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Extended NeoScav Mod

This mod adds a ton of new content into the game, from new items to changes in encounters and late game content. There's simply too much stuff in the mod to list so here's the most important features:

Most of the traits have got modifications of some kind. Rebalanced stat changes, starting recipes, extra functionality in some cases, etc. There's a new skill and about four new flaws too.

There's a number of new NPCs and some new factions. This includes new cryptids, forest animals and human characters. Some of these NPCs are from entirely new factions or belong to another one. An example of a new NPCs are Skinwalkers, which are hard to identify and sometimes hard to kill. There's also the expansion of the concept of creature type in the mod, which means mechanical creatures don't have the same flaws and weaknesses as organic creatures, for instance.

Combat includes tons of new moves, some of them dependant on the skills the characters have, or don't have. Other more unique moves depend more on the type of creature, equipment and visibility. There's also a new type of combat only available to some, grappling, which changes the moves choice completely.

Looting is not too different but there are now an increased number of looting locations, looting accidents and, of course, loot. Some of the new looting locations will only start to appear after some ingame weeks as a way to rebalance things. Some of the new looting accidents will attract the attention of rather unique NPCs or even forest creatures, if using certain skills. There's also a number of extra choises in new tools for looting aswell.

Harvesting natural resources such as water or wood is different now. Instead of getting the materials through crafting or 'using' the resource, you are instead sent to an encounter menu when using the resource. The menu lets you choose the kind of resource you want to gather, tiring the player in the process.

The mod includes new campsites in places lacking them. Some of these are rather useful for stablishing temporary bases, with the chances of them having furniture or campsite unique appliances that can be repaired to improve living conditions.

The bulk of the mod. This mod adds tons upon tons of new items the player can obtain through looting, crafting or as quest rewards. This mod also makes sure that all items have at least more than just one use so all the garbage you find has uses.

Most of the firearms and some melee weapons can be upgraded. Baseball bats can be turned into spiked bats, a standard pistol can be disassembled and reassembled with a different barrel or fitted with a suppressor. There's an increased number of choices now.

Crafting now includes tons of new recipes and ingredients you can use to create weapons, survival tools, vehicles, drugs, etc. There is so much stuff, some of the recipes have been mixed into others so if you hit a recipes and you lack ingredients for that specific one, the game will try similar ones if the materials are present. This is noticeable with the butchering recipes... they are all a single recipe now.

-Activating the Hood in Hoodies, Cloaks, etc. while wearing them won't be reflected in the main map character sprite until you take it off and wear it again. It's only a graphical issue, the stats apply with no problems.
-Due to the increased amount of new recipes, late games load the crafting menu slower than usual.

The changelog is a recent thing so it starts from Version 3.6 and onward.
You can see the changelog here.

Modding is hard but a lot has been achieved with the help of the developer and the community. Thank you all! :3
Also, this thread is the continuation of the previous one about this mod, locked and archived here.

Extended NeoScav v7.1.2 for version 1.15 of the game.
To install, just copy and paste the contents in the game's folder. A prompt should pop up asking if you want to replace the file called getmods.php with the mod's one. Choose yes and run the game. You might want to make a backup of that file in case you don't want to use the mod anymore.

Neo Scavenger Extended Network.

Installation videos by Layarion:

Support me on:

Pew pew pew!

The point is, why have all these useless variations of string in the game if all they do is make sorting a royal pain? What's the goal of that change? If they're useless as crafting components why have them at all except as another thing to sort through?

I added condition to string because the military shoulder strap is useless in the vanilla game. There was no point of it before because you could just replace it with Medium String and there would be no difference. Back then, I made it so only strong fasteners were needed for travois or as strap for weapons but ppl suggested something in between and that's what I did. Now you can use either Medium String or Strong Fasteners but Medium String would need to degrade while the the military shoulder strap would not. I then added rawhide strap and rope as alternatives, which would degrade but at a really slow rate compared to just string. As a way to "counter" issues with degraded string, I made it so you could get string in perfect condition from dirty rags and footwear.

