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Time for that 4.2 update. It includes:

-Increased the chance to find Soldering Irons in the Junk Market.
-Increased the degrading speed for FAEB Bandages.
-Treetops are slightly less common.
-Pressure Cookers allow more items inside. Other than just food.
-Gas Masks are now confiscated in Zom Zom's.
-Eggs can now be eaten raw. There's a chance to get gastroenteritis.
-Eggs can be boiled now. Slightly better than fried eggs. The recipe needs a a Medium Heat Source, a Water/Fire-prof container, 1x water and an egg.
-Zom Zom's now sells their BBQ for 4 bucks and it also sells cheap beer for 8 bucks. The BBQ is only free the first time you visit and the cheap beer has a small chance to get you sick.
-Added some more items with no crafting uses to the ignore list to help reduce the huge item lists in late games.
-The "small or medium flexible non-food object" ingredient has been split into 2 different ones. The vanilla one now is "small flexible wrapping object" used to make a Shiv and "medium flexible tying object" to make a Rough Splint.
-The "strong fastener" ingredient has been renamed to "strong tying object" because it's not really clear what a strong fastener is supposed to be.
-Added a recipe to repair a Scrap Metal Vest. It needs the Mechanic Skill, a Hacksaw, Pliers, a Hammer, a powered Soldering Iron plus 6 Solder, Scrap Metal Vest and a Scrap Metal Sheet.
-Inhalers and their Canisters are no longer separated items. They also look different.
-Added a recipe to make Bloodlust. It needs the Medic Skill, a Medium Heat Source, a Makeshift Still, 2x Water, a Spent Inhaler, 2x Hydrocodone Pill, 1x L-thyroxine Pill, 1x Soda.
-Reduced the tiredness Bloodlust causes so it takes longer for characters to pass out using it.
-Changed the recipe to make a Broad Spear. It now needs a Medium String instead of the "small or medium flexible non-food object" vanilla ingredient.
-Greenwood Bow have a reduced price since making one is really easy.
-Medium Chunk of Meat have a reduced price. Now it's more balanced with the rest of the chunks of meat and fat.
-Some electronic devices have increased prices. Unlocked devices are worth slightly more money.
-Software apps have prices now. The new prices are very accessible, though.
-Changed the recipe to make the Patchwork Foil Poncho. It now requires 10x Duct Tape instead of sewing tools and string.
-Fixed a bug with cigarettes. Smoking a cigarette before a smoker craves for one should work as expected.
-Fixed a bug with the communal barrel fire. It cannot be extinguished anymore.
-Fixed a bug that made it possible to add a strap to a strapped crowbar.
-Fixed a bug that made glasses and wearable plastic bags unable to used in the crafting screen.

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Is it also a bug that glass shards and bottles are no longer able to be used to light fires? Or is it just because using them to light clothes and string on fire is not a legal move? It should be, but I can never get it to work. Maybe not the glass shards, but the bottles surely.

I just did a quick test and you can. I haven't changed that feature in bottles. I also check Glass Shards in the vanilla game and they cannot be used to do that.

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there's no limit to awesomeness with this game))

Hi Chiko. I think this mod looks really awesome (from what I've seen), but, after following instructions you posted (copy and pastes and the like), the mod isn't in my game. Would appreciate help :)

Where did you put the files inside the .rar? There are 3 inside it and you need to put them in the game's directory. It should ask you to replace a folder called "0" in there too. If nothing of that happened then you pasted the files elsewhere. :P

There are better instructions in this official thread here: http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/3338

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Ahh, didn't say any of that for me. Thx for the help, hopefully I can get it working.

Still, nothing. I've followed all of the instructions given, and watched the video. Damn windows 8...

EDIT: I've done it! It appears there was a problem with saving the changes to the getmods file, but I tried saving a different way and got it done. Now time to get into the game :)

I just reuploaded the download link coz there was a tiny mistake I did when I uploaded it earlier. :3

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Hi Chiko

I was just wondering what are the repair recipes for the lights, stoves, ect as I've been trying to figure out the recipe for ages but can't figure it out


Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea

Someone asked me for them some pages ago so I'll just paste the answer here:

It's only generally mentioned: "Electrician Skill, Screwdriver, Pliers, Soldering Iron and Solder, the device to be repaired, Spare Parts, Mechanical Parts and some recipes will ask for a second device for more specific parts."

