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I've been testing the new content a bit and it all seems to be working fine. Update 4.1 is now available for download. It includes:

-Added a new campsite appliance, Door System. Fixing the doors will increase building concealment, which means less chances for NPCs to get to your stuff. Unfortunately, it's not very common to find and they are only in office buildings.
-Added a new item, Laptop Bag. Similar to the Duffel Bag but smaller and black colored. It's also rigid so it's not smaller when empty. Originally created to carry a laptop, a spare battery and a flash drive but anything small or flat can fit inside.
-Added a new food item, Eggs. There are 3 types, but some are harder to get than others. They can be fried with a heat source and a sauce pan or be used as extra ingredient for mulligan stews. They are also sold at markets.
-Added a new misc item, bird nest. It contain eggs and sometimes random stuff, depending on the bird that owned it. Can be used to store small things inside but it's better used as fire fuel.
-Added a new scavenge location, Treetops. This is a dangerous place to look for food but if successful, you can obtain raven's eggs or a squirrel, if you are "unlucky" enough.
-Scavenging an Open Field with the Tracking Skill will add a chance to find Wild Turkey's Eggs but it will also increase the chances for a pretty challenging encounter.
-Scavenging Farming Plots with the Tracking Skill will add a chance to find Chicken's Eggs but these are really rare.
-The Tracking Skill is instrumental for finding bird nests. The only place to find eggs without the skill is in treetops but it's dangerous. Even with the tracking skill, finding eggs is hard.
-Rags and most rag clothes now weigh less.
-Duct Tape now weigh less.
-Cardboard Boxes can't be put inside bags anymore.
-The String from Rags recipe now spawns random amounts of Small String.
-Hacksaws and Basic Sewing Needles now take a bit longer to degrade.
-Lighting and rolling cigarettes now cost less action points.
-Fixed a bug that caused all tools inside Tool Kits to be always at 100% condition.

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I've been thinking a way to use Duct Tape as fletching for crude arrows and there are different options for that to happen without allowing them to be recoverable:

1-Add a recipe to turn 1x Duct Tape into 3x Fletching, which cannot be reversed and can only be used for that purpose. I could also make it so paper and tin foil can also be turned into Fletching.

2-Add 4 hidden recipes that allow Duct Tape to be used directly as fletching but that degrade it so it cannot be recovered. This option as a minor bug that add 2 reverse recipes that do the same thing when you want to disassemble an arrow.

3-Add a new arrow type, crude blunt arrow. It will be just a fetched shaft. Players can either use them like that or add a piercing or broad arrowhead to it to make the vanilla arrows. Crude blunt arrow cannot be reversed but when you reverse a piercing or broad head arrow, you will get a blunt head arrow plus the arrowhead and string.

4-Simply make arrows unable to be disassembled. This will mean players could also use Duct Tape instead of a Small String to attach arrowheads.

There's a recipe function that might help me with this called strDestroyed but I have no idea how to use that. It seems to destroy ingredients listed in it somehow.

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What are the recipe for repairing campsite appliances? I cant seem to find them anywhere

It's only generally mentioned: "Electrician Skill, Screwdriver, Pliers, Soldering Iron and Solder, the device to be repaired, Spare Parts, Mechanical Parts and some recipes will ask for a second device for more specific parts."

The second device they might need depends on what you want to repair. If you want to repair the light in the room, you will need a flashlight. To turn a power outlet into a power tap, you will need a laptop battery. door systems and kitchen stoves don't need a second device.

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So, I've been thinking about the Smoker and Drinker traits. They basically add a psychological element to the game. So maybe this element could be expanded somehow, like adding a way for the player to start fearing for his life.

I mean, you wake up in a cryo facility after God knows how many years, without any memory of who you are and what's going on, and the world turned into a jungle with giant dog-like creatures. Who wouldn't be freaked out?

So, my idea would be to add something like a "fear" stat that builds over time, augmented or diminished by certain conditions, and can be lowered by certain activities. It would be better if there were a stat bar for it, but a hidden stat only with conditions that pop up as it increases is interesting too, and only needs a condition working as a counter to trigger others.

There would be a base rate for fear every hour, and physical strain (injury, disease, hunger, thirst, energy) would increase that rate. Some events would instantly increase fear by a flat amount, like falling to the ground in combat, having limbs crippled, having a disease advance in stage, failed scavenging attempts, etc.
On the other hand, things that increase the player's odds of survival work toward reducing fear. Each survival-related skill would decrease the hourly rate, and activities that are relaxing or work for the betterment of the player's health decrease fear by a flat amount, like smoking (unfortunately, but true), drinking coffee, eating a decent meal (soup, mulligan stew, ATN meal, DMC food), having a good night's sleep (uninterrupted sleep in sleeping bag, or sleeping in the DMC parkade).

