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Well, each shoe provides warmth and body insulation so wearing one is actually better than wearing none. I don't think it would benefit in anything else.

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So you either want the unlimited paper thingy removed or easier to abuse? No gray areas here huh? :P

...I am not sure what you are talking about here. :P

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You know how if you check the HVAC vent you get the recipe for what's needed to fix it (if you have mechanic ofc)? Well, you can get the recipe over and over and over. That being said, the guy above said he would like that little bug either removed or easier to exploit, which seems pretty strange to me, seeing as they are both at opposite ends of a "solution" oO

Oh, that exploit. It's possible to make the encounter play only once, which should fix the issue. I'm definitely not choosing the other solution. :P

I totally forgot about this. I will add it to the list of things to implement.

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Well, the condition shoes give stacks so there's an ingame difference. The condition adds some warmth and insulation.
There's also some negative aspect to shoes that also stack. Tracks. Boots leave more tracks than a makeshift shoe, for instance.

The infinite paper thing can be fixed, I think. Probably by adding 'already checked' conditions or something like that. I would need to look into it since I'm not 100% sure how to fix that.

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I'm currently working on a "Alcoholic" flaw right now but I'm just starting. I can already tell it's going to be more complicated than the Smoker flaw coz unlike cigarettes, alcohol can be consumed by anyone, not just those with the alcoholic flaw.

Cars would indeed be hard to implement. There's a number of problems that would make them kinda weird to use. It's possible to actuually implement them but they would feel like an unfinished feature or a poorly made hack.

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I'm excited to see Alcoholic trait if you can work it out. I'll go double-addiction every time! :D

I don't think cars would fit the world.
How about ATV?
1.Flexi-fuel ATV- runs on ethanol, petroleum or any combination of both. Since petroleum is out of a question only fuel available is ethanol. Consumes 1 droplet per hex
2.Electric ATV- runs on electricity. Consumes 40 charges per hex.
Both can be upgraded with "saddle bags" (ATV+2large backpacks+string) to increase capacity from 3*10 squares to 23*10 squares

In perfect scenario we would have separate space for fuel/electricity, underseat space and each added bag, but sadly one item can't have multiple inventories. It isn't big of a deal for general inventory, but it is a problem for fuel/energy.
Solution? Add special canisters/batteries for vehicles to use.
*Fuel canister- holds 4 stacks of fuel (no other liquids). Occupies 3*5 space (basic flexi-fuel ATV can have 2 of those)
*Car battery- holds 10*10 stacks of charges. Occupies 3*5 space (basic electric ATV can have 2 of those)
This would make sure vehicles do not consume fuel/electricity from random items. We simply can assume that Philip attach those canisters/batteries to ATV when needed.
Also- as you may noticed distance potential is higher for liquid fueled ATV(80vs50), it is intentional.

Game mechanic for ATV
1.Find/buy ATV and put it into vehicle slot
2."Run" button disappears (like usually with vehicles)
3.Basic movement is as usual- instead of cart you push ATV
4.Get fuel canister or car battery to power ATV.
5."Run" button should now reappear without number attached to it ("infinite" running)
6."Running" consumes only 0.1 move (or 0.2 on problematic terrain), but takes 1 fuel droplet or 40 charges from canister/battery from ATV inventory.
7.In case of missing canister/battery or insufficient charges "Run" button should disappear again.

Not sure how simple/hard it is, but I think that would be good way to implement powered vehicles.

Also, how about
Ethanol fuel cell- holds 2*5 squares (2*3 for ethanol+2*2 for generated charges). Takes 3*4 space. Every turn converts one ethanol droplet into 30 charges. Slowly deteriorates when working.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I suppose that you could take some of the code from the laptops and batteries to use as "fuel" for the cars, but it would still be clunky. You would have to have the vehicle turn into an "unfueled vehicle" item once it runs out of fuel or is turned off, and back into a "fueled vehicle" item when it is fueled or turned on.

It would be quite the challenge to implement.

And for the record, you are an absolute bad ass.

I just found my first hunting jacket. And although it's (IMHO) much better than the hoddie (I never have temperature problems, while I often find myself in the need of more storage space), my OCD couldn't shake off the feeling its image was ''crooked'' (most specifically the part on the shoulders; the left one was round and the right one had a sharp end).

So, I just grabbed Photoshop and tweaked it a bit.


Wadda ya think?