The second device they might need depends on what you want to repair. If you want to repair the light in the room, you will need a flashlight. To turn a power outlet into a power tap, you will need a laptop battery. door systems and kitchen stoves don't need a second device.

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Ok thanks, I remember seeing that post before now

Anyways due to the rarity of electronic devices and the little amount of electronic scraps you get from them, my idea is that when you scavenge a abandoned IT tower that there is a very low chance to find a broken LCD monitor or destroyed computer tower that could be broken down to give maybe 6-7 electronic components, but to balance this it could require some pliers and screwdriver meaning you would have to find a toolkit first

Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea

There's a really easy way to get electronic parts and that is to stay near the Junk Market for some days. Electronic devices are always on sale and they are not really expensive, not even with the latest update. I usually end up with a tool box full or electronic and mechanical parts after only a few days.

Being able to find broken electronics sounds like a good idea too but I'm trying to avoid adding too much clutter items into the game.

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Ok makes sense

In most of my recent games I've been sticking around ZomZom's a lot farming the bad muthas, not thinking about the DMC

Scraping yellow puss off some dying guy is NOT a good idea

Hey Chiko, seems that the added value to the properties of the crowbar w/ strap is causing the crowbars that have straps to not show up as valid options while looting.

Hmm... it's due a change I did a long time ago. I don't even remember why I made it but I can fix it easily.

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Would it be at all possible to change it back and allow strapped crowbars to be used for looting? I can kind of see how a string or strap tied to a crowbar *might* get caught on things, but in my mind it wouldn't be too much of a problem, especially if you twisted it around a few times. It can be a bit tedious to have to unstrap/restrap it every time you'd like to use it, especially if you aren't lugging around a vehicle or are on a bike.

Yeah. It's actually a bug caused by that change. It will be fixed in the next update.

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Any of these seem like cool ideas?

Lets start with something I really think makes sense to have in this game.
Animal Husbandry:(cost 3 points) Player can use mounts. A valid mount must meet two requirements.
A: Any domesticated animal large enough. (cow,horse, exc.
and B: have lead attached to it.

(this skill would require the addition of horses, cows,exc in the game as well as the ability to make leads using 2 Medium Non-Rigid, Non-Springy Sheet: and 1 sharp object, OR 30 Medium Thread. (breaking one down gives 15 medium thread and 5 dirty cloth)

A mount would work like any other vehicle when equipped only you would have to find a tamed animal (or buy one) and while being in the same spot as the animal you would open the crafting menu and combine it with a lead (they can be found with them already) Once done they can be equipped to the Vehicle slot.

Horses exc; differ from normal vehicles in that they can only 'store' bags. This is assumed to be because they are not naturally a container but you can attach containers to them.
Horses,cows exc would have a normal vehicle inventory that would represent the amount of wight they can hold.

Leads have a item health and when this runs out you will need to buy a new one or make one. You can push your animal with your hands but this actually slows your movement. (similar to how you can drag a broken shopping cart but it slows you)

The main drawback to using a Horse,cow,exc is that it increases your hunger and thirst a little and the bags attached to the animal lose health as they would if quipped to the player.
I was thinking that a horse or cow would have a 30 by 30 size storage area.

Careful:(cost 1 points) A person who is Careful can loot crumbling buildings much safer and have less chance to fall when running,exc.

Very Careful:(cost 2 points) A person who is Very Careful will move slower (movement spaces -1 every turn unless already 1. Can loot crumbling buildings much safer and have less chance to fall when running,exc. Slight innate boost to finding loot do to more carefully inspecting things.