So, what do you guys (and Chiko in special) think?

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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

I don't know, I actually think that the fear should be real, instead of some game stat. Nothing sucks more than playing a game, knowing what you have to do in a situation, but the game won't let you do it because your fear meter is too high. Besides, anyone who plays this game knows how deadly things can be. The fear is real when you get cut, or run out of water and have no way to make fire.

Besides, having survival skills already works to make you less fearful, for real. And getting a good night's sleep already gets your fatigue taken care of.

There's actually a morale system that is affected mostly by combat conditions and moves but it only affect NPCs. I once suggested a couple of conditions, Angry and Scared. These conditions would affect combat moves, like for instance, being angry would prevent run away moves from appearing in the move list and being scared would do the contrary. It was a long time ago but I think Dan explained the morale system for NPCs in that thread.

Dan also said something similar to what Jeoshua said. Which is why the current vanilla system only affects NPCs.

Its is doable but not as a bar, only as conditions hidden or shown or a combination of both. What could it do, though? I agree it should not force players to be able to do certain things but it could cause some stat changes.

One thing I can think of is affecting the combat moves by replacing some with other moves depending on morale. Like being stressed or scared would replace combat moves with similar ones but with more defense but less chances to hit. Being angry or pissed off could increase damage but reduce chances to dodge. There could also be a depressed condition that appears after a while of low morale events that could be hard to fix.

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This is NEO Scavenger. Isn't everyone already depressed enough?

idea for chiko :D

another thing would be having a "mental" flaw, i mean, when i hit someone in the game and he is "defenseless" i start choosing hit him until is dead (in my mind works like kill him already), so there could be a mental illness flaw or weak mind, i mean when you start you kill a "monster" but you don't kill a man so when you kill your 1st man you start to be affected by a permanent "sickness"

and there should be 2 ways, becoming a "serial killer/psychopath" that after killing certain number of people (bad or good) you start having need's to kill to stay sane (being insane: having nightmares leading to bad sleeping to no sleeping at all, and weakness and chances of random blackouts in any moment by tiredness.


becoming "peacefull" and avoid killing people (dogmans don't enter in this category but melonheads may vary "optional") and having a sense to escape (because i don't know how other people play but the only things i escape are dogman's only) because people with melee and strong and other beneficial in combat skill with full equipment partially becomes god (but not inmortal because i had shotgun with 20+ slugs but i got my face biten by a dogman while sleeping),

and a way of getting out of beign a serial killer/psychopath would be afront his effects and consecuences for a number of days or weeks (maybe 1 week or 2) but the "permanent sickness" still affects and you can become one again if you do the same things

another way may be buying prescripted medicine in the DMC or having help from the ATN (may take long or less in the atn because of them having "traditional methods"

and (EVERYTHING IN THIS AREA IS OPTIONAL BY BEING BENEFICIAL), when being a serial killer/psychopath you know where to hit or cut to quickly kill your victim and you have more chance of hit and damage with weapons, and when beign "peacefull" you know how to escape more efficiently and you don't leave tracks "not disappear but 50% of it" and know how to move in terrain and less chances of falling in terrains or having "accident encounters while scavenging" (doesn't add more loot chance)

thx to gariba for his comment about the "fear" that gave me this idea

Edit: the permanent illness doesn't appear like an actual status like chiko said about being like a not visible stat but the serial killer/psychopath and peacefull would be a visible actual status

melonhead's look inofensive but while you sleep they will try to hit you with a monkey wrench
(based on real events)

Hmmm... maybe. There are too many flaws already so I'll shelve the idea.

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- How can i use "Foil Scrap" ? item ?
- Why can i put 2 portions of Lemonade into a bottle, but only 1 portion of water ?

Great mod, like it a lot. However i feel like the list of items has kind of grown too big, with very many items only having a very niche use.

About water - one drop is clean other is infected.
Foil scraps - foil pot and other uses.
Many items have many uses =)

Bug report maybe? - comunity trash fire can be extinguished (didnt tried it but there is an option)
Bark tea can stack to 4 portions?

The communal trash barrel thing is a vanilla bug but can be fixed easily.

Bark tea does stack to 4 portions now. They weigh less so technically, it's the same quantity. I made it like that since it quenches less than water and I reduced its ability to disinfect wounds a bit.

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I think I'll change the recipe to make the foil poncho again. Foil is too brittle to be sewed with needle and string so it will require Duct Tape instead.

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Whenever I try to craft things from this mod, it tells me that there isn't enough space on the ground/camp to craft it. So far i tried with footwraps and cutting large meat up for fat. Am I doing something wrong?

Are you using other mods?

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I have another problem.
I have many hexes where i should be able to gather water, i.e. the tooltip shows "craft or use to gather water". But when i do that, i cant gather water at all - in fact, i can get no option but go back to the initial menu.

