap metal knives out of a piece of scrap metal needs less Duct Tape and now spawns 6 knives.
-Recipes related to combining liquids without the need of heat will ask only for a waterproof container instead so players can craft these liquids with more options.
-Makeshift Sacks and Bindles can be reversed now. Reversing lootable sacks will give rags and small string, though.
-Improper Footwear now has 80% chances to give you blisters instead of 100% as a way to rebalance things a bit with footwear.
-Edited the Red-colored Hoodie to give a bigger faction rep change. Having the hood on will double it, which means all factions will hate you even more.
-Fixed the main issue introduced in the previous patch, the invisible-all thing. Now everyone should be able to see each other unless well hidden, that is.
-Fixed the recipe for the Upgraded Sheath. There was an ingredient issue related to it which was preventing the recipe from working.
-Fixed an issue with the Sewing Kit, which was allowing it to be used as string in crafting recipes.
-Fixed an issue with the Strapped Crowbar which was preventing it from being used to loot places.
-Fixed a number of other small issues mentioned in the thread. They were fixed a while ago so I forgot what they were in the first place.

I also got internet for my cellphone so I can at least check the thread more often instead of every Tuesday.

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Aaaah, yes, thank you so much. Now i can play Neo Scavenger again :)

I'm still having trouble getting the mod to work. I have a clean version of 1.11 of NS, and I extract the mod directly into the directory for the game, but when I launch, the mod isn't detected and it's just a normal version of the game. I've tried moving the appropriate "Get mods" file and the "Neo game.xml" file to the directory, and that detects the mod, but I get a huge list of "Unable to retrieve image" with all the new images created by NSE.

Hello again! As i promised, i made build over NSE, including MmMoD! Still i beta tough, but not a single conflict was detected betwen included mods, and they are: NeoScavengerExtended, Gariba's Extras and miscs, OverhaulMod, Banjo's small mods (shouldered, fishing, bottlelable) and finaly MmMoD pack(MMM, Fields of dead, SagesPages). Conflicts wasn't detected, but still integration is not completed yet (e.g: You cannot light a cigarette using matches from MmMoD, it'll give you a small fireplace instead. And so on...) I'm supposed to work on integration as soon as i detect those issues ingame, so if anyone want to use AND support this build, i'm waiting for feedback.

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kuj2vin2z7c7rvq/NES%20%2B%20GEM%20%2B%20NSOh%20%2B%20Banjo%27s%20%2B%20MmMoD%20%28Packed%29%28Beta1%29.rar?dl=0

P.S As usual i have no idea if i should make a new thread, or not, no at least temporary this development branch stays in a "father house" (this thread, since it all began from NSE customising).

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Wooaa nice! so this is basically the uber-merge? what about the overhaul mod with the camo coat?

Thanks for the effort, will try and survive on this one long enough to test for bugs -_- lol

Also, thanks Chiko and welcome back!

Camo coat? It's in merge tested and working. The only integration problems i'm experiencing right now is: You cannot craft items from MMM's recipes using items from NSE, and vise versa. The rest should work just fine.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

This iteration of the mod seems to hang at "loading images... row: 97" on the initial parsing screen for some reason. Any ideas?

Is anyone else having trouble making rawhide or leather patches in the newest version?
Tanning Rack + 1 small chunk of fur/small animal hide + 2 water + sharp edge is the recipe I know and the one listed in the OP for NSE. I can't find it in the recipe section of NSE's neogame.xml or in the recipe.xml in the new NSEoverride/data folder.

I just checked and noticed I forgot to mention this when I released version 4.3 of the mod:

-Skinning a Deer will produce a Deer Pelt instead of patches. The pelt can be wore just like a Dogman Pelt.
-Tanning can only be done to large skins like a dogman or a deer pelt and will produce a rawhide/leather sheet instead. The process also takes a lot of time before a rawhide/leather sheet can be used.
-Rawhide/leather sheets in a tanning process cannot be moved from an hex/camp until finished.
-Tanning Racks can store a rawhide/leather sheet inside.
-The only way to make rawhide/leather patches now is to cut a sheet with a sharp edge, which will produce 10x patches.
-Some leather crafting recipes need sheets instead of patches, like the recipes to make a rawhide longcoat or a leather vest.

The main page and the changelog link have been outdated ever since I moved here. :P

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Hrm....while I appreciate the addition of Rawhide and Leather Sheets I don't agree with removing the ability to use small hide/fur for the creation of patches. Their only purpose in the game now is to make patchwork items and torches or be sold at market. I think it's inappropriate for us to not be able to use small fur/hides to create things like utility belts or waterskins or to keep us from using them for repairs on things like Backpacks and clothes.

It's also a convenience issue for me since dogs are abundant in certain areas, simple to kill, and provide a good amount of fur for characters with Trapping. While Deer can be hard to find, chase down, and kill even with Ranged skills and weapons (other than Guns). Considering the time and material investment required in tanning small fur/hide into patches of rawhide and/or leather I really don't think it's unreasonable to allow the direct creation of patches while adding in the greater material returns on making Sheets from larger animals.

Edit: Turning Sheets into Patches should certainly be more efficient, but a survivor uses what's at hand. We shouldn't have to chase down a Deer or Dogman to make Rawhide or Leather when there's a great amount of fur/hide already at hand.

What I could do instead is to let players turn a patchwork hide coat into rawhide patches because tanning individual pieces will be a huge waste, specially since it now takes a lot of time till the rawhide/leather is ready for use. I'll think about it.

Chasing down a deer is actually pretty easy and can even be done with melee weapons. Just attack them in forests/hills/urban hexes and they will start steps away from you. The ATN Market also sells Rawhide Sheets, forgot to mention that too.