(unlockable heroic feat) Believer: (Show yourself to believe in good)"Player must show themselves to be considerably more good then evil."
Random chance in combat for the option "act by faith" to enable a guarantied success on next action. (option available in combat rarely)

Negative trait: Zealot: Player often refuses to kill any non mutant humanoid. (IE bandits, raiders, exc.) Meaning in battle with a human you will have to use any of the non-violent options until character decides that peace in not an option. This could be anywhere from 4 to 6 turns before the character decides this (in other words randomly)

Bonus is it grants the player 8 extra points to spend (the what I like to call "all or nothing crazy man option")

Gentle Face: (cost 1) Enemies and animals are less likely to flee from you regardless of health or condition.

Sartor: (cost 2) can repair / make clothing.

I have this idea but it would be a LOT of work to implement I think.

Basically anything made of a cloth, (shirts,pants,coats exc exc) can be repaired with this skill + dirty cloth(or clean) + 1 string +small parts OR other cloth including other cloths and 1 string + 1 small parts. Each Dirty Cloth (or clean) would be worth 5 health if used in crafting to repair a piece of clothing.

Using another piece of clothing (pants,shirt exc) to repair clothing will regain the same amount of health as the two pieces combined but still results in patchwork clothing.

you retain the small parts after crafting.

Repaired clothing then becomes patchwork clothing yielding the same amount of usable items when broken down as normal clothing.

Using 20 cloths (clean or dirty) + 20 medium thread + this skill = patchwork clothing.

Patchwork clothing can be used as either pants or shirts regardless of what was used to make them.

Patchwork clothing sells for $12.60 @ 100%

This skill can only be used to repair commercially available clothing. (NOT including shoes.)

Neurotic: (grants two points) Character can only sleep in cities towns villages exc. (also applies to rest and heal option, choosing this with Insomniac grants an additional point for a total of 4)

Lucky (cost 6) Find better loot more often. 10% better chance to find good loot. 3% better chance to and hit and 3% less likely to fall, trip, exc.


Mounts sound a bit too complicated to implement and the current limitations will make it feel like a weird or unfinished feature. They would still feel like mechanical objects, not to mention the limits in item size, so a horse and cow would be about the same size of a bicycle or shopping cart, which are like the biggest objects in the game/mod.

The rest of the skills are too specific or can only be used for only one thing to be added. I did implemented a skill that adds the ability to make and repair clothing and also added new features for the vanilla skill. Check the main page for more info.

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What about new gear to DMC guards?
-Shotgun holster, black shotgun holster for military shotgun. Equips at belt slot.
-Tactical glasses, protect from handful at eye movement.
-Black youkon backpack.
-Black webbing vest.
And new items.
And flask, like rawhide flasks from leater, but from metal.
Traveller backpack, VERY, VERY, VERY low chance to find, have storage capacity like two youkons, burden player.
MRE. Two types.
-DMC military MRE, can find at DMC guards, if eat restores 20 points of hydration and nutriation.
-Survival tactical MRE, very big container what contains
-Jelly bears.
-Water, six portions.
-Cooked five small portions of meat.
-Can with yammi cream, can with coffie.
This MRE have very small chance to be finded at scavenging and can be buyed at C-store, this MRE VERY big abd VERY expensive.
Helmets, builder hats, moto helmets, bike helmets, ETC.
Combat knife, hunter knife, kitchen knife.
Webbing vest at slot of hoodle.

And new thing.
Setup dufflebag at normal bike, burdens player too.
Attach lights to head or helmet with duct tape.
Tranquilizer rifle and three types of shots.
-Death shot with death doze of chemicals, work slooooow.
-Sleep shot with sleeping chemicals, work slow.
-Nano tranquilizer with super fast sleeping chemicals.
-Flare gun. Oblivious.

i really like the idea of the MRE's and the ones for the DMC guards too and the "traveller pack" but for the space of 2 yukons it should have a 0.1% to appear or it should be too but TOO op even with permanent burdened

melonhead's look inofensive but while you sleep they will try to hit you with a monkey wrench
(based on real events)

Shotguns can already be attached with s strap. If you take the stock from it, then you can put it on the leather shotgun holster. DMC guards only carry the variant with stock only.

I like the tactical glasses one. Someone suggested it before and I forgot about it. Will add it to the list of stuff to implement.

Black or other colored variants of items are something I'm trying to avoid, since this mod adds already a lot of stuff.

a Webbing vest would be kinda too similar to how the hunting vest I added work. It's basically a DMC armor vest with no armor. I could add it but that would mean I will need to nerf the hunting vest so these items are not too similar.