No other mods.

just an example !


Which version of the mod are you using? This used to happen in v4.0 but it got fixed.
The tooltip is also from the vanilla game. In the current version of the mod, it should just say "use to gather resources", which also suggest you are using either an old mod version or an outdated vanilla update though the later is less likely.

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Sorry, I was still running 3.9 from the looks of the folder.
I updated and now i can gather water :)


Chico, you mentioned before you were thinking about a Pill Popper or Druggie trait. I find myself wanting to make a Spider Jerusalem (from Transmetropolitan) character, and find myself unable to really do him any justice. I think that this is probably the best inspiration to draw a character from, as he's a pastiche of Hunter S. Thompson, and Phillip Kindred is also a reporter. It's true that Spider isn't really addicted to drugs, since he is genetically modified to be resistant to addiction, but I need something for flavor.

I already have my character being an Alcoholic, Smoker, Insomniac, so he needs many substances to survive... but I still lack the crippling need to get messed up on some pain pills. Hydrocodone is already in the game, and would be the perfect candidate for this, barring any other more "exotic" substances being added.

Come on, drugs are tax deductible for journalists, here. Papa needs his pills ;)

Also, a black jacket would be nice, maybe some crazy mismatched camera shades, but that's just icing (although there really could stand to be some more kinds of clothes, every character eventually seems to end up with a hoodie and cargo pants in the early game, and DMC gear later on).

Also, if you are ever in need of inspiration about anything to add to DMC, Transmetropolitan is chock full of zany awesome ideas. Right now I'm thinking gene mods (expensive tank treatment, takes a week of vat time, can give any physical trait or remove any flaw) and cybernetics (also at the hospital, also expensive, could give Strong, increase ranged precision (smartlink style) or modify running to be twice as fast).

Also, if you think about it, Phillip is basically a Revival from the comic: https://semigeekly.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/transmet8.jpg

Well, it should be a lot more easier to implement something like this since it would be like the alcoholic flaw. The only thing that was keeping me from doing it was the drug chosen for the addiction and the fact that there are already lots of flaws in the game.

Pew pew pew!

Hydrocodone is basically synthetic heroin, so it's a perfect candidate. And yes, there are already lots of flaws, but most of them are either deadly serious, like feeble, or almost inconsequentially easy to deal with, like myopia (or smoking). Being addicted to something that has a medical purpose, is expensive, and relatively rare before going to DMC would be at least a 2 point flaw, to fill the gap a bit more.

Sleeping pills are already covered by Insomnia. You need them to be able to sleep correctly (that or some booze).

Caffeine addiction might also be nice, but it's such a low level addiction in reality that it's barely worth a point. Maybe just make caffeine cure headaches, and if you drink enough of it you get a temporary hidden addict trait which gives you headaches every so often.

Which goes into my DMC Internet Cafe idea. Get scones and biscottis and mochas and lattes and frappalattes and mochaccinos and all manner of froofy drinks which you could never craft in the wild, and use the wifi connection to be able to browse the net. While on the net you could browse the news for fun, chat in online forums where nobody listens to you and argue incessantly about dumb things, or go onto a warez site and download programs. Most of this is just flavor text, but the last option is the real one, would require Hacking, and has a slight chance of summoning the sky-cops (total surveillance is a bitch).

Hmmm... maybe. I will have it in mind for the next update. In the meantime, I will upload a hotfix I finished in the weekend. Apart from bug fixing and some minor changes, I'm finally adding a recipe for medics to be able to make Bloodlust. The makeshift still and empty inhaler canisters are obvious requirements for this. Maybe I could make it so the recipe also needs Hydrocodone as main ingredient so that way Bloodlust also works with that addiction you are suggesting.

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Hello Chiko, i am a big fan of your mod.
i have been playing it a lot as of late, however i have yet to find any of your encounters.
Gun store, workshop, etc.
they refuse to spawn and i dont know what to do.
i have ingame played a LOT enough to, well explore the whole map.
And i have just never once found them, also i have played in two variants.
One with your Neo ex, and one with banjos mods.
still nothing.
So, can you tell me where in your mod the "Spawn" code is for these encounters.
so i can increase them to prety much 100%, just so that i can see that they do spawn.
if not then there must be some other problem.

Thank you for reading my comment.

Say, that's a good point. I've not run across these either in several versions. They were rare, but not absent.

How much ingame days have passed without you seen one of them?

I've done testing for other things but I actually see them once in a while. They are more like mid game looting areas, which means they will never spawn in urban hexes you just discovered. It's usually a week or more time before one or two of them spawn. It's also easier to find one if you stay in the same area after a while.

The loot in them is nothing unique but it's more specific. That's why they are rare but they are not impossibly rare as I have found them often enough in my gameplays.