Hey chiko for alcohol and caffeine addiction have you considered adding some kind of invisible status effect that satisfies whatever addiction the drink should satisfy? I feel like it might work since satisfying a nonexistant addiction would be moot and thus not effect the character. Again I know nothing about modding, but I know sometimes when I spout bullshit you think of things that actually make sense.

Yeah, it will probably be more than one invisible condition to deal with something like this. Ppl without the alcoholic flaw will need an immunity condition to deal with the conditions that should only affect ppl with the the flaw. I did something similar with Asthmatic and the "Injured Foot" conditions. Lots of coding ahead. :P

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-Tool with Screwdriver + First Aid Kit + 2 Small Parts + 2 Medium Thread = First Aid Kit w/ Strap.

I cannot get this to work. The First Aid Kid does not show up in the crafting menu. Without being able to select the First Aid Kit, I cannot craft anything with it.

That recipe was removed since it made all shoulder slots basically obsolete at the time. I don't believe Chiko has any intention of readding it.

Yeah, it's one of the features in red:


Features in red will represent content only found in the old version of this mod and will not be re implemented in the new one because I never liked them or because they are too much of a hack, requiring to change vanilla content and the like.

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Ah, I see. I overlooked that "features in red" thing.

Just a small suggestion throw in again, I know you got alot of work to get done and stuff, but i was wondering in the future if this kinda hunting shotgun could prehaps be a thing.


I'm kinda grown up with this kinda hunting shotgun and i know for one that they are safely kept and tend to survive for long periods of time even when neglected... and it's a pretty simple type, I do like the usual double barrled shotguns, but i like the stacked one best.

Also, prehaps a sawn off version, not safest thing but hey, if ya want to live, changes gotta be made.


W already have "Shredder" 12-gauge scatter gun that functions like this
I wouldn't mind if it was replaced by such hunting shotgun though

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I really like a lot of things this mod does. I have some nitpicking I'd like to make from what I've played of it thus far.

The strength nerf is good, as the skill was simply gave too much for six points, but at the current implementation I feel as though it should cost five rather than six.

Smoker probably aught to give you two points, rather than one.

The desc. text of flaws is a little off the description style that the game uses. For example, I would probably have the description of the smoker flaw be, "addicted to cigarettes, and will suffer withdrawal if not regularly sated." Rather than saying, "craves" or the specific numbers given, "one or two."

I feel as though you shouldn't be able to take both Heavy Sleeper and Insomnia but that is just me.

I agree with Hamshire's points for the most part save the very last one. As someone with insomnia who sleeps heavily I feel it makes sense. Based on my experience once I finally get to sleep unless I wake up on my own nothing less than a heavy rock or an alarm clock an inch and a half from my face will wake me up.

One thing you may be overlooking with the Strong skill is that it gives you a skill very similar having a Crowbar when scavenging, which can be used WITH a crowbar to virtually guarantee a successful scavenging attempt. Even with the combat nerf, it's still exceedingly powerful.

Hey, are you planning to add new dmc areas to the game? Since it is possible now it will be interesting to see what will be added.

Knowing Chiko? 100% it's a brothel.


New DMC areas are definitely in the list of new things to add. I haven't thought of what to add yet, though.

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I know I've floated this idea, before, but I really think it would be a great thing to make a Circuit Shack. Sells flash lights, laptops, spare parts, and all manner of electronics.

Also an excellent idea, an internet cafe, where one could waste time, buy soda, and access the internet to go on various websites to download illegal software, with a pretty good chance therein of summoning the sky cops.

Hey, Chiko, what's about selfmaking medicine and ammo? Medical plants, as example...
Makeshift ammo - ammo shell + powder + tool kit + "Mechanic" and/or "Ranged" skill.
Makeshirt painkillers - medical plant + thanin tea + berry rot tea + "Botany" and/or "Medical" skill.
And holster for pistols...
Makeshift pistol holster - tool kit + leather patch + two military shoulder straps or their analogs.

Makeshift ammo isn't that simple really. You can't make ammo on your lap with multitool and scrap metal.
Ammo reloading is multi-stage process that requires several specific tools and different bullet parts
I made huge post in previous ExNS thread about proper implementation of ammo reloading (it would require to add a lot items and recipes)
If your interested you can find it here (post #1343)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Blackrave pretty much covered ammo making. I might still add it to the mod but in later updates. It's a bit too complicated and I have other stuff to implement first.

Also, there are already two pistol holsters. One for the pistol and a craftable one that can hold either a pistol or a revolver.

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How do I craft the damn makeshift still? I followed everything it says here strictly and it still wont show up in my game.
i tried it with a tool kit and more materials but still nothing.