A flask would be just a metal bottle so there's no much point in adding it, unless I make it so plastic bottles degrade.

The traveler backpack cannot be implemented. There's a limit in inventory size and the yukon is like the biggest backpack already. Adding a backpack with an inventory that big will "clip" with the condition list, which is something that I've seen already. The backpack itself would be a bit too "cheaty" too since you can carry multiple bags and a vehicle already.

I like the MRE idea but DMC guards will not carry these since they only patrol for a set amount of hours before going back to base. They are just guards and their base is right there so there's no need for them to carry field rations.

New helmets and knives are already in the list so I will implement some, eventually.

Giving the bicycle inventory space or allowing it to carry bags would be kinda op. It increases map movement a lot so that's why I decided for it not to have inventory space. I added the ability to ame a bicycle cart using the Mechanic skill which trades inventory space with its previous mobility, which also includes the ability to use it in combat so it's up to the player if they want to move fast and have extra combat moves or more inventory space instead.

Wearable light or the ability to attach a light to a helmet is a good idea and has been suggested before so it's already in the list.

Tranquilizer rifles or weapons that are intended to do other types of damage or conditions are currently impossible to implement. Same with flare guns, unless they are only useable outside of combat.

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Can someone tell me what all the ingredients for fixing a damaged power outlet are? I have 1 laptop battery, a stack of small mechanical parts, 3 electronic parts, 11 solder, a powered soldering iron, a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers, the damaged outlet, and the electrician skill all in the crafting window together. The only thing that shows up is to take apart the soldering iron

I think you are only missing 5 electronic parts more.

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Thanks Chiko

What about merge with ruzu firearms mode and jt2 skll training mode? You ideas about skill learning?
And what about lights source for DMC guard? I killing them at nights with my bare hands...

And about holsters.
I don't like makeshift, i saying about shotgun holster aka pistol holster for DMC guards.

Speaking of knives would it be possible to add some kind of sheat or scabbard? it get silly to have to open a backpack to get to items that should be ready to use in case of danger.

I second this idea. I don't really care about the function, but having a sheath to put your weapon in would be bad ass.

Cats are adorable. That's all I have to say.

Time for that v4.3 update for the mod. It includes:

-Added 2 new recipes to make boiled eggs. You can now boil up to 3 eggs at once.
-Changed Scrap Knives to be smaller and look differently.
-Added a new craftable gear, Knife Sheath. Apart from knives, you can also put small objects insides and a closed multitool. It can be used in the alternate shoulder and belt slots. To craft one, you need the Tailoring Skill, a Sewing Needles, A Sharp Edge, 2x Leather Patch, 3x Medium String and 2x Strong Tying Object. It can be used to craft an "upgraded" sheath that uses the Sash Slot only but it can old more knives. To make one, you need the Tailoring Skill, a Sewing Needles, A Sharp Edge, a Knife Sheath, 4x Leather Patch, 6x Medium String and 1x Strong Tying Object.
-Added a new bladed weapon, Throwing Knife. It's better than a Scrap Knife in all aspects but it cannot be crafted. It can be found in stores or carried by NPCs.
-Spears have better range when thrown so they are different from Throwing Knives.
-Changed the look and recipe for the Makeshift Shoulder Sling. To make one you need a Sharp Edge, a Large Sheet and 4x Medium String.
-Bark Solution has been renamed to Tannin Solution.
-Added a new craftable aid item, Scent Killer. It's a spray used by game hunters to mask their scent from animals. It's rare and only found in forests shacks or carried by Loner Hunters. The effects stack and have a duration of 10 "map" turns. Those with the Tracking Skill can make a weak, homemade version of Scent Killers. To make one, you need the Tracking Skill, a Medium Heat Source, a Large Water/Fire Proof Container, 2x Tannin Solution and 1x Spray Bottle.
-Removed the "cold" penalty from the smoke/alcohol cravings coz the combination of both could cause death even when wearing lots of clothes and being next to a campfire. They now make it harder to get warm but no reduction is applied.
-Berry Root Tea now works similar to Tannin Tea, condition-wise. It also helps wit gastroenteritis.
-Fixed a bug causing the "Next Battle" option in Zom Zom's not not appear.
-Fixed a bug with strapped crowbars being unable to be used to loot.
-Fixed a bug with the makeshift bindle recipe not allowing other large shafts to be used to make one.