As I mentioned before, making your own string instead of picking up weathered string is the simplest way to deal with this issue. String condition is only a problem at the start of games but once you find more clothes than you need, then you can just tear them apart for string in perfect condition.

So the goal of that change, apart from realism is to make the beginning of the game a bit harder. At least for the first two days, depending on how often you find clothing to rip apart.

Pew pew pew!

While on the subject, string from teared clothes come in the same condition as the clothes were, and not 100%. I usually stock up on rags and use them for making string.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

Yeah, rags from those clothes are the ones needed to be torn apart for the string. Hmm... perhaps I could make it so the recipe "Rags from Clothes" spawns 100% condition string instead of using the condition of the clothing being torn apart. That should make things easier.

Pew pew pew!

It does not solve the problem. Still need to find out those perfect condition small strings from stacks, making crafting tedious. Besides, I doubt how many handy men can make strings from rags that easily in real life. I figured out 3 ways to fix this:
1.Reduce the number of strings in a stack and the amount of strings needed in recipes. Clothes also produce less strings.
2.Strings do not have durability, but can only be found or bought.
3.Strings do not have durability, but is much less used in recipes. Strong fasteners are always needed to craft tarp shelter/travios. Adding straps on sleds/binoculars/guns all needs strong fasteners. Strings can only be used to craft sling/ patchwork clothes/ropes, and the reverse recipes of string rope/sling must be canceled.

You will only need to find those perfect condition small string in a stack if you keep picking up string in bad condition. As I mentioned more than once, "crafting" small string will produce 100% condition string. Picking up damaged string is only a good idea if you are turning it into rope. If not, then it's going to be tedious indeed.

Also, I was making it like point 3 before but as I also mentioned in the old thread, ppl would complain for not having the option to use medium string in good condition instead. So I added condition to string, made it degrade faster and added the ability to make rope and rawhide straps. Ppl not caring about the tedious part would simply deal with it while ppl having a problem with it would just "craft" small string instead.

Pew pew pew!

All right, I haven't found more bugs so I guess it's time for the 3.3 version of the mod. It includes:

-The "Drunk" condition has been replaced by stackable Minor Inebriation and Major Inebriation conditions. They are just like the drunk condition but with various lvls, they don't affect blood supply, they make it easier to fall asleep but harder to wake up by noise and will also render the player unconscious if stacked to high lvls.
-Added Copper Tubing. It's only required to make a Makeshift Still but it sells for a decent amount of money. Usually found in storage sheds.
-Added Pressure Cooker. It's similar to Sauce Pans but bigger and with the ability to store liquids inside. They also don't degrade but cannot be used in combat.
-Added Sugar. It's only used to make Moonshine but it's also a decent trading good. It stacks.
-Added Yeast. It can be used as an alternate to Tallow to make Bread or can be used to make Moonshine instead.
-Added Makeshift Still. It's used to make Moonshine or turn strong drinks into Pure Alcohol. To make one you need both the Medic and Botany skills, a Pressure Cooker, a Sauce Pan, a Glass Bottle, a Copper Tubing, 7x Medium Shaft and 4x Medium String or Strong Fastener.
-Added Beer. It comes in glass bottles and it's more common than whiskey. It has less alcohol content so it can actually quench thirst. Drinking 3 units of Beer will make you start feeling the effects of Minor inebriation.
-Added Mash/Wash. This is a fermenting mix in a Pressure Cooker that will take a week to ferment. When ready, it can then be distilled to produce Moonshine. To make it you need a Medium Fire Source, a Pressure Cooker, 4x Water, A medium/large shaft to grind/stir the stuff, 15x Sugar and Yeast OR 10x Berries of any Kind, 4x Sugar and Yeast OR 5x Potatoes, 6x Sugar and Yeast.
-Added Moonshine. It's similar to Whiskey but with higher negative effects and cannot be used as strong disinfectant. To make a full stack of it, you need a Medium Fire Source, a Makeshift Still, 2x Water, a Wash , a T-shirt or a similar piece of clothing to strain the Wash into the Still.
-Added Pure Alcohol. It's mainly used for medical purposes as a strong disinfectant and can stack to up to 20 uses. Can also be drunk but it only gives negative conditions, apart from quick increase towards Inebriation. To make a batch of 16 uses, you need a Medium Fire Source, a Still, 2x Water and a full stack of either Whiskey or Moonshine.
-Cigarette Leftovers have been added to the "junk" treasure tables. This means they are now lootable and usually found in scavenge locations from urban hexes or carried by some NPCs.
-Increased the chance to find "Urban Dogeman" T-Shirts again. They were still way too rare.
-Increased the chance to find Fire Axes. They were extremely rare. Now there's at least 1% chance to find one.
-Players and NPCs will no longer get Injured Foot from walking barefoot over Forest Shack, Town, City and Sprawl hexes.
-Broken Glass Bottles now have a slightly different sprite.
-The Recipe "Rags from clothes" now gives string with 100% condition instead of using the condition of the clothes. This should make it a lot easier to get string in 100% condition.
-Fixed a couple of bugs with Patchwork Boots. They were using the wrong foot conditions and the recipe to make a right one would spawn a left one instead.
-Fixed an issue with the recipe to make piercing arrows. It was preventing the use of small parts as arrow heads for these arrows.