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I'm still a little confused as to how to make rawhide :( . Does it need to be from deer?

Yeah, I can't seem to get rawhide either. Skinning a deer on 4.4 gives 10 small chunks of fur, and I can't seem to combine them in any way to get rawhide.

I stumbled on a potential recipe that may work

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Leather Sheet - 1x tanning rack, 1x sharp edge, 4x handful of ashes, 4x water (non-chemical), 1x tanning material, 1x animal pelt

I'm going to give it a try later, I was just really confused. If it is set up to require time to tan the leather, I think that's awesome (kinda not realistic to be able to make leather inside of 1 hour).

Yeah -- I was able to at least get the tanning started by purchasing a rawhide sheet from the ATN, though I'm not sure what kind of timeline we're looking at for it to finish tanning. I'm also not sure how to create rawhide in any form yet.

I dunno though, I'm not sure the work is worth the reward in this case.

I installed Extended Neoscav v4.4 first, I'm running v 1.11 of the game and I've also installed the fishing mod, the bottle label mod and the shouldered mod, and I can't scavenge farm plots. Here is a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jeh7puaak7pd6jh/Screenshot%202015-07-12%2020.42.11.png?dl=0

Have you tried my merge? It has all 3 mods installed + some more. And ye, i haven't seen this issue on my merge.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Do I have to install the other mods first?

Nah, just download-unzip-play.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Oh, okay, thanks! :)

Sometimes, actually that happens often to me, when i pick "Sleeper"+"Insomniac"+"Metabolism"+"Smoker" flaws, my character blacks out. And sometimes this trigger a condition "Fatal asthma attack". I checked all those conditions and it seems to me, that somehow my character falls off three times in row while being unconscious and then dies from an asthma, which he hasn't. I'd advice a rework of asthma system. Can you make it work like myopia debuff? (1 condition is refreshing itself and calling for another-one, while another-one contains all debuffs) If you do that, you can make some stages of asthma being linked to each other but contain zero debuffs, while they'll be calling for another condition (let's call this "paired condition"), which hold all information about debuffs (changes ingame variables). By doing so you'll "free" "Blacking out" and "Unconscious" conditions from asthma dependancy, while allowing to have asthma attacks being linked to each other, leading to death and even allowing those attacks to appear while sleeping (just add an immunity to "Sleeping" conditions to all linked asthma-related conditions, so they'll wake you up and trigger an attack.)

Also i'd advice to separate smoking conditions for smokers with asthma and without it, since this causes some weird things to happen, like having an asthma attack, when 2 cigarettes was smoked.

P.S. I can do that myself and apply to my merge, but this'll lead to me having really hard times updating my merge, when you'll update your mod, so i ask you to make those changes and include them into main branch.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Great Mod! I'm so happy that you are still working on this.

One problem I'm having with the latest version: I can't figure out how to do anything with the small animal pelts / fur from dogs. I *know* I used to make things with them in an earlier version of this mod, but the recipes in the first post don't seem to work. What is it I have to do in the new version?

Ah, saw the earlier comment where you said you removed their usefulness. Managed to add back in the recipes myself; took a bit to figure out the recipe format, but after that not too bad!

When you have a second, could you share how you added them back in for the .xml illiterate? :)

Like albany_ above, I'm unable to get a large animal hide from deer. Even with the trapping skill, it gives 10 small pieces of hide instead of a larger one that can be used for sheets.

I mentioned this to Chiko and he said he was aware of it, he just needed to find time to fix it and borrow some internet from a Starbucks or something.

Make a patchwork hide tunic and turn it into rawhide.

What do I need to repair a yukon backpack? I have the tailor skill.

if I remember correctly you need some quality needles (ie the sewing kit) some medium string and leather patches for that.

I cant make the Dogman Fur Headdress even using Sewing Tools and tailoring skill

How are lockpicking tools made now in game, I tried to use the 8 small parts plus lockpicking skill in crafting but it didn't work for me, any suggestions or a change I didn't know about?

If i remember correctly, as i've taken a slight break from NeoScav in general, waiting for good Chiko here to get his roots down...

But agian, if i remember correctly the to make the Lockpicks is still the usuall 8 small parts and Lockpicking skill, but it also require a blunt object to make them, a hammer or a stone, Not a pebble mind you.


Thanks, that's what I was missing, I couldn't figure it out but that makes sense, I'm going to go try that now.

I don't know if this has been posted yet but I'm trying to make the Dogman Fur Headdress and for the life of me I can't.
I've tried alot of things, but my main confusions are:
1) Do I need any skills? I have tailoring and trapping.
2) Thread? I have small string and the OP never said anything about thread (or i'm just dumb.)

My questions are:
Am I missing something? I'm using a sharp edge (the toolkit cutter thing) a dogman fur coat and some small string, along with sewing tools I crafted and I can't make it.
And how do I get thread?

It's a bug that appeared when the game was updated. It replaced the 0 folder and I had to replace the file inside, missing some changes. It's easy to fix but my internet is too crappy to upload files right now.

Pew pew pew!

Cheers for the reply, and for clearing this up! (It's uen, I lost my PW lol.)

"o, we will get on it to make sure u r unabanned!!!" <--- my old job as a forum moderator

ps daddy fedor i want 2 shoot a lasered gun!!!

So, it seems to me that small pieces of hide don't work for trying to make either rawhide patches or leather at all. Is this the case and should I stop trying to make leather from hide? I have all of the materials I need including the tannin solution required. It's not making sense but chances are I'm just doing something wrong, any advice?

I'm having the same problem. I've got the tanning rack, tannin solution, and everything and theres no option to create leather from rawhide

I figured it out lol. You gotta use a rawhide SHEET with the tanning rack the patches don't work and can't actually be tanned