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Any news on "Invisible" NPCs? Can't find any info about it?

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

hey there.... i love this mod, but i found one tiny little quip (above and beyond my normal comments) .... is there any way to make the cargo pants repair recipe give you black pants? ..... and the hoodie repair should give the red hoodie... if possible, i would love to know how to do it. thanks :)

The Red Hoodie is a Bad Mutha item, similar to the Blue Frog Sash. Wearing it will mark you a Bad Mutha and you'll be treated accordingly by other NPCs, DMC Guards and ATN Warriors will be less likely to walk away from a fight while Bad Muthas will see through the disguise and be even more angry with you than normal for pretending to be one of them.

Aah, okay.... shame it looks better, lol.... i'd still like the cargo pants repair recipe to give the black cargo pants though :)

Thanks for the info, though :)

It's been a while since I've tried repairing black cargo pants, but I'm pretty sure the repair process won't change their color. If I'm right then all you need to do is find a pair and just keep repairing them.

For me, repairing the black ones gives me khaki's :/ .... i am almost positive.

there is the slight chance i mistakenly put in khaki's and thought i put in black, but that is small... i just started another game, so i will screenshot when i get to a point to check. :)

Yep.... http://i.imgur.com/0mmhES1.png?1

Repairing black gives khaki :(

Well, seeing as how there's functionally no difference I guess I can't complain about it. Style doesn't mean much in the Apocalypse :)

Once upon a time I thought that the NPCs would treat you differently if you were wearing the Bad Mutha clothing...

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

How do i obtain scrap metal? i wanted to craft a scrap machete but trying with scraps of foil didn't succeed, so i'm wondering what is considered scrap metal or if i need meelee skill to craft them

i think the scrap metal is those annoyingly large sheets... they look like cut-outs from a cargo container... when you find one you'll know what i mean :) not sure where they can be looted, but i've found a few, myself.

I found none in 20 hours lol well i also found only one plastic shed (fortunately i have mechanic skill so i could create/repair a shopping cart) so i guess i was unlucky.. So if what you're saying is right, i should find 4 of these pieces to have that machete? X.X well since i can make broad spears those will do :P

PS crap this mod reduced greatly the chance of getting weapons, i found only a gun since i've installed it :P

lol.... the game is very RNG, it seems...

i've found a bicycle near zom zom's, in one of those town hexes, in one playthrough... i've found multiple sheets of scrap metal on one playthrough... in the current playthrough i found a shopping cart in a hex only ~7 away from the cryo facility.... on another playthrough, i've found a frog something-or-other, who i killed, and got a revolver.... and that was only ~10-20 turns into the game, lol.

i keep dying, but the RNG seems to only give me things sometimes... keep scavenging, you'll find some metal sheets :)

Found one.... here's a pic to show what you're looking for :)


Anyone know where I can find or craft QUALITY sewing needles?

I see they're needed for the repair of some items with Tailoring but I'm yet to fine one at all. :(

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

I don't think there's an item that is quality Sewing needles, i think the sewing kit box IS the needles, just it's a box filled with the needles and tools required for better work. that's just my theory


This is correct. The Sewing Kit isn't just a container for string, it's also the Quality Sewing Needles needed for making a lot of the better leather gear with the Tailoring skill. Strangely both the Sewing Needles and the Sewing Kit seem to count as Small String in recipes and more than once I've accidentally consumed them in the recipes I was trying to make and had to disassemble the item I just made to get them back. Thankfully I've never made the mistake with an item that can't be disassembled to retrieve the components.

Ahhhhhh. That explains a lot. I thought it was a separate item seeing that since playing the mod - my drop rate for the sewing kit has been abysmally LOW.

Then again i should've guessed that it would have been important seeing that why in Detroit would a 2x2 item need a storage container that takes up 2x3. :D

So I assume that the item container (sewing kit) takes the place of the plain needles and can be used interchangeably? Or do I still need both items separately to craft, seeing that the needles can't fit IN the Sewing Kit so they're presumably separate items?

Should have guessed that. Sigh. Now to go on the hunt for one should I want to try Tailoring again to make my own gear rig again...orrrrr just shank a guard in the neck and take his stuff.

Cheers folks. Thanks for the quick reply!

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

The crafted Sewing Needles do not fit inside the Sewing Kit and the Kit can be used in place of the needles as well. The Kit also degrades slower than the Needles so if you find one in good condition you generally won't need a set of Needles till the Kit breaks (or you want to stop using it to preserve it until you find a replacement 'just in case').

Screw that! I've got a 3x2 for holding my 20 stack thread AND my needles so I can repair or 'strap-up' anything I find?!