Im Dan's only true fanboy.

Not sure what you are missing. Apart from the materials, it also needs both the medic and botany skills.

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Another idea, what's about adding flashligt to the weapon or on back, like ried with string.
And crowbar...
What's about to make em smaller? IRL crowbar very small.

I like the gun flashlight idea but it cannot be implemented. Items cannot have so many different "charges/ammo" types. Tis was suggested a while ago so I actually tried it. The other problem is the gun inventory. Making room to fit batteries will mean ppl will use it to load more ammo instead.

Also, not all crowbars are small. If I make them smaller, I would also need to reduce their damage and range and since it would be very small, there shouldn't be possible to put a strap one them, like all small items in the game.

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How about something similar to miners helmet?
(Construction Helmet+Flashlight+String)
Oh, also- Construction helmet- protects well, but breaks fast.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Why does foot wrappings not give you the Improper Footwear condition like rag shoes? It's seems sort of odd.

I brought that up, too, but it was in such a long screed it was probably overlooked.

One would think that the addition of a sole and better fit through string wrappings would make the makeshift shoes a better choice than the foot wrappings. As it is, they are both harder to craft AND a worse choice.

This is a balance bug, for sure.

I remember answering something like this before, actually.

Foot wrappings are easier to make but they don't protect against Foot Injuries, which have a chance to happen on rough terrain every time you step on them. They also degrade faster.

Rag shoes will give you Blisters but unlike Foot Injuries, Blisters will only happen once, unless you take them off and put them back on. Rag shoes take longer to degrade and give more warmth too.

In short, rag shoes are actually better.

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What's about two types of crowbar?
Big and small.

Nah... I'm currently trying to avoid adding similar items to avoid the crafting lag issues this mod is having for the tons of recipes and items I have added.

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seems like a cool mod but i don't want alot of the reballancing youve done. like degrading string and foil, and other things

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

one thing, dont like that you made dogman coat availible without the trapping skill. your character just doesn't know "how" to make it without that. speaking of which, would be cook if that coat had a hood with the teeth hanging over your head

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

...? You do need the trapping skill to get the dogman coat. I think you confused it with the recipe to turn a dogman coat into smaller pieces, which doesn't need the trapping skill. Also, the hood thing is not a bad idea. Maybe it could be the dogman head. Something like this:


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YES, PLEASE! Do it, it's a must, but don't make it a hoodie thing, Make it a completely own headwear item.

Dogman Coat + Bark Solution/Tallow + 2x Water + Trapping + Sharp Edge + 20x Paper + 4 leather patches + x? Strong fasteners + x? Small thread.... You get the point, making the head piece would take a long time or a long processes just to get it right, to fit the head, Stuffing it, preserve it, then finish it up to wear.

It can't see it offer much protection at all, prehaps soften blunt hits and slightly spooky for humans and dogmen, prehaps give it's own trait when you wear the Dogman coat and headpiece you can get a skill to "Roar" and scare off humans in combat, kinda like how the flare function, but roaring to a dogman would enrage it.

[Edit] Except the DMC Guards and Patrols, They'll just laugh and shoot you.


I would wear the fuck out of that hat, and yeah I imagine it would cause some serious fear in NPCs certainly. Seeing as most NPCs seem balls out terrified of dogemen.

Woops, the game has been updated twice so I will have to upload a compatibility patch. I will also include a new item coz it's pretty much ready and I'm taking too much time with the alcoholic flaw.

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Mkay, version 3.3d of the mod is now available for download. It includes:

-The mod is now compatible with version 1.03 of the game.
-Fixed some issues when eating rotten consumables from the mod. (They were using the same code from rotten vanilla items)
-Wearing glasses now make you look a bit less of a threat.
-New headgear, Dogman Fur Headdress. Same intimidation bonuses and armor rating but for the head. It also offers warmth comparable to a hide glove. To make one, you need a Sharp Edge, a Dogman Fur Coat and 6x Small Thread. You will also get 7 fur patches coz it makes no sense to get rid of the rest of the coat just to make a headdress.


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Nice hat!

I can't seem to reassemble the disassembled bicycle cart. Looking in the code, it appears that reassembling a bicycle cart returns a disassembled bicycle cart. The disassembled bicycle cart also doesn't appear to be a recipe ingredient.

You sure? I just gave it a try and it works. It sounds like you are missing a step... once you craft the bicycle cart, you need to right click it and hit the reassemble option there. It's like that coz the assembled cart is too big for the crafting window and it was not appearing.

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