I think that is all. I lost the original list of changes to a blackout and these are all I remember. Hopefully, it's all of the changes. :P

Pew pew pew!

I think there is a bug in 3.3 where small string from rags creates a random object along with the string.

Also, I'm still not sold on the degraded string mechanism. In my last game, I found a stack of 20 medium length of string. When making a travois out of this, it would be of condition 1.1% because of the low quality of the string at the bottom of the pile. So I had to manually sort out all 20 strings in order to make sure that only the top 15 were part of the recipe. That is a lot of tediuos work.

Could the game be made to automatically choose the top condition parts in a recipe? Could the condition of the resulting product be an average of the parts rather than equal to the weakest part?

Woops. I usually use the "string from rags" recipe to test stuff and it seems I forgot to revert the recipe. Imma fix that now.

Edit: Also, automatic sort can only be implemented by the developer. Sorting thru random string stacks is not even necessary if you use string from clothes or rags instead, as I explained earlier.

Pew pew pew!

All right, I think I get the point now. Thanks for your great work!

I must be a lightweight, because I'd surely feel "major inebriation" after three beers. :(

Well, beer stacks to 4 units inside a bottle. I think chugging 3 units will take you to minor inebriation, if I remember correctly. So 3 beers would be 12 units, which is probably enough to take you to major inebriation.

Pew pew pew!

Just updated the download link with a hotfix:

-Mod is now compatible with version 1.1 of the game.
-Fixed the bug with the "Small String from Rags" recipe.
-Removed some redundant data from both the override and mod xml files.

Pew pew pew!

Geeze chiko, you were so popular you broke the forums.

I know rite! D:

Pew pew pew!

Uhm, sorry for the noobish question but.... How do I install this mod?

Also, I'd like to show my mod idea here.


Not sure of how hard to implement (or how imbalanced) it is, but it's something that's been floating around my head for some time now.

Thought maybe you could make something cool out of it.

You need to copy the files inside the .rar file and paste them in the game's directory. Usually found in Steam/steamapps/common/Neo Scavenger

Also, now that is possible to add new places in the DMC, a suggestion like that would be possible to implement. It would be a bit more complicated, though.

Pew pew pew!

Two words:

Circuit Shack.