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Is it just me, or is infection much more deadly in this mod? I leave a few tiny scratches uncovered for a few turns, and: BAM! Sepsis. Kinda gets annoying.

It's probably just you. :P

I haven't messed with wounds or sepsis or anything that affects that condition.

Pew pew pew!

Mhm, strange. Also, my game's started to SERIOUSLY glitch out. Whenever an NPC moves into my hex, they disappear, and I'm trapped in a rest and heal state until my character dies. Halp!

You should only update once you need to start a new game. Updating and using an old saved game causes a lot of glitches like those.

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Nope, I started on a new game :P

Are you using other mods with this one?

Pew pew pew!

No, I have M(m)MoD on my computer but it's not being used. Confusing :(

Confusing indeed. The glitches sound familiar coz they usually happen with the conditions I mentioned before but this is the first time I hear them happening like this. I have no idea how to help you since none of these bugs happen to me.

Might be a good idea to reinstall both the game and mod. A fresh install sometimes work.

Pew pew pew!

Ahh, I just tried to get into Neo again and the game's back to normal. Maybe 'cause I logged out of Steam, I tried everything else? Anyway, I'm happy now :)

Hmmm... i think your the one who made the mod on teleglitch Called "Teleglitch Extended"
and i love your mods and peoples idea it makes my survival skills getting better..

Idea Giver :3
I Like Survival Games :D

Lol yeah. I made that one a long time ago.

Pew pew pew!

If is possible to actually repair items ?
For example, if i find a crowbar at lowish condition, how can i make it get a better condition ?

IN addition, could you maybe rework the packaged bandagey you received in cryo when taking medic ?
They stack up to 7 or 8, but for some weird reason you first need to unstack then, than open them (one by one) to apply them.
COuldnt they behave like normal rags/cleaned rags ?

Not so much for crowbars and the like. But with the tailor skill pretty much all clothing can be repaired or upgraded and mechanic lets you repair the scrap metal vest and improvised guns. Ranged allows you to repair actual guns.

What Trigon said.

It's not possible. If I were to implement a way to repair them... A crowbar is entirely made of a one piece metal. I imagine the only way to repair one realistically would be to heat it to the point it's malleable with a hammer and other tools but that's pretty much blacksmithing, an entirely new skill would be needed for that.

Also, they need to be unstacked because of a design thing that cannot be changed. I could make them like normal rags but these kind of bandages come with meds that are supposed to be kept sealed and used on a single wound. So in order to simulate that, I need them to not last for more than one use, which cannot be done if they work normally.

Pew pew pew!

Oh man, I want that. The skill Blacksmithing is something i highely want, don't need to be super perfect, just the ability to just smelt down some junk and make a scrap plate, cause you need some serious devices to get a good ingot, Unless you'd be able to build a crucible out of tons of tons of stones and other junk you find, it's possible, but oh man, the time and effort it will need, worse than the Moonshining part.

But still, i'd love to see such in the future when Chiko's "To Do" List is more clear and open.


Speaking of upgraded clothin I just got an idea for all the papers arround, a simple stab vest made out of them, its a pretty easy to do item (in game it should only need a piece of clothing 10 or more papers and some string to tie them) also the same could be done with the sheat metal and the soldering iron open many new possibilities at that.

I actually got a similar idea in my notes, Paper Arm Guards. Basically, paper and duct tape. I implemented them in a game called Cataclysm a long time ago. A vest out of them is new, though. I'll think about it.

Pew pew pew!

A vest would be an okay idea. It would need a lot more than ten pieces of paper though considering one piece of newspaper gets ten papers and a single newspaper spread over your whole torso wouldn't stop anything.

Maybe a phonebook could be added I know from personal experience that a sufficiently big one will stop an arrow and small caliber bullets.