Junk Market "stole" my laptop full of valuable info!

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Junk Market "stole" my laptop full of valuable info!

I´ve found a laptop early with some txt files worth about $650 (first time that I find something valuable inside these gears!). I went happy to junk market to sell them. There, I "transfered" the laptop to junk market´s inventory to open space in mine and would "buy" it to recover. Sadly, the laptop is now stucked and I can´t transfer it me (bastards, got it for about $65 and it values ten times that!) I´m too frustated at it... I have the save files if needed to figure out what is going on. Thanks

Ok, so let me first say, you aren't wrong to be frustrated about this. It will make sense to you in the future, but the game does have some limitations when it comes to communicating things like that the first time around.

Here's what I think may have happened:

1) The Junk Store didn't buy the laptop for full price because it was off, therefore the store couldn't "see" there were files inside. The developer explains how this system works here. It isn't a perfect system, but once you know how it works, it's a matter of remembering that you need to basically "tell" the store you have files to sell them.

2) You (probably) can't buy it back because you don't have enough cash. Because the store only bought an "empty" or "unknown content" laptop, and now you are trying to buy back a laptop with files in it, there is probably a price difference there that you don't have enough cash to cover.

If however that isn't what happened, if for example you do have enough cash and still can't buy back the laptop, let us know!

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Thanks linibot for clarifying this "issue". it my fisrt playtrough with a hacking character that I find something of value. I now understand the barter scheme for eletronic devices. Well, I can only lament in this one and be smarter next time. what you described fit perfectly on what happened, thanks for the advice.

Thanks for helping tokisto, linibot!

And just in case it comes up, medicine can be a bit tricky like this, too. Pills are unidentified when you first find them, and the junk store will pay you accordingly. As soon as the store owns them, though, they jump to full price since they're now identified.

Players with "medic" can mouse over these pills to identify them before selling.

Hope this helps, and good luck in the wasteland :)

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I did something similar, I had a laptop worth $5000 and sold it to the ATN, I then took the battery out and bought it back to put it in another laptop to sell that. After selling them I realised there wasn't enough space left in the window to sell everything else I had, so I closed the laptops, I then tried to move the laptop out of the way, but I was broke. I don't know if that happened when closing it or taking the battery out though, but that's a horrible way to lose $5000 after being excited about getting that much money early on :') Go die in a hole because I love you so much NEO Scavenger XD

In reply to several players being confused and frustrated about this, the dev has added a short in-game explanation, by adding a Store Policy to the Junk Market. ;) We'll be seeing that in an upcoming build I think. :)

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Is the following a bug or really bad timing?

A backpack I was holding fell apart on the move that landed me on the Junk Market, I lost my 'Locked' iSlab to the Junk Market which now had a value of >10K. I just about cried (in a manly way of course...). I put it down to bad timing.

In future updates, could there be an enter Junk market icon/item?

Not a bug, technically, but I think you're right that it's bad design on my part. Something as significant as entering barter mode should warrant a confirmation of some sort.

The bartering/vendor system is something I'd like to refine in the sequel, as the current version is more of a jury-rigged solution than a system design!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games