The Goat and Frost mods

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The Goat and Frost mods

So just pointing this out, I'm not going to stop making I-Neo-More, but work on a few mods at once. These ideas aren't too crazy, but good enough, IMO to start making them.

The Goat mod:

This is kind of a LOL mod. The basic idea is that you can choose the new Goat Skill and grants you access to eat almost every item in the game. Tin cans to branches. Also, I think I'll add some special encounters and conditions for certain items.

Side-note: my friends asked me to make them a funny mod, so I thought of this one.


This is going to be such a challenge to make. Frost is a mod that transforms your good old Neo Scavenger, into a winter wonderland!
It's going to change the world map, from summer to snowy tiles. Freeze vegetation, to make hunting (Tracking, animal traps and etc.) more useful. Adding heat levels to water (Hot, cold and Frozen). New starting encounter and much more.

The mod is aimed to make the game about 10 times harder, so a lot more thinking goes into every move.

I'm adding this for feedback reasons and to make myself committed to make it.

Thanks for reading!

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- Jake