Pew pew pew!

well i looked when died with my character (Damn DMC Guards) and it said 4 months if im right, 127 days.

I'll do some more testing but I've always been able find them after a week or a bit more time has passed. 4 months is a lot of time but not impossible, just really, really unlucky.

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I have an important question that is not directly addressed in the hefty mod guide you've made. My question is: Is there a way to repair the scrap metal vest? And if so, how might I go about doing this? Thank you for your time.
Also, I would just like to say that I love this mod; it is indeed near absolute perfection. Definitely improves the already fantastic game to a whole new level. Is it just you who does this or do you have a team or something?

Not yet. I'm planning to add the ability to repair them with the mechanic skill and the soldering iron as tools.

It's just me but lots of the stuff in here have been suggested by others. I also lurk the ideas and suggestions section for stuff to implement.

Pew pew pew!

Alright thanks. The reason I ask is because I crafted a brand new scrap vest and it came out having only 5% durability. Granted, one of the scraps I used was at five percent (I don't think scrap metal should degrade, personally) but the others were between 35% and 70% so why did I get such a crappy deal? I feel ripped off in the armor department. That really put a damper on a good playthrough too; I have augmented eye surgeries and everything.

I was thinking can you add a Protective helmet like motorcycle helmets,broken military helmets,Cap(Baseball cap Or other cap),makeshift helmets like bandana rags,wearable plastic bag or something we can cover our heads
remember:Safety first :P

Idea Giver :3
I Like Survival Games :D

A lot of those already exist. Leather helmets, welding helmets, etc are implemented. A good suggestion, were it not already done. Become familiar with what has been added before suggesting to avoid suggestions for what has already done.

Yup, as KrotoR mentions, there's actually a number of new headgear for characters to use. Wearable plastic bag can be used on head, hands and feet and is the easiest and weaker of them all. Then there are the wearable rags. Followed by the leather cap, which offers some armor against cutting damage. And the last one is the welding mask, which offers decent armor at the expense of vision range and detection rate.

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guess chiko is doing well with his balance update. but here is some by me to change prices for:
- medium raw chunk of meat due to it's cutting recipe;
- greenwood bow cause it's makes easy to earn money with ranged skill;
- wine because besides it can be stacked a lot also it's too much valuable versus other items especially firearms;
+ and electronics could be more expensive due to its durability is unlocked now.

Agreed on all counts, except wine.

It's very rare and not craftable, and only makes sense that it's so expensive.

Just discovered that the Dogman Fur Headdress is not crafting properly, following the recipe on the main page does not work and nothing is produced.


Cannibal Family Picnic

Did you try adding Tailoring into the crafting box, as well?

I forgot to mention it also needs a Sharp Edge to cut the stuff. A lot of recipes do. I just added the missing ingredient to the main page.

Pew pew pew!

alright thanks

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Question. Bicycles and Shopping Carts use Bolts or Screws? Maybe I could make it so they need a Monkey Wrench instead of a Screwdriver. Their recipes also need Pliers so I imagine that could work for small screws, since a Monkey Wrench is too big.

Pew pew pew!

Mainly bicycles use screws for adjustable parts while using bolts for parts like handle bars or the tires axles.

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Hmmm... I'll leave the recipes alone, then.

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Hey Chiko, would any of the changes to the water tiles have any reason to be giving me a bug where (even on a fresh start, jumping right out of the window and running to the nearest water tile) somehow all water objects become identified right off the bat?, The only mods I'm using are the overhaul by layarion and yours.

I just made a quick check and that bug doesn't happen in my mod. It seems it's a compatibility issue.

Pew pew pew!

Yeah I can confirm it's not from NSE alone through experience, and Magi reported a similar issue and he doesn't use Overhaul or NSE in testing. There is something going on in various mods.

Are you aware of any auto-identify features in the code? Some kind of auto-reveal that can be turned on for a hex, or a recipe, or a treasure table? If so, maybe water was added to one of these, in some mods, that wasn't there before, and it ends up being identified and transferring that quality to all others of its type.

I'm having some issues with the Bloodlust canister crafting. Since non-spent canisters cannot be put outside inhalers, it's impossible to craft.

I will have to make inhalers and canisters a single item instead of separated ones.

Pew pew pew!

Easy enough to rationalize: The state of modern medicine in the time of Neo Scavenger is one dominated by cheap and abundant 3d printing and other advanced fabrication technologies (inside DMC anyways. Not for you, you dirty non-citizen scavenger!). It's simply easier to have one facility filling up the containers plus mouthpieces than it would be to double up with metal canisters and plastic mouthpieces.

Makes sense. I'm thinking about making the Bloodlust inhaler have like paper wrapped arounf it with a red x on it. Or expose the canisters a bit more and make them transparent with liquid inside.

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