You bet your Shopping Bag I'm tossing those needles and keeping my Sewing Kit! :D

Then again: if you're wandering the wastes and need to sew things over and over even WITH tailoring...you're doing something wrong. All I do to make the cash is either shank a guard or sell repaired goods or make Tannin Tea till I'm sick of it all. :P

Pretty sure after Eye Surgery you won't need much money after that. XD

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

Back for a little moment. I still can't get internet easily around here. :P

I have been unable to find what's causing the invisible NPCs but I suspect it's one or more condition that might be permanently reducing the ability to detect other characters, which is also affecting NPCs. I first thought it was a Cleaner related issue but this is affecting everyone in the game, even feral dogs, which are not directly being edited in this mod. I've been looking around the files but I can't find anything. Everything would be really easy if my compare plugin in my notepad ++ wouldn't crash every time I try to run it...

I will keep looking when I get free time but any help would be apreciated.

Pew pew pew!

Just a side question Chiko: is it normal for so many dogs/NPCs to enter a tile with you all at once? E.g 5 dogs in one battle at once?

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

I managed to find the issue. The condition causing it was "needs a drink" which was missing some entries. I'm at work right now so I will be able to upload the fix next Tuesday. There were other issues mentioned here so I will take a look before going back to work.

Pew pew pew!

I have proposition for new combat moves
Disarm (aim for hands)- higher chance of damaging arms, low chance of hitting other body parts
Immobilize (aim for legs)- higher chance of damaging legs, low chance of hitting other parts
Headshot (aim for a head)- higher chance of hitting head, low chance of hitting other parts, high chance of missing

All these moves should be available for all ranged weapons and most melee weapons

I'm not exactly sure how this would effect game balance though.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Wish I could implement stuff like that but there is no way to for me affect where the attacks land. :(

Pew pew pew!

Will you be updating NSE to use the new file system Dan's deploying with 1.11?

Woops! I will have to download that first and adapt the mod before uploading the fix. I was planning to have the update uploaded today... D:

The update should be ready next tuesday, then. I wish I had internet at home sometimes, lol.

Pew pew pew!

According to Dan mods built in the old way (one data file) should still work properly since the game reads the neogame.xml files first before looking for separate data files to load.

Currently not working with 1.11 though FULLY.

The recipes are loading and you can see the end crafting item but you get an error stating "no room in camp/crafting area" and the item will not be produced. Not all recipes suffer this but the alterations added in by Chiko in some cases.

E.g. handrags, spears with straps, leather patch etc.

Oh and @Chiko - would you mind if we made a separate thread with all the crafting recipes discovered with your mod? We've had some folks complain that they love your work but sometimes finding a particular crafting recipe is troublesome. I know it takes some challenge out of it but it's been asked for.

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

Happened to me when I used an old save file after the update. I verified cache integrity on steam and then reinstalled the mod, everything works as intended.

it is mods work with the latest version? the V1.11 version

Just a little issue I noticed.
Lighter fluid in recipes is replaced with wood cutting tool
(basically to craft large portion of Lighter fluid one must combine wood cutting tools, same goes for gun repair)
I'm not sure I'm playing the newest version of NSE so maybe this is fixed already

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

maaaaaaan, i beg you, really, make combats better. i can't find my enemy for 1000 TURNS. WTH?!?!?! i was fighting thanks to range weapon, i shooted blindly and heated my enemy, but there left no arrows! What am i suppose to do? I just can't find my enemy and i tried to retreat for (about) 100 turns. Help T_T...

maaaaaaan, i beg you, really, make combats better. i can't find my enemy for 1000 TURNS. WTH?!?!?! i was fighting thanks to range weapon, i shooted blindly and heated my enemy, but there left no arrows! What am i suppose to do? I just can't find my enemy and i tried to retreat for (about) 100 turns. Help T_T...

You should take back stacking ballets. This way you've done is shitty. By the way, wtf with hunting rifle? Only 1 bullet in a holder?
This mod is really good, but in some things you spoiled this game.

Read the front page post please. You need to find a magazine to insert to hold multiple units of ammo - the mod is meant to make some aspects more real-life. The rifles and guns will hold 1 bullet at any time but the mags (once you find the CORRECT one for the correct gun with the correct ammo) you're golden. 7 shots easy.

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

Jesus, it's just ridiculous, not uploading fix for not being able to see or be seen in combat in 1 month. I'm waiting to update my neo scav modpack for more than 1 month straight, just because in it's core it has neoscav extended. Man, for real, can you take this modding stuff a little bit more serious? It's just irritating to watch this "Oh, i need this and that, so see ya next tuesday" messages appearing once a week instead of promised fix.

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Modders do what they do as a hobby, not as a job. If Chiko decided tomorrow that he didn't feel like updating NeoScav Extended anymore then it would be entirely his decision and no one's right to expect otherwise. In the meantime, be grateful that he continues to support it.