I Was thinking to add a new combat (Using a shield) It's called Shield Bash It Will Stun The Stranger Or Monster Hexes
And Other Idea For Light Source Is Glass Bottle Lantern you Can carry Or Put On The Camp Sites
To Craft The Glass Bottle Lantern Is Glass Bottle,1x Rag,Gas Fuel
If The Glass Bottle Lantern Is Out Of Gas You Can Refill It

Chiko If You Like IT Tnx if You Don't I'll Find A Way :D

Idea Giver :3
I Like Survival Games :D

I think I replied to these ideas in the old thread, if I'm not wrong.

Pew pew pew!

You certainly did reply to these in the old thread.

Pretty sure I found a bug. I'm not sure if it's the mod or the base game causing this since I updated them both at the same time. But it seems hexs are updating for lootability way more often then it should. It even (oddly) affected the cryo center. I took a screenshot showing three scavenging options for the center. It was four but I tried to scavenge it too see what happened.

I just registered and not sure if how or if I can upload it.

This is from the vanilla game update. dcfedor said he would change the time required for scavenge areas to respawn, in part to reduce loading time. If I'm not mistaken, the change made it so that if a hex wasn't visited for the last 10 hours, it's like is has never been visited.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

I've found that the patchwork hide boot cannot be made. It's requiring item ID 126, and I can't seem to find a reference to it anywhere in the neogame.xml

Are you sure? I just did a quick search and found it. It's this piece of code:

<table name="ingredients"> <column name="nID">126</column> <column name="strName">medium, waterproof, flexible sheet</column> <column name="strRequiredProps">9&amp;16&amp;36&amp;60</column> <column name="strForbidProps">58</column> </table>

It's nowhere to be found in the mod files coz it's a vanilla ingredient. It refers to footwear sole. I'll try the recipe ingame, maybe there's something else wrong in the recipe code.

Edit: I just noticed to mention hide boots need footwear soles in the main page. Imma edit that now too.

Pew pew pew!

I would've never figured that out otherwise. Thanks, Chiko.

Is this mod unfinished (as in some features doesn't work, or not properly), or is the [WiP] more because it is still being developed and things might change later?

Strip the flesh! Salt the wounds! *Manical laughter*

The second one. The mod is pretty much finished but I'll keep adding stuff. Everything is the main page is working, except for the things in red.

Pew pew pew!


Strip the flesh! Salt the wounds! *Manical laughter*

Hey you probably get this all the time but I don't know how to install this mod. All the tutorials I've seen don't have the mod in RAR form. If you can, can you help me?


A .rar file is just like a .zip one or similar. You just need to copy the files inside the file and paste them in the game's directory. Usually found in Steam/steamapps/common/Neo Scavenger

Windows these days usually comes with software to open these files. If not, you should get unrar or winzip. Those are the two I know of.

Pew pew pew!

Noob question combo- What one is the directory? I follow the steam/steamapps path and such and moved the mod to there but I don't know what to do from there.


That should do it. It's the directory where the game have its files, including NEOScavenger.exe, the readme, etc. After doing the copy/paste thing you can run the game normally and the mod should be working. You will need to start a new game since the changes are too many and a previous saved game won't work or will be bugged.

Pew pew pew!

Yay! I got it working!

Thanks for your help and for making the mod!

Hey, if someone could help me out it'd be appreciated. The fact that Tarp and String degrades now and the Strong Skill nerf bothers me (I'm unlucky enough already that Strong doesn't help too much outside scavenging! XD), I know this is probably changed in NeoScav Extended XML file, but I don't know what to change/delete, could someone with a bigger brain please tell me how? If so, thanks! X)

Edit: Also the change to the lighter, the non-scavenging use, I don't mind the non-payment at Zom Zom's. X)

Just make a torch and use the lighter to light it. Torches are super super easy to make. Like one rag or strip of paper and two things of twigs will make a quality torch.

EDIT: Though I still think Strong is way too expensive currently. I think it should be more in line with ranged/melee in its cost.

Those changes can usually be found in the xml files inside the folder called 0. Some of it is self explanatory but the best way to know what to change is to read the modding documentation here: http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/3066

I recommend using Notepad++ since it's made for stuff like this.