The point is NOT to make false promises as he's doing for 1 month straight. Or should i be grateful for those false promises too?

EXE Patchwork m(onster)od.

Stuff comes up in life. This isn't a job. Chiko doesn't have a deadline and you aren't his employer. He's not under any obligation to "take this modding stuff a little bit more serious," because it isn't the slightest bit serious, it's just a thing he does for enjoyment in his spare time. So please don't act as though you're owed anything here.

Please always be friendly and polite to everyone while in these forums, even when for whatever reason you are frustrated.

Chiko (one of the most active modders for 2 straight years now, with one of the most popular and most expansive mods) has reasons for being away, which he has both announced and explained in this thread, even though he owes none of us any explanations.

This line of discussion is now closed, because it sidetracks the thread. Thank you for understanding.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Hi there, I use to play this game like every 2 months or so and I was wondering if this belongs here since I immediately went for the NSE+Overhaul+BBC+Shouldered merge and now there are new things I don't get.

How do I fix the power outlet, door mechanism and lights in some derelict buildings? in this pic the light was already working but I found no way to fix them in other places. I have the skills, electronic spare parts, tools you name it... but I can't get it to work.



I've found a bug concerning the ATN crafted arrows and the compound bow, I can carry 7 instead of 5 in the bow "ammo slot" and when equipped and in combat I can shot as much as I want without passing turn, and the info will appear in the log at the bottom but the status won't be reflected in the enemy "card" on the right side of the window.

I just had a fight with a looter, shot the guy 7 times in a row since I can keep the attacking unless I pass turn using any other action than attack, the log box will detail that I tore his chest, then his leg etc etc... but won't show on the combat screen til I pass the turn on my own using any action other than attack with the bow.

So I have been playing this mod for a couple of days and have been enjoying it but I've run into a problem. I have gathered the materials for a leather holster ( Leather, Sewing Kit, Rawhide Straps, Medium Strings, Knife ) but when I try to make it doesn't show up is it that I need the tailoring skill because I saw that the knife sheath does but it doesn't say for the holster, or is it a bug or not right materials?

I'm slowly getting how recipes work, here in the neogame.xml you can see what tools are necessary and the ingredients for the holster.

<column name="strTools">1x0:14+1x73+1x74</column>
<column name="strConsumed">4x28+3x0:18+2x37</column>

TOOLS: ID 74 are sewing needles, ID 74 is the Tailoring Skill (tge 1x0:14 no effing idea yet).
INGREDIENTS: ID 28 leather patch, ID 27 tanning material (just the tanning thing that looks like can fit in a can you make at the fire boiling the kindling).

Again I need someone to explain to me what the part of the Colon and the x0 means.

the 0 means it's referencing the default neogame.xml file for the game and the item being referenced won't be found in the mod's .xml file. You need to check the game's files to figure out what that tool is and what material you're missing.

so it reads a bit like this:

1x 0: 14
^ ^ ^the item ID for the required ingredient
^ ^this item isn't referenced in the mod's neogame.xml, check the game's neogame.xml
^how many of this ingredient are required to complete the recipe

It's not the most user friendly format, but it's not unintelligible and you get used to reading it after a while. Dan's been trying to make modding easier for us and most recently has rebuilt the game to read all the tables from split xml files. So instead of the game having a single neogame.xml that's essentially one giant table that we have to parse through manually we now have the ability to go straight to the table we need by opening the proper xml file in the game's Data folder. So if you're looking for ingredients you can just open the ingredients.xml and you're only looking at ingredients in that file.

Incidentally, 0:14 is a Sharp Edge and 0:18 is Medium Thread :)

Well for me, I always add the Tailoring and it goes through. Remember that you can upgrade the holster AGAIN after crafting BTW. :)

Nice shoes you got there. Would be a shame if I was to stab you and take them...

Also, may I politely ask for a recipe to develop software if the hacking skill is present? it would make sense to be able to develop your own cracking software provided you have at least a laptop and enough time and of course, the skills.

Perhaps make the recipe take 2 to 3 full "crafting points" to represent the time and effort needed and make it have at least one empty flash drive on inventory, these little tiny recipes are exactly what give flavor to the game and especially to skills that otherwise are rarely chosen due to the lack of options they have.

Internet! Finally. I just managed to upload the new file. It fixes the invisible-all thing, along with other bugs and it also adds some minor recipes. I lost the changelog I had written somewhere so I can't give the exact details or update the main page with them.

My current job sucks but I can't find anything better so I just can't get my own place and internet yet. Winter is not a good season to find a job here, I've been told. :P

I will try to be around but life stuff is gonna make things a bit hard for now.

Pew pew pew!

Thanks for the update Chiko!

Hoping things get better for you soon!

I don't know how to install this mod. Where should the "NSE Override" file go?