Pew pew pew!

Thanks Chiko! X), I was able to change everything except using the lighter in scavenging, which my stupid butt still hasn't figured out. Maybe I will, eventually. XD

Also is it just me? But I feel like for how much these disadvantages will result in death they only give one point? That seems awfully low in my opinion.

Well, the only one that will kill you directly is Asthmatic. Also, I understand the need to get most of the skills so you can craft and see all there's to see in the game but it's just that I don't really want players to be like an unlikely kind of survivor, both in physical condition and knowledge, specially at the start of the game.

Maybe I could implement some kind of learning to gain the others skills. Like crafting basic things or doing stuff related to that skill which could grant the skill in the long run... Like with the legendary skills but it should take longer.

Pew pew pew!

Maybe it's just me then, granted I've played this game since pretty much day one, but I can link pretty much all of my deaths to one of the negative traits. Insomniac preventing me from getting enough rest and then passing out and getting gang banged while unconscious being the most prevalent anywho. It just seems silly that some of them are worth a single point.

Granted I mostly want to be able to get tons of these skills so I don't feel like I'm locked out of parts of the game >.< I'm kinda OCD like that.

Hey Chiko, I haven't noticed yet but, do any of the hostile NPCs spawn with the craftable weapons/armors?

I've seen plenty of craftables spawning with NPCs. The main way to get leather items early game is to find them off of dead Ashinaabe warriors, since Tool Kits tend to be rare drops.

Yeah but they have very low chances to do so. Bad Muthas even have a chance to spawn with a leather vest.

Then there are the special cases, the Loners. These will always spawn with better equipment than most NPCs, including new additions like leather armor and scrap machetes or sawed off shotguns.

Pew pew pew!

I've got a small suggestions unless they haven't been suggested before.

I know diabetes has been mentioned but i know there's a sugar addiction of some sort, you get restless and have headaches without getting any soda, like corn-a-cola or other sweet things...

That's what my original thought came into play...

Do you think ya could prehaps add in like small food types like chocolate bars in aluminum wrapping, prehaps chocolate powder and then of course milk powder!

prehaps if you are lucky, you could find chocolate paste then add it with either Ash bread or the normal bread :D!

Dunno, i just thought to myself that chocolate in a deprived world like this must be a luxury thing by then.


Hmm... Maybe. After adding the heavy drinker flaw, I was thinking about adding a caffeine related one, which would be satisfied by either drinking corn-a-cola or coffee. I'm trying to avoid adding too many similar stuff so we'll see.

Pew pew pew!

Hello it's me again, I'm having some issues with the mod, for some reason the Makeshift still ain't showing up in the crafting, i've checked my files, Reinstalled, Re-Installed the mod, and i've been trying a varaity of others items, but the still is just now showing up in the crafting options at all, Just the tanning rack...

Spoiler: Highlight to view


I looked into it and it seems the required skills are not working for some reason now. Imma see what went wrong with that.

Edit: It's fixed now. I just updated the download link with a fixed version. Problem was a typo in the recipe code.

Pew pew pew!

First of all, love the mod. Absolutely an improvement to the original game, I recommend to all. Some thing I would personally like to see added to this mod is to make string one item rather than having to deal with med. string switching back an forth. I really think the nerf to the Strong trait was called for mechanically speaking (as well as thematically speaking as you pointed out). Also I think it would be sort of interesting to add a +1 point negative trait similar to smoker only with alcoholic. Something I've always wanted to see, though I know it would be real hard to implement, is cars. The first time I saw the word vehicle I thought I would one day be running down looters in a truck :P

1. Another thing is, realistically speaking, there should be a benefit to wearing one shoe over no shoes. (I'm pretty sure there is no in game difference.)

2. When you take mechanic or electrician you can get unlimited paper by constantly examining the associated thing in the starting facility. I doubt that's intended but I wish it was removed or there was a faster way of collecting a stack of 30 then examining it thirty times.